28 Days of Christmas: Day 8

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Build your SEXY Fat FURNACES!!

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Legs Again ~ Build your FAT Furnaces!

This morning I commented on a blog about slow weight loss and that inspired me to talk more about MUSCLE today:
here is my comment~
“Weight loss is always hard, but I do agree it’s harder with age. Do you know why? HORMONES~ not just the estrogens and progesterone ones, but the ones that are typically thought of as MALE hormones: testosterone and growth hormone. Those are stimulated to be released when you do certain types of exercise= Lifting heavy and intense anaerobic or lactic acid cardio…and also through diet, for example when you go from a fasting state (buffing) to a higher caloric intake (boosting). I know that in my own fitness when I focus on stimulation my body’s “anabolic” hormones, I can get LEAN!!!
Keep working hard and remember to work WITH your hormones and you will see you body respond!

Female Fat FURNACES!!

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