No Driving Day?

Today is a much needed NO DRIVING day, sorta…

  1. I may drive to the gym as I’ve realized 3 weeks into it that working out at home isn’t going well with the kids are home for the summer! Too many distractions= no so much the kids themselves as the MESS the kids leave behind!
  2. We may also drive to go pick up my CHICKEN COOP!! I had a friend of mine score me one for FREE!! It’ll hold 8 chickens~ I can’t wait to eat my own eggs!!
  3. AND I may drive my tractor– that though is FUN, It’s like therapy!


Yesterday was a nice day– I took the day off and drove to town for lunch with my SIL. She treated me to a late BIRTHDAY meal and My son came with to hang with his cousins at the pool


I did manage to get in a short leg workout– my sciatic has been flaring up a bit the past couple days (too much sitting/driving, ovulation and inconsistent workouts).  SQUATS seem to really help it, but yesterday it got irritated a bit from them– so I tried to be nice to it.

Warmed up on bike for 10 mins, squatted: 45×20, 95×10, 135x10x3 deadlifts: 135x10x3 plus some abs and booty stuff between sets. It was a shorter workout than I wanted but it was also close to 7pm when I was done.  TOO LATE in the day for this CHEF…I had a 5 hungry mouths to feed.

Have a FRIENDLY FRIDAY ladies!!




Sorry, I’m a bit slow at getting the contest post for today written, but think it’s got some GREAT info in it:

Also, be sure to READ and COMMENT on Kim’s Featured “SEXY ARTICLE”:
Today has proven to be a good day of DEEP Thoughts.  I’ve been in a time of indecision on how to proceed with my business.  I am 100% committed to being a leader in the fitness industry forever, but I am not sure of my NEXT BIG MOVE?  If you would, could you please pray for guidance and for God to open up doors toward the right path that will help me complete my MISSION on earth?  I want so much to help people know what I know about fitness, life, confidence, hormones, goals, dreams, business, etc…  And I want to learn more!  I am hungry for SUCCESS and wanting to help others BE SUCCESSFUL in the process!

6 Daily Goals– that will be topics in my daily journal

  1. Cycle day- 12 I feel like I’m close to ovulation…a bit of ovary tenderness, a bit of a tummy bloat, a bit more emotional, but overall really happy.  I am really at peace despite being “injured” and I even feel a bit sexy
  2. Weight- 132.8..I didn’t end up weighing yesterday, but this number being up was pretty much expected.  Sitting on my butt doing NOTHING, taking advil, etc… doesn’t lead to weight loss, lol!  I think a short walk will be nice and tomorrow I’ll attempt a light workout.
  3. Sexy To do’s– Finish my “pedicure” that I started yesterday.  Also, I’ve been going through my extra make up and cleaning it out along with discovering some fun items I forgot.   I’d also like to organize my thoughts about my APRIL THEME- “ABS APRIL”!  Should be a fun SEXY focus for the month.
  4. Workout- a walk– probably only 10 mins, but it’s something
  5. Meal POA- NO CARBs…no workouts for my body means no glucose burned which means my insulin resistance is in full force and carbs can’t be consumed or I FEEL IT as “Sludge” in my veins. Sad but true   Some foods I do plan to eat: salad and STEAK.  I have a ribeye that needs to be grilled ASAP!  Gonna cook it now!
  6. Sexy Actions– Wear perfume.  Hubby accused me of not wearing any last night…he said he was the only one who smelled good in this relationship~ WHAT?! I’ll show him, HA!

Time to get some things done besides THINKING today!! Toodles!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Just DIET!~ S6day32

I did it!! I did at least an 11 minute workout EVERY DAY IN MAY- I think I only had to resort to the 11 min version 2-3 times and about 4-5 of those workouts were long hikes in the woods- It’s not like I hit the gym for a crazy intense lifting workout every day…it was a good variety of workouts!!!

I was joking with my hubby last night that after working out for 31days in a row…. I deserve to take every day off in JUNE…BUT that’s just my hormones talking.  Cycle days 23, 24, 25 are the worst…I get feelings, thoughts and emotions that are just retarded during those days each and every month!  That’s why my theme for June is going to be “Just Diet” JUNE.

My focus is going to be on my diet~ it’s what needs the most work and much of what my problem is with consistency and quality of my food choices. I really need to force myself to count my portions this month and stay focused on eating protein, fruits and veggies!!  Due to my “BOOSTING” status I’ve been STARVING the past week…it’s crazy how a switch gets flipped every month after ovulation and I get HUNGRY!! Good to know I have a metabolism!!


So here’s a rough outline of my goals for eating during – a boosting day:

on empty- NOXS pills 2 with just water- wait 60 mins to eat
M1: PF -4 eggs over easy
M2: GPFC(fruit)-  a brocolli slaw salad with a small amount of shredded cheese, cashews, sesame seeds, asian dressing and deli turkey and a apple
muliti vitamin, boosting pills, calcium (with mag and zinc), Selenium
M3: PC-2 carrots- and a protein shake in water
M4: PPCGGF-  Taco Salad romaine and spinach- with hamburger meat corn chips are a veggie :), with some cheese and real ranch dressing
Treat= candy or popcicle or popcorn
Night time supplements- during boosting I’ll take variuous combinations of items to help me sleep like melatonin, zma, an hgh supplement, calcium

and yes, I do only eat about 4 times a day…I like to eat alot at most sittings vs. eating smaller more spaced out meals



Just do it,


P.S. Today is Sizzlin’ in 6; Day 32

OFF!! day for workouts

Quick Catch Up

Hey! I wanted to put down what I’ve been doing the past few days- a CATCH UP of sorts

Tuesday- Yesterday cycle day 11- I was very tired and had BIG BOOBS- meaning ovulation!  Anyhow…I got in a workout however it was a bit of a struggle- I was much weaker than usual. Warm up tan and 14mins on r-bike then…
Back, Shoulders, biceps,
Pull ups
lat pulls
High row
bicep curls
shoulder press
lateral raises
Abs- knee ups on roman chair and on bench
Low back extensions
short run on treadmill (11mins)- focus up on toes with 1min intervals (easy at 6mp; hard at 7 and last one at 8- all hard mins on toes)
Monday- Legs! some highlights Squats- went up to 155×10 for the last 2 sets
Deads- did 1 set of conventional again at 135 and 3 other sets at 135- time to up the weight next workout!!

Sunday- off day- football day; I am still amazed that the Vikings WON! What a come back!!

Saturday- a little over an hour of tennis with the hubby, it’s been a couple months since we’ve played.  His knee’s been bad. He’ll be getting an MRI next week.

Friday- lifted shoulders, calves, some back…I was going to run but never did 🙁

Other than workouts I’ve been super busy tying to clean my house, get laundry done, get packed, etc….
I am excited to get on the plane!  I leave here at 1pm to go get Emily and head to the airport.  We fly out at 4pm to Dallas and then on to San Francisco!  I can’t wait to get there!!

Whoohoo!!! I am so excited!!

Bye for now!! But I’ll try to check in often as we go along on our adventure!

Now is the time to read!

The first batch of SSS contest entries hit my mailbox today!!! YAY!!  I love reading them!! Thanks so much for all your hard effort and determination to get results~ you all are very inspiring to me!  NOW is the time to READ them and For me to read a book.  I am trying to stay off the computer as much as possible this week of “vacation”…so I picked up 3 books at the library. A novella by Francine Rivers about Bathsheba, a book about Alternative medicine and “the Anti-Aging Zone” by Sears.  I haven’t read a novel in years.  The last time was when I was pregnant with the twins~ 7 years ago actually!  That’s too long, so NOW is the time to READ!

I’ve had a decent weekend, but NO PICS or stats…On Thursday I started some new supplements for my Kidneys and Bladder.  And guess what, I gained 5 pounds of water weight instantly~ It’s also ovulation time, so I decided that I’ll push my photos to Wed or Thurs of this week instead.  That should give me time to shed the water and get back to where my pictures will show the results I KNOW I’ve attained over these 10 weeks.

My workouts finished out strong this week~ on Friday Travis and I did a GREAT Chest/Tricep workout and even RAN intervals afterward, YAY!! Then yesterday I did a really nice leg’s a quick recap of that:

Dead Lifts
BB Lunges
leg extensions
leg curls
Calf Raises
Smith Butt Squats
Smith Lunges
Knee ups several sets (even some with a DB between my feet)

Then last night we watched UFC and today we watched the Vikings!! Go FAVRE!!! I love that they are doing so great this year.

Tomorrows workout plan is to do Back, Sh, Biceps and Run…The weather is GREAT here so I’ll run outside, and I’ll go to the gym with the kids for weights.
I really need to come up with a “plan” for this week with the kids and for Turkey Day, but tonight I am not energetic enough to think that hard, lol!  I’ll work on that tomorrow!!

Have a great one ladies!  And Keep the contest entries coming in!!

Heavenly Thoughts

I’ve been dreaming a bit about heaven today…I can’t wait to feel what heaven is like!!!  A book I recently read “When Heaven Invades Earth” talks about how we should expect and go after the things of heaven here on earth.  For instance we should expect that we should be healthy as we will be in heaven.  In THE LORD’s prayer Jesus even said this “…Your will be done on earth as it is in HEAVEN!”  Isn’t that cool!!!   Heaven on earth is possible!!  What an awesome dream to dream and to go for!!

My workouts the past 2 days have been great!!
I did a really good leg workout with more than 100 lunges in it yesterday followed by my RUN!!  I ran on the treddy rather hard for about 11 mins….
And when I got home my new running shoes showed up!!!  now I can really feel good about running every other day this month!!!

Today, I did a back, shoulder and bicep workout followed by 11 mins of intervals on the r-bike.  It was a BONUS workout for the week as I had planned to take today off!!  I am so happy that I got it done!

I ovulated last night and I feel so much better today …I think it was Carrie who asked about  how we feel on our ovulation, this month for me was extra bad for some reason (since I’ve had twins, I have months when I double ovulate and this makes things doubly icky hormone wise for me on those months) my symptoms were: nausea the night before, bloating, extreme fatigue, zits, horrible ovary pain and some breast tenderness.

Well I gotta go and get some things done while the kids are all occupied.
Have a HEAVENLY hump day!!