Photoshoot Set

Did I tell you??? I have a photo-shoot set for Thursday the 29th= 9 days away and I am rusty, lol! It’s been a while since I’ve done a shoot and PREPARATION is needed.  It’s a lot like getting ready for a figure contest, one should practice posing and give a bit of extra attention to the details.  My main objective during the shoot is to get some updated photos for my portfolio and to knock the rust off so that I can be ready when duty calls

That said my POA for the remainder of the week is as follows:

T- bike 20 mins fasted; lift lower body +abs/booty focus

W- run hills; back, shoulders, biceps + abs

Th- bike 20 mins fasted; lift chest/triceps/abs and boxing intervals

F- run road intervals + sprints


Sun- fasted treadmill run; back/shoulders/biceps

Monday- chest/triceps/abs; Happy Memorial Day!!

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I’m off to get on my bike!!

Have a stellar day 20 of every day in MAY!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Willed it ~ Wednesday

It was so stupid….All throughout my workout today I kept feeling like quitting~ I had to will my way though today. I’d be in the middle of a set of leg press or smith lunges or walking lunges or in my intervals and the thought to quit kept popping into my head :horns: –and each time I said “NO”, lol! It was one of those days when I wished I had a trainer/workout partner there pushing me on….But do you know what kept me going~ YOU!! Knowing that you’d be proud of me if I pushed through and Knowing that day after day many of you have to push through too. SO THANKS for the PUSH!!!

My day has been a good one!! I got up, showered and shaved right off the bat~ which is odd for me…typically I wait until after my workout or at least until I am awake to do all that. Then after I dropped the kiddos off I went to see my friend Brent…He opened a cool training studio/gym here in town about 2 months ago it’s called “ROCK Bottom Gym”

Anyhow, I went to check it out and help a client of his with her contest posing~ it was really fun! While I was there I tried out his Jacobs Ladder -NEATO!!! It was very cool!!
Then I got a massage!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!
Then I came home for a bit to eat, work and prep for the gym.
At the gym I did a leg workout

warm up r-bike 10 min (levels 3 and 4)
Leg extensions 90×20

Leg press (one leg at a time)

Smith Lunges
100×10×3 (last set on step)

walking lunges

knee ups on roman chair

stretching- for my lower back and glutes

Leg curls

Calf rotations
Walking calves

Then I ran 1 min intervals~
a couple at 8mph, a few at 9 and 3 at 10mph…my recovery mins were at 6 and 7.

Now I’ve gotta GO to Wally World~
See ya later BABES!!!

LEG!! Hoochie Momma workout :)

Okie Dokie-
I had a great day! My hair is feeling perfect, much lighter and cut nicely, I can’t wait to fix it tomorrow and really see 🙂

My workout was legs, but I started out with posing in my heels. It was good- I need to mentally prepare to be on stage again, it has been a while.
Warm up- r-bike 8 min run 3 min
Squat 45×15
butt machine light 40#x15
Squat 95×15
Butt machine 60×10
Squat 135×10
Butt machine 80×10 my leg got stuck and I almost couldn’t get out of the machine 🙁
Squat 155×10
abductor machine 70×20
Squat 135×2

95×15 (10 close, 5 wide)x2sets

Calf raises
one on squat
one on free motion 300#x20

Smith lunges

Standing hamstring curl 20×20

Seated hammie curl

Walking lunges

A few good morings in there and one set of roman chair knee ups… my abs are really sore today! So that is good 🙂
I hope my butt will be sore tomorrow.

my weight this am 126

I am so pumped for the contest!!
Relentlessly yours,

Hi!!! 12 days left till the contest is time to RO…

Hi!!! 12 days left till the contest is time to ROCK IT!

I did tonight(a marathon workout):
warm up bike 10 min
70×12 lat pull

pull ups *
straight hands 12…I felt really weak, tonight 🙁
underhand wide 8
over hand wide 5
straight 8

* paired with bicep curls

Lat pulls
100×10 +6 one arm at a time at 70#*
110×6 + 6 one arm at a time at 70#

*paired with cable bicep curls posing stance

under hand pull ups shoulder with

Free motion lat pulls

paired with standing behind the neck military
in front

Free motion rows

lateral flys

Bicep curls- free motion

Rows- squeeze hard


Intervals on the upright bike 20 min total! I was exhausted

I am feeling great, striations are very visible in my chest and shoulders, my bloat is much better today and I am so close to where I need to be I can taste it!!

My eats were great today, well that’s a wrap, now to get a shower it will actually be the second one today- that doesn’t happen often, hee, hee

Have a super night!

Crazy Days!!

OHHHH! Man!! I am so glad yesterday is in the books…things were crazy Smiling

I did get to workout with DH, but he had a flat tire, so I had to pick him up from work. SO I am car-less this morning.

Our workout was like this:
warm up on r-bike 10 min
135×6(with some help)
I felt really strong on bench…becuase it had been over a week since I really did it, rested muscles are stronger,lol

Incline Flys
one set of bench dips to failure

Incline press machine
70×15 – don’t like this machine

Incline smith
50×15 wasn’t happy here either…chest is fried Sad

Cable flys
one arm at a time
17.5 x10x3sets

Tricep extesions
over head…paired with on arm cross over pull downs
3 sets

run on tredmill- 4 min…stomach cramps…ate too soon close to workout…I need about 3 hours from eating to running, I have a very sensitive tummy Sad

So I did my intervals on the upright bike…they were hard since my legs were tired from legs the day b4

So there you have it…here at noon my DH is gonna come get us so that we can go do back, shoulders and bi’s and then I plan to run outside later.

I am leaning up very visibly…my abs are showing better daily…this morning my weight was 128, only 4 weeks to go!
Practicing posing is paramount for me at this point, I gotta showcase the goods the best way possible.

Well gotta go, I just heard a crash in the kitchen!!!
p.s check this out