Dating -marriage tip

DATING is another FIT marriage tip for you.  You need to still date your spouse like
they’re your boyfriend or girlfriend!!
You must take the time away from life and just spend time with your spouse. AND it’s got to be just you and your spouse!!  a lot of couples get on in the habit of constantly going out
with other couples on their dates…That is not a DATE!  Going out with other couples is  all good and dandy every now and then but you still need the majority of your dates to be just be you and your spouse.
Dating means taking to connect intimately with your spouse physically, mentally and spiritually. Your not running errands, talking about the kids or your work…instead you should be talking about your life goals, your wishes, dreams and expectations for your future. Special things like that!
Make the time to make sure you go on dates don’t let life get too busy!
Even if you can’t “go out” you CAN do dates at home. Take a night or afternoon where you ON PURPOSE and ANNOUNCE (to the kids) “We are on a DATE” at home.  You must take the time to connect!
Cheers to you having a good marriage and I love you!



Pray for your spouse marriage tip

I’m here with another fit marriage tip for you… today’s tip is prayer!  You need to integrate prayer into your marriage, but specifically you need to pray for your spouse!
The book “Power of a Praying Wife” has been a very integral part of my relationship.  A few years into my marriage I got a copy of this book (it wasn’t this one, the original got tattered and torn so I got a new one with a hard cover )!! I read through it and used it over and over and over again!
This book is great because she’s got some real life example stories from her own
marriage, then a prayer and Bible verses that go along with the
prayers. She covers a wide variety of topics including:
  • about his wife
  • his work
  • his finances
  • sexuality
  • spirituality
  • temptation
  • mind
  • health
  • protection
  • reputation
  • relationships

I loved every topic, it hits home in so many different areas not only
in helping change my husband (which I wanted!) but it also change me.
It made me realize so many of the struggles that he’s going through on a daily basis,  that until I read book, I didn’t really understand.  It also opened my eyes as why I was going through so many similar struggles.
Praying to God works and it releases miracles into your life. It releases His love into your marriage. You need to allow Him to work in your life, that happens through prayer.
God wants you to have a great marriage and miracles do happen!! If you i would like a stronger marriage check out this book I highly recommend it!! Stormie Omatian has many other books that are great! Including praying for kids and just all sorts of amazing, amazing and resources.
Please make sure you praying and praying for your spouse. Also, please know that I’m here for you if you have any questions and if you want some personalized interaction simply
just reach out to me.
…and good luck with your marriage!! May it be strong and FIT!
God bless you!  ~Michelle

El Sucko!

El workout, El Sucko! Losing my mojo means that the first workout back has the chance to SUCK big time and it did. The thing was is I WAS fired up to workout all day long but kept delaying it and by the time I tried I was tired and torn– torn by wanting to be hanging with my family vs. in my gym.


Other than my workout, my day was very good! I accomplished a lot!! We even got our VERY FIRST orders on! SOOOO EXCITING!!


I also voted, GO REPUBLICANS!!


ALSO, Things have moved forward with…look for an official announcement about our relationship soon. Isn’t my Gym Angel t-shirt cute? And my son too?


Nostalgic November… this is my true #beforepic it brings back some good memories of the fattest time of my life. When I lived in Dallas before we had kids my carb cravings were insane my stress level was through the roof and I kept on packing on the pounds.
I value that time of my life greatly…so happy I’m wiser now!



Now onto today…I have a busy HUMP DAY ahead. Need to buckle down and get in a GREAT workout! Plus, I am going to get in some good PAMPER time– a massage!! YAY!!  The only bad thing about it is that I’ll have to miss our chat.

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

the JOY of FRIENDS!!

Good friends are priceless! Having a sense of relationship brings us JOY~ Joy is found in friendship!!

A recent study shows that texting and social networking via the internet has had the opposite effect on society than at first believed. WE are becoming MORE social, MORE connected and MORE Friendly!! That is AWESOME news, but I am not surprised! I’ve been the leader in a fun social female only internet society for over 5 years (the Rally Room).  The Rally Room has allowed me to interact and become very close friends with hundreds of women all over the world!!  Thanks to the internet, I now have more close friends than I ever imagined!  It brings me  JOY!

Doubling of our joy

Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief.

Yesterday, JUNE 1st turned into a day off for me…I needed it after my “every day in MAY” challenge.  Today my focus is on getting my Training client work done and working LEGS hard!  Legs are my current favorite body part to work!! I just love feeling the muscles contract and fire up my metabolism!!!

Have a friendship filled JOYOUS JUNE DAY!!


Sow into it Thursday
What can you sow into?
You can Sow into: body, beauty, mind, spirit, emotions, attitude, solutions, others, relationships, environment, speed, strength, agility, flexibility, posture, health, legacy….

What can you sow?
You can Sow: money, time, energy, emotions, thoughts, actions, gifts, faith, belief, prayer, knowledge, photos, being an example, touch, life, truth, fun, peace, love, hope, loyalty, commitment, thankfulness, appreciation, character, manners, smiles, food, nutrients, desire, environment……..

Are you Sowing into what you want to reap?

I’ve been asking this myself a lot…I’d love to get to the point in my own maturity to where each moment of my life SOWS into something for the future.

have a GREAT Hump day~ I’m off to sow into my relationship with DH!

I am so inspired! GO LISA!!

Ladies, I am inspired daily by all of you!! You are such a GREAT, AMAZING and RELENTLESS group of women!!! Thanks for letting me witness your determination~Speaking of Determination, Lisa of NE is DETERMINED to kick some tail at her contest this FRIDAY (4-18-08)!!!Lisa is competing on Friday evening in Kansas City (technically Liberty, MO) at the NANBF Southern States Natural Classic on Friday April 18th. Anyone who is in the area should check it out!!!

To give you a bit of background on Lisa, she is a mother of 3 and a Chiropractor. She is also VERY tall, lol! She shares freely with others in person and on her website about how Hormonal Timing training has changed her body and life!! I am so lucky to have such a great friend in Lisa and have been so blessed through our training relationship. Last fall was her very first contest and she WON it!! I was such a proud mamma!! My blog post about LISA last fall:

I am a super PROUD MAMMA!!! Last weekend I had a a FUN!!!! FUN!!! FUN!! weekend~ Two of my Team BuffMother! leaders LISA and SHERRY both did an AWESOME job by placing first and second in the NANBF Bluff’s Classic Figure competition I was so happy to be there The experience was just wonderful!
I’ve trained both girls in the past, Sherry early this spring and Lisa all the way UP to the contest!!!
It was really fun to show how amazing my Hormonal Timing program works for contest prep;she is a living example of how you can TRANSFORM your body by working with your hormones.
She is one of the 2 very first BuffMother! trainers….and is doing a spectacular job helping motivate and train the other 6 competitors in our group.

Here is a picture of Lisa a year ago;

And here are some from last weekend (10-6-07):

AND to top it off I got to hang out with another one of my clients and BuffMother! leaders, Lori during the contest!! It was GREAT!!

If you are wondering what Hormonal Timing is&8230;in just a few weeks my book Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved by BuffMother! will be in my store for sale.

Thanks everyone for all the support you&8217;ve given Lisa and Sherry for this contest, I know it helped them SO MUCH!!!

Here are some more pictures from the contest~

This year in February we started a special BuffMother! figure contest training group in which LISA plays and important role, she is not only a competitor but also a trainer.


I’ll be sure to share some other their stories with you in the next few weeks as their contest come up

~~~Lisa has done a tremendous job in adding muscle to her upper body since her last show which has helped to even out her symmetry and made her even more beautiful. I believe that on Friday Lisa has a great chance to come home at least 1 trophy if not more!!!

Let’s all pray for her to perform her best and for GOD to continue doing AWESOME things in her life!! Let’s all Rally behind her as a TEAM!

We love you Lisa!!

Love your friend, Michelle

p.s. Sherry is competing on Friday too!!

I believe in Realtionships


I believe in relationships…we are made for this purpose.  The reason God created man was so he could have “relationship”…that is AMAZING!  And makes me realize that the HAPPIEST times of my life have been when I am actively seek out relationships with other people.  I am a very independent person and have at times a tendency to isolate myself from interacting with others.  It is my natural “I can do it better by myself” attitude.  However, it is not very fun nor is it very rewarding when others are not involved in the process or the reward.  That’s why I love the Rally Room!  It keeps me in relationship with others and gives me a place to easily give my energy away through encouraging others!!  I love the RELATIONSHIPS I have been blessed with in TEAM BUFFMOTHER!!
So, yesterday I ended up playing kickball at Gunner’s field day- luckily I had taped my ankle in anticipation that I may have to participate.  I was surprised at how well I kicked, ran the bases and fielded the ball.  NOW,both my DH and SON think I am “faking” my sprained ankle now, lol!  I told them I just had adrenaline and I know how to get “up” for competition :hehe:

Then after supper I did a back, shoulder, bicep circuit style workout (all 8 exercises total of 3 sets)

1-pull ups: 13!!pb, 8, 7overhand wide
2-sit ups:3×50
3- bent over rows 30#’sx12x3
4-lateral raises 15’sx15-20 repsx3
5-one are db lat rows w/twist 30#x12x3
6- ab wheel 20,15×2
7- military press 25#’sx10x3
8- bicep curls 25x10x3

Then I rode the upright bike for just 5 mins (since I already did my intervals in the am)

I was BEAT and Luckily got to bed by 11:30 and slept in until 9!!
Now we are off to the gym for my last workout of the week, CHEST and intervals.

Have a super day filled with RELATIONSHIP~
OH and on SPIKE tonight the TUF finals is on–GO BJ PENN!!!


Belief quote of the day:
“You can do it if you believe you can!”
Napoleon Hill

I DECLARE- November “I am Thankful” month!! Entry for November 2, 2006

As the highly successful October–“I am proud Month” is now OVER–I think it would be fun to continue on with the tradition into November.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I am declaring that NOVEMBER is “I am Thankful month” –So be sure to start off your daily posts with a reason you are thankful!!

I am thankful for my brothers and my sissy

Here is a pic of us all together about 2 years ago-

in the back row you see my brothers Matthew (today he is 17!!), James (he’s about 22 now) and David (2 years older than me so 33 now)–he is holding his little girl…then next to me is my sissy Jeanette(she is now 24)

On tap for me today is the TRACK again…today it is much nicer weather here, so I will take my 3 little girlies with me. I am sure that will be an adventure!

Wish me luck!!!

Here is my Track Report:
It was a crazy time at the track, but MAN what a perfect day for it–sunny 60 degrees–perfect!
here is the low down on how it went
Warm up 800m
First 3 400m- 69 seconds with 4 min recovery
4th- 71 seconds–this one almost killed me! so I had a longer recovery of 8 mins then did
5th- 70 secs…would have been 69 but Tia was in the way so I had to yell at her TWICE to move–poor thing!

We went to the park afterwards and I am still dying an hour afterwards…so time to rest, and refuel and think about what I am gonna do in the gym tomorrow and Saturday!

It was a GREAT experience to be running 400 repeats again…I have a huge love hate relationship with them…they are killers, but UBER EFFECTIVE!!