Value your Muscle!! ~Shine in 49: Day27

Value Yourself and Your Muscle

What does it all boil down to? Valuing our health vs. Neglecting it: As women we seem to often times be selfless, giving, giving, giving… often times forgetting that we need to take care of ourselves, so that we can continue to bless those we love.

I am a prime example of this as a mother neglecting myself was a BAD HABIT. My eating, my dietary needs and my workouts used to have to fit in as an extra around the rest of my life. Only when I changed the value I put on my heath did I realize my true potential in life.

A big part of the process to learn to value my health, was for me learning to value my muscle mass. For years I had taken my metabolism and figure for granted… that is until it was GONE!! I realized muscle, was the key to so many aspects of my well being. Without it I was fat, tired, weak, less attractive… but with it I am lean, energetic, strong, and confident!

Now I hold my muscle in high regard and feed it what it needs so it won’t wither away. A key supplement that I have fallen in love with is L-Glutamine. I use it after my workouts to supply my muscles with this very essential building block of my body.

I also recommend it to all of my clients and hear rave reviews about its positive effects.

Here are just some of them:

  • Decreased muscle soreness – actually in some cases eliminating soreness all together
  • Increased stamina, leading to more frequent and intense workouts
  • Increased strength gains – this is key for all of us trying to rebuild our metabolism
  • Phenomenal hair and nail growth- what a nice bonus!!

Key points to keep in mind about L-glutamine:

  1. L-glutamine is great at preventing muscle loss when we are in a fasted state- so the best times to take it are immediately after a workout, before bed and immediately upon waking in the morning— SAVE that muscle you’ve worked so hard to get.
  2. In order to see results 5g once a day is all that is essential…if for instance you are extra sore from an intense workout—go ahead and take more…up to 15g a day.
  3. Also know that l-glutamine is in most every protein source also, so taking a supplement is not 100% necessary, but if you are like me and not always perfect at my diet…you should consider taking it.
  4. Your body requires more water to process any extra amino acids in your body. L-glutamine is the most prevalent amino acid in your body and if you take extra you will need to drink more water. Also note that it may cause you to retain a little more water than usual (1-2 pounds). So be aware that if you feel bloated or puffy the l-glutamine could be causing slight water retention—the best way to prevent the bloat is to drink a ton of water (1-2 gallons daily

I’d love to chat with you more about how much I love L-glutamine!! You are more than welcome to join me in the Rally Room (the best women’s only support group on the web)—we talk frequently about supplements and offer tons of advice about utilizing them for optimal effects.

It works if you work it~
Michelle Berger

Bring on the STRONG!

Well ladies, the first week of “Finish STRONG” has gone spectacular for me!

I’ve met my goals to workout at least every other day this point and my mojo is just getting rollin’…

On Saturday I got in a great little upper body workout:

Pull ups- 3 sets to failure, 9, 8, 7.5
Push ups- 3 sets to failure- first set I lost count but did well over 30, second set 30, 3rd set 25

Latera and Front raises 2 sets of 10 each with 15#DB’s

Then we went hiking as a family for 1.5 hours and I got my 100 lunges done then

Sunday was OFF- I felt really good for cycle day 4!  FUN!

Monday- LEGS @ gym…this was the first day and workout that I felt like I’ve recovered from my cold- 2 weeks of it!  I am so happy to be healthy!

4mins warm up r-bike

Dead lifts-

Calf raises- seated 70×10-15reps x3sets

Leg Press- machine x25 +10 single legs
90+machinex 10 full + 20 short for butt
Calf raises on leg press

Leg Extensions- 150x10x2
Leg Curls-

Walking lunges
2 sets 55# bar on back x30 steps

One set Knee ups on roman chair- 45 reps (some to sides included)

I am really sore and feeling this workout!!! WooHoo!

These next couple weeks I have a HOUSE Focus on getting one wall of my totally cleaned each day…Yesterday I started with the stove/refrig wall in my kitchen- YUCK I pulled the stove away from the wall for the first time in 8 years and ICK! It was a mess!

Just in case someone missed a challenge or is starting late, here are the first week’s “FINISH STRONG” Challenges:

  • BuffMother!

    ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 32 days left in 2010- Today’s challenge is to take your supplements. A good base for women includes a muli-tvitamin, calcium and my Hormonal Timing Pills (supporting your natural hormone production)…after those some great ones to include are Fish Oil, Vitamin E, C, A and extra amino acids like L-glutamine, L-creatine and NO2 (L-arganine). Keep your body STRONG!!

  • ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 34 days left in 2010- Today’s challenge is to plan your diet and workouts for the week. The preparation will help ensure your success….and always have a back up plan because life happens! Be determined to get it done no matter what- NO EXCUSES!!! We Will Finish STRONG!!

  • ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 35 days (just 5 weeks!) left in 2010- Today’s challenge is to integrate 100 walking lunges into your workout. Walking lunges have been proven the most effective exercise for activating your GLUTES! I love the BOOTY BURN lunges give!! With consistent lunging- You can LIFT YOUR BUTT before the new year!!

  • ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 36 days left in 2010- Today’s challenge is to regain your focus. Don’t let a 1 day holiday turn into 4 days of bad eating and off workouts! Focus on eating protein, greens and fruits today– and GET moving!! Champions are made on the weekends! YOU are a Champion!!

  • ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 37 days left in 2010- Your challenge today is to BE THANKFUL! Give thanks to God for your family, your body, your mind and your spirit! Thankfully, Enjoy the decadence of the HOLIDAY! God Bless YOU!


    ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 38 days to go- Your challenge today is to Build your BELIEF! make a focused effort to find inspiration: look up success stories, read a fitness magazine, look at fit model pictures or find a hot body to admire at the gym- chances are they weren’t born like that! You can attain your DREAM~ the first step is to BELIEVE!!! ♥ Please share the inspiration with us~ I BELIEVE we will Finish 2010 STRONG!!!

  • ‎”Finish STRONG!”- 39 days to go- Your challenge for today is to determine where you are at now- take your current stats, pictures, measurements and note your thoughts. Knowing where you ARE is vital for getting to your destination ♥ Stay accountable by posting a comment! Let’s finish STRONG!!!

  • ‎40 days left of 2010- Let’s “Finish STRONG!”- Your challenge for today is
    to determine your attainable goal (for the 40 days) and to clean up your
    diet! NO JUNK! Report in with a comment please~


    with 40 days to go in 2010 this would be perfect timing for you to enlist in our 40days to fit challenge!

    Join the Challenge!!! It’s simple…sign up here and I’ll send you a daily e-mail for 40 days. Name Email All you need



Let’s keep the focus~ and make every last day count!!



Pickles & Peanut Butter!

Pickles and Peanut butter!! have been a consistent snack of mine these past few days…it’s so YUMMY!! You must try it!!
Anyhow…I am FREE!! My kids went to school Monday~ yay!! I just love the peace and quiet. I even took a nap – I came home from dropping the kids off, did a load of dishes, cooked myself 4 sunny side up eggs and some sausage, then SNUGGLED in for a 2+hour nap! It was the BEST way to start this week!!!
I’ve determined that my back/butt/sciatic issue may actually be a bulging disc issue…I didn’t think it was at first due to my butt muscles being so tight- BUT now that the injury is older and my symptoms fit, disc issues seem to make the most sense. I’ve been in a lot of pain for over 2 months now with this nerve issue and It’s affecting my entries life. With that realization and REGRET, I am going to be taking it REALLY EASY on my workouts for the next several weeks. I plan to take many days off entirely- I feel REST is the only way for me to heal
I hate to have to take time off not so much because I love to workout (I don’t actually like working out); I just HATE the thought of losing my current fitness level. I hate the “starting over” stage of working out. It makes me so sore and tired, etc… Avoiding that pain is huge reason why I consistently get my workouts DONE!
At least for the moment I have can celebrate the fact that I hit my end of Buffing Goal- I weighed 125 this morning!! It’s cycle day 17 and I’m going to start Boosting immediately (more in my diet and supplement routine- as I am NOT going to be working out much). I am going to take CREATINE again as it has really seemed to help my back in the past.
here are the list of nutrients I WILL take to help me heal also:
NOXS- AKG form of l-arganine
Vitamin D3
Vitamin C
Boosting Pill
Multi- Adult Chewable
Move-Free by Shiff (Joint Supplement)
Fish Oil (anti-inflammation)
Vitamin E
Sodium (sea salt)-3 1/8tsp daily with water to help hydration
Wow…that’s quite a list, but I am DETERMINED to get this back healthy and KEEP it healthy!
I’m going to miss finishing the “Just Do It” contest with you…but I expect we’ll repeat the contest in the future…maybe this summer- and I’ll be HEALTHY for it that time!
My DH is home (an is EXHUASTED) from his hunting trip to MN. He WALKED a ton on DEEP snow trying to kill some Coyotes and Fox. NO LUCK though- he thinks the snow was too deep…But he still had a blast. Today is his 40th Birthday~
We are going to HANG out all day. I plan to give him a lot of LOVE AND probably go bowling too…that should be fun!
I’ve already cooked him eggs for breakfast in bed…just waiting for him to wake up…And I’ve been baking chocolate cup cakes. I plan to make a “40” design with them
AND in other “Gifts” I’ve been painting while he’s gone. I painted our room a nice aqua blue and got some new curtains. It looks great! I’ll take some pictures for you soon.
But for now~ I am OUTTA HERE! Have a great day, see ya tomorrow!!

Scales are STUPID!!

Okay–You’ve heard it before and you will surly hear it again- SCALES ARE STUPID!!

As you may know I have been “buffing” now officially for a full week, my starting weight was 128-129, I thought I had made progress –on Sunday I was 127–but apparently I was dehydrated(which make sense since I had half a HUGE bottle of wine on SAT night–bad girl)–because I’ve weighed 128-129 all week! Also I need to mention that I am on NOXCG3 and that is the culprit for the loss of loss on the scale.
Typically I do not take anything that makes me retain water (like creatine and even l-glutamine) while on a “buffing” phase- BECAUSE I can’t get over the mental barrier of not seeing a huge difference in my body when I put in so much extra effort.

Now last night I ran, did sprints and didn’t eat before bed and I still woke up at 128.8 pounds! I am kinda frustrated by that since I had a goal of getting to 126 by tomorrow–BTW that will not happen, lol!!

BUT- I am making progress here is why:
I am getting leaner- my six pack is almost in full view
My booty is getting slightly smaller
My shoulders are now “popping”

I still have one more week of “buffing” so I will stay the course- keep taking my NOXCG3 and see what happens…If I stay 128…so be it–BUT I will be leaner- BY GEORGE!!

Here is my workout from today-
warm up r-bike 10 min–felt horrible!
Then Cybex lat pulls
130×10 felt horrible

Assisted pull ups
wide 40#x4 felt horrible…so I needed to fix this problem–Here is what I did
Drank a protein shake and went tanning 🙂
Then started again- Much better this time around–FOOD works wonders :wow:
Cybex lat pulls
paired with bicep curl machine

Lat pulls wide
paired with weighted broomstick rotations- for the obliques(my back is finally what I would consider”healthy” for the first time since forever!–which means since I was 17 I’ve had very bad lower back issues–which got much worse by bearing childeren–post Gunner I was “laid up” a lot –the last time I was “laid up” was a year ago now–the key has been regaining my lower lumbar curve with exercises like CATS and deadlifts–So until about 2 months ago “rotation type exercises” were a NO, NO for me and my tricky back–now I am working to regain healthy core rotation–It is going GREAT)
25 reps each sidex3sets

Seated rows
full extension
90×12 fast, explosive movement

lower back extensions

Isolateral behind the neck hammer pulls

Standing free bar shoulder press (behind neck)

laterals one arm at a time
arms together
upright rows with dumbells

knee ups and pikes on bench straight forward
40reps about

r-bike 7 min
20 min of intervals(some forward and some backward) and silly movements 🙂

that’s all!! LOL!

Heavy Legs!

Well I am ON fire to lift heavy!! it has been a few months–maybe like 6-7 since I have taken any creatine…so I am giving it a whirl for a week at least–I get HUGE really fast so I am only gonna take it until I reach 130…Starting point was 126 this am.
The products I am taking are xyience NOXCG3 and the xyience fat burner- xcellerate- along with my usual supps of fish oil, b-6, magnesium, calcium, multi and l-glutamine.

Here was today’s workout-
Warm up elliptical 8 min
Squat warm ups full- 45×10
sissys- 20
Squat parallel
185×3!!- have not even attempted this heavy since I was in College, felt great my legs are strong enough, just my back is the limiting factor

Free bar lunges


Knee extensions
130,150, 170, 170 all x10 various angles
Leg curls- hammies still sore from wed

Walking lunges

That’s it!
I have a busy day on task–one thing I MUST do is get my laundry put away- I actually had a nightmare about laundry last night…I dreampt that I had boxes and baskets full of it- all washed and folded, just waiting to be sorted and put away~ that is not far from reality, and is my constant nightmare!! I can’t wait until these kids are at least old enough to put away their own laundry–actually Gunner does!! so that helps a bit, now to get my 36 year old to put away his?? any ideas??

Have a good day!

Wednesday Ramblings

We are home, I had a great workout.
Shoulders, Bi’s and Tri’s

The girls are eating their lunch. Corn Dogs and Hot dogs…I know BAD, but at least some protein Smiling
Also they will have some soybeans, they like those.

For me here is what I have put down the shoot so far today
1/2 one way bar on the way to the gym
Tons of water, yeah!!
1 grean drink, 2 cups of coffee
1 spike supplement

Post workout:
6g l-glutamine
and I am going to eat a boca burger and then a meal replacement shake
so about 3 p’s, 1 C

Later I will have some GREENs and I’ll be back to post my workout in a tish


I’m Back!!
As I mentioned earlier the only parts of my body that are not sore at the moment are my Shoulders, Bi’s and Tri’s

So that was today’s workout:

Warm up on the Elliptical
8 min while Chatting with my friend Shay…she is one of my clients, a beautiful positive lady.

Shoulder press: 75×15,105×10,120×10, 120×8
paired with
Bicep curl Machine: 50×25, 60×15, 70×10 short, 70×12

Curl bar curls (not sure of the wt of my curlbar?) I am assuming 15#’s
55×4,50×6 wide,50×8 wide,50×10 medium, 50x6close
paired with
Behind the head standing military
55×8, 50x8x3sets

Tricep Extension
paired with
Hammer DB curls (alternating arms)

Lateral Raises
paired with
Arnolds presses one arm at a time
25×5, 20×10, 25×4, 20×6

Rotator cuff
10×15, 8×15

Rear delt flys
10×20, 10×10, 8×15

Tricep kick backs

Tricep push downs (strait bar, bad cable machine)

Time was up…
weight today 124.5
surprised since I am very sore in my back and legs

All in all it was a good workout…I plan to do some intervals on my r-bike now while I watch Joyce meyer on my computer

I love hearing a good message Smiling