SSS week 03- Mini Challenge: 100 Lunges

SSS Week #3 Mini Challenge- 100 lunges a day!!  Your mini challenge if you choose to accept it is to do 100 lunges each day this week!! That’s 100 total, so 50 each leg.

This week’s mini-challenge is one of MY FAVORITES!! To do 100 lunges a day takes mental and physical determination~ BUT I know you can do it!!!!

the way I approach the lunges are to use a VARIETY of types of lunges and to not get over zealous the first few days of the week  Most days I will opt to do just body weight lunges, but on my leg days I’ll add weight for sure.

For example:

  • On leg days- I HIT my lunges hard with WEIGHTS
    Weighted walking ones- weight on back or holding DB’s
  • Barbell Lunges
  • Smith lunges
  • Super booty smith lunges
  • On non-leg days – I do body weight lunges mostly of the walking or stationary ones.

Some variety of lunges you may want to try:

Stationary Lunges
Walking Lunges
Jumping Lunges
Side Lunges (including Skater and Jumping Side)
Box Lunge with Dumbells
Box Lunge (3 variations) body weight only
Forward Lunges
Backward Lunges
BB Foward Lunge (includes Russian variation)
BuffMother! Smith Lunges (butt emphasis)
BuffMother! Smith Lunges (basic)
Starter style Walking lunges no weight

A key point to keep your lunges working your booty is to focus on using your front leg for the majority of the movement.

And the KING of lunges for the booty have been shown to be WALKING lunges :)
You will feel them TRUST ME!!Laughing

To get more emphasis on your butt rather than your quad, remember to use your front leg for the motion and also leaning forward (chest to knee) adds extra booty emphasis.

have fun doing your 100 a day!!
Rock that Booty!!!

~~~~Here are some example workouts and how I fit in 100 lunges on this Mini-Challenge~~~~

Did my lunges just now~ 100 for today
also, a chest/tri/running treddy intervals workout at the gym

yesterday- ran outside and 100 lunges

Keep up the GREAT attitude about The LUNGES- it is more of a MENTAL exercise than physical–GET IT DONE, prove to yourself that you are a BUFFMOTHER!!

Love ya,


Booty workout day~

Warm up
r-bike 5 min
Squats (push through heels, focus on using glutes to lift weight)

Walking Lunges
60# barx15
60# barx15

One set walking calves

Butt Squats
110x10closer stance

Smith Lunges (alternating starting leg)

Bent over leg curls

Keep up the GREAT focus,


As for my workout, I Got it done, despite…feeling like I was a big weakling. I have a photoshoot tomorrow and I typically deplete myself for shoots because I like looking ripped and small…since we all know the camera adds 15 pounds

Here is my measly workout:
warm up 13 mins r-bike
lat pulls

Hammer bicep curls
45×8…I hate bicep curls!

Pull ups
7, 6.5

Standing Military
in front 45×10
behind 45x10x2

Barbell bicep curls

lower back extensions 2×12
knee ups on roman chair 25
knee ups on bench 30

Seated rows
80x10x2 full extension
90×10 super squeeze at end

13 mins on elliptical- high resistance focus on glutes – only 2 hard intervals in there. Ran out of time
I still have my 100 lunges to do today~ I will get them done, just not right now, lol!

Have a super Thurs night~~



Well, I did legs today~ boy I love a good leg workout….My favorite workouts used to be chest, but these last few months~ LEGS totally rule my world.

I love working legs (and BOOTY) because of the RESULTS!! The positive changes I’ve seen in my legs over the last 2 months are UNREAL!!! The time while I was training for my 800m race, I couldn’t lift much with my legs for about 2 months and it ended up showing…don’t get me wrong, my legs looked great, worked great and felt strong…but they were different than they were prior to slacking off from my workouts. Now from LIFTING HEAVY and close to twice every week, I have less cellulite, less fat, more shape to my booty,etc….now than 2 months ago and I am SO EXITED!!!!

I only had an hour so I did the MOST important moves~
5 min warm up elliptical
45×10 plie

Walking lunges
60#x30 steps
60#x30 steps…some extra BIIIIIIIG :)

Seated calf raises

Dead Lifts
135×10 stiffer legs
135×10 more bend in knee- romainian

Kneeling leg curl

Leg press
180×20- super booty squeeze
Calves betweens sets :)

Smith Lunges
70x10x4 on step
Leg ups on R-chair
Booty back extensions

Time was UP!!

Let’s Stay Connected!!!

Our SuperSTAR Success contest is going great!! Thanks for all the feeback you’ve given this week during “check in” time!! It is always so much fun to have interaction from you!!

I’ve been posting tons of information, videos, encouragement and answers on my blog, facebook, youtube and most of all in the rally room.  Please be sure to take some time to connect by posting a bit in any of these amazing online places.
Thanks for all your support of BuffMother~ I am truly blessed by each an every action you take to help me reach more people!!

Let’s stay connected, FOREVER!!
Love, Michelle

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5 days to Go!!

There is just 5 days left to kick your habit!

I certainly hope the daily tasks and workout ideas have helped you
stay engaged.

here’s today’s:

I started a post earlier about my workouts and got interrupted by my kiddos…things around here have been very crazy this week.

So here is a brief summary of what I was going to write.

Workouts have been perfect this week!!
Today was back, shoulders, bi’s and intervals…plus extra cardio
yesterday  was legs…lunge heavy day 🙂

Sooooooo! Things are super and tomorrow is my pamper day so I will have time to get do some major catch up here…including my  training program for the WARRIOR DASH… just 10 weeks away!!

Keep up the super attitudes!! you all rock-



5 days to go! WRITE IT!

BuffMother's picture

Sat, 2012/02/18 – 2:49pm — BuffMother

Can you belive, just 5 days left– 5-4-3-2-1, then DONE!!

Which reminds me of my DIET– the 5-4-3-2-1 KISS diet!  It’s easy and simple to count portions instead of calories.

  • 5 Protein servings of approximately 25g each (palm size, 100 cal)
  • 4 Carbohydrate Servings of approximately 25g each (fist size,100 cal)
  • 3 Fat servings (ex. 1Tbs salad dressing, 1 slice cheese,100cal)
  • 2 Greens as large portions as you desire (salad, broccoli, green beans)
  • 1 Treat (approx 150-200 calories of whatever you want)
  • 11 Water servings (8 oz)- at least

More info on the diet is in my books Hormonal Timing and After Baby ABS!


Today’s task is to GET out your Journal…and Write it all down!!  Instead of having your brain consumed with TO DO lists…Use your mind for better things.  Write down all your great ideas, insights, and thoughts before they go missing somewhere and add what you need to do to a to-do list.

Let’s brainstorm now in your Rally Room Blog-

  1. Write down 3 ideas of where you’d like to vacation next
  2. Write down 3 thoughts about your habit
  3. Write down 3 gifts you’d like for your next birthday
  4. Write down 3 home improvement ideas
  5. AND WRITE DOWN what you will eat today!!!

Workout ideas for today:

Beginner~ Lift upper body:


Push ups on knees
3 sets to  failure
Rows- bent over holding dumbells
3 sets of  10 reps
Chair dips- for triceps
3 sets to failure
DB Military Shoulder Press
3 sets of  10 reps
Bicep Curl
3 sets of  10 reps
Tricp extension
3 sets of  10 reps
Lateral Raises
3 sets of  10 reps


Experienced~ Lift Chest and shoulders:


Chest front delt DAY
Bench Press or Chest Press
5×10, 8, 6, 2 to 4, 10
Incline flys
Incline Chest press (machine, hammer or smith)
3×10, 8, 6, 10
Plate front raises
3×8-10 slow
Front DB raises (one arm at a time- alternate)
3×8-10 slow

Have a good one and keep working towards Kicking the HABIT!! you can change a lot in just 5 days~ DO IT!!


Leg Stretches

Some quick legs stretches by BuffMother!


Howto & Style



Touch your Toes Stretch
Lunge Stretch
Quad Stretch
Shins & Ankle Stretch


Afterwards (your workout), it’s great to stretch out. So let me just show you some very quick, easy leg stretches to do.

Ok, the old standby, touching your toes. Make sure you practice keeping your lower lumbar curve in there. Go down, touch your toes like this, keep your head up. You can pretend like you’re almost doing a deadlift, but you’re just stretching. You’ll stretch those same muscles you worked during that exercise.  Then come back up, give yourself a break for about 10 seconds, then you can just do a traditional touching your toes exercise. You’ll feel this really nicely in your lower back. And in your hamstrings also. Try to get to the point to where you can touch your toes, grab your toes and pull yourself down, that’s a great hamstring stretch.

And then of course the lunge stretch. It’s basically how we were doing our lunges, but now we’re just exaggerating the motion a little bit. Really stretch those muscles that we used. I don’t ever stretch before I lift, really not an extended amount. I don’t spend a lot of time on it prior to my workout. I typically do my stretching post workout. My tendons and ligaments are already loosened up and injuries are prevented. Switch your leg, come back down, stretch.   On this one you can keep your leg straight out, you can bend your knee, and stretch that way. You want to sit up and use that stretch to your hip flexor. It’s a very versatile stretch. The key here is still to try to keep your knee over your ankle so that you don’t hurt your knees. Knees are very sensitive joints for a lot of people because they get abused. So we need to prevent any abuse in our workouts so we can strengthen them and make them stronger, more durable than they’ve ever been before.

Ok, so now quickly I want to show you how to do a quad stretch. A lot of people have a hard time stretching their quads because of the typical ‘pick your leg up like this’. But it is hard to do, hard to balance. A really nice easy way to stretch the quads is to get down like you’re going to do the crab walk, tuck your heels under your butt, and just lean forward onto your legs. Now this could possibly be said to be hard on your knees, but if you don’t push too hard you don’t have to kill yourself over this stretch, just let it feel the stretch a little bit in your quads. You can angle over and push more weight on your right leg, feel it in your right leg a little bit more. Come down feel it in a little different area, like this. Same thing with your left leg. It feels so good after doing those squats and those lunges.

And then, if you come back up, like a little frog, this is a great exercise for stretching your ankles and your shin. You lean your weight on your right foot, stretch around, and rotate it around. You can feel it so nicely in your shins and also in your lower knees. That’s a very important area that gets neglected some times. So just rotate around on your heel a little bit. It feels so good after that workout. Then come back up, nice and slowly. Good job.

Friendly Friday~

Hey, hey, HEY!! IT’S FRIENDLY FRIDAY~ So let’s strive to be extra friendly today:

Smile more and make eye contact with people…it’s OKAY!
Say HI to everyone you cross paths with
Break the ice, introduce yourself; be conversational
Lend a Helping HAND; open doors; offer to help carry something for someone, etc….
Comment on a Friend’s Blog
Comment on a STRANGER’s Blog
Send some e-mails or private message
Send some letters or Thank You cards or B-day cards, etc…
Send some flowers~or balloons~ or fruit~ or candy (toffee?)
Call a friend, aquaintance, family member or even and ENEMY, lol!
Text someone!

Just STRIVE to be EXTRA Friendly today!!!  And HAVE FUN with it!!! You will be rewarded for planting those “energy seeds”

Lunge-O-Ramma!! was my workout for today!!

I did video demos of MANY types of lunges today~ whoohoo!! it was a booty blast!!

Tomorrow~ I am hitting the gym hard and I will do intervals. I am confident I’ll rock my workout!!

Love ya,

Love ya MY FRIENDS!!

In HONOR OF The END of the week and IN Honor of LUNGES (they are what made my booty possible):

Lunge O Ramma!

That was my workout today~ Lunge-O-Ramma!! I did video demos of MANY types of lunges today~ whoohoo!! it was a booty blast!!

Gunner had a game tonight too…he was moved from Defense to Offence and I am SO happy to say that was the best thing that could have happened. He ran well and hard~ he was the only player on his team to produce positive yards!!

Tomorrow~ I am hitting the gym hard and I will do intervals. My cough is pretty much GONE and i am confident I’ll rock my workout!! Have a stellar Thrus night!!

Love ya,


That was my workout today~ Lunge-O-Ramma!! I did video demos of MANY types of lunges today~ whoohoo!! it was a booty blast!!

Gunner had a game tonight too…he was moved from Defense to Offence and I am SO happy to say that was the best thing that could have happened. He ran well and hard~ he was the only player on his team to produce positive yards!!  Here’s a little video of him getting a first down.

He’s #33 the Full Back carrying the ball~




Tomorrow~ I am hitting the gym hard and I will do intervals. My cough is pretty much GONE and i am confident I’ll rock my workout!!  Have a stellar Thrus night!!

Love ya,