The MAC and WRAP Legs

The “MAC” and “Wrap” +Legs!

So…yesterday I got caught up on my video demos for our booty sandwiches!!

I did the MAC and the WRAP and then I did my leg workout~~

MAC- repeat this circuit 4 times.

  1. M- MMA Squat- get in a “fighting stance”, hands up by ears to and squat 5 times; Jump to switch foot position and do 5 more.
  2. A-Abduction- simple laying side leg raises- lay on your side with head propped up on elbow.  Lift top leg up as high as you can without rotating hips open- you may want to point toe down to help activate your hip/glute muscles. Do 15-25 reps (to failure) on one leg and then repeat with the other leg. Be sure to alternate starting leg with each set
  3. C- Cross Swings- Stand with all your weight on right leg holding on to a chair or bar infront of you – lift left leg up to side and then swing it  A-CROSS the right leg in a controlled fashion.  Do 10 each leg and be sure to alternate staring leg with each set.



*HH sandwich*~WRAP (I’ll ADD video demo later)

  1. W- Wiggle It- Stand with legs slightly further than shoulder width apart. shift weight from one side to the other lifting right hip and bending knees of left leg to do so and switch back and forth giving a “wiggle” type dancing motions.
  2. R- Running Ups- Stand holding a bar or back of chair in front of you.  Bring knee up to chest (like running) and then extending foot back behind you about 1.5 to 2 feet with a “bounce” between.  Do 15 on each leg then switch.
  3. A- Adductions- Lay on your back with feet up in the air and butt propped up with hands. Made a V with legs being sure to get it as wide as possible and then close V and repeat.  SLOW and controlled for 10 reps. You can vary foot position to emphasize certain muscles.
  4. P- Pilate UPS- Stand with toes out like a ballerina, squat down low with knees out to side then extend all the way up onto toes with arms above you.  Repeat 5 times.

My workout was one of those I DID NOT want to do!  One of those “i hate working out days!” But I still did it!! 

I did: Dead lifts (stiff, Romanian, conventional) with 135# for the high sets Squats Heavy 1 heavy set of 155 the rest at 135

Lunges one set forward and on set reverse

with a bunch of other leg stuff between– Some of the moves from the MAC and WRAP, plus practicing for the FRISCO and the TUNA


A good hard solid workout!!  I also “tested” my hip flexor/quad and it feels better, so I’ll be good to go for a solid track workout tomorrow!!

FYI- I took my resting heart rate this morning and it was down to 41BPM my weight has been right around 127.  I’m getting in better shape!! GOTTA LOVE IT!


See ya later babes!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Oh Man! What is the deal with me?

Oh man!  What is the deal with me?

I’ve been fighting a severe case of the lazies the past couple months….which is often the case for me come fall/winter.  I have fought with the SEASONAL BLAH’s since my teens.  Some years are worse than others.  This year has been bad!  I have no gumption to do anything.  But the good news is that I seem at peace with that, lol!  I am totally content to do nothing- which is very odd for me!  I am a Type A, super GO GETTER, an ENERGIZER BUNNY type personality who is higly confused by this TYPE B personality I’ve displayed recently??

Despite my lazy thoughts and attitude I have been FINISHING STRONG (including posting daily challenges to help motivate others too!!)!  Wednesday, I logged a great leg workout and took yesterday off. (STILL on Track for my goal of getting in a workout AT LEAST every other day!!)

my boosting leg workout looked like this-

I felt weak due to little sleep the night before:

Squats 45×20, 95×10, 135×10, 155x6x3
Hip, quad and groin stretching between sets
Calf raises 90x15x3
Dead Lifts 95x20x4sets
Smith lunges 90x10x4 sets 2 sets on step
Leg Extensions 6 sets of 10 reps
Leg Curls- still feel weak on these in my left leg due to my sciatica
kneeups and ab wheel

Yesterday I weighed 128 on cycle day 22.  Cuji weighed in at 2.2 pounds~ I was not sore from my workout, the great thing about boosting hormones!

I started taking NO2 again last week and I think it’ll help with my energy!!  I Know it’s already working to some etentent in the SEX department!  I stopped taking creatine for now…I’ll stay off it for at least a month and see.

Today, once the kids get home….I plan on running outside- And then I’d like to get in a good Chest/Tricep workout after re-fueling with some food.  I’ve been a bit hesitant to go anywhere today because each time I leave my puppy she poops in her kennel and barks in protest the entire time.  If I wait to workout after the kids get home they can “watch her” while I get in a good workout.

Today’s finish strong challenge is to take progress pictures, which was inspired by Marcelia- who posted her’s today and has been a trooper about pushing though the blah’s herself.  Thanks for the inspiration!!!

“Finish STRONG!”- 15 days left until 2011… Your challenge today is to take progress pictures! Pictures are a great way to measure progress and Pictures don’t lie!! I strive to take them monthly with similar poses, shoes, attire, lighting, time of day and same cycle day. A dose of reality will keep you honest and help you FINISH the year STRONG!!

Confession Time!

I ate a bunch of JUNK yesterday!!!  Pizza, coke, rootbeer, ice cream, waffle bowl, choc and carmel syrup and a smore to top it off!  The only thing halfway decent I consumed yestrday was a pre-workout apple.  I honestly don’t know if I even got in 2 servings of protein for the day…What’s up with ME??  Seriously I have one of the worst diets sometimes~!  For those of you who can eat “clean” day in and day out, I am in AWE! I say that because even my BEST days are usually not what anyone would consider “clean”.

The good news is that I did get in my leg workout! Last night at 7pm-8pm- very late for me!

Here it is:

Warm up stair mill 5mins

Stretching, high knees and bw bulgarinas between sets

Seated calf raises
70x15x3sets (toes out, toes in, toes straight)

Dead Lifts
45×15 warm up
95×10+5 conventional x2 sets

45degree hack squat- just machine weight
30 reps various foot positions and emphasis on glutes alternating between rt and left leg x 2 sets

Leg curls

Smith butt squats- a new smith machine it has an angle to it
no weight x 1 set of 10 each direction= 2 sets
50×1 set of 10 each direction= 2 sets

Smith lunges
50×1 set of 10 each direction= 2 sets

Knee extensions
140×10 + 5 VMO focus

Roman chair knee ups
25 reps

I was tired so I called it quits…

Today we played tennis again for about 2 hours- it started raining right at the end.  We had fun!! I was laughing so hard I could barly hit the ball and I choked on my drink, lol!

My eats have been better today- more protein!!  I gotta go find some more food!!

See ya later!!