Why don't Tuesday's get more credit?

Tuesdays are Terrific days!! Why don’t theyget more credit? Thinking back Tuesdays are always productive, high energy and enjoyable days~ that’s what kind of Tuesdays I am having!!!
I am sooooo ready to get my computer back and I hope I can today. My Hard Drive went out so I may have some work to do once I get it back from the shop…but hopefully it will work 10x’s better than ever once I get it rollin’ again.
The leg workout I had yesterday was a good one! I sure can feel it today and I am really excited to keep regaining my back strength…It’s feeling very good and getting stronger every workout 🙂
Here is the workout report:
warm up r-bike
45x10x2sets warm up
95x10x2sets- HIGHEST weight since I hurt my back around March/April- YAY!
Dead lifts
Smith lunges
Sissy squats
2 sets of about 25 reps~ focus on butt squeeze
Leg press- one leg at a time
one set of calves on this
Leg Extensions
Leg curls
75×10- weird cramping in my left hammie…so I went light on next 2 sets
Done! I was STARVING after this workout~ good time to EAT!!!
Today’s workout will be “traded” with tomorrows day off….I need the off day today~ but I may do some sort of easy cardio today.

High Expectations!

I have had HIGH expectations of myself all day today~ and guess what, I’ve risen to the challenge and have had a VERY successful day so far! I love that feeling!!

My workout today went like this:

Warm up- tanning and talking with my sissy
r-bike 10 mins
chest press 70x15x2sets

115×7,6, 5

Tricep bench dips
4×10 finished each rep with a inverted plank

Hammer strength seatedchest press

Incline Flys

Tricep extensions (skull crushers)

paired with bicep curls

A total of about 4 sets of abs during the workout~ I plan to do more later.

Ran intervals on treddy total of 18mins- 7 hard intervals (8,8,8.5×2, 9×3) I recovered at a pace of 6-7mph…I was very tired!

The rest of today has been spent working on my training programs, cleaning, organinzing, etc…the girls have been watching some movies.

My computer is in the shop until Thurs, so for now I have to share with the kids 🙂 It’s amazing how slow this old best of a computer is compared to my newer one! AND it’s also amazing how much the kids actually use it~ they are a totally different generation!

My POA for this weeks looks like a lot of cardio, heehee! I’ve got to shed the FLUF I gained over the 4 day weekend. I hope it goes away FAST! I’ll start no carbs tomorrow and keep that up until after my shoot. I really hold a ton of water from carbs and my body doesn’t lean up unless I really cut carbs. I always like to go into a photoshoot carb depleted and with as little water on my body as possilbe.

here’s the plan:

M-done with half over half of it~ chest, tri’s, abs, intervals +cardio …I have 30 mins left on the ubike

T- Starting the “NO CARBS”- eeek!! 20 mins warm up- LEGS and post lifting 20mins steady cardio

W-Back, Sh, Biceps, INTERVALS- sprints!!!

Thursday- chest/tri/abs +60mins cardio


Sat- start boosting! LEGS and food are in order!! and FUN UFC FIGHT NIGHT!!!

Sun- off day

I expect to see some AMAZING Results from my efforts this week~ you should too!! You can only get something if you EXPECT it!

Love ya!!


The Party is Started!!

We LOVE, love, LOVE the 4th of July around our house~ here in ARKANSAS it is legal to shoot fireworks year round and we’ve already started shooting them off the past 2 nights.  FUN STUFF!!!

So my 4th of July party has already started~ whoohoo!!!  I am also so very fired up because of all the GREAT FireCrackin’ success we’ve had here in the RR!!! 

The past 2 days my back/butt has really bothered me, but NOT anymore!! I got into see my chiro and he said my sacrum was “out”…I already feel better!!!   I ran on Monday and then yesterday opted to do upper body instead of legs to give my back a rest….I am sore from my Upper Body workout~ here it is:

push ups
20, 10with ppu, 10 with ppu

Incline Flys

knee ups on roman chair- 2 sets of 20

Seated Rows
4 sets of ? (can’t remember weights)
Biceps machine between sets
3 sets of ? (can’t remember weights)

Lat pulls

knee ups on bench- 2sets


Ab roller- 3 sets

Bicep curls- seated with db’s
20’sx10 alternating arms x3sets
Ab glide machine- 2 sets


I did a SWITCH-A -ROO with my workouts for the past 2 days~
My plan was:
Tues- Day 20~FCHupper body/abs/intervals(run outside)…c-day 3
Wed- Day 21~FCHOFF (errand day and KIDS activity day- the park?)
But since I spent 18hours straight working on my webiste yesterday I didn’t get in a workout~ I did have a little walk around the block with the family before the kids went to bed…it was nice! So I made up for it today with a GREAT workout!!!!!!!!!
Upper body/ABS/Intervals/extra cardio
Warm up- raced on the Expresso bike for 5:30 mins
Push ups 15x2sets
Seated rows
knee ups between sets- 2 sets of 20 (10 front; 5 ea side)
Assisted pull ups
roman chair knee ups- 20repsx2sets
Incline flys
ab machine between 2 sets until boredom
Bench Press
45×15 warm uo
Crunches and leg raises between sets
Intervals on the tredmill- 8 hard mins total
18 extra mins on the r-bike at the end I was good and sweaty!…I should sleep good tonight!!
Hope you sleep good too,

My Online Training Coming Soon!

Hey Ya’ll I am excited!!! I am getting all sorts of stuff accomplished on my website and soon I will once again have the time to take on personal training clients!!! My “sold out’ status has been up way too long!! I am very exctied about it…my goal is to start August 1st!
today is an officail DAY off~ so enjoy it!!
I had to “make up” a leg workout ….here’s how it went:
warm up 7mins on the Expresso*** r-bike at the gym;***Has anyone tried one of these before? they are an interactive/vidoe game like bike that you steer with handles and watch as you ride up and down hills on various courses against other riders. It’s really cool!
Leg press no weight…just for more warm up
single leg 6 reps x4 sets alteranting legs no rest between sets
walking lunges
30# bar on back x15
40# bar on back x15
leg extensions
90×10- quit these, the shin pad was messed up on the machine, OUCH!
leg curls- bent over singles
Sit ups between sets 30; 20
Smith lunges
hip adductioins
knee ups
3sets of 20
45×15…just 1 set, my back was being a bit weird. Better safe than sorry
Dead Lifts
45x5stiff legged+10conventional x 2sets
ran 6 mins slow…just for a little cool down

Plan to Succeed

Day 19~ FCH…Plan to Succeed!!
That’s my plan! I am going to have a killer next 10 days and I will reach my goal for this contest!!! Today, I’m planing to get my photoshoot schedueled for July 1…so that’ll turn up my RELENTLESSNESS 🙂
My POA for the final 10 days of the contest looks like this:
Mon-Day 19~FCH legs/abs/extra cardio…c-day 2
Tues- Day 20~FCHupper body/abs/intervals(run outside)…c-day 3
Wed- Day 21~FCHOFF (errand day and KIDS activity day- the park?)
Thurs-Day 22~FCHSTART BUFFING!! legs/abs/extra cardio…c-day 5
Fri- Day 23~FCHupper body/abs/intervals(sprintsoutside)…c-day 6
Sat- Day 24~FCHlong cardio day…I’ll shoot for 40mins total (10warm up; 20intervals; 10 cool down)
Sun- Day 25~FCH off…but start photoshoot prep
Mon-Day 26~FCH…photo prep…LEGS/ABS/extra cardio
Tue-Day 27~FCH…photo prep…Upper body/abs/intervals
Wed-Day 28~FCH…photoshoot; measurements; write up final entry
Let’s all plan to kick it hard this week~ you will see great results if you work it!!

I am STOKED!!!

I am getting things DONE today, lol!! the past 2 days I’ve been in a fog…don’t know what was up??? I honestly think it was a tish of a cold…my kids all have it a bit too~ I was just so tired!

Now today I feel like I’ve got some FOCUS~ and I’m super excited for getting my hair done at 11:45– I have roots BAD! and then I am going to workout after that! Yippie~! I am doing a back workout and going to work my body HARD!

My van has been in the shop the past 2 days, so I’ve been cramming the kids into Travis’ car~ what a pain…VANS are much better for little kids that can’t buckle themselves Laughing SO…I am going to walk and get my van this afternoon(it’s only a few blocks away)~ But still I am hoping it won’t be 200 degrees outside!
Well…Here is my workout REPORT~

warm up tanning
cybex pull down

2 sets of knee ups between

Hammer High lat pull
arms one at a time

Bicep curls w/barbell

knee ups on romanain chair
15 +15 leg upsx2sets

Lat pull downs w/v grip

Shrugs on smith
paired with hammer curls

Now off to the races~
p.s. my hair looks good!

Back on TRACK~ LEGS!

HI all~ well…My day yesterday went off track somewhere around noon, lol!
I was TIRED and DONE by 6:30….so I didn’t get my workout done, but that’s okay! I know some days things just don’t permit us to be SUPERHEROs, lol!!

So today I am DETERMINED to stay on TRACK!! I am home with my twins, they are such good little girls! Twins are really interesting to observe smile

I am refreshed and rocked Legs at the gym!! I should have been really strong as I weigh 4-5 pounds more than I did just 4 days ago from the NOXCG3 I’ve been taking
and NOW I’ve decided NO MORE creatine for me right now! I took if for a total of 5 days and that combined with the other 4 days on “old creatine” I am DONE! It served it’s purpose in helping keep me from “wicked” soreness, but it seems to give some joint stiffness/aches, feet cramps and bloats me BAD!…so that’s enough this round of Creatine. The next time I take it I’ll go for another variety and see if I respond without quite so many side effects.

Here’s my leg workout
warm up: stair mill 4 mins only smile

no weight
50 full ones in a row

Barbell lunges

Dead lifts (stiff leg)

Hanging knee ups
15, 12, 10

Knee extensions (various foot positions)
Leg curls feet straight

That was it~ and I am trying to get my eats on track still… I think I need to go grocery shopping… It would really help to have more healthy choices on hand.


Big focus on BIG muscles and BIG movements!

Hay, Hay, Hay!!

Great week!!! I am loving this consistency challenge~

I had a good leg workout yesterday- BIG focus on BIG MOVEMENTs!
That is the key to getting results. The foundation to my training program has revolved around using my BIG muscles and sticking to mostly BIG movements. Auxiliary exercises are not nearly as effective as the MAIN ones.
So keep that in mind when you are working out. THINK “what is the BIGGEST hardest exercise I can do right now for the BIGGEST muscles on my body?” And then do them…you will be amazed at how much more results you will gain.

Please read MUSCLE BURNS FAT! for more understanding about this concept.

here is my workout from yesterday:
warm up 8min r-bike
front squat (just trying these out again)

Dead lifts

Leg press
set of calves
180x20x2 squeeze butt
ab knee ups on roman chair between

Smith lunges
straight leg ups on bench between

my booty isn’t sore today :(…so I think I may add a couple sets of walking lunges to my workout today

p.s. It is Friendly Friday: make an effort to contact and encourage a friend

Raw Hamburger Booty and quick back wo!!

I am so Happy!!
MY ….Booty is raw hamburger

I accomplished my goal at the gym yesterday!

Another thing that makes me so excited and happy is how EXCITED all of the TEAM BuffMother! Members are about Week #2 in our Quest for Consistency Contest!!!

It is so fun to log onto the RR and not even come close to being able to “keep up”…that means all of you are on fire!!

My plan for the day is to get my head on straight for this week~ go shopping, clean up from the weekend “relaxation” and hit the Wal-Mart for some much needed shopping. I will get my back workout done this evening here at home.

I’ll edit this note later with my workout~
Keep up the GREAT job and Keep on being fired up to reach your goals and you will!!


Back wo tonight
7×3 pull ups
standing military press
Bicep curls
bent over lat raises