6pack of 7UP: “Fab Abs” Day 22

The COUNTDOWN is on– Our 28 days to a tight tummy only has 6 days remaining!! 6,5,4,3,2,1–0!!  Be prepared to KICK IT IN!!! Today’s challenge […] Read More

A Successful Leg Workout!!

The puddles of sweat on the floor told the story of my intense, hot, successful leg workout yesterday!! It was a GOOD ONE!! Squats 45×20, […] Read More

New Month, New Goals, New CONTEST!!

February is here!! OMGoodness…where did January goal and how could I have practically failed to keep focus my new year’s resolutions– Time to attack them […] Read More

I am Hittin’ it HARD BABAY!!

www.buffmother.com OH yeah– you heard me!! I am Hittin’ it HARD!!  and lovin’ the results I am seeing~ I can’t wait to take some pics, […] Read More

A gym workout~

I did a workout~ at the gym, lol! I feel like I am a stranger at the gym these days…I used to be there almost […] Read More