Lost a day?

Hey ya, feels like I lost a day somewhere this week??

Not sure how it’s already Friday, but I’ll take it…Friday’s Rock!

This one is extra nice because it’s sunny and warm and I get to have a special Date with my son. He’s got a hair appt at 4:30 and we are going to shop a bit too. He’s grown so big that he’s got hardly any of his own clothes to wear….been sharing with his Dad.


Okay, so on Thursday night I did a good leg workout with some SEXY dancing!

Here’s my pic from that:


Yesterday, I had a rest day from workouts and from the Rally Room…Sorry, I just posted yesterday’s contests post now:

6 to Sexy~ day 25: Sexy Meals


I was on the “road” yesterday. I had a business meeting, my HAIR APPT!! (yay) and then finished up the day doing some errands for “work”.  I say “work” because as you know I have a DREAM JOB!! I love being BUFFMOTHER, my work is very enjoyable, but it’s still work, lol!


Okay, here’s a pic of my hair. It’s quite a bit darker, but it will lighten up some as I wash it over the next few days.  I think I like the change– It’s what I wanted, more NATURAL!


Today’s Contest POST: 6 to Sexy~ day 26: Sexy Actions


Today’s plan:

Get some more “work” done

Workout- Chest/tris and a hills run outside.

Date with Gunner!


Today’s 6 Daily Goals– that will be topics in my daily journal

  1. Cycle day- 2 need I say more…part of why I lost a day of my life yesterday. I do feel better today than yesterday and am happy to be almost out of hormone hell
  2. Weight…I’ll add this in a bit
  3. Sexy To do’s…Get my legs shaved and fix my new hair!
  4. Workout: Chest/Tri’s and run– can’t wait to do this outside today!
  5. Meal POA : Not a full plan yet…Protein shake with a banana in it after run … then go out to eat with Gunner later. Put the pot roast in the crock pot for dinner!!
  6. Sexy Actions- I will spend some extra time with DH tonight.  Maybe give him a back rub


That’s all folks, see you tomorrow!!


p.s. here’s today’s contest post

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

“What I Eat Wednesday”~ Shine in 49: Day 10

Sorry I’m a bit late with today’s post– I’ve had an unusual day– 2 sick kiddos home from school with ear infections~ Ouch!

“What I EAT” is going to be our Wednesday theme– so I’ve been taking pictures~ and I’ll be taking more…

So far today:

Over Easy Eggs- 4 of them salted
Coffee with half-n-half

Guac- 1 avacado smashed+ salsa+ salt and garlic salt
Baked Corn Chips

a Snack of a protein + water shake is coming up soon
I’ll be having a big salad with a large portion of chicken for dinner tonight– seriously close to 3 portions of protein can be in 1 breast!

Some other meal ideas:

  • small (3-4oz) chicken breast w/onions and mushrooms and some celery = P, G
  • 4oz tuna with salad dressing and relish on bread =1P,1C,1F
  • large green salad , with avocado or olives, w/grilled steak, dressing  and fruit for dessert = 1 P, 1G, 1C, 1F, 1W
  • Big lettuce salad with 2 cups romaine/spinach/baby greens –garninshed with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers+ 3oz Chicken and fixings- dressing, nuts, bacon bits, (fats)=PFGG
  • 3 whole eggs and blueberries (or another fresh fruit: apple, orange, strawberries, etc…) =PFC
  • Salmon 4oz and with a red/yellow pepper or spinach salad with a vinaigrette dressing= PFCG
  • protein shake = PC (ideas: OJ+ vanilla protein powder; Choc whey+ unsweetened almond or coconut milk; choc protein powder+ water+ 1 cup frozen berries; Choc protein+ water+ a couple ice cubes+ banana mixed with hand blender)
  • 6-7 oz of chicken (seasoned or marinated to your desire cooked in olive oil on 1 cup rice or beans and 1 cup of green veggies (asparagus, brocilli, pea pods or onions/peppers) with 2PCGF


FOR more info on diet check out this article I wrote: “EAT TO FUEL YOUR LIFE”-


The foods you choose eat can really accelerate your results– focus on proteins and greens!!
Work it this Wednesday!!

Love ya,


Going “DARK”

In spy movies, I just love it when the spy goes out on a mission and has to go “dark”…they are invisible to their support team and just out there on their own in the danger.  Well, I am going “DARK” for a few days– my vacation mode is on and that means little to no computer time!  I need the break from time to time.

Anyhow, I’ve been keeping super busy as I prep to leave– I feel pleasently prepared.  However that could change as I start packing, lol!! I always go into hyper drive when trying to pack for a trip– too many options of what to bring, wear and pack??

Okay, in other news….I remembered something about myself this week.  I find the most success in my eating when I eat 3 bigger meals daily vs. 5-6 smaller ones.  There are several reasons why:

1- I can eat MORE at 1 setting– I like eating bigger portions 2- I don’t get overwhelmed with the prep/eating time when eating more often– it’s takes too much focus for me– I’m not that focused, lol 3- Mentally, I don’t feel like I am dieting when I eat fewer meals. 4- I have insulin resistant issues– so eating less often helps my insulin to go down sometimes which actually allows me to burn fat 5- I dislike eating early in the morning– I like eating my first meal about 3-5 hours after waking up– extending my “fast” helps me burn some extra fat and gives me a chance to do fasted cardio from time to time

6- it’s less stressful to my digestive system.  I digest better when my enzymes are strong (utilizing them less often)….my body feels less stress from eating less often

Here’s an interesting video that explains some of what I am talking about:



So, just now at 9:15 I had a good breakfast of 2 whole wheat blueberry pancakes (not typical for me to eat grains),  with butter and real maple syrup, 3 small strips of pork bacon, a “Carnivor” choc protein shake in water= CCFP and I’ve had 2 cups of coffee with half’n’half.

My plan is to use this fuel as a pre-workout meal— I’ll be hitting the trail for a hill workout after it digests– at about 11:00

Alrighty, we’ll I am off to do some laundry, run, pack, lift weights, get my son’s hair cut and then RELAX before I fly out early tomorrow.  I’ll be back Monday!!  Please, pray that I don’t hurt myself skiing!!

Love ya,


Just DIET!~ S6day32

I did it!! I did at least an 11 minute workout EVERY DAY IN MAY- I think I only had to resort to the 11 min version 2-3 times and about 4-5 of those workouts were long hikes in the woods- It’s not like I hit the gym for a crazy intense lifting workout every day…it was a good variety of workouts!!!

I was joking with my hubby last night that after working out for 31days in a row…. I deserve to take every day off in JUNE…BUT that’s just my hormones talking.  Cycle days 23, 24, 25 are the worst…I get feelings, thoughts and emotions that are just retarded during those days each and every month!  That’s why my theme for June is going to be “Just Diet” JUNE.

My focus is going to be on my diet~ it’s what needs the most work and much of what my problem is with consistency and quality of my food choices. I really need to force myself to count my portions this month and stay focused on eating protein, fruits and veggies!!  Due to my “BOOSTING” status I’ve been STARVING the past week…it’s crazy how a switch gets flipped every month after ovulation and I get HUNGRY!! Good to know I have a metabolism!!


So here’s a rough outline of my goals for eating during – a boosting day:

on empty- NOXS pills 2 with just water- wait 60 mins to eat
M1: PF -4 eggs over easy
M2: GPFC(fruit)-  a brocolli slaw salad with a small amount of shredded cheese, cashews, sesame seeds, asian dressing and deli turkey and a apple
muliti vitamin, boosting pills, calcium (with mag and zinc), Selenium
M3: PC-2 carrots- and a protein shake in water
M4: PPCGGF-  Taco Salad romaine and spinach- with hamburger meat corn chips are a veggie :), with some cheese and real ranch dressing
Treat= candy or popcicle or popcorn
Night time supplements- during boosting I’ll take variuous combinations of items to help me sleep like melatonin, zma, an hgh supplement, calcium

and yes, I do only eat about 4 times a day…I like to eat alot at most sittings vs. eating smaller more spaced out meals



Just do it,


P.S. Today is Sizzlin’ in 6; Day 32

OFF!! day for workouts

Notes of the Event

I don’t have the energy to write this into paragraphs at the moment but wanted to get down some notes of the event. 

Last Wed-

My travel day; leave house a 1pm to get Emily and head to airport

At airport we checked in curbside and the bags outside so that was NICE

Had Coffee

The plan was packed so they made us check our carry ons- including Emily’s Cameras! I couldn’t believe that!

Flights went smoothly

Julie picked us up at baggage, but guess what- NO Camera BAG!!  It didn’t get on the right flight 🙁

Got them to agree to deliver the bag in time to have it for the morning….

Then, Julie got us to the hotel…VERY NICE~!

Ate dinner there- then hit the hay!

but then the bathroom became very busy…poor Emily was super sick!

She was up all night!

I felt so bad…left her to go workout with Julie at her gym.  And WOW the beauty of the area was amazing.  I loved N. Cali’s landscape!!  The gym was bright,  nice and clean and everyone was very friendly!  We had a great workout!

Afterwards I got to go with Julie to her house- NICE!!  And have my first ever protein shake with spinach in it- YUMMY!!  I so totally need a good blender!

Also the little BuffMother! Party favors arrived in the cutest boxes!! WOW April is a talent!!

The we picked up the BIG VAN! The POSH PARTY BUS!!

In the meantime Emily was being a tropper and getting ready for our afternoon photoshoots. 

Kathy was set to go first and I was her “hair and makeup” artist.  She is so beautiful and impressed Emily with her photogenic quality. She has such amazing bone structure and beautiful features it’s no wonder every photo of her is awesome!

Teresa W. was next and had her makeup done at the mall by a true professional.  She looked amazing and so confident!!! I helped a bit in assiting Emily with posing Teresa a bit.

While Emily and Teresa finished we (Kathy, Liz, Jules and I) headed out to hike…what a beautiful country!

After that it was time to get ready for dinner and bocci!  So much fun!

then we all stopped by Julie’s house and surprised Gene with a visit.


am workout room




Attempted bike for some and Winery for others


PF Changs



Late to bed!


prep for event





slide show

Sat am-

Airport with Julie! a Godsend

NO Charge for luggage?!!

perfect flights-

Perfect to be home! 

Excited for our Future~!! and all the great feedback from Cali!!

40 days to FIT!! Day 22~ Ready "To Monday"!

Is it just me or are Mondays a bit intimidating to you too?  BUT today I am ready “To Monday”!! cheerleaders

To Monday means so many things:

  • time to get a vision for the week ahead and build up excitement for what I can accomplish on the week ahead!!
  • feeling a little twinge of fear/intimidation about all the “work’ I hope to accomplish in the day ahead
  • time to a my clean up my diet and get in a killer first workout of the week
  • time to interact with clients, friends and business partners online, on the phone and in person
  • PEACE an quiet around the house…the kids are in school~ YAY!
  • time to “clean up”; make lists, organize and prioritize
  • time TO ATTACK IT!

My Monday is off to a great start~  I woke up on time despite an “alarm malfunction”; got the kids off to school; remembered to get the lunchroom a check for “lunch money”; I’ve taken my morning supplements (allergy pill + NOEXPLODE+ Garlic), and currently am eating breakfast (protein shake and banana +coffee); doing some laundry;  and I’ve even already checked my e-mail…. a GREAT START!! and I expect that trend to continue!  I am so ready “TO MONDAY” today!!

What about you are you ready “TO Monday”?


TGIF!! I am excited for this weekend~ don’t know why exactly as I have no plans for anything but finishing my book!!!

I am noticing my muscle FLYING off my body from not lifting over the past 10 days, lol! I am ON FIRE to get back at it!! I will make a solid 3-4 month plan this weekend

Thanks for the kick in the ever rising booty about being accountable on our eating, Patti!!
Here are mine for today:
PPPP- eggs, roast
CC- EZ toast
FFFF- butter, egg yolk, beef fat–all bad ones sorry 🙁
GG- green beans

I am not done yet though :)…HUNGRY right about NOW!!
So I “plan” on finishing out the night with a protein shake- not sure what kind (PC) and a green drink…that should even my portions out a bit.

Well, I am knee deep in work at the moment, so this will have to be short.
Love ya!!

Scales are STUPID!!

Okay–You’ve heard it before and you will surly hear it again- SCALES ARE STUPID!!

As you may know I have been “buffing” now officially for a full week, my starting weight was 128-129, I thought I had made progress –on Sunday I was 127–but apparently I was dehydrated(which make sense since I had half a HUGE bottle of wine on SAT night–bad girl)–because I’ve weighed 128-129 all week! Also I need to mention that I am on NOXCG3 and that is the culprit for the loss of loss on the scale.
Typically I do not take anything that makes me retain water (like creatine and even l-glutamine) while on a “buffing” phase- BECAUSE I can’t get over the mental barrier of not seeing a huge difference in my body when I put in so much extra effort.

Now last night I ran, did sprints and didn’t eat before bed and I still woke up at 128.8 pounds! I am kinda frustrated by that since I had a goal of getting to 126 by tomorrow–BTW that will not happen, lol!!

BUT- I am making progress here is why:
I am getting leaner- my six pack is almost in full view
My booty is getting slightly smaller
My shoulders are now “popping”

I still have one more week of “buffing” so I will stay the course- keep taking my NOXCG3 and see what happens…If I stay 128…so be it–BUT I will be leaner- BY GEORGE!!

Here is my workout from today-
warm up r-bike 10 min–felt horrible!
Then Cybex lat pulls
130×10 felt horrible

Assisted pull ups
wide 40#x4 felt horrible…so I needed to fix this problem–Here is what I did
Drank a protein shake and went tanning 🙂
Then started again- Much better this time around–FOOD works wonders :wow:
Cybex lat pulls
paired with bicep curl machine

Lat pulls wide
paired with weighted broomstick rotations- for the obliques(my back is finally what I would consider”healthy” for the first time since forever!–which means since I was 17 I’ve had very bad lower back issues–which got much worse by bearing childeren–post Gunner I was “laid up” a lot –the last time I was “laid up” was a year ago now–the key has been regaining my lower lumbar curve with exercises like CATS and deadlifts–So until about 2 months ago “rotation type exercises” were a NO, NO for me and my tricky back–now I am working to regain healthy core rotation–It is going GREAT)
25 reps each sidex3sets

Seated rows
full extension
90×12 fast, explosive movement

lower back extensions

Isolateral behind the neck hammer pulls

Standing free bar shoulder press (behind neck)

laterals one arm at a time
arms together
upright rows with dumbells

knee ups and pikes on bench straight forward
40reps about

r-bike 7 min
20 min of intervals(some forward and some backward) and silly movements 🙂

that’s all!! LOL!

13 days to go!

WOAH! the countdown is on…13 days out 🙂

I am focused and ready to be more relentless than ever. I have tried to lighten my work load so that I can dedicate my thoughts to the preparing for the contest. It is gonna be so fun to get back up on stage!

Here is my workout for today…
Run no intervals…just a basic 3 miler and then 10 min on the r-bike. I worked up a good sweat.
Then to the gym
warm up 7 min on the upright bike
Walking lunges- I did these first today so I wouldn’t skip them and so that I would pre exhaust my butt for the rest of my workout
135x10x3 paried with abduction machine


Smith Lunges
paired with calf raises on leg press

Back/butt extensions
no wtx25

Knee extensions

Free motion Squats

Roman chair knee ups 40

The plan for the week looks like this:
LOSE FAT! Target weight for SATURDAY is 126
Target weight for contest is 123-124 dehydrated.

Mon- Evening workout:lift back, shoulders, biceps intervals on upright bike or elliptical
Tues- morning workout Chest TRIS and 10- 15 second sprints outside in front of my house 🙂
Wed- Legs: the mission is to get my but sore…that has been elusive lately.
Thursday- Lift Back, shoulders, biceps, intervals on bike or elliptical
Friday- Chest, Tris and RUN SPRINTS
Saturday- Legs
Sunday off?

As you all can see I did not take the day off today from working out. I didn’t feel like I needed to so I went for it. It is CRUNCH TIME and every last workout counts and every food choice counts.

Here is a sample of kinda what I will eat this week:
Asparagus eggs
stir fry veggies and tuna, cashews w/ some sauce
red meat/ broccoli or salad (spinach& romaine)
herbal tea
protein shake in water (40g)
oatmeal most days for my preworkout meal

So basically lots of protein and lots of veggies 🙂

Let’s all have a relentless week again!!