Massages are GOOD!

Hey ladies, Sorry I missed blogging yesterday. I was busy getting a massage for a couple hours yesterday…don’t be too jealous, LOL!!


I was still not feeling quite myself yesterday, so the massage came at the perfect time.  Let me tell you, Massages are GOOD for so many reason! She worked on my psoas (by massaging the sides of my tummy),  my shoulder and my sciatic. WOW! All those areas were so tight and really needed some attention.  I pretty much considered the massage my workout for yesterday, so TODAY is the day that I get back to it for REAL!  I feel like my energy is finally on the normal side!!


I’ve really been trying hard to keep my diet on the cleaner side this week, in hopes that it’ll help the tummy heal up. Yesterday my weight was 130 so that’s down a couple pounds from last week already.  I am on cycle day 18 today– WOKE UP HUNGRY, a big sign that BOOSTING is on her way!


Time for me to read some of your posts!!


Grand opening and CONTEST!!

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The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


BuffMother~ SNAKE SLAYER!!

July is upon us~ Now it’s time for some SUMMER FUN!!
My plan for July is to use this month for fun, fitness and for getting stuff DONE!  I have pretty much decided to go to MN next week in order to “retreive” my kids– that leaves me with this week to get after some projects that need to be completed prior to their return.  I also plan to have a little R&R for the 4th of July– we have a BURN BAN on here, so…probably no fireworks for us. Gunner’s Birthday is also this month- on the 19th.  He’ll be 13!!  I can’t belive I’ll have a teen??  Where has the time gone!?

This is my second week of buffing– last week I eneded up getting in 5 days of working out- 4 lifting, 2 bike intervals, 1 cardio day (fasted bike+hill run). It was a good solid week especially considering half of those workouts were done with an EXTREMELY SORE body!  This week should be much, much better in that reagard!

M- chest, triceps, run intervals (probably hills)+ ABS
T- Legs +ABS
W- the 4th!!! Back/sh/Biceps, intervals +ABS
Th- chest, triceps, run intervals (probably hills)+ ABS
F- Legs +ABS
Sa- Back/sh/Biceps, run intervals +ABS
S- off

It’s a 3 days split, focused on my BIG muscles and also on kicking up my fitness level a notch– I am confident if I focus on that~ the scale will go back down to my “happy place” that I hit in May.  I just need to get the workouts DONE and keep my food intake in line.

Yesterday, I Travis and I had a good day- we are all about changing our “land” little by little.  We removed several fence posts and some ugly barb wire yestdary and WOW it looks so much better.  I also did a bunch of brush hogging– we have a ton of SUMAC trees that are nasty week like– they just keep growning and taking over all the land.  “I HATE SUMAC!”…so I cut down a bunch!

Also, I made my first kill!! Last week I got my first gun ever, a 22 caliber automatic.  The main reason for it is to carry with on our property– we have a ton of animals– including snakes, wild dogs, bobcats, bears, coons, coyotes, fox, amadilo, etc… Well, yesterday we were tromping around in the creek on our land and I was walking on a fallen tree when I spotted a big snake coiled up sleeping about 7 feet ahead of me!  I was so stoked that I had my gun with me and I got to shoot it!! Travis was very impressed with my calm, killer instinct!!

I’m off to write my to do list and get a good pre-workout meal in my belly!!

Cheers to JULY!!


What Energizes You??~ Shine in 49: Day 22

I think it’s very neat how each and everyone one of us are different~ what gets one person EXCITED can be extremely BORING to someone else.  That’s why I am wondering WHAT ENERGIZES YOU?  Will you share your answer with me by commenting here?

Some of the things that energize me are:

  1. Encouraging others- When I encourage others it keeps me energized to stay accountable myself and to set a good example~ otherwise I’d feel like a hypocrite
  2. Competition- give me a way to compete with someone and I will get intense!
  3. Performing- I like the pressure of needing to “perform”; I rise to the occasion and “turn it ON”
  4. Teaching others- I love sharing what I know with others~ I pride myself on being able to explain complicated things in a way that is not so complicated.
  5. SPORTS! I love playing and watching soooo many sports~ I used to think I should have been born a boy.
  6. RESULTS- getting results from something I worked towards energizes me to keep going!
  7. Seeing others succeed!! Success Stories are so inspirational and energizing
  8. Hormones- I am obsessed with hormones, lol!
  9. Supplementation- I love doing HUMAN exeriments on myself and learning about every type of nutrient known to man!
  10. Exercise and Sports Science~ I am a total nerd when it comes to this stuff!  I really love reading research articles, medical journals about anything to do with training and sports supplementation research, etc…I should really go back to school and get my masters or doctorate in it.

On the other hand, some things that DO NOT energize me are:

  • Handyman stuff
  • Tools
  • Crafts, Sewing, scrap-booking, etc…
  • Cooking, cleaning, housework
  • homework
  • reading for leisure (unless I have a reason to read something, you won’t find me reading)…I do like looking a pictures in magazines 🙂
  • decorating
  • shopping- unless it’s for shoes, I like shoes!
  • basic hygiene- I hate showering, shaving, blow drying my hair, putting on lotion, make up, etc…I do it, but I don’t like it!~LOL!

So what energizes you?
And how can you use those interests to energize others?

p.s. We are close to the Contest HALF WAY point~ today’s a rest day!!  Week #4 starts today!!

Practice Makes Perfect!! ~ Shine in 49: Day 13


Practice makes perfect~

I was just thinking today how little I knew when I first started lifting, I was so uncoordinated and weak…I was just BAD at most lifts, exercises, drills, etc- it was so HARD!!  But with PRACTICE those same “hard” things I do EASILY now.
I mention this because many women in our current Shine in 49 contest ARE Beginners… For the “beginners” out there remember ~ “practice DOES make perfect”.

The same thought came to mind when I read an e-mail recently sent to me about my “heavy” lifting…for some reason she assumed I’ve always been that strong and that if she wasn’t able to lift those same weights she wouldn’t get results.

Ladies trust me, I was VERY, VERY weak when I first started lifting consistently 7 years ago…I was SCRAWNY with no muscle tone yet VERY afraid I’d get bulky still! AND when I started I did get results lifting lighter weights than I am now– the Difference is that those weights CHALLENGED me then, but now they don’t….So in order to maintain or improve my results I have to keep lifting the weights that actually challenge me.

IT IS ALL RELATIVE!  Just remember Challenge= Change…as long as you are challenging your body it will change!

My life is absolutely amazing right now~ VERY busy, but I LOVE IT!! I thrive when I am busy doing what I love!! Love
AND I am getting my workouts done– NO EXCUSES!!! The yay yippee guy

Last night I did legs and today I was rewarded with a sore booty!!!
I am weighing 127 at the moment~ and expect that for my birthday next month , I’ll be 125 smile

Gotta GO~ but just remember…Keep Practicing you CAN Be PERFECT!!

NO2 BEST Product I've found…plus info on Creatine~!

Anyhow here’s my 2 cents:

On the NO2 product question my answer is this…I’ve tried MANY, MANY, MANY products that claim to be NO2…most of which are VERY expensive.  and Most of which do NOTHING for me.  The recommendation that I make is to take the one version of NO2 that I’ve found VERY EFFECTIVE:

Higher Power NO-XS, 180 Tablets

No-explode and other POWDER type- preworkout concoctions are not in  my mind NO2 products. They are CREATINE!  the reason they work boils down to the fact they have CREATINE in them. So…if you want to take CREATINE they are the products you want. The 2 creatines I am currently taking and recommend are:

1- OVERDOSE- this is a more mild version of a pre-workout creatine.  Many creatines cause stomach irritation and contain a TON of stimulants. This one is good in that I’ve never had a “bathroom” issue with it and I don’t feel crazy buzzed from it. Take it as directed on the container.

NRG-X Labs OverDose, 780 Grams - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!, Blue Raspberry Blast

2-6 Star muscle brand Professional Strength Creatine (fruit Punch)- this I get at Wal-Mart.  I like this because It has NO stimulants in it so I can take it any time of day!  I also love the taste and love the results from this product.

Another workout in the books!

Day by Day, workout by workout is how you build a beautiful sculpted body…Every workout COUNTS and don’t forget that!  I want to encourage you that your effort adds up and is rewarded.  I was reminded of that myself tonight!  Never forget that consistent effort is rewarded!!

My buffing workout went like this:

warm up r-bike 10 mins
Lat pulls
paired with knee ups on bench
3 sets of 25

Shoulder Press
paired with roman chair knee ups
2 sets to failure (40, 25)

Bicep curl machine
paired with Assisted pull ups (slow negatives 5-6 sec each)
30# assistedx 2setsx 6-8 reps

Seated rows
paired with bent over lateral raises
15’sx12repsx 1 set
and hanging sit ups

Standing military
paired with bicep curls
and inverted pull ups
3 sets various hand positions 10+ reps

T-bar rows
paired with cable bicep curls

Running intervals on tready 18 mins total…knee felt good, right foot pinched by shoe,hmmm? I’ll have to watch how tight I tie my shoe next time 🙂
Roman chair knee ups 40

I am a tired, sweaty mess but I feel good…much better mentally than I did before my workout~ yet another reason why EXERCISE IS MEDICINE!

Work it!! It works!!


8 eyes~
My day yesterday was good, and I was NICE…except for the fact that I ran out of TIME!  It took me 2 hours to vote which I didn’t plan on…and then I had to bring all 4 kids to the eye doctor for their first eyes exams ever– which took 3+ hours of my day~
So, no workout for me! BUT, I’ll make that up today with a super stellar one here in a bit!

The reason I took my kids into the eye doctor was because Tia, one of my 5 year old twins…didn’t pass her eye screening at school.  I figured that I may as well get eye exams for all 4 of my kids to be sure no one else was in danger of needing glasses. To my surprise it turned out that Tia’s eyes are perfect!  and so are GUnner’s– but my little Gracie and Layla both need glasses and some patch therapy. So, now I have 2 little “4 eyes”= 8 eyes!

Keep striving to be NICE (not Naughty!)…Love,

Day 1 of the rest of my life
HEY ya!!  I am fired up for FALL today~ the weather here feels like fall for the first time this year and it feels GOOD! I had a good “rest” day yesterday and am going to live this next week with the motto “today is day 1 of the rest of my life”…I need that shift in perspective- kinda like “begin with the end in mind” type mindset…What am I willing to do today that will impact the rest of my life in a positive way?

I guess the reason why I need to focus on  this shift in perspective today is that I’ve been a bit down the past few days…as it turns out actually did hurt my knee rather bad last week and have to let it totally rest this week (NO CARDIO that utilizes my lower body at all and no lower body lifting).  I was quite bummed about it on Friday and Saturday, but now I’ve shifted my focus towards what I can still do vs. all the things I can’t do.  I can still do upper body workouts, do abs, do stretching, do some pilates and I can control my DIET! I can do a lot and I will!  I just have to keep focused on the fact that I can still do a lot to impact my future life for the positive and getting my knee healthy is key component of that.  I also need to look into the medical advances towards the treatment for my knee issues…it’s been 11+years since I had surgery and was last seen by a doctor for my knee problem (I have a degeneration of my tibia called chondromalacia)…and I expect that there may be new treatment options for my knee issues. I plan to attack the SOLUTIONS and stay focused on the things I can do….

So on tap for me today besides laundry and work, is a trip to the gym this afternoon…I will warm up in the tanning bed and then hit my chest and tri’s and abs for a good solid workout!  I think it will feel great to get a workout in…I’ve taken the past 2 days off.  I am also going to join in on the splits challenge, but may have to “ease” into it this week since my knee is more stiff than usual and I am joining KIM and several others here in the RR for the 14 day super focus challenge– I am boosting, so it’ll be a challenge for sure, but I need it!

I also need to say: Congrats to DEB for her great job on Saturday!! She is fired up and ready to rock her next contest in 2 weeks~ I am so excited for her!!!

Well, I am off to attack day 1 of the rest of my life!!!

last 2; next 2

www.BuffMother.comWell I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 weeks of my workouts…coming back from 2 weeks off I’ve felt FRESH and my body has been LOVING my workouts. I’ve just been lifting and doing virtually no cardio…the only time that can count as cardio has been my warm ups on the r-bike smile

If you have never tried “just lifting” you should! Remember that lifting does burn a ton of calories (often times more than cardio), is good for your heart, your joints, your bones, your cholesterol, your hormones, your flexibility, etc… Don’t feel that you ALWAYS have to do traditional CARDIO to lose fat or weight…that’s actually a lie.

Back to my report…
I only missed 1 workout during the last 2 weeks (a chest/tri one)…that was on Monday when I was just WHIPPED for some reason.

Anyhow, the creatine I took served its purpose and helped me to not get sore…I stopped taking it on Tuesday and I am MUCH sorer this week.
The NO cardio has really helped my ankle sprain heal…It has now been 2 months and it finally feels about 90%!
My booty challenge is going GREAT!! I KNOW my butt looks way better than it was 2 weeks ago The yay yippee guy I’ve really loved the 100l unges and 100 squats…I’ve been trying to do several varieties to hit my booty from all angles. Another thing that I KNOW has helped my butt are CATS, they really help create a good lumbar curve in my back and that helps the booty look lifted The Poser

My POA for this week (same for the next 2)
M-Chest/Tri/ABS/Booty INTERVALS (run)
W-BACK/Shoulders/Bi’s INTERVALS…boooty too!
Th-Chest/Tri/ABS Booty Intervals (run)
S-am fasted run then possibly lift back/sh/bis….DATE to Local CAGE FIGHTS!!

My lifting will be more of a circuit style (but still HEAVY) and I am shooting for my workouts to last no longer than 60 mins total…so short sweet effective and sweaty!
My Goal is to end the week at 124 for my date…I am 128 today, but bloated and toxic at the moment…my “REAL weight” is closer to 125.

Well of to REST,