March “Team BuffMother” News

Hi all!! I expect many of you are enjoying “Spring Break” with your kids during this month.  I am headed into Spring Break next week…so I thought I’d take some time while I have it to give you some news!!

  • Last week we finished up our “21 day Kick the Habit” contest- I have gathered the entries and will be announcing the winners later this week.  Each winner will get a FREE Long Sleved “BuffMother!” t-shirt. Perfect workout wear for your “warm up” time at the gym or your chilly morning cardio! If you missed the contest, don’t fret…I’ll be publishing the 21 day program as a FREE downloadable e-book for all of TEAM BuffMother to be available this April.
  • We will be having a 10 week Team BuffMother contest staring at the beginning of April.  This year I’ll be sharing my private coaching videos with you as we go along through the 10 weeks.  It’s a ton of GREAT info and you’ll be continually inspired which will help you stay consistent through the 10 weeks!!  The winner will get a Miracle 8 training package with me– a $2000 Value!!
  • The updated website is almost complete!! My team of experts have been working hard toward making it fresh, new and pretty! The next update task will be our Rally Room.  Thanks for all your support and promotion of!! Without your commitment I couldn’t afford to keep investing into the site~ You ROCK!!
  • Team BuffMother is doing the Warrior Dash in Kansas City on May 5th…EVERYONE Is invited!! Our team wear is based upon LMFAO’s song “sexy and I know it”….I’ll be having tanks printed for all participants–but the rest of our outfit is up to you, some ideas include- wild animal print pants, headbands and gloves– white retro sunglasses, fishnet stockings for under your shorts- a crazy afro wig- some rapper bling, etc…Let’s have fun~ “I WORK OUT!”; “Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Yeah!”!!!
  • I am currently taking on new online training clients.  My most popular program is the 6 week Customized training package…details are below.  For more info feel free to email me directly at
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      6 week Custom Hormonal Timing Plan ebook abs


      6 Week Custom Hormonal Timing Plans: I’ll create a customized Hormonal Timing Diet, Exercise plan and supplementation program based on your hormonal cycle as well as hundreds of other variables. This is the best way to learn how to live a Hormonal Timing Lifestyle because I’ll design the program specifically for you. I’ll begin by learning every critical detail about you. Then, I’ll use this information to map out a very specific strategy so you can hit your personal goals as quickly as possible. I strongly suggest you start out with this 6 week program because I do all the work to figure out your specific diet as well as your exercise program according to your cycle, present state, your goals and the equipment you have access to. This means there is no guesswork on your part. Simply follow my directions as they are laid out specifically for you! It’s the fastest way to learn about Hormonal Timing. If you lack patience, like I do, you’ll want to get started quickly so you can see results as fast as possible! I promise to custom design a perfect Hormonal Timing POA made just for you. With me as your coach, failure is not an option!

      • We’ll start with an initial client fitness/diet questionnaire to assess you fitness and diet history • I will then do a complete questionaire and photo analysis to assess your current status and focus on the specific actions you need to attain you most beautiful physique. • I will provide you with a 6 week personalized workout plan to fit your hormones, current fitness level, specific needs (home or gym workouts) and goals. • I will also provide you with a customized 5-4-3-2-1 Diet™ and meal plan including supplement recommendations • I will be available to you via e-mail for initial program questions and will offer constant support throughout your program via the Rally Room. • Mental Strategies and tools will be incorporated to help you attain Belief, keep a positive mental attitude, live with a legacy perspective and keep positive momentum.

Let’s attack it this spring so that we can be Buff and Beautiful in our Bikini’s this summer!!

I am off to get some work done and then my WORK OUT!! I workout!!


7 days to Go!!

Just 7 days to go in our 21 day kick the habit contest!! That’s just ONE WEEK…
I know you can focus for 1 week~ WE GOT THIS!!

Today’s post:

Hit it hard!! I’m watching you, lol!!

My plan for the week.. is to lift a bit heavier this week.
The last couple I have been doing sets of 10 now this week I am going to go to sets of around 6 reps.

Here it is:
Workout at noon with dh…lift chest/tri’s and do intervals(most likely run)

Workout:back/bi’s/shoulders intervals or spin class 🙂

Workout:LEGS!! I love leg day. The goal is a sore butt and I will get one!

Run intervals outside and some sprints!!

Friday: Workout: Chest/tri’s and spin? or intervals on upright bike

Sat: PICTURES??? I never got my starting contest pictures done, I am way over due for a set of progress pics…the last ones were done in early Dec
Workout: Back/Bi/Shoulders and run outside

Sunday:Church…we will make it this week!!

I am so excited for the week!!


7 Days to Go! “Top of the HOUR” to YA!!

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Sat, 2012/02/18 – 2:46pm — BuffMother

7 Days to Go!

Just one week– you and I can focus for 1 week…we can do it!!
Today’s task is simple– I want you to ask yourself this question at the top of every hour:
“What do I need to do right now to move towards breaking my habit?”

Here are some of how I expect to answer:

6:00am- Get my young and spry body out of bed!! GET UP!!!
7:00 am- Kiss my kids goodbye for the day…make sure they know I love them
8:00 am- Eat some eggs and then Clean my Kitchen
9:00 am- do my online time
10:00 am- eat a mid morning snack of an apple
11:00 am- prepare my errands for the day- post office trip, trip to dry cleaners, etc.
Noon- eat a healhty clean lunch like: romain/spinach salad with chicken, olives, tomoatoes, nuts and some ranch dressing
1:00pm- clean the kitchen up
And so on….

Use the top of each hour as a cue to keep asking yourself “what do I need to do right now”… to progress towards my short-term and LONG TERM Goals!

Workout ideas for today-

Lift Lower body Circuit


3 sets x15 reps
Calf raises
Stationary lunges
Romainian Dead lifts
Ball Leg Curls
Laying side leg lifts

Lift Back


Pull-ups (assisted)
Upright rows
DB Bicep curls
Lat pull downs
Bent over lateral raises
Standing DB W-Military
Crunches 3×15 slow
Barbell bicep curls
Knee Ups- to front and sides

Focus, Focus, Focus and Do what you need to DO!



It’s working!! top of the hour cues!!

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Mon, 2012/02/20 – 10:52am — BuffMother

The task for today is working “Use the top of each hour as a cue to keep asking yourself “what do I need to do right now”… to progress towards my short-term and LONG TERM Goals!”…I’m staying focused, keeping my kitchen clean and getting stuff done!


Yesterday was a great day off…I worked outside clearing some brush, burning some brush and found that my tulip bulbs that I planted last fall are sprouting.  I had planted them upside down and thought they wouldn’t work, but at least some of them found their way to the surface :garden:

The twins and I also practiced some softball…they are total beginners and it’ll be fun to see how they progress this season.  Gracie did really well at her try out, but the poor girl got hit in the shin with a grounder!  She’s convinced she does NOT want to play anymore, which is really too bad!!!

I missed my second leg workout last week, so that’s on tap for me and my workout buddy, Gunner, today!  Everyone is healthy here finally and I am feeling excited for the spring.  I can feel MARCH coming.

March 1 I’m headed to Keystone for a ski trip…I’m thinking I need to prep for that a bit this week.  I need to be sure I have clothes and a body that can endure the altitude, cold and crazy muscles involved. I’m also going to go tanning and get my hair done this week….I feel the need to primp a bit!

I spent a bit of time this morning looking at my last set of progress pictures.  They were on December 5th…it was a couple weeks after I had been sick for a month.

Here’s one of them:

I think I’m looking a bit leaner since then, but I do need to take a set of pictures to compare.  I’ll plan to do that this Saturday.

We’ll the TOP of the hour is coming again– time to refocus and stay productive!!

Have a super day!!


8 days to GO!


We have just 8 days to go of our 21 day Kick the Habit contest.
I certainly hope you are focused and ready to finish this challenge strong.

Today’s task, workout ideas and tips are located here:

Time to FINISH this!!  Make yourself PROUD!!
Here’s my leg workout:


Warm up r bike 10 min
Free motion Squat- 100,160×25 warm up
45 warm up
95×12 felt great
135 1 rep-ouch

Leg Press

Smith Lunges

Knee Extension

Abductor(first time in years on this machine 🙂 )

Ab machine

Calf Machine


I am so ready for a great next week, let’s do it!!


8 Days to Go!! …Efficient

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Sat, 2012/02/18 – 2:45pm — BuffMother

8 Days to Go!! We are two-thirds done…2 weeks into our 3 week contest.

How are you doing?  I hope you feel closer to BREAKING your habit!

I have lost a little bit of focus this past week, but I am ready to be RELENTLESS and finish this final week STRONG!  I expect to have my habit of eating junk carbs broken and have established a clean kitchen habit!!

I’ve identified that too much computer time really derails my efforts to take action towards my goals.  This week I’m going to focus on being very effective and efficient with my time online.

I encourage you to join me on this task:

Complete Online tasks during just one session each day. Check your mail once daily and complete all other online tasks quickly and efficiently. Let’s combine all online time into one small daily ritual–I plan to even set a TIMER so that I don’t slip and go end up wasting my energy and attention.

My online to do list for this week:
Check my email inbox and write quick responses- 30 min
Write blog- 30 min
Comment on 5+ friends posts in Rally Room- 10 min
Update Facebook status- 5 min
Surf the web-10 min

1:15 mins is very do-able and much less than the tally has been for me recently!!

If ONLINE time is not a problem for you…maybe there is something else hindering your focus- could it be TV time? spending too much time on the phone? Spending too much time cleaning?

Focus on finding ways to be more efficient with your time!!


Today’s workout suggestions:

Beginner- walk for 20 mins…get your arms pumping and heart beating

Experienced– Lift Legs, again!! Paired circuits– do the blue exercises as a circuit and then the pink…keep moving it’s supposed to be hard and fast!


Calf raises
4×10 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out
Butt Squats
Walking Lunges
Knee Extensions
Leg Curls
Dead Lifts
Laying side leg lifts
Knee Ups- to front and sides
Lower Back Extensions

Remember that focused effort is always more effective than just going through the motions. Let’s be effective! -Michelle

14 days to Go…Kicking the Haibt!!

14 days to GO!!

Well, 1 week of the contest is over and we are ready to rock the next 2!!

There are 14 days of the “Kick the Habit” contest left, and I feel my Mojo on the rise~
How are you doing?? More focused than ever I hope!!

Be sure to visit the rally room today for your task, some encouragement and workout ideas:

I had a champion weekend as planned!!

Sunday- ran hills- I did 5 x approx 200m hills…and one killer LONG one of about 400 -500 meters~ i should measure them some day! Then I finished with 2 100 meter sprints on the flat grass– they felt so easy after the hills!

Monday- Chest
Tues- Legs
Wed- a run and mish mosh of plyo type exercises and abs
Thurs- back
Friday- Legs
Saturday- off
Sunday- a run and mish mosh of plyo type exercises and abs

Alright!!! it is starting to get close to “CRUNCH” time for this contest….I know that every day I get more and more intense  about kicking and attaining my habits!!!

Let’s make these next 2 weeks our best yet!!




14 days to go…one thing

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Mon, 2012/02/13 – 9:24am — BuffMother

Welcome to week #2 of our 21 day Break the Habit!!  Just 14 days to Go…
I hope you enjoyed week #1 and that you feel 7 days closer to breaking or attianing your habit.

If you missed any of the posts from last weeek with tasks, workouts and tips for helping you “Break the Habit” take a look at the– 21 day Kick the Habit book-– below the main post there are links to each day’s email, tasks and my blog posts for the contest.  Enjoy!

Your task for today is to follow up on your POA (plan of attack) that you wrote up yesterday, by doing ONE item at a time. Since most mothers are forced to multitask, It may feel odd to focus your effort on ONE thing at a time. Studies prove that by focusing on “one thing” you’ll do a better job and feel less stressed while doing it. Singular focused actions will catapul you to breaking or attaining your habit!!


Beginner Workout Option:


Circuit- do all exercises for upper body in the order listed and repeat the circuit 3 times.
Push ups on knees
3 sets to  failure
Rows- bent over holding dumbells
3 sets of  10 reps
Chair dips- for triceps
3 sets to failure
DB Military Shoulder Press
3 sets of  10 reps
Bicep Curl
3 sets of  10 reps
Tricp extension
3 sets of  10 reps
Lateral Raises
3 sets of  10 reps



Experienced Workout Option-


Paired circuit- do the 2 exercises in the same color continuouly with very little (15 sec) rest between sets.
Bench Press or Chest Press
Tricep Extensions
Incline DB flys
Tricep bench dips
Cable flys
Tricep Push Downs
Knee Ups-to failure 2-3 sets
Crunches 3×15 slow


I am off to do ONE thing at a time, ONE step at a time toward success!!



“21 Day: KICK the HABIT”– EMAIL for day 8; 14days to GO!!

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Mon, 2012/02/13 – 9:27am — BuffMother

Well, 1 week of the contest is over and we are ready to rock the next 2!!

There are 14 days of the “Kick the Habit” contest left, and I feel my Mojo on the rise~
How are you doing?? More focused than ever I hope!!

Be sure to visit the rally room today for your task, some encouragement and workout ideas:


Let’s make these next 2 weeks our best yet!!



“21 Day: KICK the HABIT”– EMAIL for day 8; 14days to GO!!

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Mon, 2012/02/13 – 9:27am — BuffMother

Well, 1 week of the contest is over and we are ready to rock the next 2!!

There are 14 days of the “Kick the Habit” contest left, and I feel my Mojo on the rise~
How are you doing?? More focused than ever I hope!!

Be sure to visit the rally room today for your task, some encouragement and workout ideas:


Let’s make these next 2 weeks our best yet!!





20 days to go!! LEG plans~

20 days to go in our 21 day: kick the habit contest!….
I SO EXCITED about this contest and all the great goals my BuffSisters have posted in the Rally Room.

Hope you got off to a great start yesterday…

Here’s day 2’s link to content~

Please feel free to comment on the post- questions and input are encouraged!!

I decided on my habit to break and habit to attain and posted them in my private blog… I am committed!!!

So with the excitement of the contest to stoke my workout fire I’m planning for a great day workout wise!!

LEGS are on tap!!

The plan: Workout time NOON
warm up with 10 min of intervals on the r-bike-killer butt bike
Squats paired with calf press

Calf machine (seated)
90×20 (half toes in half toes out) x 3 sets

Smith Squats paired with smith lunges
10 reps at each weight

Dead lifts paired with side lying leg lifts
115x10x2sets narrow
115x10x2sets wide
15 leg lifts each side 4sets

Leg extensions paired with seated leg curls

leg curls

Then afterward I need to go birthday shopping! the Twins turn 9 on the 9th!

My plan is to stick to the plan!!

MB Blog: A day 2/21 vlog

I’m testing out how things work on my new mac…lots to learn!! Anyhow here’s the first video I’ve shot with my webcam and uploaded with imovie:


MB Blog: Learnin’- day 2

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Tue, 2012/02/07 – 8:54am — BuffMotherToday’s task is to LEARN! So that’s what I’m writing about!!


#1-Learn about yourself and why you want to attain or break the HABIT-

Quit the JUNKY Carb Habit!!
I’ve been a junk fool aholic since I was a kid….I’ve always loved candy! I’ve always loved chips! I’ve always loved snacking and eating quite a bit.  I do NOT believe that eating some “fun” foods is wrong– I’ve never been a “CLEAN” eater, nor do I think it’s paramount!  We need to enjoy all life has to offer, but in MODERATION! Also, I am a big believer that when you workout HARD enough, a slightly imperfect diet is okay. I am not someone who believe the popular notion that diet is 90% of the equation when trying to lean up- It’s and important part, but WORKOUTS count a lot more than 10% in my math!

My eating/diet is a work in progress- ALWAYS!  I look back 12 years ago and MAN!! I ate horrilby!! Now days- I get “lazy” with my diet at times, but overall it’s 100x’s better than then.  The winter is always a time when I gain weight….the past couple years I even got up into the 135 range.  This year, I’ve done better than normal, but still I’m ready to hit it harder sooner this winter!  Having goals like a ski trip on March 1 and the Warrior Dash on May 5 really helps!!

Back about 1.5 years ago, when prepping to go “train with Ava Cowan”….I had a stellar attitude toward my diet- I was eating only fruits and veggies for carbs and I really leaned up nicely!  However, I was working out quite a bit more at that time– Travis and I were playing tennis for 2 hours at a time 2-3 times a week– that long “activity” added to my aeoribic fitness a lot and allowed me to lean up easier.  I need to figure out how to add more long aerobic activity into my routine- hiking is a good idea!

Attain the Keep my Kitchen clean Habit:

This challenge to keep my kitchen clean is tough already! I hate cleaning…especially when it’s 3-4 times a day like in the kitchen!  It’s always been a problem for me to keep my kitchen clean, mostly becuase I find it a waste of time to clean after every meal– it’s faster to do it all 1 time a day??  Anyhow- I want my kitchen clean consistently.  So I must change my mindset about it!

I think I’ll put my ipod on and get after it– it could be relaxing to listen to a podcast while I clean.


#2- Learn about ways other have established this habit or broken it– Google is amazing! Or, heck, go old-school and hit the library or book store for some resources!

I am a Carb Addict- I’ve know it for about 14 years…I wrote an article about it a few years ago- here’s the link:

Today, I found this great definition of what being Addictied to Carbs means:

Cleaining Info-

A couple PDF’s:……

A good link:…


I feel like I’ve learned a lot about the battle I’m up against to BREAK THE HABIT!! I certainly hope you take a half hour or so to LEARN about your specific habit(s)!

We can Change!!



EMAIL for day 2; 20 days to GO!!

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Tue, 2012/02/07 – 7:59am — BuffMotherHope you got off to a great start yesterday…

Here’s day 2’s link to content~

Please feel free to comment on the post- questions and input are encouraged!!

The countdown is on…just 20 days to go!

New Month, New Goals, New CONTEST!!

February is here!! OMGoodness…where did January goal and how could I have practically failed to keep focus my new year’s resolutions– Time to attack them because there is only 11 months of the year left!

Some new goals I have for February are to get my Master Bedroom/Bath project under way– so today I met with a contractor and got some great input from him.  It’s going to be an amazing room!!

Another big happening for February is our contest- Its’ going to be short but intense!! All about kicking bad habits and forming new ones– The experts constantly preach it takes 21 days to form a habit.  So let’s do it!!

More info here~

“21 Day: KICK the HABIT”

And finally, my goal to organize my “office” in February is underway also– I’ve been working on organizing my computer files, planning my attack on the actual office space and I’m headed to Best Buy tomorrow in search of a COMPUTER!!

On the fitness front- I’ve had a couple of GREAT workout days- Yesterday was Legs/Abs and Today was Chest/Tris?Abs and a hard run outside:

Legs~ Squat 45×15 95×10 135x10x3sets Stretching and hip rotations between sets

Dead Lifts 45×20 95×20 135x10x2

45degree hack machinex20 90x20x2

Calf Raises 45×15 90x10x3 ABS between sets Leg Extensions 4sets Ab wheel Ran 7mins for a cool down around the block

Today’s Chest highlights: Bench- High set 125×7…no spotter, my son is not yet qualified LOL! Tricep dips Chest press Tricep extensions Cable flys tricep push downs Full extensions sit ups

Then I ran outside up the long hill again 2x’s another shorter hill once and did 3 short sprints to finish it off– I felt better than my last run on Saturday…I think I’m getting in better shape and that my body likes running in the evening way better than in the morning!!

Time to relax!


Contest “21 Day: KICK the HABIT” Contest JOIN US~

Wed, 2012/02/01 – 8:17pm — BuffMother

Contest “21 Day: KICK the HABIT” Contest STARTS Feb 6th~ JOIN US~

Enter Your Name:
Enter your Email:


Contest INFO-

* This contest is FREE!!!
* TEAM start date MONDAY Feb 6, 2012 (you can start late- just sign up here and follow the plan on your own)
* Location of the Contest is in our “Women Only” Team Buffmother! Rally Room- – you can join FREE using the “30 day free trial” option
* Daily workout plan- a link will be e-mailed to you daily, however, you can opt to do your own alternate workouts
* Support, info, instruction, videos and downloads will be available to contestants via the Rally Room –

4 Simple steps to enter and WIN:

1. Take your starting stats and pictures- post them in the Rally Room
2. Blog in the Rally Room at least 3 times during the duration of the Challenge
3. Take your ending stats and pictures- post them in the Rally Room
4. Submit your official entry by March 4th- starting stats, final stats, a written paragraph sharing your thought about the contest,  and at least 1 photo of yourself to