The Sunny Side Group!

I’ve recently realized something about myself that I do not like! I have a tendency to go through streaks where I constantly catch myself thinking about and focusing on, the negative side of things instead of the “bright”! I’ve heard the phrase “look at the bright side” so many times that it’s lost the intended affect. If my husband says, “look at the bright side…” I often just groan inside and then wander off and continue to bicker, mumble and complain to myself or other people. I do this despite the fact that I devoted an entire chapter of my book to the subject of “focusing on SOLUTIONS” instead of the “PROBLEM” at hand. For the most part, this is the way I live my life, but I still have those NEGATIVE streaks. The truth is, complaining, bickering, arguing, etc, ALWAYS causes my life to be frustrating, difficult and miserable!! This is why I’m confessing this issue to everyone and I’m bound and determined to break this horrible habit!! I’m asking everyone who reads this blog including my family, friends and even casual acquaintances to please hold me accountable. If you ever catch me writing, talking or even thinking about the negative side of anything, CALL ME OUT! I want you to BUST me on the spot! I’ve asked my husband to use the phrase, “focus on the SUNNY side, HONEY” instead of the old cliché’ “Look at the bright side” since that phrase seems to always trigger negative feelings in my mind.

I know that some people would much rather discuss negative rumors, gossip and many other situations of this nature. It’s very easy to and even somewhat enjoyable to get together with a small group of people and feed off this negative energy. I’ve been caught in this trap many times! I declare myself “GUILTY as charged charged”. It’s human nature to take the “easy road” by adding our own little negative spin to a conversation or even starting the flow of negative energy hoping that others will join in. We all seem to have a natural weakness for being attracted negative information. If you want proof just read the headlines in any news source, TV, internet, newspaper, etc. The headlines are almost always focused on negative stuff because that’s what attracts readers and viewers. In fact, I’ve completely stopped watching the “news” because it makes me feel depressed!

As I previously stated, focusing on negative things such as criticizing, condemning or complaining always results in making my life miserable! I recently to read a book written by the richest, most powerful and wisest man who ever lived. I believe success breads success and even though I’m not much of a reader, I decided to take 5 minutes a day to learn what this man had to say about true success. The man is King Solomon and the book is Proverbs. It has 31 chapters and I read 1 chapter every day of the month. Some tidbits that hit me really hard on the 15th of this past month. Proverbs 15:4 “Gentle words bring life and health; griping brings discouragement.”
15:15 “When a man (or woman) is gloomy, everything seems to go wrong; when she is cheerful, everything seems right” 15:30 “Pleasant sights and good reports give happiness and health.” The entire 15th chapter seemed to say to me, If you want to be miserable, unsuccessful, and depressed, hang around negative people and focus on negative information.

If you want a great life, full of joy, success and happiness, hang around positive people and focus on the “sunny side” of your circumstances. As a result, I’ve made a decision. From this day forward, I’m done poisoning my life with negative people, conversations, actions, thoughts, etc! Instead, I’m rededicated to hanging out and communicating with positive people, focusing on solutions instead of problems, looking for the sunny side of my circumstances instead of all the negative situations and events that occur in life.

I want to find at least 100 women who are willing to join me! We’ll call us “The Sunny Side” sisters! LOL!

This doesn’t mean that you can’t tell us about negative situations, events or problems that you are going through. There is nothing wrong with expressing these things to the group. Together, we’ll help each other find and concentrate on the solutions so we can get through tough times. We’ll team up to focus on the SUNNY side… honey! I’d like to incorporate this into the Rally Room (our TEAM BUFFMOTHER private women’s only group) since this is one of the many reasons I created the Team BuffMother in the first place! If you haven’t joined the Team BuffMother group I encourage doing so. It will change your life! If you already are a Team BuffMother member, and want to commit or re-commit to this positive group, please respond to this post.

Feel free to add your own special twist in your post but don’t feel obligated. It’s fine to just say something like, “I’m in! But, if you have any additional thoughts, insights and/or stories that popped into your mind regarding this topic, please jot them down in your post. Please keep in mind this is not a writing contest or anything like that. I know most of us don’t have tons of extra time and energy and I don’t want that to stop you from joining us. I’m member #1, who wants to be member #2, #3, #4…?



Lost a day?

Hey ya, feels like I lost a day somewhere this week??

Not sure how it’s already Friday, but I’ll take it…Friday’s Rock!

This one is extra nice because it’s sunny and warm and I get to have a special Date with my son. He’s got a hair appt at 4:30 and we are going to shop a bit too. He’s grown so big that he’s got hardly any of his own clothes to wear….been sharing with his Dad.


Okay, so on Thursday night I did a good leg workout with some SEXY dancing!

Here’s my pic from that:


Yesterday, I had a rest day from workouts and from the Rally Room…Sorry, I just posted yesterday’s contests post now:

6 to Sexy~ day 25: Sexy Meals


I was on the “road” yesterday. I had a business meeting, my HAIR APPT!! (yay) and then finished up the day doing some errands for “work”.  I say “work” because as you know I have a DREAM JOB!! I love being BUFFMOTHER, my work is very enjoyable, but it’s still work, lol!


Okay, here’s a pic of my hair. It’s quite a bit darker, but it will lighten up some as I wash it over the next few days.  I think I like the change– It’s what I wanted, more NATURAL!


Today’s Contest POST: 6 to Sexy~ day 26: Sexy Actions


Today’s plan:

Get some more “work” done

Workout- Chest/tris and a hills run outside.

Date with Gunner!


Today’s 6 Daily Goals– that will be topics in my daily journal

  1. Cycle day- 2 need I say more…part of why I lost a day of my life yesterday. I do feel better today than yesterday and am happy to be almost out of hormone hell
  2. Weight…I’ll add this in a bit
  3. Sexy To do’s…Get my legs shaved and fix my new hair!
  4. Workout: Chest/Tri’s and run– can’t wait to do this outside today!
  5. Meal POA : Not a full plan yet…Protein shake with a banana in it after run … then go out to eat with Gunner later. Put the pot roast in the crock pot for dinner!!
  6. Sexy Actions- I will spend some extra time with DH tonight.  Maybe give him a back rub


That’s all folks, see you tomorrow!!


p.s. here’s today’s contest post

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Summer Stuff & Diet Talk

Its almost 9:30 and all my kids are still asleep…crazy summer vacation!  Anyhow…We have lots of stuff on our TO DO list for the summer yet I think my kids may just sleep through the entire thing!


Anyway…I thought I’d share a short video about diet with you today:



Over the next couple months I’ll be striving to add some more content to our forums.  Please feel free to use the forums for TOPIC driven discussions.  Blogs are great for your general thoughts, journal and connection, but they get “Lost” and harder to find when you ask a topic driven question.

Here are some of the new posts I made just yesterday:

FYI- I’ve suspended the weekly Wednesday chats for the June/July…We’ll start them up again come August.  BUT you are always free to schedule any of your own that you’d like!
AND in other news, I will soon be starting a radio show.  I’m VERY excited about that venture!!
I’ve gotta get rollin’ to complete my ERRANDS for today.  I’ll be back soon!!
Love, Michelle

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Shine in 49: Day 18~ Confernence Call

Today’s Call is focused on Key MENTAL STEPS of my Transformation-

1.Belief and REVENGE!
2.Who am I?
3.High Expectations

You can download an listen here if you missed the call:

1-Belief and REVENGE-

•Staring at my flabby tummy
•RATIONAL~ Scientific
•Prove them all wrong!
•I got mad~ at the world and at myself!
•I wanted REVENGE!

2-Who AM I?

•In the process of Motherhood,  I got lost
•Mommy clothes, mommy activities, mommy thoughts…no MICHELLE
•Who WAS I?
•I thought back to when I was 18….
•I was a competitor, I am a competitor
•I had to deliberately invest in myself again


•I refuse to “settle”
•I refuse to allow my past to dictate my future
•I want to succeed
•I want to excel
•I want to lead by example
•I set HIGH GOALS and Continue to set higher ones


•How do you find time?
•I’m injured or have a bad back or knee
•My kids don’t like the gym
•I don’t have the energy
•I don’t have any money
•Just do it!


5-Eureka “HORMONES”-

Eureka-Hormones are the missing ingredient!

•2004- Hormonal Timing was born.
•Michelle went on to become the only woman in history to have 4 children and win 5 NPC figure titles all within 5 years!
•2005- was launched to offer hope and inspiration to every woman in the world. (Team BuffMother! 4000 members strong)
•Michelle is now on a Mission to share her discovery with every woman!
•Hormonal Timing is the missing ingredient for women to be consistently successful in their fitness quest. It is truly revolutionary.
•There has never been an exercise and nutritional system that works in sync with a woman’s monthly cycle like the Hormonal Timing system.

Just the basics of How it works:

•Two distinct phases of their monthly cycle…the first half (good time) and the second half (pms time). (buffing and boosting)
•HT synchronizes a woman’s workout, diet, supplementation routine with these 2 distinct monthly environments.
•Optimal hormonal conditions are capitalized on during each of the phases to burn fat and transform the body.
•Women will get in sync with their bodies and be able to overcome the mental  and physical obstacles that sabotaged their success in the past.


OH Man!! Was I BEAT after yesterday…Thank GOD I don’t have to go anywhere beside the gym today!!  I am enjoying the laid back quality of today.  Just me and my computer for a bit!

My day yesterday went well, but I didn’t get in my upper body workout. I did get my run done and stayed active most of my day with moving junk and MOWING!  I just wanted to get around the house a bit, but the Crazy mower was getting bogged down constantly- I had to clean it out and restart it over and over again!  I can’t wait to get a  riding one~ just have to get HUBBY to pull the trigger on it.  It’s gonna be “his” deal, not mine, lol!

Anyway, the kids are good– they have had benchmark testing all week.  So NO HOMEWORK!!! YAY!!  Silly Layla has lost her glasses AGAIN– If they don’t turn up today, I will have to get a new pair ordered ASAP.  She has really bad vision in one of her eyes– a muscle problem- so she’s supposed to “patch” her good eye in order to make the bad eye work.  Without glasses her good eye takes over even more– so…I must get her a pair.

The AC guy was supposed to come this morning—-  I guess that’s not gonna happen being that it’s past noon already.  I just hope they don’t decide to show up right at my “gym time”. -my downstairs AC isn’t working quite right– part of the time it doesn’t blow air thru the vents??

If you are still reading this, congrats, lol!! Blah, blah, blah— time to eat!

Talk to you later babes!!



“All-OUT April!!” Is ON!!…I am going all out on my running this month~ prepping for my first 5k race in 10 years~ eeekk!!! What’s your fitness goal for this month?

Let me catch you up on the past 3 days:

Friday I worked out like a banshee…I had 30 mins and I got in a killer HEAVY upper body lifting workout during that time– I even threw in some abs. Then, I came home did a Zuzuka workout– ZWOW #11… I had a hard time mastering the mule kicks…but I think by the end of the 10 mins I figured them out– it’s fun to try new exercises!!

and then I Saw a couple long lost friends in the mirror..Ms Hammie and Miss ITband! My running legs are coming back!!

Right after this picture on Friday, I went for a great 5k (3.1 mile run) of intervals outside.

THEN I strapped on my boots, put on my pants and hat–and got my FIRE ON!!  Here’s a picture of our fire that we built Friday night at the base of TWINS Falls…there was a bunch of old wood that had washed down the gully– Travis and I lit it up and a BLAST doing it!

Saturday, was another busy, active day–without and official workout.  I was SORE from my workouts on Friday + Tired from staying up so late on Friday night.  Somehow I found the energy to run errands, bring Gunner to a friend’s house, and I dug up about 20 little yearling trees from my old house to bring out to the farm.

On Sunday, I worked in my garden. While I was out there, I got SCARED to death by this big BLACK snake.  When Travis heard me scream he knew it was a snake and came to my aid in killing it.  He held it down with the rake and I cut it’s head with the clipper you see on the ground.  NASTY Thing! Black snakes are not dangerous to humans, but I don’t like having this big one around to scare me or the girls.  I’m sure there are plenty more out there to help keep the rodent population under control, lol!

Anyhow, even after seeing the snake the girls decided to go down to the creek.  I bought them all new boots to wear on their journey. Aren’t they CUTIES?!

I’m almost done planting my garden– got some seeds left to plant.  AND I have a bunch more trees to transplant from town….I’ll be keeping busy outside for a while…I LOVE IT!

I had tentatively planned to do a hill run yesterday, but opted out of it.  I’ll be getting my run in today instead.   It’s actually been working great for me to run M, W, F  each week.

Well, I have a “to do” list to attack!!  Have a great MONDAY!!


p.s. The 21 day kick the habit winners are announced :

"All Star" Lisa of TN

Lisa of TN

How Team BuffMother has impacted Lisa’s life:

I spent most of my 20’s yo yo dieting, trying the latest fads and gimmicks. In December 2004, I realized how out of control my weight had gotten, weighing in at 204lbs. I didn’t want to be fat anymore. I was depressed, had no self esteem, self conscious and hated the way I looked. So I embarked on a journey to change my life. I needed something long lasting this time. I began researching fitness and nutrition. I started changing my eating habits and exercising. I did very little weight training however, until I found Michelle and the Buffmother girls! I had always thought weight training was for guys and I didn’t want to get bulky. It changed my life. My goals and focus shifted and I ventured into a new journey, to be a BuffMother! I wouldn’t have made it this far without the inspiration and direction from Michelle and the Buffmother team. I lost a total of 76lbs and went from a size 18/20 to a 4/6. I am stronger, more confident and healthier than I have ever been. I am still a work in progress, but look forward to what the future holds! Thank you Michelle!

“All Star” Brenda Herrod

Brenda is an “All Star” for sure!! and a BUNDLE


of Energy!! Brenda is a mother of 2, a Nurse Practitioner and a DIE HARD BuffMother!! She is stepping on stage again on the 28th of August at Bluff’s Classic in for the second year in a row!! WOW~ she’s been on quite the journey since joining our TEAM in May of 2008! From the moment Brenda joined I KNEW she was special and so Special in fact that she won our SuperStar Success Contest last year! The prize was to be a SUPER STAR in my hormonal timing infomercial so in Dec of 2008 she was flown to LA for the shoot!! It was a blast seeing her in her new SUPER STAR body! She’s keep strong and kept pushing hard and has inspired thousands of women in her journey. Brenda is a TRUE All Star! I am so proud of her!!

Please follow her jouney on her blog:

Here’s part of her SSS contest entry from last year:


“My weight problem was tied to my menstrual cycle – I mean, WOW, what an eye-opener!”

– Brenda Herrod: LOST 25 LBS!

***SUPER STAR SUCCESS CONTEST – Before and After Stats:***
Date: August 31, 2008
Height – 5’4″
Age- “39” and holding!!! 🙂
*Beginning weight – for Buffmother – 15 weeks ago – 141 lbs
*Beginning weight for SSS Contest – 10 weeks ago – 136 lbs
*Ending weight for SSS Contest – 118.5!!!!! (today 118!)

*Total loss = 23 lbs

*TOTAL inches lost = 36.25 inches!!!!!!! (gained ONE on calves)
*Body Fat % – 28.9% – 20% and NOW 16.3% at the END of SSS Contest!!!!!!!!

*Total Body Fat loss in 10 weeks = 12.6%

*Was wearing size 8-10 in clothing (pants, jeans…now can fit into size 4’s, 3’s and 2’s!!!!!) I love this change!!!!!

*Where are you in your journey?

I am very pleased with where I am at now. I want to MAINTAIN where I am at and continue to build muscle too. I plan to work on sculpting my abs, quads, glutes and hamstrings more now since I’ve lost the weight. I am just so happy to have lost so much body fat SO QUICKLY and become more lean. It is only 41 days until I turn 40 and I want to be in the best shape ever – fit and 40!!!

*Did you reach your goals and aspirations?

Yes I did! At first my goal was 125 pounds, and then 120 – which I reached in the last few days of the contest! It is very empowering to be in control and to know you reached your goals. Buffmother and hormonal timing has made such a difference in my life! I will continue to set new goals and always be focused! This will help me so much through my last year of graduate school.

*Where do you see this challenge brought you?

I had PERFECT timing for this challenge….I had just joined Buffmother five weeks before the contest started, so I had enough time to begin to understand the program and had lost five pounds before the contest began. It helped me learn how to have a clean diet and effective workouts. I kept my focus because I am motivated by turning 40 soon and the contest was big motivation too!

*Do you have any lingering concerns?

My main concerns right now are maintaining the level where I’m at, continuing to improve and staying healthy. I feel very fortunate not to have any ailments or body parts that cause pain or bother me! I know I’m in for a busy year with my final year of graduate school, teaching full-time and being a mom! But with the confidence I have gained with the Buffmother program, I know I can do it!

*Do you feel you made an impact on your legacy during this contest?

Definitely! I have showed my family, and especially my daughter – that you can do whatever you set your mind to and you CAN transform your body through making healthy food choices and working out. I’ve always tried to help my kids eat healthier and now since I am leading the example, it is working better. I’ve actually gotten more interested in cooking now too! I want to show them how great it feels to be fit and healthy for life!

*What is your REASON for doing this, your WHY?

I wanted to make the commitment to myself for better health and longevity. I am a happier and more complete person when I look better and feel better! I want to instill these values in my children and be an inspiration to my nursing students that I teach and patients that I care for. My parents both died from cancer and my brother had two types of cancer, so I hope that by choosing a healthy lifestyle I can decrease my chances and be around for my children a lot longer!!!! The 40th birthday coming up was HUGE motivation too!

*Did you feel the support group helped you stay on track?

YES! I loved our group, the Buff and the Beautiful! I am SO PROUD of how everyone did in this contest and really enjoyed getting to know them better! I was a co-leader with Dayle and tried to keep everyone motivated by checking their blogs and posting replies. We had a conference call that was good – even though we all were not able to get on! Dayle was awesome as a co-leader – I learned a ton from her experience in the Rally Room and she is SO motivating!

*What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 70 days?

I just jumped in and tried to get really involved in the Rally Room and looked at everyone’s before and after pics from previous contests, and learned as much as I could about HT, eating clean, and a variety of workouts. I loved reading everyone’s blogs and become super motivated by reading them. I felt like I had a whole team of awesome women behind me cheering me on – you know those BUFFMOTHERS!!! 🙂 Lisa was the best resource ever too! I read Michelle’s incredible HT Book and After Baby Abs, and RE-read them – they was like my “Bible” that I lived by this summer! I spent a ton of time reading magazines like Oxygen and M&F Hers as well as Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet Book and the Butt Book. I loved those too! Reading about fitness and nutrition inspires me A LOT and keeps me very focused.

*Did you reward yourself when you hit certain goals along the way?

I did recently by buying myself some new, smaller clothes that actually fit better! My absolute favorites are my Lucky jeans and capris – size 4!!!!! (also splurged on some new PINK Asics running shoes since I’ve been running so much!)

*What other thoughts are in your head at the moment?

I just am SO thrilled with my results and couldn’t be happier right now!!! I haven’t been in this good of shape since I was maybe 20 – okay – that’s almost 20 years ago now! WOW – I’m going to be 40 in about 40 days and feel in the best shape I have been since I was a teen! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

*Did you GET to know your body? Did you learn about your good c-days, your bad c-days, your weight fluctuations, etc…

Oh yes and I loved figuring it out! It is truly amazing how HT works. It totally makes sense. I was surprised to see my cycles get so much shorter, menses last a shorter amount of time, and less cramping! Learned to not worry about the bloating weight gain, and know that if I want to take off a couple pounds, I can do it! I’m a nurse and studying to be a nurse practitioner in women’s health more specifically, so this really intrigued me and is something I hope to help patients with someday. SO many women come in and want to lose weight! It is a common problem I will likely be dealing with a lot.

*Did anything surprise you?

Yes – that I actually could do it! And love it! I did it the RIGHT way too! NO starving myself or just eating salads all the time. I ate a ton this summer – every 3 hours – just more nutrient dense and clean eating foods that my body needs. It was not really that hard to stay away from the bad foods because I had a goal and was feeling SO good! I quit drinking Diet Dr. Pepper and drink a ton of water now – which I love! I used to drink several pops a day and even first thing in the am! I am also surprised at how much I absolutely love the Rally Room and what a great support that has been. The friendships made there are just very special and we all have something in common – the quest for fitness and healthy living. It’s enriched my life a ton by knowing all these incredible women, their trials and tribulations!

*Did anyone else’s impact you along the way?

Michelle – aka Buffmother – Need I say more? She is ONE superstar and is always so upbeat and full of fire! She is so smart to have figured this HT all out too! 🙂

Lisa – She is amazing! I so respect her for all she has done transforming her body and competing in figure! She introduced me to this, afterall. And she is just the fun, awesome same Lisa that was in my wedding and my college buddy!

Annie – She joined shortly after me and we figured out things together. We texted each other and talked a lot too! I learned a lot about clean eating and changing my diet as well as getting a lot of motivation from my friend of 14 years! Love all the NEBRASKA TEAM BUFFMOTHER girls!!! Looking forward to meeting more of them soon!

Dayle – She was the best co-leader I could have EVER have had on the Buff and Beautiful team. She was so energetic and positive all the time even having such a devastating loss in her family. She just amazes me!

Kermane, Linda, Leslie – Always blogging everyday and so good about sharing great information as well as cute and motivating comments!

Carrie Peck, Trish & Julie in CA – AWESOME! These girls are the BOMB to me! SO fun and positive all the time. They are inspire me! I love reading the competition stuff too.

Deanna, both Kims, Monica, Colleen (fitnblond5), Jessie, Karen in NJ – and other members of the Buff and Beautiful team – we ROCKED!!!! SO MANY others that I hope to get to know better soon as we continue on our fitness journey!!!! GOOD JOB BUFFMOTHERS! WE ARE ALL SUPERSTARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HERE IS MY BEFORE – 136lbs…Many more pics in my gallery and I did a photoshoot in a studio and will get those pics hopefully soon!!!!

Brenda of NE – I am very pleased with where I am at now, but I continue to have goals. I want to maintain, continue to build muscle, and increase my level of fitness. I am sooo proud to be 40 and in the best shape of my life!!

HERE I am!

HERE I am!!  I’ve been lost in a swirl of weekend fun and Monday madness~PLUS the 4th of July Excitement in making it hard for me to get any work done!  Freedom week!!  We are blessed to be FREE!!

To recap the end of last week:

Sat- 10 min run and 3 Sprints with lunges between
Sunday- Off

Today- 90mins of Tennis so far…we are heading back out again in a bit…Travis and I have a blast playing and improving!

My POA for the week is to fly by the seat of my pants~ no plan, no stress, no worries!!  BUT know I will get in many awesome workouts~ but I’m taking each one as it comes.

I’ll post more tomorrow,


Totally Terrific!

Life is Totally Terrific!! for me~ Except that…2 days in a row I’ve caused a computer glitch and lost my entire blog post! ACK!!!! I am saving this NOW before anything happens to it!!

I did chest/tri/abs on Mon with a pb of 155×1- the very very first time in my life I’ve ever benched that much all by myself!!  135x7times was another pb that day.  I did abs really hard too and ran intervals on the treaddy.  Weight was 132

Yesterday I did legs.

Today is Back/sh/Biceps and running intervals- my weight this am is 131 and it’s cday 5-  I am down 4 pounds since last Wed– HORMONES!!

The sent the SSS2 entries are TOTALLY AWESOME!!  Yesterday I forwarded them to the judges, so we should have the winner decided by next MONDAY!! Watch for the announcement!!

Have a Totally Terrific Day!!