Experienced Boosting Leg workout in detail with Video

I’ve had a ton of requests for more workout videos demonstrating an actual workout for an experienced level lifter who is in their BOOSTING phase.  […] Read More

Halfway Point!

HEY ladies~ it’s Week #6! and we are now at the “half way” point in the contest!! Can you believe it…it’s time to KICK IT […] Read More

Learning New Stuff!

Learning new stuff is fun and sooooo important! I expect that I’ll never ever stop learning and for those of you who KNOW me you […] Read More

Hello Hotties!

Hello my HOT friends! I have been doing great on journaling in my “book” and even spending time here, but I’ve missed “blogging” about my […] Read More

Chest tri day

Hello again! It was Chest/Tri day today and It was GOOOOD! Warm up r-bike 14 min Chest press machine 70×15 90×10 Hammer Strength Incline press […] Read More


That’s the focus for me this week Here is my workout today 20 min of intervals on the r-bike 20min of intervals on the treaddy […] Read More