Feeling the MOJO

My Mojo towards being SEXY is rising!  I had a much better day yesterday…feeling good about life right now! Next week we’ll really be able […] Read More

SSS 2012 Finalist – Jenny B of NE

I am so VERY proud of Jenny for “finding herself” again through BuffMother.  She over came her Mommy guilt and overcame her fear of the […] Read More

Make November Thank YOU month in your life!!

HEY THERE~~ I challenge YOU to make the most of the Thanksgiving season and make November “Thank You!!” Month~ Here’s some tips and ideas on […] Read More

Tues=Re-entry, Wed=Attack!

  Now that I am finally out of bed, I am ready to “ATTACK”…lol!! I got to sleep in today~ thanks to my sweet DH. […] Read More

Back, Sh, Bi and NO PP!!

Well there is no other way to describe my day up to about 2:30 than as CHAOS!! All morning and early afternoon, my kids were […] Read More

Thursday Already???

I am so confused…It feels like MONDAY to me for some reason today?? ….Let’s first catch up on my PEACE! I felt peace yesterday from […] Read More

TGIF!! and a tv interview…

TGIF~ Things have been exciting and busy around here~ lots of stuff going on with football and soccer season starting up, along with all my […] Read More

Free Wallpaper!!

Hey ya, Everybody look at this! a wallpaper of me! Cool huh? I had a Tiny Tuesday workout today and I am proud of myself […] Read More