Rally Room RE-Launch!

Hi ya ladies, Sorry, I’ve been a bit MIA the last several days… I’m way deep into BOOSTING and feeling a bit of the hormone […] Read More

Accountability August

ACCOUNTABILITY August starts today– join in by posting proof of your actions towards your goals this month with workout pictures, healthy eating photos, status updates […] Read More

Grand opening and CONTEST!!

It’s been and exciting past few weeks for TEAM BUFFMOTHER!! We have a NEW RALLY ROOM!! and New Contest!! Http://TeamBuffMother.com 7 years ago Tomorrow, March […] Read More

Shine in 49: Day 36- Week #6 Mini-Challenge

SHINE in 49 contest~~ WEEK #6 Mini-Challenge “NO DAIRY”~ Dairy is any product made from COW’s milk. Let’s shoot to eliminate it from our diets […] Read More

Be good while I'm gone!

HI everyone!! I got it an good workout this morning- back and Bi’s and a run with my friend Nicole.  And I’ve been working towards […] Read More

Now is the time to help!

My Mission is simple- HELP WOMEN!  The way I do that best is to encourage, lead by example, teach, give love, give resources and give my […] Read More


www.buffmother.com September is upon us ladies~ and My theme for the month will be to SOW Seeds!  The life principle that if you plant a […] Read More