It went well

Sorry to have not blogged yesterday, it was a busy one.  Had my “Insulin and Thyroid” class/seminar last night at 5:15 so it consumed my entire day!  I have not taught a class on the topic previously so there was a lot of unknowns going in and a lot of prep that I had to do to be ready.  Overall there were about 20 people in the class, the average age of the class was 60…amazing how different the clientele is at a Dr’s office than in a gym, lol!

The speech went smoothly, next time I’ll be sure to integrate a bit more interaction and change some of the emphasis of what we discussed.  I tried to leave the audience with the message “YOU NEED TO CONTROL Blood sugars and your insulin! and YOU NEED TO BE YOUR ADVOCATE FOR YOUR HEALTH!”

Thanks so much for all your support and well wishes for the event, it means the world to me that you cheer me on!!


Here’ is a PDF of the presentation-…9/InsulinThyroid.pdf

The more interesting part of last night was how awesome it was to see the growth of Dr. Tammy’s program “Project Wellness” and getting to meet some of the new people she’s brought on board to help with her business. It’s very inspiring to see all the people she’s helping.

Today’s SUPER MOM is Susan Soares….She’s overcome a ton in the past 7 years since I’ve known her. She is now a fiction writer, check out her books on Amazon or on her site


Thursday recap…Busy day/STRESSFUL DAY!

  • 20mins fasted bike
  • PREP for seminar
  • Do seminar
  • HOME- eat roast I had prepped and put in the crockpot, LOVED IT!
  • NO LIFTING, first day that I’ve not stuck to my POA this week



  • 20mins bike
  • Visit with Grandma, she leaves back to MN tomorrow morning
  • LUNCH with Gma and Hubby- subway salads, YUM!
  • Got my business assessed and got my new tabs
  • PLUS, got some other important paperwork ALMOST DONE!! such a load off!
  • Uploaded videos of Football Game and Seminar, working on getting those posted!
  • Up NEXT…Upper body workout and maybe some running?? Not sure how much energy I have.





The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Super STAR Success Finalist- Lindsey K of ND

CONGRATS to Lindsey on her amazing transformation over our 10 week contest. She averaged losing a bit over a pound a week and definitely shaped up here post baby body!!  I’m so proud of you and very excited for the MOJO you’ve regained as a busy mom of 2!! 

#1-General INFO and Questions~

Name:  Lindsey K of ND

Number of children and ages : 2
Age: 32
Why did you enter the “SuperSTAR Success” contest by BuffMother? To lose the baby weight…she was born in March and change my habits to be a better example for my family!
What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days? Rally Room, preparation for each week POA and meal planning
How do you feel about your success? Fabulous!
What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals? Getting to the gym on days following bad nights of sleep and changing habit of ice cream with my hubby after kids go to bed.
What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother ?  Buffmother and the RallyRoom are awesome!  BuffMother is so encouraging and makes this journey accessible to any women in any circumstance.  More than anything, there is consistent information, motivation and accountability.  LOVE!
Can I have your permission to post your entry and photos online? Sure

height: 5’ 11

Starting  Date:__8/29/12_______ weight:___165.0________
Ending Date:__10/31/12_______ weight:___153.6_____ 11.4 pounds lost!!
Today’s cycle day- not sure…don’t have a cycle due to nursing

Please list the following measurements:                                                                                             Before     After
Bust (around breasts the biggest part):                                                                                               35”           34”
Chest- relaxed (just under armpits above breasts with arms down at your sides):                        34”           33”
Chest- flexed back and chest (just under armpits with arms down at your sides):                        36.5”        35”
Waist- relaxed (the smallest part):                                                                                       32”           28.5”
Waist-sucked in (the smallest part):                                                                                    30”           27”
Hips (the largest part of your butt):                                                                                      40”           37”
Shoulders (around the outside of your shoulders with your arms at sides):                  42”           41”
Biceps (relaxed at midpoint of upper arm):                                                                        12”           11”
Biceps (flexed at midpoint of upper arm):                                                                          12.5”        12”
Thigh-mid (about 8” above knee cap):                                                                                                20.5”        19.5”
Thigh- upper (about 12” above knee cap):                                                                         23.5”        21.5
Calf (about 7” below knee joint):                                                                                          15”           14”

Where are you in your journey?  I’ve made major progress over the last 10 weeks.  I lost the remainder of my baby weight and then some and I’m feeling stronger, more confident and happy to be back in my pre-pregger clothes.  My daily habits have adapted considerably and take less thought…like my water intake, protein and green focused meals, etc.

Did you reach your goals and aspirations?  Yes, my goal was to be more fit at 32 and after two babies than before.  I’m  feeling leaner than before and have been bit by the lifting bug.  I hadn’t focused on strength training since college so it’s amazing to be back at it.

Where do you see this challenge brought you?  It brought back some of my focus to me when I was accustomed to caring for everyone else first.  Now, at least I’m on the daily agenda!

Do you have any lingering concerns?  No, just hoping to recommit and focus on my next goals.

Do you feel you made an impact on your legacy during this contest?  Yes!  I’ve got my mojo back!

your WHY?  I want to show my daughter, now 7 months old, how to be a strong and confident woman and lead my family by example. I tell myself all the time…be the example and also challenge= change! J

Did you feel the support group helped you stay on track?  Yes, I enjoy the rally room but read more than blogging myself.  I’ve fallen off over the last several weeks but look forward to staying connected.  Knowing there is a network of women out there striving toward similar goals is motivating and  inspiring.  Plus, whenever I have posted, I got great feedback and positive boosts from the ladies.

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?  I set my POA every Sunday and making those intentions a conscious decision helped me.  Also, making sure I kept the house stocked with my good eats was crucial.

Did you reward yourself when you hit certain goals along the way?  Yep, I finally got my hair cut since having the babe!

What other thoughts are in your head at the moment?  I loved the weekly challenges and will miss those or have to set them for myself again!  My favorite weeks were the 100 lunges a day, 10 vacuums per day and the three greens a day.

#4- Comment about your HORMONES 
Did you GET to know your body? Yes and no.  I still don’t have a cycle due to nursing  and have been tracking how I feel but I think it will take a few more months for me to figure out my c-days.

Did you learn about your good c-days, your bad c-days, your weight fluctuations, etc?… Sort of.. I had much more awareness of my body and  how I was feeling.  It was the first time I was really evaluating how I felt daily and considered the impact that hormones could be playing.  Before this challenge, I never even considered hormones as a factor.  OF course with two small kids, I always assumed my physical and mental state was a reflection on how much sleep we were getting.  Now, I’m aware of our sleep but also hormones, water, nutrition, etc.
Did anything surprise you?  Yes, I was really concerned about nursing and keeping up my production while upping my workouts and changing my diet with significantly more greens.  I worried that it could make our baby, Joy, gassy or something if my milk changed.  Thankfully, It hasn’t had any negative impact on that front. Yay!


#5- Favorite Journal/Blog Posts
take a peek back at your blogs– what were some of your favorite entries from the 10 weeks?  Probably just my enthusiasm and eagerness at the beginning of the 10 weeks.

Did anyone else’s impact you along the way?  Yes, definitely.  I love that the RR is filled with women of all ages and stages of fitness.   Whether someone was prepping for a competition or just trying to lose some lbs, the group is very inviting and supportive.  They continue to inspire me to get better!




5 days to Go!!

There is just 5 days left to kick your habit!

I certainly hope the daily tasks and workout ideas have helped you
stay engaged.

here’s today’s:

I started a post earlier about my workouts and got interrupted by my kiddos…things around here have been very crazy this week.

So here is a brief summary of what I was going to write.

Workouts have been perfect this week!!
Today was back, shoulders, bi’s and intervals…plus extra cardio
yesterday  was legs…lunge heavy day 🙂

Sooooooo! Things are super and tomorrow is my pamper day so I will have time to get do some major catch up here…including my  training program for the WARRIOR DASH… just 10 weeks away!!

Keep up the super attitudes!! you all rock-



5 days to go! WRITE IT!

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Sat, 2012/02/18 – 2:49pm — BuffMother

Can you belive, just 5 days left– 5-4-3-2-1, then DONE!!

Which reminds me of my DIET– the 5-4-3-2-1 KISS diet!  It’s easy and simple to count portions instead of calories.

  • 5 Protein servings of approximately 25g each (palm size, 100 cal)
  • 4 Carbohydrate Servings of approximately 25g each (fist size,100 cal)
  • 3 Fat servings (ex. 1Tbs salad dressing, 1 slice cheese,100cal)
  • 2 Greens as large portions as you desire (salad, broccoli, green beans)
  • 1 Treat (approx 150-200 calories of whatever you want)
  • 11 Water servings (8 oz)- at least

More info on the diet is in my books Hormonal Timing and After Baby ABS!


Today’s task is to GET out your Journal…and Write it all down!!  Instead of having your brain consumed with TO DO lists…Use your mind for better things.  Write down all your great ideas, insights, and thoughts before they go missing somewhere and add what you need to do to a to-do list.

Let’s brainstorm now in your Rally Room Blog-

  1. Write down 3 ideas of where you’d like to vacation next
  2. Write down 3 thoughts about your habit
  3. Write down 3 gifts you’d like for your next birthday
  4. Write down 3 home improvement ideas
  5. AND WRITE DOWN what you will eat today!!!

Workout ideas for today:

Beginner~ Lift upper body:


Push ups on knees
3 sets to  failure
Rows- bent over holding dumbells
3 sets of  10 reps
Chair dips- for triceps
3 sets to failure
DB Military Shoulder Press
3 sets of  10 reps
Bicep Curl
3 sets of  10 reps
Tricp extension
3 sets of  10 reps
Lateral Raises
3 sets of  10 reps


Experienced~ Lift Chest and shoulders:


Chest front delt DAY
Bench Press or Chest Press
5×10, 8, 6, 2 to 4, 10
Incline flys
Incline Chest press (machine, hammer or smith)
3×10, 8, 6, 10
Plate front raises
3×8-10 slow
Front DB raises (one arm at a time- alternate)
3×8-10 slow

Have a good one and keep working towards Kicking the HABIT!! you can change a lot in just 5 days~ DO IT!!


7 days to Go!!

Just 7 days to go in our 21 day kick the habit contest!! That’s just ONE WEEK…
I know you can focus for 1 week~ WE GOT THIS!!

Today’s post:

Hit it hard!! I’m watching you, lol!!

My plan for the week.. is to lift a bit heavier this week.
The last couple I have been doing sets of 10 now this week I am going to go to sets of around 6 reps.

Here it is:
Workout at noon with dh…lift chest/tri’s and do intervals(most likely run)

Workout:back/bi’s/shoulders intervals or spin class 🙂

Workout:LEGS!! I love leg day. The goal is a sore butt and I will get one!

Run intervals outside and some sprints!!

Friday: Workout: Chest/tri’s and spin? or intervals on upright bike

Sat: PICTURES??? I never got my starting contest pictures done, I am way over due for a set of progress pics…the last ones were done in early Dec
Workout: Back/Bi/Shoulders and run outside

Sunday:Church…we will make it this week!!

I am so excited for the week!!


7 Days to Go! “Top of the HOUR” to YA!!

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Sat, 2012/02/18 – 2:46pm — BuffMother

7 Days to Go!

Just one week– you and I can focus for 1 week…we can do it!!
Today’s task is simple– I want you to ask yourself this question at the top of every hour:
“What do I need to do right now to move towards breaking my habit?”

Here are some of how I expect to answer:

6:00am- Get my young and spry body out of bed!! GET UP!!!
7:00 am- Kiss my kids goodbye for the day…make sure they know I love them
8:00 am- Eat some eggs and then Clean my Kitchen
9:00 am- do my online time
10:00 am- eat a mid morning snack of an apple
11:00 am- prepare my errands for the day- post office trip, trip to dry cleaners, etc.
Noon- eat a healhty clean lunch like: romain/spinach salad with chicken, olives, tomoatoes, nuts and some ranch dressing
1:00pm- clean the kitchen up
And so on….

Use the top of each hour as a cue to keep asking yourself “what do I need to do right now”… to progress towards my short-term and LONG TERM Goals!

Workout ideas for today-

Lift Lower body Circuit


3 sets x15 reps
Calf raises
Stationary lunges
Romainian Dead lifts
Ball Leg Curls
Laying side leg lifts

Lift Back


Pull-ups (assisted)
Upright rows
DB Bicep curls
Lat pull downs
Bent over lateral raises
Standing DB W-Military
Crunches 3×15 slow
Barbell bicep curls
Knee Ups- to front and sides

Focus, Focus, Focus and Do what you need to DO!



It’s working!! top of the hour cues!!

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Mon, 2012/02/20 – 10:52am — BuffMother

The task for today is working “Use the top of each hour as a cue to keep asking yourself “what do I need to do right now”… to progress towards my short-term and LONG TERM Goals!”…I’m staying focused, keeping my kitchen clean and getting stuff done!


Yesterday was a great day off…I worked outside clearing some brush, burning some brush and found that my tulip bulbs that I planted last fall are sprouting.  I had planted them upside down and thought they wouldn’t work, but at least some of them found their way to the surface :garden:

The twins and I also practiced some softball…they are total beginners and it’ll be fun to see how they progress this season.  Gracie did really well at her try out, but the poor girl got hit in the shin with a grounder!  She’s convinced she does NOT want to play anymore, which is really too bad!!!

I missed my second leg workout last week, so that’s on tap for me and my workout buddy, Gunner, today!  Everyone is healthy here finally and I am feeling excited for the spring.  I can feel MARCH coming.

March 1 I’m headed to Keystone for a ski trip…I’m thinking I need to prep for that a bit this week.  I need to be sure I have clothes and a body that can endure the altitude, cold and crazy muscles involved. I’m also going to go tanning and get my hair done this week….I feel the need to primp a bit!

I spent a bit of time this morning looking at my last set of progress pictures.  They were on December 5th…it was a couple weeks after I had been sick for a month.

Here’s one of them:

I think I’m looking a bit leaner since then, but I do need to take a set of pictures to compare.  I’ll plan to do that this Saturday.

We’ll the TOP of the hour is coming again– time to refocus and stay productive!!

Have a super day!!


“Mom can we workout together?” YES!!

My son is 12 and in the throws puberty.  He’s just started to get that young man surge of hormones and a strong desire to be stronger!!  We now go to a gym where we can workout together (previously the youngest age allowed was 14).

The plan is for him and I to get the workout done directly after school so the “EXCUSES” of dinner, homework, exhaustion, housework, etc…don’t get in our way!  It’ll be a big comittment on my part and his~ BUT,  It’ll be so worth it!

I am very confident that by summer with consistent effort he will be bigger and stronger than me! FUN!!

Today, I’ve been trying to catch up a bit on the work front…It’s crazy how FITNESS Season hits hard after the holidays!! I love it!  I spent the morning answering emails and catching up on facebook.

Then I hit the gym for a quick yet effective 10 min run and 20 min back, shoulder, biceps and ab workout– GOOD STUFF.

Now it’s time to get outside!! It’s 55+ here and a GORGEOUS afternoon for another fire!! Love ya’s,


They Hit!

Well…I’ve been pleasantly pleased with my hormones this month. But today they HIT ME! Not in a terrible way, but with the lazy bug. I’ve been SLOW and more spaced out than usual today. I also have peace knowing that it cday 27 today…so at the most I have one more high hormone day left this cycle!!!

In my spaced out state I did get some stuff done- I put together a video for my Mom and uploaded it to you tube and facebook….It was really a fun gift to surprise her with today!!

After that, I had a really good devotion time today, studying about God’s love and how we need to realize He LOVES us so much and that He see’s our potential, our motives, our heart, and our sincere desire to please him- so that when we do fail he still knows we love him and HE still loves us!! Isn’t that cool!! We can run to him even when we have not been perfect!! HE loves us and He wants our love even if we aren’t perfect.

I also had a great coaching call with Michelle Stevens…It’s so fun to talk with her and see how much effort she’s putting in to make us of the information contained within the video coaching program and beyond!! It makes my job very enjoyable.

Then I got to talk with Teresa Williams about all kinds of fun fitnesss/diet stuff and about our Team BuffMother Gathering. Ladies, I tell you what if you can make it to Northern Cali the weekend of November 12th and 13th you will have a blast for sure!! We have so many fun things planned!! You won’t wanna miss it!!!

Then I found out my Mom’s school was canceled for the day(she’s a math teacher in Pelican Rapids, MN). Can you believe they are already having SNOW DAYS in MN??? So I gave her a call too!! She seemed like she was enjoying the day off and really liked the special video 🙂

After that I talked to my hubby dearest on the phone, He’s been outta town for business now since Sunday morning…. I MISS HIM But the good news is he’ll be home tomorrow, just in time for Gunner’s first playoff game– GO RAVENS!!

NO workout today but I did workout the past 3 days so I felt totally fine taking a day off today.

Last night I went to the gym for a leg workout while Gunner was at football:

Hack squats for warm up- Machinex25 reps x2 sets
90×20 x2

175×2- I stopped at 2 because I had no spotter and the rack is not one that spots you at all…plus I had a slight twing in my back on the 2 that I did- Better safe than sorry!
135×10- did these immediatly after the 2 reps at 175

Leg extensions
4-5 sets between squat sets
Abs- incline abs-25full+10 hands on hammies
Lower back extensions- 1 set of 25

Bulgarians- been awhile for these

Leg curls- bent over machine variety

my butt is nice and sore from the workout!! YAY!!

Off to see if I can finish putting together this dresser- I’ve invested at least 3.5 hours so far total…time to finish it!!!

That reminds me, I think we should do an end of the year challenge called “FINISH IT”!!! Let’s Finish no only October with a bang, but the remainder of the year!!! Are you with me?!


"All Star" Teresa Williams of TX

“All Star” Teresa Williams of TX

Teresa is has has a huge impact on me over the past 5 years.  Her determination and vision have inspired me time and time again.  She BELIEVED she could be Buff~ and guess what happened?? She attained her goal!   Her hard work and determination to succeed is so fun to see…I am very blessed to have her in my life!  Each day I get to witness her learning more, loving life more, and sharing more of herself with others.  She is impacting lives on a daily basis!!  It is fun to see how success is contagious~ Teresa,  YOU my friend are an All-Star for SURE!! Love you! – Michelle

“HI!! I’m Teresa!!

I am BUFF!! I am  50!!
…and I’m not finished yet!!

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. He has always supported everything I do.
He has given me the strength to become the best I can. I have the 3 best kids in the world. I am just proud of them.

I stumbled across the website of  I think my positive vibes connected me to the Buffmother website.  There appeared this beautiful, buff women who was also a Mom.  At that time I was  a 46 year old mother of 3 and I wanted what was right in front of me.  So, I began reading the Buffmother website and blogs everyday. I emailed  and she Michelle set up a workout program for me.
I couldn’t have achieved my success this far without the “Buffmother” website, the Rally Room”, my cool Buffmother tank!!”

PLEASE follow here blog

More about Teresa

Download her Success Story PDF here~ Teresa Williams All Star!!

Carrie Peck rocks!!

One of my contest team training clients from is competing in her first NPC figure contest this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia!! AND she rocks!!

I’ve found that one of the most joyful things for me is helping others SUCCEED!  Success stories like Carrie’s fuel me to keep pushing hard through all the stress and maintain my passion to HELP women succeed!! Joy is truly in found in Helping other Succeed!!

Carrie is an amazing lady who has successfully overcome a severe eating disorder and being in menopause (due to a hysterectomy) to become a FIGURE COMPETIOR and a true BuffMother!  At her lowest point she weighed only 86 pounds.  Since joining Team BuffMother and our support group Carrie has physically and mentally transformed!  The biggest changes I see in  her are on the inside. Carrie has become a proud, confident, content and truly JOYFUL woman!!

Carrie wrote this 2 years+ ago when she first started her journey towards competition:

Hello to you all…My name is Carrie Peck..I am 30, almost 31, on March 10..So not that far away.  I am competing in my first competition in May..I am very excited..I am also very nervous at the same time.  I know I will do awesome with you all on my side..I have 2 boys, Gavinn Apen, whom is 3 and Tanyon Skyler, whom is 10..I have been with my husband, Michael, for 9 years..We have been married for 6..He is my soulmate and I am very lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life..I am a stay at home mom for now..I am going back to work in August due to my baby will be in preschool..Sad but true..I look forward to working with you all..I will give my word that I will give you all 200% and make all of you Buffmothers so proud on that stage..I am so glad and thankful to be here..

Unfortunately Carrie was unable to compete then due to health issues and found out later that she was in full MENOPAUSE at the young age of 31.

But you can’t keep a good woman down….Carrie will be fulfilling her dream by competing in her first figure contest on SATURDAY!!’

GO CARRIE!! you are a sweet angel of a woman and you deserve to see your Dreams COME TRUE! Thanks for not giving up!! You are an inspiration to us all!!!



I love Friday's!

I just love, love, love Fridays!!! Friday was an exciting day in the Berger home.

2 of my daughters, the twins, had a “Sock HOP’ at school, so they dressed in cute polkadot dresses, I gave them SIDE PONYTAILS and painted their fingernails.

My other daughter had a field trip…to the SPANISH CAVES. She told me she was going to bring home a bat!

And my son, is going to Branson for the weekend with his BEST Friend, Max. Max and Gunner have been buddies since they were 4 and today is Max’s 10th Birthday! Gunner skipped school today so he could go~ aren’t I a good mom, lol?

Anyhow and for me, my excitement lies in getting in a good workout and getting my house clean.

On tap for this 9th day of the FCH is another upper body workout~ I re-ingnited my desire to lift heavy yesterday from my own post about muscle!! I am excited to build up my fat furnaces!!! AND I am now heading into my Boosting phase~ it’s cycle day 19 for me. So my workouts are now going to be HEAVIER weights for lower reps. 3 sets of 6 and more rest between sets!

BTW- next Thursday we’ll start with the Phase 2 Workouts. So you only have 3 workouts left in Phase 1- today’s upper body, monday’s lower body and tuesday’s upper body. Let’s make the most of them!!!

Let’s all have an AWESOME DAY!!

Go, GO, go~

Today has been one of those GO, GO, GO days!!!  We had soccer, soccer awards, BB pictures, a quick run to McD’s for lunch, back to BB to drop Gunner for his game, then to the gym, then home, now to post quick…shower and GO again to buy I-phones!!!  Travis and decided to get them today!!! I am so pumped~ it will be my mother’s day present!

So real quick I am posting my workout~ I am boosting and on CEE and felt strong!! 

Warm up tanned while talking to my MOM
chest press 50×15, 70×15 warm up
45×25 warm up

Seated Calf raises

hanging knee ups

Hammer incline Isolateral press

Incline Flys

Roman chair knee ups

skull crushers

knee ups on bench
40, 25

Tricep push downs

shoulder rotations laying on side

tricep kick backs

Bicep cable curls

My arms were PUMPED after this workout!!

Off to enjoy this beautiful day!!!