Why don't Tuesday's get more credit?

Tuesdays are Terrific days!! Why don’t theyget more credit? Thinking back Tuesdays are always productive, high energy and enjoyable days~ that’s what kind of Tuesdays […] Read More

High Expectations!

I have had HIGH expectations of myself all day today~ and guess what, I’ve risen to the challenge and have had a VERY successful day […] Read More

The Party is Started!!

We LOVE, love, LOVE the 4th of July around our house~ here in ARKANSAS it is legal to shoot fireworks year round and we’ve already […] Read More


I did a SWITCH-A -ROO with my workouts for the past 2 days~ My plan was: Tues- Day 20~FCHupper body/abs/intervals(run outside)…c-day 3 Wed- Day 21~FCHOFF […] Read More

My Online Training Coming Soon!

Hey Ya’ll I am excited!!! I am getting all sorts of stuff accomplished on my website and soon I will once again have the time […] Read More

Plan to Succeed

Day 19~ FCH…Plan to Succeed!! That’s my plan! I am going to have a killer next 10 days and I will reach my goal for […] Read More

I am STOKED!!!

www.BuffMother.com I am STOKED!! I am getting things DONE today, lol!! the past 2 days I’ve been in a fog…don’t know what was up??? I […] Read More

Back on TRACK~ LEGS!

HI all~ well…My day yesterday went off track somewhere around noon, lol! I was TIRED and DONE by 6:30….so I didn’t get my workout done, […] Read More

Big focus on BIG muscles and BIG movements!

Hay, Hay, Hay!! Great week!!! I am loving this consistency challenge~ I had a good leg workout yesterday- BIG focus on BIG MOVEMENTs! That is […] Read More

Raw Hamburger Booty and quick back wo!!

I am so Happy!! MY ….Booty is raw hamburger I accomplished my goal at the gym yesterday! Another thing that makes me so excited and […] Read More