First off, I need to say Happy birthday to Darcie!!  TEAM BuffMother would be totally different without you– I appreciate you so much and am so glad God brought you into my life.  I hope your day and year are amazing!!


Next, I wanted to just give you a “sickness” update. I am still on the mend. Probably at about 85% healthy. My lungs and nose are still a bit stuffy– and energy levels  are not at their normal just yet. Hoping that by mid week I’ll be feeling better.


Thirdly, I recorded a video today about my new Diet bet


Fourthly, I also recorded a video about Gym Angel Energy Angel…




Fifthly, I’ve decided to start training clients “in the gym”…working on my POA for that.  I’m excited about it though.  I’ll post more info about it soon!!


Anyhow, I rode bike this morning, but I’m taking today off lifting workouts. I need to HEAL UP from leg workout on Saturday and knock this flu out for good!


Here’s my POA for the week:

M- Bike 20 mins

T- Bike 20 mins/Back lifting

W- Chest lifting and easy run

Th- Bike 20 mins and Legs

Fri- Run

Sat- Back/Sh/Biceps

Sun- run


Abs daily in prep for FAB ABS FEB!! WE start the 2nd on and here in the Rally Room (


Let’s have a great HEALTHY week!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Burning lungs

Well…I did it, I got a little exercise today. Rode the bike for about 15 mins then went on a short walk outside.  My lungs were burning from the bike…I didn’t overdo it– Hoping it was just enough to get things moving forward.

So far I haven’t taken any medication today a good sign I’m on the mend– thinking that by the weekend I may have some energy back.

Tia was home sick with me again today– but she’s expecting to go back to school tomorrow!! YAY!!

I sure hope no one else gets sick


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Thinking about my hormones…

Thinking about my hormones…

The past few days=

Wednesday- cycle day 26- weight was HIGH @ 130 and I was STARVING with a crazy appetite- all food looked and sounded good to me!
had night sweats and low motivation for workouts- just wanted to hang with family- a very content attitude

Thursday was cycle day 1 (came early this month- I did ovulate early this month so I thought it may happen- I am thankful cuz I was sick of getting my period every 28 days month on Saturday) and my weight was down 3 pounds- 127 often times my weight drops a day or 2 prior to my cycle.  This month it didn’t but that may be because my cycle was short (only 26 days vs. the recent average of 28).  Had a good Leg workout.

Friday- cycle day 2- felt good early in the day- I even had the energy to get dolled up nicely for going out shopping.  I put tanner on, curled my hair and made an extra effort with my make up….we went shopping to Academy and then spent the afternoon shooting our bows in the back yard.  I hit the wall energy wise in the late afternoon- laying in bed watching football last night was so awesome!  I was also flirty with the hubby which is not the norm for cycle day 2. 
Slept hard and long.

Saturday- groggy- but feel some good mental mojo- typical for cycle day 3…

The near future=
Sat (cont.)….I am going to hit the gym for my last boosting upper body workout and some cardio and walking lunges.  My lungs are still recovering from my cold- so I’ll see how they feel and go from there.
Sunday- OFF day- Church day- Expecting a rough energy day tomorrow- cycle day 4 is usually low energy and a hormonal day for me.

Monday- BUFFING BEGINGS!! I love it!!! Can’t wait to get ripped!!! Goal is to workout hard, eat right and regain my fitness level after dealing with my hormones and a cold for the past couple weeks!!! YIPPIE!!!

The future is BRIGHT!!


Be sure to check out today’s Finish Strong challenge-

“Finish STRONG!”- 35 days (just 5 weeks!) left in 2010-

No Junk!! POA!

My NO JUNK focus today ON!!! I had a bit of a candy, junk food, low nutrient fest the past 2 days- BAD BUFFMOTHER!! It was a little fun though :hehe:

The POA is to get focused to be ripped and healthy for the CALI event!! I am stokked!!!

Now that my nasty “initial sorness” from resuming workouts is over and my lungs are healthy I’ll add in some intervals.

Oh- I did add in some yesterday- on the upright bike I did 20 mins total with 5 30 second intervals pushing the speed on my bike up to over 24 for 4 and over 25 for the final interval. I am really focusing on speed during my bike intervals- trying to get my fast twitch muscles activating! After my intervals I did quite a bit of stretching and some leg lifts, calf rotations, abs, etc…

After I post this blog I am going for a run! a no pressure one- so no intervals and probably around 20 mins duration.
At home Lift Legs

Lift Chest/Tri/ABS and bike intervals
Football game for Gunner

Lift Back, Bi, Shoulders and run intervals


off Dr. Appt and Dance for the girls

Lift Chest/Tris/ABS; Run Intervals


I have 3 focuses this week:

1.NO JUNK!! except for 1 daily treat allowed in my diet 🙂
2.Get in all of my workouts!! NO EXCUSES
3.Have fun with my kids! Gunner is off school on Monday and the girls are off all week again. I worked at ton last week due to needing to catch-up- this week is more about having fun!

Let’s have a GREAT Week Ladies!!

S-O-R-E spells SORE!!!!

S-O-R-E spells SORE!!!! That’s the best way for me to describe the way my body has felt this first week back at lifting after about 3 weeks off. I am now recovered from that initial soreness and ready to hit it again!!

Needless to say I didn’t meet my POA for the week, but I was stupid to think that I could actually attain it. I have lifted Monday, Tues, Thursday and will today and tomorrow. Still no cardio- but I did actually had a hankering for a run yesterday…I think my lungs are good enough to go for a short run today- maybe I’ll do it for my leg workout warm up!!

I’ve been really busy working all week on training programs, the Cali Event and general “homemaker” stuff. I was very productive all week, but still have some work to get done this weekend. The plan for this weekend is to work a bit, workout a lot, watch a ton of football and put together my new dressers. I ordered 4 dressers online which arrived here this week (2 for the girls and one for Travis and I)…I can’t wait to use them, but putting them together will take some precious time. I hope to enlist my handyman son to help with the job 🙂

Theresa or…
“Miss Bring IT” or…
is competing this morning and evening in the Elk River, MN @ the NANBF Figure contest!!!

This lovely lady has hit it hard the past 9 months to achieve her goal of being ripped~ I am so proud of her attitude and constant mantra of BRINING IT at the gym. She is a true BuffMother who has attained an awesome physique and mind-set using the Hormonal Timing Training system!!! I’ve loved the privilege of training her and now it’s time for her to shine on stage at her second contest this year.

Go Theresa- BRING IT to the stage!! and be proud that “You ARE RIPPED in 2010!!!

Love, Your friend and trainer,



Hey everyone!! SX70~Intervals

Our focus today is on HOW TO increase our fitness level using intervals.  Well have you heard the saying “no pain- no gain” …it is 100% true in this instant.  The pain I am talking about is Lactic ACID pain. That nasty burning you feel in your legs, lungs arms and even your FACE when you PUSH hard into the lactic acid zone!  Pushing your body beyond where it is able to get enough oxygen causes your body to make lactic acid.  Lactic acid can be then used as fuel, but if it is not utilized quickly enough it builds up in your muscles and literally causes your body to shut down.

The good news is that each time your body goes into the lactic acid zone (or “threshold”) your body LEARNS how to better utilize lactic acid as energy.  It’s truly amazing how your body is a magnificent machine and has an amazing potential to perform above and beyond what you may have ever considered it capable of!!  I LOVE IT!!

A great way to work into your lactic acid zone is through interval training.  Which simply means for an interval of time pushing HARD then allowing for a period of “recovery” during an interval of time at an easier pace.  The ways to do intervals are limitless!  You can integrate any physical movement into interval training. Here are some examples taken directly from many of my past blog posts on how I’ve done intervals…most of these are “cardio type” intervals:

RUNNING (outside and on treadmill):

I hopped on the treddy and here is a summary:
all at 2% incline
min number@mph
30 sec @9
30sec @10
30sec @11
1 full min @12mph
Then down to 9 mph
at 15:20 I decided to run a mile at 9 mph
So that brought me to 3.1 miles total at 22 min…then I thought I wonder if I could do another mile at 9mph…so
I did so at 28:40 I was done with more than 4 miles –BUT I was so bored I almost didn’t make it.

Run intervals- 20 mins hard mins between 9 and 10 mph; easy mins 7mph
Sprint 100m (fire hydrant to fire hydrant)
Walk 25m driveway to driveway
Walking High knees- 25m
Skipping High knees*- 25m
walk 25 m

ran outside- about 20 mins with about 5 shorter intervals and 1 long one of about 3 mins.

I did even minute intervals starting at min 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 soooo 8 total hard mins- 20 mins total- about 2.7 miles

a run~
even min intervals starting on min 4…7 mph for the recovery mins; 9mph for the hard mins. I finished with 3 mins straight at 9mph (min 14,15,16)
Total of 20 mins on treddy warm up 4 mins

then 4x a progression of 7, 9, 11 mph’s at 1 min each very good!! and this was 2 days of running in a row for me
Then some stretching
some cats, supermans, low back extensions, crunches, romanchair knee ups, leg raises

then I ran intervals
6 min warm up
then a min at 7,8,9,10,8,9,10,8,9,11, 8,9,11,7, 8 then finished with some jogging at incline 6% at 6 mph
Total of 25 min

I ran on the treddy–took my time warming up then did 8 intervals all recovery mins were at 7.5 and the incline was at 2% the entire time.
Total miles =4

Then I ran again on the treddy~ intervals 4 hard mins @8 , 3@9, then 1 @ 10 and easy at 6– IT was a ton of FUN!!

Then I ran…
warm up 8 min then a potty break
then intervals
2 hard at 10 recovery at 8
2 hard at 10.5 recovery at 8.5
2 hard at 11 recovery at 8.5
then 2 extra mins of recovery at 8.5

well I ran for about 16 min and then did 6 FAST sprints about (15sec)

Warm up on upright bike 4 min
On treddy all at 2%
Min 1-3 warm up at 4,6, 8 mph
Min 4 interval @10
Min 5 recovery @8
Min 6 interval at 10.5
Min 7 recovery @8.5
Min 8 interval @ 11
Min 9 recovery @ 8
Min 10 interval @ 11
Min 11 recovery @8
Min 12 interval at 11.5
Min 13recovery @8
Min 14 interval @ 10
Min 15 recovery @ 8
Min 16- 30 sec interval @ 12
1.5 min recovery @ 8
Min 18 – 30 second interval @12

Bike 5 min for warm up for run
Run 5 min warm up @2%
2 easy intervals
up incline to 5% then run 6 min @10 with one of those mins at 11mph
1 min recovery at 8 mph
incline to 3% 6 more min at 10 one of those at 11
Total time 22 min average speed for entire time 9.2mph 3.35 miles. I was amazed at how good I felt, but it was still hard

Then my interval run on the tredmill:
Every run is at 2% incline unless noted otherwise
5min warm up 4-7.2 mph
min8-10 mph @3.5% incline
min9-recover-8mph Heart rate at 9:10 is already 180
min 10- 10mph
min 11- recover 8mph
min 12- 10 mph @ 3.5% incline
min 13 recover 8mph
min 14- 10 mph @ 3.5% incline
min 15-16 recover…I needed extra time to recover my hr was 190 after min 14 interval!!!
min 17- 10mph @3.5% incline
min 18-10 mph @2%
min 19-recover at 6mph


STAIR mill~ 20 mins of intervals= 109 floors

8 hard 1 min intervals at level 30: 1 min off at level 22
then I pumped out 10 pull ups (full extension and lift chest to bar)
did abs

So far today I did 11mins steady state cardio on u-bike
ran on length of the street- knee pain
Stairmaster intervals 6 hard mins at level 30; 5 easy at 24

warm up for 5 min at level 7
then 1min at 12, 1 min at 7
then 1 min at 14!!, 1 min at 7 repeat 5 times
then a couple min cool down.


20 mins intervals 1 min hard; 1 min easy– on octane elliptical– level 7 for most of the easy; level 9

Then I did the elliptical
8 intervals mixed alternating 4- 30sec@14 moving arms as if I was running  and 4- 20sec@15 holding on ones….
total time 20 mins

13 mins on elliptical then ankle got sore- hard 13 easy 11

20 min of intervals(some forward and some backward) and silly movements

Then the intervals
warm up on the elliptical 5 min
stair mill total of 14 min.
3 hard mins at 10
1 hard min at 12
2 hard mins at 14
1.5 hard min at 14
recovery most at 8, some at 10

Then the elliptical for a total of 23 min…I took it easy the first 12 min…then even min intervals of 14,14,14,15,15,15…a good workout.

Bike (stationary recumbant or upright):

finished 7 mins on r-bike- hard 6 easy 5
1 min hard 1 min easy

u-bike/push up combo:
3 min bike, 20 push ups, 1 min bike, 20 pu, 1min bike, 20 pu 1 min bike

8 hard 30second intervals on the spinning bike

You may be wondering HOW do I know so much about Lactic Acid training??  Well, the proof is in the performance 🙂

My BUFFMOTHER 800m race time = 2:15

If you are interested in training for a good 1/2 mile (800m) time- here are some actual workouts I did prior to this race.

I’ll start you off with actuall 1/2 mile training track workouts:

800m (1/2 mile) track training (for my race below):

warmed up 3 laps, streches, drills, etc…
400m=62sec 30, 32 splits
rest 12 mins
400m-63 seconds 31, 32 splits
rest 5 mins
400m- 68 seconds Lactic Acid big time!! 33, 35 splits
rest 12 mins
400m- 68 seconds DYING the entire last 300m!
my HR was still elevated to 120 bpm 35 mins after this workout–I was DEAD!!

This is what I did today at the track:
1200m warm up jog- stretch
200m-31warm up basically
4 min rec
6 min rec
600m*- 1:41 splits: 31, 35, 35
*note* I am slowly getting more and more confidence at the track. Last night I started getting nervous to run this 600 today and then this morning I had butterflies in my tummy in anticipation. Weird but true.
10 min recovery
200m- 28 sec…felt slow! so I decided to do a bit of speed work
4-100 at about 14 sec each, the last two I started from a dead stop and the last one was actually under 14 sec….so that made me happy–however timing yourself on a 100 is tough, lol
Then I cooled down shooting hoops at the park and did 8 underdogs on the swings- 2 per child(x4).

Today was TRACK day–I only had a half an hour and had to share the track with a boys PE class…but It was still GREAT!
800m warm up
some drills and stretching
400-65 seconds
about 5 min recovery of walk/jog
400m- 66 seconds– i had a ton of lactic acid after this one
about 10 min recovery
200m-30 seconds
about 3 min recovery
200m- 31 seconds
Then got the girls from pre school and had a cool down manually washing my van, lol!
In total I did 8 intervals of 1 min each with 1 min recovery–the entire 3.3 miles in 21 mins. I slept so hard last night!
intervals on the bike
1-30sec interval with 1 min recover
then 1-15 sec interval with 1 min recovery
REPEATED a total of 6 times
then finished with a couple min cool down.

the Lowdown:
Warm up 800m jog  and stretch
all done with full recovery–varied from 4-8 mins between
sprint 200= 29sec
400=67! and I was not dead~ 2 weeks ago 2 400’s at a much slower pace almost killed me~ I am very HAPPY!!

I went to the track this afternoon and ran only 2 of my 4-5 400’s…I was DYING after the second–major Lactic Acid EVERYWHERE–but I know next time I will be feeling much better.
Here is what I ended up doing:
warm up
800 m- 3:40 pace
2×40 meters High knee skipping
40 m High knee paw ground
400m- 68 seconds– didn’t feel too bad actually, tightened up the last 100 but was okay–suprised at my time :)in a good and bad way because I knew I should have paced myself a bit more, lol.
160 bpm 30 post
jogged 300m
150 bpm 2 min post
walked 100
120 bpm 4 min post
Ran 2nd 400- 69 sec…oh my!! this was a killer- the last 150 was tight and hurting. When done, I had tingly hands, fingers, lips and major lactic acid in my hammies
30 post- 190bpm
walked recovery
2 min post 160
4 min post 150
stood in place
5 min post 110- but my legs were still hurting
8 min total recovery
Ran 300m- 53 sec
30 sec post 170bpm
? not sure on total time recovery– walk/jogged 400m
Ran 200 m- 35 sec
for about 4 min
Then ran 1 min medium/hard finished with the last 100m hard
then jogged a 200 to finish
So I still worked really hard but I was VERY disappointed at my fitness level.
Next one will be better!!

It was at the TRACK 10 fast hard 100m dashes and I am feelin’ it already.
arrived at the track at 12:30 and was 100% done at 12:30 , it was cloudy, breezy and cold around 40 degrees. I had eaten half of an Atkins bar at 8 am and a banana at 11 am.
10- 200meters with a 200 m walk/jog in between of 1:30 to 2:30
1. 36
2. 35
3. 36
4. 35
5. 34
6. 34
7. 33
8. 34
9. 32
10. 30!!!

Get after your intervals and you will be amazed at how your body responds~

Trust me I know what I a talking about ,lol!


I am in Omaha!

HI!  I made it to Omaha at about 4 and have been BUSY ever since~!!

I got my car rental
I got my nails painted
I got a little cardio workout in- 20 mins on ther bike and 15 mins on the tready
I talked to Brenda!! ~ she’s fired UP!!!
I showered
I got to see Deb pose in her suit~ she’s RIPPED!
I got to go to out to a cool spot for dinner with Lisa and Deb! They are the sweetest!! Here we are last year at Council Bluffs…

and NOW I am here seeing all of the SUPER STAR posts!  WOW!!! you are all spectacular!!

Could you do me a BIG time favor?  Pray for me…I am sick with a bad head cold…it started 2 nights ago with a horrid sore throat, moved to my sinues and now it’s in my ears and lungs.  I need to get back to 100% ASAP!  THANKS!

Love ya!!



I’m back and ready to ROCK!!! I had a great rest day on TUESDAY which helped my lung Crud go away!!! Thanks for all the “get well” wishes and prayers…they worked!!!

Yesterday I got in a small workout (only 30 mins) of legs to get my MOJO flowin’ again and today I feel spectacular!!!
here’s my tiny workout from yesterday:

Leg Abductions paired with oblique twists
Leg Extensions paired with Leg Adductions
Leg press paired with calf raises

I’ve already got my grocery shopping done for the day and a bunch of work done~
My plan for the afternoon is to finish up some work by 2 and then get in a good boosting back, shoulders and bicep workout and 10 mins of cardio afterwards to test out the lungs smile

In other news…I am getting a big fat F on this week’s mini-challenge! I need to make up for it by starting today and doing some days next week. It’s been fun to see some of the pics this week from ya’ll!!

Well, I am off to get some eats and get more work done~
Have a GREAT day!!

Superbowl Sunday!

Whooohooo! What a great day! My cold is almost gone!! and I am still loving my new gym 🙂 The Childcare hours are unreal… M-F 6:30am-8pm Sa-Su 8-5 So my DH and I got to go workout together both yesterday and today, what a great way to spend some quality time together on the weekend!! We did Back, Bi’s and Shoulders today: Lat pulls 60×10 90x10x2 110x8x2 Pull ups close grip 10 wide grip 5 Free Motion Lat(one arm at a time) 70x10x2 80x10x2 Shrugs 90x10x3 Barbell curls 45×10 65×10 ez-bar curls 40x10x2 Free motion rows 90x10x2 Shoulder press 45x10x2(one set backwards) 65x10x2 Bicep curl machine 30x10x3 bent over lateral raises 17.5#db’sx10x3 supersetted with 90degree db military 17.5#dbsx10x2sets Now I am going to try to go for a run…wish my lungs luck 🙂 -Michelle