30 Ab exercises: “Fab Abs” Day 19

Friday Feb 20th; Day 19 Repeat day 1- 30 Ab exercises: “Fab Abs” Day 1 it’s DAY #19 in our “Fab Abs” challenge Your ASSIGNMENT for […] Read More

Day 1 of the rest of my life

www.buffmother.com HEY ya!!  I am fired up for FALL today~ the weather here feels like fall for the first time this year and it feels […] Read More

One week left, What is your POA??

HI All!! With Christmas only a week away it is often easy to forget taking care of yourself on your TO DO LIST~ REMEMBER, that […] Read More

Headstart on I am PROUD month! Entry for September 29, 2006

I am proud of myself today because I figured out how to download some software to make mp3 files using a microphone I purchase over […] Read More

Me Organized???

Well I am in ORGANIZE mode the last couple weeks and it feels so good to get caught up on stuff. I just got my […] Read More

Back to LIFE!!

Back to LIFE!!–first post contest workout! Well I woke up this morning feeling BLESSED!! I had all my little kiddos and DH surrounding me and […] Read More