BIG News!! a BOOTY challenge and a MAP!!

Well after being rather good on my eats and actually getting some of this water weight out of me during my cardio session yesterday I weighed in at 125 this am. I feel GOOD! Good enough to take some final bikini challenge photos today 🙂

My little TIA was sick in the night and had a fever again when waking up this am…so I am not sure about my gym plans for today.

One thing that is happening this week is VBS for the kids–All of them!! 6:30pm to 9pm!! So my DH and I get to have several little dates.

Last night we drove around, dreaming of a buying a different house…needless to say–I think we’ll stay put for at least 1 more year, but with us you never know :devious:

AND then we went to the golfing range and hit some balls…now I am not a golfer, but I would love to be! I did the best EVER at the range- which is not saying much since I have only “golfed or gone to the range” maybe 6 times in my life ….I actually connected and hit several good shots. Maybe I am a natural??

We had a blast together– and if Tia kicks her fever, tonight we’ll have another date!

My DH has been working out HARD for the past 3 weeks–and he is getting great results on his BUFFMOTHER program. I am so proud of HIM :clap:

This is my final day as a 30 year old…so I’d better get crankin’ and make something happen!

I am so pumped about the BOOTY challenge- I want a 14 year old gymnast butt!! You can join in on the fun in our Team BuffMother! Rally Room
THE BOOTY Challenge!!

the official start date will be June 19th and the end date will be July 7th.

The goal of these almost 3 weeks will be to lift, sclupt, de-fat, obliterate and FOCUS on your booty….everyday you need to think BOOTY, BOOTY, BOOTY 😎

In order to participate please post some if not all of the following: Post B4 pics, measurements, goals and booty dreams!

Let’s be relentless about our BOOTYS!!
You can accomplish a lot in just a couple weeks, you will be amazed-

Rock it,
p.s.’Team BuffMother!’ now has a Group Map on Frappr so we can all see each
other on a map!
Come put yourself on the map, too!

To see the ‘Team BuffMother!’ map, click below or paste the URL into
your browser

nap time news break

The girls are down for a nap so I thought I’d share my last couple workouts with you, lol.

Here is my workout in brief from last night…DH was late again, I think he needs a spanking!

10 min r-bike
20 min stairmill!! I love that machine the whole time I did intervals. The last 4 of which were all out at the highest level 14 and recovery was at 7 for those. My heart rate was around 190 (this is very high…don’t attempt unless you are in superb physical condition, typically 160-180 is as high as you need/want to go) post interval and recovered fast down to 140-150 in less than 1 min of rest. This shows good conditioning…Next my goal is to do all of my intervals at this max speed!! and increase my rest intensity
7 min of semi- cool down on elliptical…
By this time I was tired of waiting for DH to lift with sooooo I started my weight workout.

Lift back, shoulders, bi
Lat pulls paired with bicep curls 3 sets of 6-8 reps
Rows paired with shoulder press 4 sets of 10 reps
Pull ups
10 assited
8 unassisted
One arm lat rows 4 sets
Hammer lat pull one set- hubby arrived at this point and so we didn’t get to workout together afterall :(- he did legs
Hammer behind the neck shoulder press paired with barbell bicep curls 3 and 2 sets respectively

The kids had fun at the gym–Cinderella was there!!

Kids class at the gym 10:15
Warm up u-bike 10 min
Legs for me!
paired circut again
leg press/laying side leg lifts
all the way down squats/seated calf raises heavy sets #105
115!!! this is a pb for me on these. I think my knees and my back are getting used to this form woohoo

Regular squats
115x10x2 – my squat was squatted out at this point Smiling

Barbell lunges/leg curls 2 sets

knee extensions/ hip abduction 3 sets

knee ups/ decline sit ups/ cats/ supermans

All of this only took an hour.

****in other news**** DH pulled up the website to the hotel we get to stay at in LA this weekend!!!! I have never experienced anything so cool in my life. I am gonna be like a kid in a candystore this weekend! Yipppieeeee!!

Here is the link if you are curious to the hotel and to the UFC!!!

Love ya,

BIG NEWS For TEAM BUFFMOTHER!!! March 02, 2006

HI! All!! Last night I made a big announcement to TEAM BuffMother!! Our very own *Women’s Only* membership area, The Rally Room, is now open. Here is the note I posted in our Yahoo Group:

I am sure you are well aware of the difficulty we are having as a TEAM in keeping up with all the excitement and growth on the Yahoo! Group. I am very pleased that in less than 12 months, at 1650 members we have outgrown the Yahoo!Group!!! In order to make Team Buffmother Awesome and take it to the next level, we now need to transition to the Team BuffMother! Rally Room :

The problems we currently face on the Yahoo! group:

* Public- everyone in the world can see our posts and pictures
* Safety issues, nasty men bothering the TEAM members
* Confusing- who is who, names to faces, progress, background, finding common ground etc
* No organization to posts
* Too many posts to possibly keep up with
* Problems with the chat system
* Login problems with Yahoo
* Annoying advertising
* Message posting problems, late and out of order

Exciting features of the Rally Room :

* Private- only the members of the TEAM will have access to our pictures, information and posts. ALSO, a private area will enable me to share “secret” training and diet information with the TEAM. I have limited this information to paying clients up to this point.
* Women only- This will be easier to monitor than on the Yahoo! Group, it will be much easier to keep men out.
* More organized, easier to use- There is a good forum, that is organized by topics and the entire area is laid out for ease of use
* Each member can have their personal blog, photo gallery and profile- this will be fun because we all can keep track of our journeys and our friend’s journeys so much easier.
* I will have an extended gallery that will include short video segments detailing lifts, techniques tips and other helpful information for BuffMothers. This is going to be a great teaching tool and resource area. I plan to do segments called “four week focus” on different body parts, eating plans, hormonal timing, housework fitness, supplements, etc..
* Chat- this area has it’s own easy to use chat system so chatting will be more fun and frequent.
* I will also be able to HELP all the members easier, since I will be able to read up on their progress, profile and see progress pictures all in one easy to access place

I have asked about 10 BuffMothers to TEST the Rally Room area in order to work out the kinks. They have faithfully been posting in for a while now, so there is already tons of fun stuff to read in the area. I want you to know that by your being part of TEAMBuffMother! you have the power to encouraged and inspired countless women to action!!! I appreciate you so much and know that I alone can’t reach every woman. I need the support and help from wonderful women like you!! Thanks so much for being part of my life and such a great part of the TEAM.

We are currently offering a 2 week free trial for all BuffMothers. Afterthat time there will be monthly dues of $9.95 (with price breaks at 6 and 12months- see below). *All memberships are subscription based and will be billed through PayPal. You can cancel at any time.

Discounted Memberships:

Save 16%!!! – 6 months for only 49.95

Save 25%!!!- 12 months for only 89.95

Note*** I will not turn anyone away,and I want every BuffMother to be able to utilize the Rally Room, so if someonehonestly can not afford the dues, I will offer a “scholarship” to thosewomen. All you need to do is e-mail me and ask. ***

What are the dues for?

1. The cost of the site and site maintenance
2. Contest prizes!!
3. Help with the future growth of BuffMother! Allowing us to set up Camps, Cruises, Contests, Conferences, Etc.
4. Scholarships for those who can�t afford the dues

Thanks so much for everything and I am so excited for our future as TEAMBuffMother! grows!!
To JOIN the Rally Room please go here: and sign up for your free trial. Once you get your password from paypal you will gain access to the Rally Room page There you need to create your own user name and password. I look forward to seeing you there!!

If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail me at

Your friend,

BuffMother! NEWS!!! Feature on the Local NBC affiliate!!

Ohhh! Yeah!! Thank You JESUS!

What a wonderful DAY! Today was the first day back at school for the
kiddo's, Thursdays are my MOM's day out. I planned to write a couple
training programs and catch up on some much needed "me" time.

BUT, When the assignment editor from the local NBC News Station, KNWA, called this
morning to tell me they were going to do the feature on BuffMother!
TODAY I was pumped and threw all plans out the window!

I spent the rest of my MOM's Day out (God had that plan work to
perfection) preparing for my interview. It went well and I learned a
ton, so that next time (and there will be a next time) I will be even
better prepared.

The outcome of the News feature had it's good and mediocre points, but
overall VERY AWESOME!!

Thank you all for your support, excitement, encouragement
and positive attitudes.

God is so Good!


Big news for me today! I have made the decision to enter a contest. What contest, I am not 100% sure. It all depends on finding someone to take care of the kids for possibly 5 days and about $2000 dollars. Contests are not cheap! I plan to log my training progress here with all sorts of revealing photos and insights into my life. So hold on for the ride. I am currently 11 weeks out. So plenty of time to mold my body into perfection