Gearing up for legs!

Yesterday at the gym a I witnessed a wheelchair bound young man working hard with a trainer trying to do the leg press.  I was […] Read More

Workout with someone~ SSS wk #5 Mini-challenge

SSS Week #5 Mini Challenge- Workout With Someone!! HI GIRLS!! Well this is week #5 already in the SSS contest~ AND so many of you […] Read More

Too Many Kids Tuesday

I’m out numbered…there are 7 kids in my house and I’m the only adult!!  It was a very productive day…got my nails done even.   […] Read More

off my HINEY

Yesterday was cycle day 23…enough said, lol!  No seriously it wasn’t bad at all…I actually had a good day! Today in contrast has already been […] Read More

Gunner’s a TEEN!!

We’ll my son is 13 today!! wow!! that means I must be getting older, lol!  BUT not without a fight! Look at how cute he […] Read More

Dumbbell Lat Rows

Michelle Berger explains how to do a simple dumbell lat row exercise. Great for at home workouts. Category: Entertainment Tags: how to back exercise […] Read More

40 days to FIT!! Day 30~ a new CHART!!

I am so excited…I went to the local print shop and got a BIG poster of my HT cycle chart printed and laminated.  AND now that TODAY […] Read More

40 days to FIT!! Day 5~Rally Room "rest intervals"

Hey all!! I am right in the midst of my workout and using my “rest intervals” for Rally Room time!! I love it!! My workout […] Read More

Terrific Tuesday

I had a super day today!! I feel just peachy  Here is my workout Warm up 10 min upright bike Lat pull machine 70×12 […] Read More

Back and sprints with Mr. Berger!

Hi everyone- I had a relaxing/exciting day!! AND-I worked out this evening. First doing my push-ups… 45 again today Then I did a at home […] Read More