I see last weeks LUNGES!

It’s so fun that I see last weeks LUNGES on my booty!! It inspired me to add some lunges back into my workout today…

Chest/Tri/Abs and some bi’s + lunges and intervals
Warm up bike 5 mins
95×15 (forgot to add weight so I added reps)

Incline flys
30’sx10 easy

Bench tri dips 2 sets x10
Tricep extensions
55×6, 50×7

In between sets did 2 sets x20 reps knee ups on bench, hyper extensions 2 sets, side lungs 15 reps each leg, step lunges 15 reps each, jumping lunges x20 total, knee ups x15repsx2sets, Stationary lunges 15 reps each, Bicep curl machine 55x15x2sets, 65x10x2sets and stanging pose flexes 20repsx2sets

Intervals 20 mins 2.24mi total, easy mins at 6mph, hard at 8mph x 7 total felt pretty cruddy, took a 1 min stretch break after the first mile which helped

Yesterday I did Back/Shoulders and biceps…still at 5 pull ups only, hoping that by the end of the SSS I can pump out 10. I had intervals hanging over my head, but decided to push them to today.

I am 4 for 4 on lifting workouts and 2/3 on intervals so far

Scared I’m getting a cold, been having a runny nose, etc… all afternoon.  But, it may just be side effects from being out by the fire last night– that smoke can do that!  Can you see the bird in the flame from our fire last night?

Eats have been good the past couple days.  Doing eggs in the morning, salad for lunch and then a rather normal dinner– tonight was meat loaf. I really don’t have an appetite right now, it’s so nice!! Also eating an avocado and beets daily

This morning I weighed in at 138.8, down another pound!! YAY!…Gotta love cycle day 6~  so weight is back to where I was at the start of the contest, lol!  On the 11th/12th Travis and I have a little “get away” planned, so I am hoping to be 135 by then.  It’d be so nice to fit into my jeans!

Time to chill, have a good night!


p.s. congrats to Rhonda, she won our #lunges Challenge next week and gets a free choice of her free product from

last 2; next 2

www.BuffMother.comWell I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 weeks of my workouts…coming back from 2 weeks off I’ve felt FRESH and my body has been LOVING my workouts. I’ve just been lifting and doing virtually no cardio…the only time that can count as cardio has been my warm ups on the r-bike smile

If you have never tried “just lifting” you should! Remember that lifting does burn a ton of calories (often times more than cardio), is good for your heart, your joints, your bones, your cholesterol, your hormones, your flexibility, etc… Don’t feel that you ALWAYS have to do traditional CARDIO to lose fat or weight…that’s actually a lie.

Back to my report…
I only missed 1 workout during the last 2 weeks (a chest/tri one)…that was on Monday when I was just WHIPPED for some reason.

Anyhow, the creatine I took served its purpose and helped me to not get sore…I stopped taking it on Tuesday and I am MUCH sorer this week.
The NO cardio has really helped my ankle sprain heal…It has now been 2 months and it finally feels about 90%!
My booty challenge is going GREAT!! I KNOW my butt looks way better than it was 2 weeks ago The yay yippee guy I’ve really loved the 100l unges and 100 squats…I’ve been trying to do several varieties to hit my booty from all angles. Another thing that I KNOW has helped my butt are CATS, they really help create a good lumbar curve in my back and that helps the booty look lifted The Poser

My POA for this week (same for the next 2)
M-Chest/Tri/ABS/Booty INTERVALS (run)
W-BACK/Shoulders/Bi’s INTERVALS…boooty too!
Th-Chest/Tri/ABS Booty Intervals (run)
S-am fasted run then possibly lift back/sh/bis….DATE to Local CAGE FIGHTS!!

My lifting will be more of a circuit style (but still HEAVY) and I am shooting for my workouts to last no longer than 60 mins total…so short sweet effective and sweaty!
My Goal is to end the week at 124 for my date…I am 128 today, but bloated and toxic at the moment…my “REAL weight” is closer to 125.

Well of to REST,

I believe this is Gunner’s last day of school!

It is finally here, Gunner’s LAST day of School for the year…he is having field day starting at 12:30.  DH and I are gonna go to it, should be fun!  I remember fondly my field days from elementary school, it was the BEST day of the YEAR!!!

I am blown away by how FAST this week has gone~ I swear it has been the FASTEST week of my life!  VERY WEIRD!!  Must be because I am now 32?  My Mom used to always tell me that time goes by faster as you get older- she was telling the TRUTH!

I got in a good booty workout yesterday~ I tested my ankle a bit more by including LUNGES…they are hard to do with an ankle sprain

Warm up elliptical
3 mins HARD- short on time
45x20wide stance
95×10 wide stance
135×10 wide stance
135×10 close stance
135×10 normal stance

paired with hip abductions 4 sets of failure- heaviest at 90

Dead lifts
135x10x1 close stance and 1 wide stance
135×12 conventional- I’ll go heavier on these next time
paired with adduction 2 sets to failure

Walking lunges
60# barx15x2

lower back extensions

Smith Lunges
Smith squats

Knee extensions

and of course my vacuums

yesterday’s weight was 125- shoulders are showing leaner, so are quads…just need the butt and gut to come along next so I am off to work on that now :)…I am going to attempt a run (first since the sprain)!!

Keep Believing!
p.s. happy friendly Friday (go out of your way to be extra friendly today)

Belief Quote of the day:
“Four things for success: work and pray, think and believe.”
-Norman Vincent Peale

I won!! from last night and Today~

I am so happy…. I won my race tonight and it WAS a blast. Thanks for all your cheering on and support.
I wouldn’t have ever made it without all of you

Off to have a POST race date with my sweetie!

p.s. I’ll post video an pics tomorrow!!

I can barley walk today, I am SO SORE, lol! It feels so good!!! All night and all morning I have been on cloud 9!!! Closure has happened and it feels so good

Here is the video

Here is the link to some photos
track meet pics

Thanks again everyone for your sweet support!!!

Plastic surgery should be a last resort

This is exactly what BuffMother! is trying to over come. This doctor playing off the myth that you can not be buff after having kids. He is basically saying that this woman had done all she could through diet and exercise (which is obviously false). She could have made vast improvements to “bulge” without turning to the knife.

I am all for certain procedures, like boob~ as it’s obvious that mine are not natural 🙂 …my point here is that the doctor’s ad says:
“FACT diet and exercise may lessen this tummy bulge but it will NEVER get rid of it”.  That’s just bologna!

I beg you…if you are thinking about having surgery to rid your body of your tummy bulge, make sure you do everything in your power through diet and exercise before you have your body cut apart.

You can be Buff after having children!