POA Week #6

Yesterday I didn’t get in my lifting as I had hoped, but that’s okay because I DID have a super hard run and got in […] Read More

2012 Interesting Stuff

2012 my goal was to “delve in 2012″~ And that I did!!  I experienced life in a very different way than any others.  My first […] Read More

Catch up~ Shine in 49: Day 28

Hi Ya!! So…I just wanted to catch you up a bit on some to the fun I’ve been having. On Friday I got a facial, […] Read More


OH Man!! Was I BEAT after yesterday…Thank GOD I don’t have to go anywhere beside the gym today!!  I am enjoying the laid back quality […] Read More

I’m Back!

Hey!! I’m back from my ski trip to Keystone…it was an amazing time!  I skied 2 days, fell approximately 30 times and have only 1 […] Read More

17 days to go…

17 days to go… It’s amazing how almost everyone in our 21 day contest is focused improving on their diet!! I love the determination and […] Read More

Wild Times Ahead!

I am very excited for the next several months, but it will be WILD Ride!!! My first football game is May 7th.  I am excited […] Read More

Time Management March

“Time management MARCH!” will be my theme for the upcoming month.  Why you ask??  Well, I am in a tish of a funk today…I think […] Read More

Live It!

Hey, Hey, Hey!! it’s that time again!! Time for a 10 week Official BuffMother! contest!!! I’ll be posting more details within the day in the […] Read More

Been Relaxing ~ LOVING it!!

I’ve Been Relaxing the past couple days and LOVING it!  By relaxing I mean doing less than my ususal, but I still keep busy.  Cooking, […] Read More