Froggy Leg Curls






Transcript: Froggy Leg Curl

A variation of leg curls, to hit your butt a little bit more. Put your feet out wider, kind of looking like a frog on the machine. So you have your knees out and your butt clenched the whole time. So come up – your knees out and your feet out and come down. Clench your butt as you come down. Once again, don’t come down all the way, then up. Really squeeze that butt, then come down. These you’ll have to use a lighter weight on, but they’re really effective.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-17

  • I uploaded a YouTube video — BuffMother! birthday shoot #
  • GSP, Henderson & Brock!! Fingers crossed!! #
  • Check this video out — BuffMother! birthday shoot #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — MJ tribute by BuffMother! #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — MJ tribute (Higher quality edit) #
  • good morning my FRIENDS!!! let's have a cup of JOE and read some e-mails together…after all it's Friendly Friday!!! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-10

Half Year Resolutions

Yesterday I was inspired to make some goals for myself…the year is half done and I need to “accomplish” more these next 6 months to make this year a success!! I’ve broken down my goals into 4 categories~ fitness, work, family and spirit….

July Goals

Week of




July 6th 3 day split buffing hard; photo prep- sprint 2x’s a week Videos,Website, Photoshoot Friday- chore time at 3pm daily go to trails, library and berry picking with kids; UFC on Saturday listen to JM podcasts during workouts
July 13th 3 day split BIG time boosting- eat up;

increase my sprints to 8 reps- sprint 2x’s a week

Website store project; videos;chore time at 3pm daily VBS for kids!! Gunner b-day!! VBS, Church, read “reduce me to love”
July 20th 3 day split BIG time boosting- eat up;sprint 2x’s a week video; scheduel august photo shoot;chore time at 3pm daily Have some fun- zoo, pool, lake, etc… Kids book of devotions daily
July 27th buffing hard again…increase my sprints to 10reps; sprint 2x’s a week decide on fall travel;chore time at 3pm daily make plans for anniversary next month; football registration for fall; back to school prep Read Joel Osteen’s book

Splitting it up like that may just make it harder, lol~

Overall my fitness goal is to start working out on a 3 days split again…lifting 6 days a week. I plan to finish off this buffing phase really hard and then BOOST really hard! I need to rev up my metabolism again and boosting with extra supplements and calories seems to do that nicely. I also want to continue to increase my sprinting. By the end of the month I want to get up to 10 sprints/session at least once a week. I want to do sprints twice a week total.

Workwise, my goal is to keep on improving my website and add a bunch of new video content. I’d like to shoot video at least 4 days a week~ Tues- Friday would be good for that. I’m also going to keep up with everyone in the Rally Room and continue to keep adding new good content to it too.

Family wise…it’s Summer vacation here and another B-day is just a few days away… Gunner is going to be 10!! We’ve been trying to have a daily ‘chore” time which are rewarded with set fun activities with the kids. It’s been fun, yet challenging to have them home these past few weeks. A local church has a VBS during the morning on the week of the 13th…the kids love that VBS and so do I! having some free time is nice 🙂

Spirtiually, I need to keep growing and keep connected to my God…I love listiening to messages on my iphon and reading good books. I think if I have a set plan to do something specific each week it’ll help me continue to grow in my realtionship with Jesus.

I am heading to the gym now to do a back, sh, bicep workout~ then I’ll be back to take my FCH pics and stats.


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-03

  • Getting geared up to watch "princess protection" tonight with my 3 princesses~ and our prince and the KING~ BergerKING, lol! #
  • setting up Twitter for my Squidoo account #
  • setting up Twitter for my Squidoo account #
  • Heading to the gym…my workout will be upper body today~ ~ "Welcome to the GUN SHOW!!!!!!!!"…What's your favorite body part to workout? #
  • FUN 4th ahead! I love IT!! we've been lighting off fireworks for the past 3 nights already!!! Are fireworks legal in your town? #

Plan to Succeed

Day 19~ FCH…Plan to Succeed!!
That’s my plan! I am going to have a killer next 10 days and I will reach my goal for this contest!!! Today, I’m planing to get my photoshoot schedueled for July 1…so that’ll turn up my RELENTLESSNESS 🙂
My POA for the final 10 days of the contest looks like this:
Mon-Day 19~FCH legs/abs/extra cardio…c-day 2
Tues- Day 20~FCHupper body/abs/intervals(run outside)…c-day 3
Wed- Day 21~FCHOFF (errand day and KIDS activity day- the park?)
Thurs-Day 22~FCHSTART BUFFING!! legs/abs/extra cardio…c-day 5
Fri- Day 23~FCHupper body/abs/intervals(sprintsoutside)…c-day 6
Sat- Day 24~FCHlong cardio day…I’ll shoot for 40mins total (10warm up; 20intervals; 10 cool down)
Sun- Day 25~FCH off…but start photoshoot prep
Mon-Day 26~FCH…photo prep…LEGS/ABS/extra cardio
Tue-Day 27~FCH…photo prep…Upper body/abs/intervals
Wed-Day 28~FCH…photoshoot; measurements; write up final entry
Let’s all plan to kick it hard this week~ you will see great results if you work it!!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-19

  • Great legs=Great Abs: #
  • I feel loved!!! Thanks for all the wonderful B-day wishes!!! It's a NEW YEAR for me today and It'll be the BEST ONE EVER because of YOU! #
  • Excited to see my twins "GRADUATE' from kindergarden tonight!!! #
  • Today is the last day of Year-round- School for my kidlettes~ LET THE SUMMER BEGIN! Do any of you have kids in year round school? #

I love Friday's!

I just love, love, love Fridays!!! Friday was an exciting day in the Berger home.

2 of my daughters, the twins, had a “Sock HOP’ at school, so they dressed in cute polkadot dresses, I gave them SIDE PONYTAILS and painted their fingernails.

My other daughter had a field trip…to the SPANISH CAVES. She told me she was going to bring home a bat!

And my son, is going to Branson for the weekend with his BEST Friend, Max. Max and Gunner have been buddies since they were 4 and today is Max’s 10th Birthday! Gunner skipped school today so he could go~ aren’t I a good mom, lol?

Anyhow and for me, my excitement lies in getting in a good workout and getting my house clean.

On tap for this 9th day of the FCH is another upper body workout~ I re-ingnited my desire to lift heavy yesterday from my own post about muscle!! I am excited to build up my fat furnaces!!! AND I am now heading into my Boosting phase~ it’s cycle day 19 for me. So my workouts are now going to be HEAVIER weights for lower reps. 3 sets of 6 and more rest between sets!

BTW- next Thursday we’ll start with the Phase 2 Workouts. So you only have 3 workouts left in Phase 1- today’s upper body, monday’s lower body and tuesday’s upper body. Let’s make the most of them!!!

Let’s all have an AWESOME DAY!!

I did it!

I Just got home from the park~ Today was my first day off of workouts in 33 days…I succeeded in my EVERY DAY IN MAY personal challenge! It feels GOOD to have that accomplished!
Now it’s June and my mojo is HIGH~ I am SUPER STOKED to get our next contest underway!!! WHOOHOO SUMMER is the best!!!
My week in review went like this: Sunday- legs and run on treddy; Sat- tramploine workout (11mins); Fri- run/sprints/hills outside=HOT!!; Thurs- Long walk ; Wed- Leg workout with short run; Tue-light upper body and extra cardio; Mon-run outside ;Sun- bike 11mins.
This week’s plan looks like this:
M- off
Tue-chest/tri’s and intervals
Wed- Back/Sh/Biceps and intervals
Thurs- LEGS **START of “FireCrackin’ HOT!!!”
Friday- Upper Body
Saturday- off
Sunday- run
I am gonna veggg infront of the TV for a bit~ have a good one!!