i sick :(

I fought the good fight FOR DAYS, but last night my body gave in and got the cold that’s been going through our household.

I’m here sitting inside SICK! BUT the sunny side is that Tons of GREAT THINGS are on TV today– the AFC, the NFC and the UFC!  Getting ready to watch them now.

I ran a killer workout yesterday AFTER cleaning the coop and starting a fire….

15 hills– 5 steep, 5 fast low grade–walking down recovery, 5x 30 sec with 30 sec walk/30 jog recovery.  It feels really good to be progressing with my running again. After the lifting I did some upper body lifting.


On Friday, I did only my biking, but also packed up the the PRIZE PACKS for the 6 to Sexy Winners and sent off my first orders of our NEW HT PILLS!! Speaking of which I am offering YOU a FREE TRIAL OF THEM!!


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Love my big duffle…great for more than just my workouts. Heading our to Post Office to mail transformation contest prizes and orders of #hormone support supps #nicebag @fitmarkbags #winners #hormones


My POA for the week is:

Monday- Lift legs even it is wimpy

Tuesday- try running again

Wednesday- lift upper



Sat- Upper and

Sun- OFF




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The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

A million and 1 things

How come I want to do a million and 1 things all at the same time? It is a constant struggle for me to “FOCUS” on one task at a time. I think it stems from the years of raising 4 kids + a husband who all demand my attention at the same time! Anyhow, today is cycle day 21 and I feel it– slow moving today, tired, scattered, body aches and such. HIF is on! But, I will overcome!

Today’s post helped me feel inspired to curl my hair and put some makeup on! 6 to Sexy~ day 17: Keys to Sizzle Today we had a good chat, just sad that more of you didn’t join in on the fun

Set your phone alarms NOW for the weekly WED Chats at NOON CENTRAL TIME!

Now if you are curious I’ll share a few of the million things I have going on at the moment. 1- diet bet 2- app 3- kiss a pig 4- supplements 5- track club 6- buffmother trainers 7- website upgrade 8- new “food” venture 9- book reprint 10- tv show I’ll expand more on all of these in the upcoming days/weeks. For now, I’ve got to work on my dreaded TAXES some more! If I can get those done this week, I’ll feel a load off! Have a happy HUMP DAY! -Michelle p.s. I did get in a run yesterday, but no leg workout- that’s on tap later today doing great on no bread (and no beer!) The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Got a PLAN!!

I spent some time right before bed to make up my POA for the next 5 weeks!!  I am so pumped and a little scared…why scared you ask??

Well, I am gonna get SORE!  I know there is no way around it, after taking the last 2 weeks off, that nasty initial soreness will HURT next week.

So, part of my plan is to take CREATINE!!  I have not taken it in about a year,  since it puffs me up so bad, lol!

Here is my POA for this week:
Sun- take ending buffing pics= starting Buff In a Year pics and Starting booty challenge pics!
And Measurements
Sun off
*note, no cardio :yay:!!  my focus is gonna be 100% on my lifting for this 2 week boosting phase–MY BIGGEST FOCUS ON MY BOOTY (of COURSE) and I plan on doing a ton of core work too!

**I will do the weekly mini challenges for the booty challenge also!!

I am pumped!!

Eats today so far:
Coffee 2 cups w/half and half and sugar C
EZ toast w/mayo and chicken 2P,2C, 1F
Big bowl of Brussels sprouts 2G
green drink G
Olives 🙂 1F
I plan to pig out on STEAK tonight , lol!

have a super SATURDAY~~

I did it!! HOORAY!!

I got my booty outside and got in a good run!
4 min warm up
even min intervals to min #16…then a retard that had past me earlier, drove up beside me and made a smootch at me, I FLIPPED out (won’t mention exactly what I did) but he really made me mad- so RUDE…
so then I took a few mins and cooled down.
Total run 20 min
then I rode the r-bike at home for 20 more, sweated like a PIG!! I was so HOT!

Then I did the following circuit 2 times:
pull ups wide underhand grip 12, 10
Sit ups until i was bored
adductor exercises 25 reps
Laying side raises 20 each side
cats 5 for 5 secs each
push ups 20+10 knees, 20

Now I feel great!

This week, there is no excuses for this chika on the cardio/interval scene and you will see the fat melt off my booty!!

here is a peek into my weird eating habits (not the best, but hey we all need to treat ourselves a bit within limits of course)
M1: whey protein in water, 1/2 mc donald’s cinnamon roll 2 cups coffe P,C
M2: Salmon 7 oz, 1/2 corn dog (kids!), 1 popsicle yummmy

that’s it so far 🙂

Happy 4th of July!!
P.s. I bought a lap top yesterday, I am so excited to get it. Dell should send it to me in about a week. CAN’T wait to get it!!!

Eat a ton, workout, run AWESOME, pig out

Well that wraps up my afternoon and evening…I totally forgot that I was planning on doing a trial run on my pre-contest week and at way more carbs than I was supposed to today. OH WELL 🙂 I’ll start that tomorrow or the next day or maybe the next, lol

My Workout:
I was inspired by Toni on her workout for tomorrow, so I thought I’d try to see how many sets of pull ups I could do before I’d give up on them I did 5+
Set 1: 11 underhand*active rest time shoulder press and abs
Set 2: 7 overhand wide*shoulder press
Set 3: 8 straight hand*sp
Set 4: 4 overhand +15 inverted pull ups on smith machine
Set 5: 6 straight grip*s.p.

for Shoulder press weights

Behind the neck military press
60x10x4 paired with
Free motion Lat pulls

Arnolds(one arm at a time) paired with hammer curls
25# hammer curls x 8 reps then arnolds x 8 reps
30# arnolds x6 reps then hammers 25#x6
30# arnoldsx8 reps then 5 reps

Bicep curl machine

Rows free motion
80×10+5 singles

Rows close grip on cable

Bike 5 min for warm up for run
Run 5 min warm up @2%
2 easy intervals
up incline to 5% then run 6 min @10 with one of those mins at 11mph
1 min recovery at 8 mph
incline to 3% 6 more min at 10 one of those at 11

Total time 22 min average speed for entire time 9.2mph 3.35 miles. I was amazed at how good I felt, but it was still hard 🙂

I am tired now, so good night!
Thanks for all your super posts here, I will catch up(if it is possible) tomorrow 😉