Weekly Q! Week 3, 2009

It’s Wednesday today…so that means it’s “Weekly?” TIME!!!
Our question for this 3rd week of 2009 is….Do you have pets? …or have you had any in the past?(Week #3-2009)
I was amazed last week when EVERY news station in the world was covering WHAT kind of DOG the new president should get?? It is amazing how much value is placed on pets in our society! Pets are fun, they bring joy, laughter and love into our lives…plus they also help teach responsibility and often times provide helpful services in the lives of owners (security, assistance)
So…with that said. Please tell me about all about your pets!
Currently the Berger household has NO pets! We have 4 small children and I look at adding pets to our home as seriously as adding more children~ I have too much on my plate already without adding more. However, I do expect that we will have have pets in the future. We’ll probably start with a Dog, then depending on how that goes…add other animals to our life from there.
I have had pets in the past. When I was 5 my parents got us a dog- SMOKIE was his name~ he was fun, but CRAZY. We ended up giving him up for adoption about a year later and I didn’t have a pet until I was in college. We got a ferret names SQUIRT and then a few months later a cat, who got sick and passed away, then another ferret name BRUTUS. The ferrets were fun for that “season” in our lives, but they were a mess and in the end we moved and gave them away.

Do you have any pets? or have you had any pets in the past? Do you have any funny, heartfelt stories to share about pets?
let’s have fun by sharing~

BuffMother! NEWS!!! Feature on the Local NBC affiliate!!

Ohhh! Yeah!! Thank You JESUS!

What a wonderful DAY! Today was the first day back at school for the
kiddo's, Thursdays are my MOM's day out. I planned to write a couple
training programs and catch up on some much needed "me" time.

BUT, When the assignment editor from the local NBC News Station, KNWA, called this
morning to tell me they were going to do the feature on BuffMother!
TODAY I was pumped and threw all plans out the window!

I spent the rest of my MOM's Day out (God had that plan work to
perfection) preparing for my interview. It went well and I learned a
ton, so that next time (and there will be a next time) I will be even
better prepared.

The outcome of the News feature had it's good and mediocre points, but
overall VERY AWESOME!!

Thank you all for your support, excitement, encouragement
and positive attitudes.

God is so Good!