Sorry, I’m a bit slow at getting the contest post for today written, but think it’s got some GREAT info in it:

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Today has proven to be a good day of DEEP Thoughts.  I’ve been in a time of indecision on how to proceed with my business.  I am 100% committed to being a leader in the fitness industry forever, but I am not sure of my NEXT BIG MOVE?  If you would, could you please pray for guidance and for God to open up doors toward the right path that will help me complete my MISSION on earth?  I want so much to help people know what I know about fitness, life, confidence, hormones, goals, dreams, business, etc…  And I want to learn more!  I am hungry for SUCCESS and wanting to help others BE SUCCESSFUL in the process!

6 Daily Goals– that will be topics in my daily journal

  1. Cycle day- 12 I feel like I’m close to ovulation…a bit of ovary tenderness, a bit of a tummy bloat, a bit more emotional, but overall really happy.  I am really at peace despite being “injured” and I even feel a bit sexy
  2. Weight- 132.8..I didn’t end up weighing yesterday, but this number being up was pretty much expected.  Sitting on my butt doing NOTHING, taking advil, etc… doesn’t lead to weight loss, lol!  I think a short walk will be nice and tomorrow I’ll attempt a light workout.
  3. Sexy To do’s– Finish my “pedicure” that I started yesterday.  Also, I’ve been going through my extra make up and cleaning it out along with discovering some fun items I forgot.   I’d also like to organize my thoughts about my APRIL THEME- “ABS APRIL”!  Should be a fun SEXY focus for the month.
  4. Workout- a walk– probably only 10 mins, but it’s something
  5. Meal POA- NO CARBs…no workouts for my body means no glucose burned which means my insulin resistance is in full force and carbs can’t be consumed or I FEEL IT as “Sludge” in my veins. Sad but true   Some foods I do plan to eat: salad and STEAK.  I have a ribeye that needs to be grilled ASAP!  Gonna cook it now!
  6. Sexy Actions– Wear perfume.  Hubby accused me of not wearing any last night…he said he was the only one who smelled good in this relationship~ WHAT?! I’ll show him, HA!

Time to get some things done besides THINKING today!! Toodles!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

I’m Doing it!

I’m proud of myself today, becuase I’m doing it!! I’m sticking to my workout plan and I’m getting more fit by the minute!! Winter is rough and seems like such a hart tine to keep energy and momentum; my determination is paying off!! I’m DOING IT!!

I’ve got in 2 great runs and 3 nice lifting workouts this week so far!! Yesterday was a treadmill run of 20 mins with the easy minutes at 6mph and the hard at 8mph- I had 6 hard minutes AND I lifted Back, Shoulders and Biceps.

Today was a good DANCING/JUMPING warm up followed by Chest/Triceps and abs….I’d like to get in a bit more “cardio” so I think I’ll go for a hike or maybe dance more??

On my body front, I am seeing changes, just the scale is not reflecting it as much as I’d like- I feel like I have a cyst on my right ovary again (I had one a couple years ago)…anyhow the hormone irregularities can be causing me to retain more water than ususal…No worries, I know it’ll resovle it self soon. I’m focusing on doing my part- eating GOOD and EXERCISING!!

I’m fired up because I’m not letting myself down; I’m sticking to my plan; I’m doing it!!!



Heavenly Thoughts

I’ve been dreaming a bit about heaven today…I can’t wait to feel what heaven is like!!!  A book I recently read “When Heaven Invades Earth” talks about how we should expect and go after the things of heaven here on earth.  For instance we should expect that we should be healthy as we will be in heaven.  In THE LORD’s prayer Jesus even said this “…Your will be done on earth as it is in HEAVEN!”  Isn’t that cool!!!   Heaven on earth is possible!!  What an awesome dream to dream and to go for!!

My workouts the past 2 days have been great!!
I did a really good leg workout with more than 100 lunges in it yesterday followed by my RUN!!  I ran on the treddy rather hard for about 11 mins….
And when I got home my new running shoes showed up!!!  now I can really feel good about running every other day this month!!!

Today, I did a back, shoulder and bicep workout followed by 11 mins of intervals on the r-bike.  It was a BONUS workout for the week as I had planned to take today off!!  I am so happy that I got it done!

I ovulated last night and I feel so much better today …I think it was Carrie who asked about  how we feel on our ovulation, this month for me was extra bad for some reason (since I’ve had twins, I have months when I double ovulate and this makes things doubly icky hormone wise for me on those months) my symptoms were: nausea the night before, bloating, extreme fatigue, zits, horrible ovary pain and some breast tenderness.

Well I gotta go and get some things done while the kids are all occupied.
Have a HEAVENLY hump day!!

Hey ya – Well the morning weigh in was 128

Hey ya –
Well the morning weigh in was 128– i feel it is a quite solid and lean 128–but 3 pounds WILL be annihilated over the next 2 weeks

My workout today was different than planned- I did Chest/tri’s with DH
Warm up
10 min r-bike
135×6 (first 3 all me)

2 Sets knee ups on bench 40 reps each

Flat bench flys

Hanging knee ups-
15×2 sets

10, 9

tricep cable push downs

Then I tanned– while tanning did stomach vacuums–I feel I need these badly right now, my belly keeps on sticking out–something to do with the cyst I have on my ovary–it is still not resolved– i go to the doc on the 22nd, so we’ll see what he thinks about it

AND talked to the child care worker ladies…they are all so nice-

The workout doesn’t look like much but it was plenty–the focus is weight loss–muscle maintenance Smiling

Diet so far has been good
1 C (carrots)
2 Greens (stir fry veggies and tomatoes)
3 Proteins (turkey and eggs)
2 Fats (dark turkey fat, lol and nuts)

NO idea what supper will be– we are watching part of the game for sure– I want Ohio to win.

Gotta go~
p.s. just wanted to add I did 10 min on my new stair master–very cool!! I put it in my living room yesterday