Procrastinator Michelle! S6day17

I am posting right now because I am procrastinating…I have to work on some tax stuff that I’ve been putting off for MONTHS, but with taxes due at the end of May, I guess I MUST get them done soon 😥

Procrastination is an art form in my opinion…I do things when the HAVE TO be done, not a moment sooner~ it’s my way to manage my time, lol!! I use this skill for so many things besides taxes. A couple of of my favorite applications for procrastination is Dishes, Laundry, Shaving, and Bills. Why bother doing a few dishes??? I need to wait until the entire counter is covered and I have plenty to easily fit into the dish washer. That way I don’t waste time trying to find the perfect dishes to fit.

Why do 1 load of laundry?? I wait until I can do at least 6 at once. I do all the washing and drying~ then later I fold all 6 loads~ the I put all the clothes away at the same time. Doing 6 loads at once saves time!

Procrastinating works…but NOT for working out!!! CONSISTENCY works for diet, exercise and for getting BUFF!!!


Sizzlin’ in 6 Week #3 Conference Call is happening tomorrow May 19th at NOON central time.  Call in info is will be sent to your e-mail.  We are going to talk “All About ABS!!”

Here is a download LAST WEEK’s call ( our Week #2 conference call) … “the Keys to Sizzlin’!!”:

WAV version

MP3 version



Yesterday I started off the week with 2 great workouts including loads of fast running both Monday on my own and Tuesday at football.intervals on bike, 10 mins on stair mill, 10 mins on r-bike

Today I have a leg workout on tap…My body is exhausted from football last night! But here’s the plan!

warm up r-bike 10 mins

laying leg lifts with stretching

lower back extensions

leg curls



seated leg press

Dead lifts- 2 sets


walking lunges- 2 sets of 30 steps

leg extension

multi- hip

shuffle circles and side to sides in aerobics room

knee ups

20 min r-bike


I better go do my tax stuff!! I can’t procrastinate any longer!

Your friend the Procrastinator,


Energy up!!

HEY!!  I am so happy to report that my ENERGY is UP again after a couple physically DEAD days on Monday (cday2) and Tuesday(cday 3). WHEW!!  It’s good to have some spunk again!

My “Every Day in May” personal workout goal is going great.  I’ve not yet missed a day:

Sat- football game- worked out for about 3-4 hours,  lol!
Sunday- Long hike in the woods- 2.5-3 hours…what a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day afternoon!
Monday- football practice- 2+ hours of working out
Tuesday- Lift full body Mish-Mosh for 30 mins @gym: Chest press, pull ups, shoulder press, lat pulls, leg press, calf raises, 2 laps around indoor track (400m total)

Tonight is Footbal practice again~ we have a game in Kansas City this weekend at 10am.  I’ll be driving up on Friday night~ trying to decide if Travis and the kids are going or not??  Anyhow- I’m excited to play another game!!

In other news- we will be having a conference call tomorrow at NOON central time.  I’ll be posting and sending out call in info in the morning.  Please join us if you can.  I’ll be talking about the most effective ways to attain a SIZZLIN’ summertime body!!

We’ll I have a client to train, gotta run (literally)!!

Love ya,