Gearing up for legs!

Yesterday at the gym a I witnessed a wheelchair bound young man working hard with a trainer trying to do the leg press.  I was inspired and so very thankful that my legs work….there is NO EXCUSE for me to complain about leg day!  I am getting ready to hit them hard!! SO THANKFUL I CAN!! My workout from yesterday was focused on BACK mostly, but I also did some shoulder, legs, abs and stairmill.


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This morning, I started working with a new client. She’s fired up to get STRONGER and I am excited for her potential!!  If you are looking for some guidance with your training, I offer online and in person training.  ALSO, here’s an easy idea for a workout…Do these 10 exercises- 3 sets of 10 for each move or you can do them as a circuit of all 10 in a row repeating the circuit 3 times. Click the links if you need help, there is a video tutorial for each with some tips:


I’m off now to do legs, including my JUMPSTART exercise for today.


Workout with someone~ SSS wk #5 Mini-challenge

SSS Week #5 Mini Challenge- Workout With Someone!!

Well this is week #5 already in the SSS contest~ AND so many of you are really kicking tail… This week we have a bottle of REGEN PM (sleep recovery supplement) to give away to whoever posts the most about “workout buddies”– use tag #buffmother and #workoutbuddy


Our mini challenge for the week  to “workout with someone” this week. Fitness is a fun, healthy activity for you to enjoy with friends, family, husbands, kids, new acquaintances, etc….
I know many of you regularly workout with partners, but many of us often go it alone.  WELL this week I challenge all of you in the SSS to workout with someone at least once this week!!!

GET it Booked NOW and have FUN!!!


p.s. Here’s a summary of the info coming your way this week– be sure to stay connected via my blog on!!

COACHING video– BELIEVE!! (week 05 coaching topic)

  • Some of MY BELIEFS
  • Belief Quotes


**PLUS**VIDEO Chat about Boosting BIG MUSCLES

  • Pull ups
  • One arm DB lat rows
  • Pull ups
  • Bent over Rows
  • Pull ups
  • Seated Rows on bowflex- focused on rhomboids
  • and MORE Pull ups!

Too Many Kids Tuesday

I’m out numbered…there are 7 kids in my house and I’m the only adult!!  It was a very productive day…got my nails done even.


4 tips to SLIM DOWN!!


Plus another video of 100 lunges~


Started my workout with 50+ lunges


Pull ups

6, 4+2negatives

Inverted underhand x10

Inverted over hand x10

Upright rows




Bent over rows
45×10, 65x6x2sets

Bicep curls

45×10, 65x5x2sets


40#KB bent over one arm lat rows x10x3sets

lateral raises




Standing DB militar25’sx10x3sets

Crunches, ab wheel, side crunches, knee ups


Curl machine 70×7

run intervals in treadmill…felt good

2 at 8.8 for 1:30

1 at 9.1…overall started slow but finished strong

finished with 50 final lunges
Time for me to go check on all these kids!!Have a great night!!-Michelle

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

off my HINEY

Yesterday was cycle day 23…enough said, lol!  No seriously it wasn’t bad at all…I actually had a good day! Today in contrast has already been a hormonal struggle~ I must remember “It’s just my HORMONES!”…Chill out Michelle!


Today is Day #2 of our HH Contest and in the forum post I talk more specifically about ways to really CHANGE your butt: BIG Butt Work


My butt goal~ build up/keep my butt muscles throughout my track training; My visual is of my own butt Hormonal Timing downladed e book 8-5-09.pdf_page_128_of_130


My butt habit to incorporate~ Lift heavier! I’ve been in “recovery mode” from a neck injury for the past couple months…now that I am healthy again it’s time to challenge myself on the weights.  Lower reps and higher weights~ Heavy lifting provides amazing muscle growth!

My butt habit to eliminate~ Sitting! get off my HINEY! I’ll be using my standing work station


Yesterday, I was really  sore and tired from Sunday’s track workout. But I did manage to do a short back workout

Bent over DB Lat rows- 2 sets Inverted Pull ups- 4 sets Ab Wheel- 1 set Lateral and front raises- 10#plates 1 set Bicep Curls- 2 sets Pull ups- one set of 8


Today my plan is to lift Chest/triceps/Abs and run hill intervals. I also need to take my butt starting pictures!


Off to get off my HINEY! I’ll be using my standing work station a lot over the next 3 weeks!

Have a happy day~


Gunner’s a TEEN!!

We’ll my son is 13 today!! wow!! that means I must be getting older, lol!  BUT not without a fight!

Look at how cute he was when he was 4

I just got done with intervals on the treadmill + some lat pulls. 30 mins total on tread mill- average of 7 mph– intervals at 8 and 9 mph, most incline at 2 some at 4. I wore these shorts– I like them, do you?

Yesterday I did a short back workout- inverted pull ups, bent over lat rows, shoulder press with barbell,  roman chair knee ups, 5 mins on the bike and 5 mins on my hoppity hop 🙂

That was all I could muster since I was dying from TOM…I feel much better today on cycle day 2.  Weighed in higher today at 133 (probably salty stir fry = hormones+ I had a bit more carbs in the form of rice and terriaki sauce)

Tuesday I got in a chest workout at noon then at 8pm ran 6 hills (1min long ones) and 4 fast sprints (100m)– first time I sprinted in a while. Feel it!




Dumbbell Lat Rows

Michelle Berger explains how to do a simple dumbell lat row exercise. Great for at home workouts.





Mind Muscle Connection
AKA Lawnmowers

Transcript: Dumbbell Lat Row

Hi, Michelle Berger here. I’m going to do a quick demo on how to do a one arm dumbbell lat row. Now this exercise is great for your back, great for at home workouts with dumbbells. A lot of people have a hard time figuring out exercises to do for their back at home. This is a very good standard back exercise that anyone can do with a dumbbell and a chair. So, we’ll start off – we have our chair here and our dumbbells down here, so let me go ahead and grab my dumbbell.

Then get secure on my chair. I want my knee on my chair and my hand on my chair. I want to keep my upper back nice and straight, I like to keep my lower lumbar curve in there. Then you want to stretch down with the weight, letting your arm hang down, then pull back up into your side and squeeze.

This is for your lat, so you want to make sure you’re working your lat. You want that mind muscle connection to be working this muscle. So as you bring the weight up really think about squeezing.

Now, I see a lot of people doing this as a quick fast motion. It should be slow and deliberate. Lats really respond to the stretching motion. So make sure they stretch down and then also make sure as you come up you squeeze that upper arm into the side of your back, really activating that lat, ok.

Now, a lot of people call these lawnmowers because they are just like when you start a lawnmower. So you pull – that pulling motion- with your lat.  Alright, make sure you do both sides. Don’t just do one arm and quit. Switch around to the other side and do 10 on the other side also.

This is a quick demo of dumbbell lat rows.

40 days to FIT!! Day 30~ a new CHART!!

I am so excited…I went to the local print shop and got a BIG poster of my HT cycle chart printed and laminated.  AND now that TODAY is finally cycle day 1~ I am going to start using it!  I’m going to try to video it too~ (thank GOD all the WILD thoughts from the longness of my cycle= 30 days; about being preggers are gone)

My plan for today is to get a little bit more work done and then head to the gym around 1:30 or so…Tonight is Gunner’s first FB practice, so I gotta get my workout done before that!

The plan is to do a good back/shoulders/biceps workout and intervals on the treadmill.

this is the workout I’m going to do:

Pull ups- assisted
Lat Pulls or Hammer Lat Pull
One arm DB lat rows
Rows or Hammer rows
Military Press or Dumbell Press
Upright rows
Lateral or Front Raises
Barbell Bicep Curls
Dumbell Hammer Curls

Then 20 mins of intervals on the treadmill Treadmill ~ 4 mins of warm up- 1 min  hard; 1min easy

Hope you have a good TUESDAY!!!  I hope to be back with a little video later.

Love ya,


p.s. here’s a fun at home ab exercise for you:

40 days to FIT!! Day 5~Rally Room "rest intervals"

Hey all!!

I am right in the midst of my workout and using my “rest intervals” for
Rally Room time!! I love it!!

My workout is going like this:

run 20 mins

3 rounds of sprints/drills:

Sprint 100m (fire hydrant to fire hydrant)
Walk 25m driveway to driveway
Walking High knees- 25m
Skipping High knees*- 25m
walk 25 m

pull ups
10, 6

3 sets of the following-
5 pull upsx10 bent over lateral raises with 15#db’s+ 5 upright rows

One arm DB lat rows- alternating arms no rest between sets

Now I am done and off to enjoy the family and some summer sunshine!!
Have a FAB Weekend!!!

your friend,
FYI~ during buffing I am eating really low carb- shooting for 3 servings per day- about only 75grams…it’s hard while I am on creatine, but doable.
and *here is a video of the “Skipping High Knee” drill I did today:

Terrific Tuesday

I had a super day today!! I feel just peachy 

Here is my workout
Warm up 10 min upright bike
Lat pull machine
90×10 single arms
100×10 single arms

Pull ups
9 underhand
8 straight
6 underhand
5 overhand
10 inverted


Free motion lat pulls*
*paired with military behind the neck

Bicep curls( free motion)

upright rows

One arm DB lat rows 45x8x2

Lateral raises 12.5 x 10 all the way up one arm at a time
Lateral raises 15 x 10 all the way up one arm at a time

Bent over lateral raises*

*paired with Hammer curls
20×8 slow and focus on popping delt out

Warm up on upright bike 4 min
On treddy all at 2%
Min 1-3 warm up at 4,6, 8 mph
Min 4 interval @10
Min 5 recovery @8
Min 6 interval at 10.5
Min 7 recovery @8.5
Min 8 interval @ 11
Min 9 recovery @ 8
Min 10 interval @ 11
Min 11 recovery @8
Min 12 interval at 11.5
Min 13recovery @8
Min 14 interval @ 10
Min 15 recovery @ 8
Min 16- 30 sec interval @ 12
1.5 min recovery @ 8
Min 18 – 30 second interval @12

Then rush off to pick up Gracie from preschool

A super workout all in all!!

Back and sprints with Mr. Berger!

Hi everyone-

I had a relaxing/exciting day!!
AND-I worked out this evening. First doing my push-ups…
45 again today
Then I did a at home back workout:
pull ups and modified pull ups on swingset
on the bowflex:
rows and lat rows
military press
lateral and front raises

and then for the first time in ages ran with my hubby.
We did 8 sprints fast and hard with a good amount of recovery between.
It was fun!
Now it is supper time and then Monday Night football and my favorite
Happy Monday Night,
I love you all, Michelle