First off, I need to say Happy birthday to Darcie!!  TEAM BuffMother would be totally different without you– I appreciate you so much and am […] Read More

Burning lungs

Well…I did it, I got a little exercise today. Rode the bike for about 15 mins then went on a short walk outside.  My lungs […] Read More

Thinking about my hormones…

Thinking about my hormones… The past few days= Wednesday- cycle day 26- weight was HIGH @ 130 and I was STARVING with a crazy appetite- […] Read More

No Junk!! POA!

My NO JUNK focus today ON!!! I had a bit of a candy, junk food, low nutrient fest the past 2 days- BAD BUFFMOTHER!! It […] Read More

S-O-R-E spells SORE!!!!

S-O-R-E spells SORE!!!! That’s the best way for me to describe the way my body has felt this first week back at lifting after about […] Read More


Hey everyone!! SX70~Intervals Our focus today is on HOW TO increase our fitness level using intervals.  Well have you heard the saying “no pain- no gain” […] Read More

I am in Omaha!

HI!  I made it to Omaha at about 4 and have been BUSY ever since~!! I got my car rental I got my nails painted I got […] Read More


I’m back and ready to ROCK!!! I had a great rest day on TUESDAY which helped my lung Crud go away!!! Thanks for all the […] Read More

Superbowl Sunday!

Whooohooo! What a great day! My cold is almost gone!! and I am still loving my new gym 🙂 The Childcare hours are unreal… M-F […] Read More