Whew! I am beat~ and we are in the midst of an ice storm. ICKY!!

Anyhow…I just wanted to recap my past couple days- EATS have been PERFECT! that’s GOD for sure due to it being cycle day 26 for me.

And my workout mojo has been good too…Although my workouts have been about half as intense as usual due to my sciatic.

Tuesday I just did my testing;

Wed I did 10 mins on the elliptical then about 30 mins of stretching and some rehab exercises, then about 20 mins of VERY light weights:
Torso rotation machine
Abductor machine
Adductor machine
low back extensions

i then did a good run on the tready…after 6 mins warm up I did 15mins straight at 8 MPH (7:30 mile pace)- so that was 3:45 half mile pace x4 Continuous, lol!

Then today actually went to my MMA class which turned out GREAT! I was the only one there so I had an hour of 1 on 1 form training…we really focused on that! Then I went to the gym and did some 15mins on the r-bike, lots of stretching and a few abs,  some knee extension, calf rotation machine and smith butt squats.

My hips are sore from yesterday but my BUTT still seems to be improving, however NOT FAST enough for me. I can SEE MY BUTT is getting flat already from not being able to do an aggressive leg workout!

I hoped to test my 1/2 outside in my neighborhood tomorrow, but this ICE will prevent that!  Maybe next week!

My plan for tomorrow is to stay sane and try to get in a back workout.

Sleep tight, I am heading to bed!

Love ya,


March is TEAM BuffMother! Rally Room’s 1 year Anniversary!

Hey everyone!!

I am excited for this week and for what lays ahead in the next few weeks…this is truly a wonderful time of the year!! Today on tap I have quite a bit of “work” to get done.
Here is my POA for this week on my workouts:

M- light walk stretch, some light weights
T- track workout– fast striders
W- day off
Thursday- light run (about 12mins) stretch- eat, carb load for race
Friday- Track meet in Joplin, MO it starts at 4:30pm
Saturday- off (may revise this)
Sunday-off (and this)

Monday- START my BACK TO UBER BUFF challenge, lol!

Diet will be key for me this week, I need to have 100% full glucose stores come friday- so lots of oatmeal

AND–For those of you who don’t know…the Rally Room was 1 Year old this March 1st!!
It has grown from just a few charter members to having over 400 members~
It has truly been a success…and we have BIG plans for the future growth of the Rally Room. Just last week I sent several ideas to my web designer regarding updates to the RR. We will see fun new options added and a re-organized forum very soon!!

Currently in the RR we have a fun contest going on–Prizes to the top five essays on”Why I love the Rally Room”. If you are a member there please consider entering–the prizes will rock, I promise!

Have a GREAT MONDAY!! I know I will!!

Kick a$$-