Weekend News!

HI Ya’ll,

It’s a rainy day here in Arkansas…cool too, 54 is supposed to be the high. Very weird considering Thursday it was in the mid-80’s. That’s how it goes here though. You never know what the weather will be like one day to the next.

Anyhow, thought I’d share some updates with you:


#1- On November 11th I will be hosting my first game BuffMother’s Hot Holidays on; they have asked me to become one of their “celebrity” host…a very cool honor!

Be sure to check it out, it’s a great concept to PUT your MONEY where your Mouth is, You basically BET $30 that you can lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days and then follow along with the game striving to attain your goal. If you do lose the weight you get your money back, plus possibly more because all the winners SHARE the pot… and that works for extra motivation!!


I’ve also started a group on DietBet: you can join for free! Let’s be sure to REPRESENT Team BuffMother there! We are such an amazing FORCE of POSITIVITY!!



#2- Be sure to read and comment on today’s featured “SEXY” posts:

6 to Sexy~ day 20: Rest is SEXY

Romantic Movies = Sexy


#3- I uploaded this short video with 4 tips about revealing your SEXY ABS yesterday Please comment and share


#4- I am close to making the decision to develop an APP…Please let me know what kind of items you’d love to see featured on it. So far I’ll be including workouts, diet, some meal plans, access to the Rally Room, shopping options, an INTERACTION board where we can “talk” and a camera for you to upload progress pics, etc… is who will be developing it for me.


I have more “stuff” to talk about, but not quite the time yet to share. Loads of stuff going on to help us help more people!! Go Team BuffMother!!


I’m off to ride my bike then CLEAN– the “deal” I’m swinging with my DD’s is to clean for 3 hours then our reward will be to go to a MOVIE!


Should be good, have a SEXY SATURDAY!!




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

September is upon us ladies~ and My theme for the month will be to SOW Seeds!  The life principle that if you plant a seed over time you will end up with a harvest….Well in life what we plant in the lives of others reaps blessings upon our lives.

Our whole motto here in the Rally Room revolves around this principle “the KEY to your motivation is to encourage others!”
I encourage you to SOW more “energy seeds” here in the Rally Room in September so that you can reap a “harvest” of ENERGY, Motivation, Positivity, etc…in your own life.
It’s very simple to do this:

Each time you login to the rally room- be sure to post SOMETHING as a comment on at least 3 blogs you read…something as simple as a :) will work wonders!

My personal goal is to comment on at least 10 blogs a day!

Let’s SOW seeds in September!  WE can change lives by doing so!!

Sleepy Sunday Oct 1st

October is I am Proud month—so being Oct 1st…let it get the positivity rollin’

I am Proud of myself today for getting to church…we’ve missed going for the last 3-4 weeks–so it felt good to go. Our regular pastor was not preaching, which is hard for me, becuase I LOVE my pastor. BUT I did “grab” a few postitive points from the sermon.

BUT,What is up? I am so sleepy today–I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open…It may be something to do with me being really sore…I had a little too long off of really lifting about 2-3 weeks….and now that I am back at it again–I am pooped! PMS doesn’t help much either. The weird thing is I took a nap yesterday, slept for 8 hours last night and still am hankering for a nap. Maybe I need some fresh air.

We are going to go out to eat as a family this evening…and maybe go to the mall…we’ll see on that part. DH wants to get an upright bike if we can find a decent one at a decent price today–so that would rock! If we had a bigger house, I’d have a home gym for sure. The “plan” is to get a bigger house in about a year…I can’t wait–Can you say Claustrophobia???

Yesterdays workout was running 3.3 miles with 3- 3 mins hard/1min off intervals and about 3 other 1 min intervals. Then DH and I lifted chest, tri’s and bi’s and of course I did ABS too!


I DECLARE October-“I am PROUD” month

Inspired by one of my BuffMother Leaders who suggested that all of our post should start with “I am proud of myself today because: _________” . I am declaring October–I am Proud MONTH….so at the start of every post you write this next month, dig deep and find a reason that you can be proud of yourself every day!!!

The foundation of BuffMother! is POSITIVITY…there is such power in being positive—positivity is contagious and inspiring. Sharing your Proud moments will lead to greater positivity in your life…So Let’s shoot to be even more positive and look at what is good in our lives this October.

Any questions or suggestions?

I am so PROUD of YOU!!