Great day! Heck it's been a great YEAR!

Today has been a GREAT Day!! As a matter of fact it’s been a great year so far for me!  I’ve just been HAPPY, Happy, HAPPY for the most part!

Jan 1-The year started on Friday with a great day spent with my DH~ we had spen NYE in a hotel and then the entire rest of the day together, thanks to Grandma Mary watching our little monkeys for us….
Jan 2– I went to workout and brought the girls shopping to target where I scored some much needed sweat pants and a few shirts!! Then  we had another great day of family time and football and FIGHTS~ we ended up purchasing the UFC despite the card being really bad- Dana White needs to put together some better cards!!  or he’s going to lose some of his fan base!
Jan 3– Super Football SUNDAY!!!  I was so happy that the Vikinings played and KICKED tail!! then the Cowboys kicked the EAGLES tail so that the Vikings got a better playoff position- YAY!! (oh an it was cycle day 1)
Jan 4– I worked, got caught up on a lot of stuff, enjoyed it and even enjoyed the kids still being home from school due to the snow day- I went to the chiro and got my butt feeling better~ then I got in a good interval workout on the upright bike. 
Jan 5–’s GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY!! It’s been 5 years of AWSOME!  I’ve loved being able to give hope to women all over the world ~ God has really blessed my life through my website!  I also went to my MMA class~ It was another BLAST!! I love it~ we actually did some semi-live rolling and I feel like I did very good!  IT WAS FUN!!! Then to the gym to get in a run  and lift with chest…I am still dealing with my butt being weird, but it’s definantly better than before I went to the chiro.
Jan 6 – It’s almost 9pm and I just got home from the gym…my workout was way later than planned, but that is better than not getting it done.

My weight is up to 135 ….crazy but I feel good!  I am not fretting my weight right now because I know a bunch of it is water weight from all sorts of things: salt, carbs, carbonation, wheat, dairy, hormones, creatine, etc…

cday 1- 131
cday 2- 133
cday 3- 135 (weight up from STEAK dinner and CARBS)

Okay…On to my to do list issues.  Yesterday I planned to write a to do list, well….it really didn’t happen.  I got a start on it and then i got “paralyzed” by it.  My list is way to long!  I need help!!!  I think for the rest of today I’ll focus hard on getting a bit more “caught Up” with my e-mails and by tomorrow I may be ready to focus on a to do list.  My hormones should be cooperating better on cycle day 4~ my mental HIGH days are coming soon, I can feel it!!!!

here’s a quick POA for my workouts the remainder of the week:

Thurs- MMA class at noon
Fri-Chiro appt @10:30; Back,sh, bi and run intervals
Sat-chest, tris, abs
Sunday- run intervals

Hope all of you are having a GREAT 2010, I sure am!!

Love and THANKS!!


40 Days to Fit ~ Day 32 ~ Sweet 16!

Hey Ya!!

I just realized it’s 8 days until the end of my “40 days to FIT!!” and Just 8 days until my “SWEET 16 Wedding anniversary”~ whoohoo!! I can hardly believe that it’s been that long! We don’t have any plans yet, but I need to get a sitter set up so that we can at least go out to eat!

I got a lot done yesterday and am very excited about all of it:
Wal-mart- shopped first thing in the am!
Posted my Omaha- Complete Nutrition POSTER 🙂
Got NEW tires on my Van! Thanks to my DH!! != BIG driving DIFFERENCE!
Got a ton done online and on my new “site”…I’ll tell you more about that in a bit!
Did a fun little trampolene workout- bounced mostly on my back- great for abs!
Spent some good time with the kiddos reading books and talking with them
Got in a good nights sleep despite the thunder storms

Then this morning I got set up on SKYPE! cool tool!!

Wicked storms have been rocking our area for all morning long…but once they stop the rest of the day and weekend are supposed to be GREAT! My plan is to get to the gym and have an amazing LEG workout after lunch! Hope you have a great one too!!

Let’s enjoy the day!!

40 days to FIT!! Day 12 and 13.."the FIRST"!!!

“the FIRST”!!! I just love the first of each month~ this month especially because School Starts on Monday!! the kids are SOOOO Excited, but not as excited as my DH…He can’t wait for the kids to be in school and out of his hair!  He’s been working out of the HOUSE this summer and He found it a little distracting to have the kids around~ go figure, lol!  At least now he knows what my life has been like for the past 10 years, lol!!

Some of my goals this month are as follows:

  • go to church each Sunday
  • get in at least 2 workouts each week first thing in the morning right after dropping the kids off at school
  • finish the “40 days to FIT” by getting SUPER BUFF!! for my wedding anniversary on the 28th of August
  • Do another photoshoot!!! they are sooo motivating for me!!
  • get everyone in Team BuffMother! excited for our next BIG contest – it starts Sept 7th!!!
  • get everything SET up for our “2nd Annual~ Midwest BuffMother Gathering” in OMAHA/Council Bluffs the last weekend in Sept!!!

I think those goals look do-able and FUN!!!

Well, yesterday was sooooo nice~ I basically got up…went to the gym, then the store and then hung out in the backyard the rest of the day.  It was sunny and a perfect time with the family.

My workout yesterday was a great one too…i lifted back, shoulders, biceps and did the STAIR MONSTER~ Here’s a quick recap:
Lat pulls
Paired with lateral raises
Lat row
paired with bicep curls
Shoulder press
paired with ABS- knee ups
Seated rows
paired with ball crunches
Cable bicep curls
paired with hanging sit ups

15 mins of intervals on the stair mill~ it was killer!

Today…the plan is to get in a leg workout and maybe a run.  One of our gyms is having a big “celebration” today~ so…I think I’ll take the kids there and see if I can’t squeeze in a bit of a leg workout while we are at the event.  I also expect to get in quite a bit of WALKING today at the event….all activity counts!!!

Have a super FIRST day of August and 13th day of 40 days to FIT!!!!!

My B-day ~ recap & super busy Sunday!

Hi Girls!
Well my b-day started off with a my first speeding ticket ever!

here is the story again for those of you who missed it: My day started off great …I woke up to many B-day greetings~ talked to Julie a bit the decided to go for a treat–WE (my 4 kids and I) then headed to Krispy Creme to get some treats and coffee. We were enjoying the sun shining, looking at the airplanes and the horses…and they started singing Happy B-day to me!! It was GREAT!! then I looked up and had a cop with flashing lights behind me!! The cop had no mercy on me despite the fact that it was my b-day, the road being an obvious speed trap, the fact that I’ve never had a ticketin my life and not even the fact my speedometer is busted. HE STILL gave me a ticket! So Happy B-day to me– my first ticket!So I expect the rest of the day to be wonderful! lol

But It went better from there~ My son had a Baseball Tourney all day~ so we were at the fields, all day~ I wasn’t too happy to spend my B-day there with 3 girls, but it turned out GREAT!
His team won!!!
then on the ride home Julie called and told me she won!!!  Double YAY!~!!  What an awesome end to the day!!

So when I got home I had 2 mini CCL (as Kim says- cold coors lights) and spent some time dancing to Britney Sprears, lol!
I also did a handstand against the wall…my first one in forever!  It was great so I held it for 45 seconds…I also did 2 bridges– I want to get more gymnastic again, lol!!
But this morning I wish I hadn’t!  My neck is OUT and has been killing me all day!  I guess I am old after all!

No workout for me today, but I did do a good leg workout yesterday and about 45 mins of dancing last night, hehe!!

I’ve been very busy today: working, going to wal-mart, backing B-day cupcakes, laundry, cleaning, etc….  I have more to do, plus get my kiddos to bed– the older 2 still have school for 4 more days and the twins will be at the sitters tomorrow…so I should be able to get tons done then!!

Have a super Sunday!!
p.s.  Almost forgot to mention my VALUE~ I value hard work…I believe that hard work always provides rewards.  If not monetary, in a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that nothing else can provide.  When I work hard or see another working hard it is so inspirational!  Working hard is needed if we expect to see change in our lives…Challenge (working hard)= Change!

Happy Mother’s DAY!!

Today was the BEST Mother’s Day EVER!!  It started off with sleeping in, then waking up to 4 loving little angles screaming “Happy Mother’s DAY”.  Next I was spoiled with presents- a cool homemade HAPPY MOTHERS DAY stack of bubble letters made by my 7 year old…an Ipod shuffle and a nice  outdoor chaise lounge.  VERY sweet and nice…the rest of the day was full of relaxing, a workout and an MEAL out at OTB.

Now to report my workout… it is about 1 month until my b-day and that always seems to get me fired up to look my best. SOOOO….my booty is in a slump- if I am not constantly building it up it starts to regress to its flat, saggy, flabby form–thus I need to revive my focus on booty. SO every leg workout will be about building my butt!!

Here is what I did today with that in mind:
Warm up
Elliptical 10 min
Squats (push through heels, focus on using glutes to lift weight)

Butt Squats
90×12 closer stance

paired with rotary calves

Walking Lunges
60# barx15
60# barx15

Smith Lunges (alternating starting leg)

Bent over leg curls

Leg Extensions
105×10+5toes out
125×10+5toes out
125x10all toes out

So done!!

Let’s have another stellar CONSISTENT week!!!
Love ya,