No Driving Day?

Today is a much needed NO DRIVING day, sorta…

  1. I may drive to the gym as I’ve realized 3 weeks into it that working out at home isn’t going well with the kids are home for the summer! Too many distractions= no so much the kids themselves as the MESS the kids leave behind!
  2. We may also drive to go pick up my CHICKEN COOP!! I had a friend of mine score me one for FREE!! It’ll hold 8 chickens~ I can’t wait to eat my own eggs!!
  3. AND I may drive my tractor– that though is FUN, It’s like therapy!


Yesterday was a nice day– I took the day off and drove to town for lunch with my SIL. She treated me to a late BIRTHDAY meal and My son came with to hang with his cousins at the pool


I did manage to get in a short leg workout– my sciatic has been flaring up a bit the past couple days (too much sitting/driving, ovulation and inconsistent workouts).  SQUATS seem to really help it, but yesterday it got irritated a bit from them– so I tried to be nice to it.

Warmed up on bike for 10 mins, squatted: 45×20, 95×10, 135x10x3 deadlifts: 135x10x3 plus some abs and booty stuff between sets. It was a shorter workout than I wanted but it was also close to 7pm when I was done.  TOO LATE in the day for this CHEF…I had a 5 hungry mouths to feed.

Have a FRIENDLY FRIDAY ladies!!



Fit Skill Set

I am just sitting here watching the birds, the rain and the grass litterally growing in front of my eyes! Everything is suddenly GREEN!  I may even need to mow my lawn this weekend??

CRAZY how quickly seasons change!

Seasons in my life change quickly also! It seems like I am always “adjusting” to the new routine, the new circumstance, a new set of goals or interests.  Life is anything but STATIC!

I take pride in knowing that through all the change I’ve encountered over the past  almost 10 years I’ve manage to keep in shape through it all!!  I’ve been consistently FIT and overall HEALTHY!

I truly hope an pray that YOU too will learn the SKILL set needed to continually stay fit and healthy as you progress through the seasons of your life!  Keeping a constant awareness that your health is not automatic, you must fight for it.  It’s a battle!  You can’t let your guard down or you’ll lose ground…you must be on the offensive!

Yesterday, turned out to be a nice day– I spent the morning organizing things for our Gathering in VEGAS!! I can’t wait to hang out and get to know the TEAM BuffMother ladies who are going!! Our goal will be to simply have fun!!

Then yesterday afternoon, I went out on a “Date” with my DD Gracie!  She had a tough orthodontist appt first and then I had a work errand to run, but after that it was all fun!!

We ate at Olive Garden then hit the mall, Target and then Krispy Kreme!  It was a good bonding time in celebration of her STRAIGHT A report card!!

Gracie got some earrings, a bow, 2 lace headbands, 2 pairs of shorts, a shirt and a bikini. I got a hat, some earrings, a purse and 2 ear cuffs.

When I got home I did a mini workout~

Lunges paired with shoulder exercise

5 sets of 20 lunges total; 3 sets lateral raises, 3 sets shoulder press and 1 sets front raises between sets

Please chime in on today’s contest post ~

I’m off to get some orders shipped, go get groceries and get in my workout~ I’m hitting the gym for a mish, mosh of back and legs–HEAVY SMITH LUNGES BABY!! Then after school it’s off to the races again– Guitar lessons and Awana.
Let’s have STELLAR DAY ladies!!



 The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Do Over

Well this morning is a do over of yesterday. Somehow I put the orthodontist appt in my phone on the WRONG DAY!  the appts are today not yesterday…CRAZY!  We went to the store instead, looked at baby chickens and the got a Red Box movie: Sky Fall to watch. Holy cow, that movie was LONG!!

Anyhow, it’s a nice day here– looks to be the best weather we are going to have this week, so…we’ll head to the zoo after the ortho appts.

Be sure to read today’s contest post: S2S~ Day 16: Time for Change?

My workout last night was AWESOME! I feel it big time:

Warm up bike 11mins

push ups- perfect pushups 15repsx3 sets

Flat bench DB Flys- 30’s x10x3 sets

DB Lat Rows- 30x10x1set, 40x10x2sets

Bent over Rows- 95x10x3sets

Standing Shoulder press 45x10x3sets

Bicep Curls- 45x10x2sets

plus I threw in some plate raises and shrugs ABS in between sets: Sit ups Knee ups lower back rotations Standing hip rotations hip ups ab wheel

here’s my workout proof pic– I have a new boyfriend

Then I ran intervals outside did 2 min on; off intervals on mins 4,8,12,16

We also have my DD having a friend sleep over tonight, so it’ll be extra busy here today!

Hope your day is GREAT!!

Love, Michelle

  The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

My mental limits- Shine in 49: Day 17

The power of our mind, constantly amazes me~

I pride myself on being a person who continually strives to challenge myself…but my husband pointed out to me today that I was NOT.

I had a glaring “Mental Limit” that was interfering with my workout. I love benching and have always dreamed of benching “plates” (135#)…. For many years I had been trying to get to the point to where I could. Well, I reached my goal about 3-4 months ago. I HAVE been able to bench and do several reps at 135#. Since reaching this “milestone” I have not once though about even attempting to lift any more than that. I had “set the bar” at plates and put a mental limit on myself!
Well…next time I bench I WILL try to lift MORE~!! AND I am going to keep in mind how easy it is for us to place mental limits on ourselves.
I need to stop thinking and saying “can’t”……. But instead say “let me try”!!!

YOUR workout for today is to make up any missed workouts from this week~

Here is the workout I did today:
Warm up
r-bike 10 mins
chest press: for warm up

Bench press
135×4+2 with assistance
135×4+2 with assistance

Incline Bench- Hammer Strength Machine
90x10x3 sets

Old School Sit ups between sets – 2 sets

Hammer Strength flat wide bench

then I realized we only had 25 mins left for childcare and decided to RUN

Treddy incline at 3%
Walk 2 mins @4
run @6 (easy)
3- 1 min intervals at 8mph- easy mins at 6
4- 1 min intervals at 9mph- easy mins at 7
1- interval at 10
then 3 more mins of running between 7-8.4mph

It was a good one!!
Have a nice day~

p.s. Here’s a video of “how to bench press”

40 days to Fit! Day 37~soon to be exercised, buffed and beautified!!!

HEY ALL~ I am up, kid less, supplemented, coffeed, fed, journal-ed, ; soon to be exercised,buffed and beautified!!! The day is really shaping up nicely~ I love it when I feel like this~ in control, organized, focused and KICKING tail!!!

I wanted to post my wonderful leg workout from yesterday~ in total it took about 45 mins to complete

Warm up elliptical 7 mins…I realized I like the elliptical and need to do it more!

paired with laying side leg lifts 3 sets of 20 each leg

BB Lunges-alternating legs
paired with seated Hip Abduction machine

Dead Lifts
95x10x4sets (2 stiff, 2 conventional)
paired with seated calf raises
105x10x4sets (toes st, out, in)

Smith Lunges
50×10 no step
50×10 with step
70×10 with stepx2sets
paired with knee extensions
60×10 (one leg at a time)

walking lunges
50#BB x30steps (15each leg) x2sets
paired with seated leg adductions

One set of Butt SQUATS on Smith
70×10 SQUEEZE!!!

One monster set of knee ups on roman chair (about 45 reps)

Today’s workout is Back, Sh, Biceps, ABS~ and a interval run on treddy Treadmill

Hope you have a NICE day like I am having~

Lovin’ on the LEGS!
I feel like each and every one of my leg workouts is an act of LOVE toward them.  It is my way of letting them know that I want them to be their best, work correctly, stay firm and lean, stay young and shapely and stay SEXY!!!  Legs to me are the MOST important body part to work and to lift with.  They are are what separates the truly fit from the POSERS and what keeps my metabolism ROARING!! I am always starving after a great leg workout~

Here is how it went:
Warm up tanning and r-bike 7 mins
Leg extensions


Dead lifts

Between sets-
2 sets of 15 walking lunges  no weight…these are the first walking lunges I’ve done since my knee issues
Ab knee ups on bench 3 sets

Smith Butt Squats

Smith lunges

45degree hack squat

laying side leg raises 15 each side- very slow

That was it!!

After my workout I took the kids– my son Mostly- to check out the new MMA gym in our town.  It looks really nice, so Gunner is going to try out a couple classes next week.  Then it was time for supper, homework, and watching the WEC event and TUF!!  It was a good night!!

ANOTHER NICE day in the books!!
Now to make today nice– I’ve been a little naughty already– yelled at my kids this am when trying to get them motivated to get ready for school– I blame it on TIRED Thursdays~
Be Back Later,

Naughty or NICE? November
My theme for the month is have I been “Naughty or NICE” today?
I have to say I was pretty nice today…I spent quite some time doing several nice things for others today~
#1- My son wanted to bring his Football Championship medal to school today…he looked all over for it, but to no avail..I found it for him and then he lost it again prior to getting to school; He was VERY SAD! 🙁  When I pulled into the garage- I found it on the floor of the garage.  SO guess what I did?  the NICE thing: drove back to school and brought it to him :)
#2- I poured some quality time into several of my friends lives…that’s always nice!
#3- I read several books to my DD’s
#4- I was nice to myself and got in my workout late– I got started at about 9:15 tonight.

So…today I was nice, so SANTA can put me on his good girl list- whoohoo!!

Here is a quick run down of my workout:
Warm up- r-bike 11mins!! this is my first real warm up in about 8 weeks!! YAY!

Lower back extensions paired with assisted pull ups – 3 sets
Lat pulls paired with bicep curls- 3 sets
Leg extensions paired with bicep curls – 2 sets
Shoulder press paired with knee ups on roman chair- 3 sets
Seated rows paired with situps/oblique twist at end- 2 sets

That was it!
Now I am off to bed~
Hope you had a NICE day!