Why do I LOVE the UFC?

www.BuffMother.com I LOVE the fact that the fighters are RELENTLESS!! They have to train like mad, the entire time being RELENTLESS… the fighters that quit […] Read More

More new TEAM BuffMother! members daily!!

HI Ya!! I am so excited and so thankful for all the great new members of Team BuffMother! that we get on a daily basis. […] Read More

I am so inspired! GO LISA!!

Ladies, I am inspired daily by all of you!! You are such a GREAT, AMAZING and RELENTLESS group of women!!! Thanks for letting me witness […] Read More

Awesome Possum!!

www.BuffMother.com I think my body’s starter is in need of a tune up, lol!!  I am struggling to get “started” :sleep: today, lol!!  That combined […] Read More

I love the word RELENTLESS!!!

www.BuffMother.com RELENTLESS is an awesome word!!! I love the energy it brings, the determination, the fire, the enthusiasm!!!  Just two days into the 4 week […] Read More

RELENTLESS!!! Starting progress picture

HI RELENTLESS FRIENDS!! I ran this morning fasted, ick, and this afternoon I went to the gym and did chest and tri’s, my EASY day… […] Read More


I focused on the word relentless today during my workout. What an AWESOME word!! So, I declare that for the next 3 weeks I will […] Read More