Get buff by kissing!

Our monthly RR theme is “Kiss-able March”; be more kissable and give more kisses!!
This is a Fun kissing fact: “Mucus membranes inside the mouth are permeable to hormones such as testosterone. Through open-mouth kissing, men introduced testosterone into a woman’s mouth. Testosterone is absorbed through the mucus membranes in the woman’s mouth and increases arousal and the likelihood that she will engage in reproductive behavior.”


That makes sense and also makes me think it’ll help us get buff to KISS more!!



I’ve been kissing on these 3 ladies a bit more this week…makes it easier when they are home all day from school due to snow days, LOL!!


This pic was taken on Saturday at my niece’s baby shower~

Yesterday I got in a very solid workout:
10:30 warm up bike

15 handle push ups
Bench 45×15 75×40 pump run challenge practice Jumping 1 min Rest 1 min 95×10 Knee ups 30 Jumping high 30 each foot (20;10) 115×6 135×2+1 with spot- bad form 135×4+2 spot 115×6
Incline flys– higher position 35’sx6 35’sx4 30’sx4
Chest Dips 6,5 Dancing abs between sets
Perfect push ups 8, 6, 10 Vacuums between– did a total of about 5 during workout, then I did 5 others during the day for our challenge to do at least 10 daily
Tri extension 55×4, 45×8 , 45×10 Knee ups on bench 30 x2sets
Tri kick backs 15#x10x3sets Hanging knee ups 25

Bicep curls 55x10x2sets Lateral sh raises 10#x10 Run treadmill intervals

4 min warm up 3% grade 8mph 1 min 9mph 1 min 6mph 1 min 9mph 1 min 6mph 1 min 9mph 1 min 6mph 1 min 9mph 1 min 6mph 1 min 8mph 4 min (just over a half mile) Walk 3min

bike 11


Then I cooked burgers for the family~ it was a good post workout meal.  Then at a bit of dessert in the form of sticky popcorn and a couple mini candy bars.


Today is cycle day 23 and my weight is 129.2, I did much better at drinking my water yesterday and staying away from dairy and gluten.


My workout today will be legs~ but first I need to get some stuff DONE!!

See ya later babes,


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Thankful Tuesday!
I am so thankful today!
I am thankful for Fall being here~ it’s been beautiful outside!

I am thankful for my family!  Do you know how wonderful it is to have an amazing husband and 4 magnificent children~ I am so blessed and very thankful for them!!

I am thankful for my friends! The past 4-5 years of my life have been filled with GREAT friends and everyday I meet more and more people that I am honored to call my friends!!  This past weekend in Council Bluffs was such an amazing friendship filled time~ I expect more and more great weekends like that in the future!

I am thankful for my body~ I am very blessed that God has given me the knowledge the desire and the work ethic and the miracles needed to have such an nice physique– I will never take my body for granted!  It is a blessing from God that I am so thankful for!!

I am thankful that I was able to lift legs yesterday and am still able to walk today!!  My knee handled the workout quite well!! I know it will be at least a month until I’ll even attempt to do cardio, but I am so thankful that I can at least lift with legs again!!!

I am just so thankful today!!  I really feel honored to be where I am at in life and I appreciate the wonderful blessings God has given to me!

As I mentioned I worked out my lower body yesterday– nothing too intense or amazing– just and EASE back into it/test the knee type workout.  I am sore from it though!  I also worked on my stretching twice– once at the gym for about 15mins and then again at home in the evening.

Today I lifted Chest, tri’s and bi’s–also quite a bit of ABS and STRETCHED again:
one set of knee ups between sets

Incline Hammer press
3 sets sit ups between sets

Incline Flys

Skull Crushers followed by Bicep curls at the same wt and reps
40+curl barx6
30+curl barx12×3 sets

Tricep push downs
paired with Cable bicep curls

tricep kick backs

Abs stuff–
5 diff exercises-

I’ve eaten:
Coffee w/ cream and sugar
1/4 of a waffle
boca w/a tsp BBQ sauce
Lots of water~
Supplements- joint, Buffing pill, vit c, garlic, allergy meds

My son has a football game tonight!! I am so excited~ he is really getting good!!!  It should be fun to see~ Go WAR EAGLES!!!

Thanks for being my FRIENDS and reading this :)

Go, GO, go~

Today has been one of those GO, GO, GO days!!!  We had soccer, soccer awards, BB pictures, a quick run to McD’s for lunch, back to BB to drop Gunner for his game, then to the gym, then home, now to post quick…shower and GO again to buy I-phones!!!  Travis and decided to get them today!!! I am so pumped~ it will be my mother’s day present!

So real quick I am posting my workout~ I am boosting and on CEE and felt strong!! 

Warm up tanned while talking to my MOM
chest press 50×15, 70×15 warm up
45×25 warm up

Seated Calf raises

hanging knee ups

Hammer incline Isolateral press

Incline Flys

Roman chair knee ups

skull crushers

knee ups on bench
40, 25

Tricep push downs

shoulder rotations laying on side

tricep kick backs

Bicep cable curls

My arms were PUMPED after this workout!!

Off to enjoy this beautiful day!!!

Shifiting my day off~ and yesterday’s chest wo

Hi …well I am shifting my day off of lifting to today. I am still a tish sore from my leg workout on Tuesday and since my back has been a bugger I decided it would be best to shift my legs to tomorrow and lift my back on Sunday. Also, I never made it to Wal-mart yesterday~ which I blame on the COLD yucky weather yesterday.

AND I just finished upright bike intervals even min on: odd min off…8 hard mins total of 20 mins

Today is BEAUTIFUL here, though and I will be off to the races soon- wal-mart, b-day party for Gunner and dinner out with DH and the girls-and maybe a quick trip to the mall

I had a great workout day yesterday and was rewarded by a leaner reflection in the mirror today, but no weight loss…that’s the power of muscle!!

Here is yesterday’s workout:
u-bike am fasted for about 10 mins while reading my BIBLE…I’ve done this several times this week!!

Warm up- elliptical- decided to make it intervals 10 mins
Bench 45×25
paired with 2 sets bench dip
2 sets crunches on bench with feet on bar

Skull crushers
50×8, 7, 6
paired w/ incline flys

Cable tri push downs
50×16 big set and decided to do flys instead

Cable Chest flys
arms together 25×10
arms one at time

Knee ups on roman chair
30 slow
st leg ups 10+10knee ups x 2 sets
Kick backs
15’sx10- this gym has no 12’s which I would have rather done and focused harder on contraction

Then elliptical intervals 20 mins~ these were good and hard

Slept hard and have more energy today!! HOORAY FOR Friday!!

Love you all,
p.s. I will announce the contest for all Rally Room members this weekend …to start on May 7th

Thrilling Thursday!!

Today was not my typical Thursday, but really it was very good.

All my girls stayed home sick from school today, so I totally did not get my “work” done. I have several programs to work on for new cliets, but I am trying not to let that stress me.

Instead I disassembled 2 beds and got the Direct TV installed on our TV’s. Up until now we have only had basic cable and no access to pay per view. Now we desprately “NEED” pay per view so we can watch our favorite TV events–the UFC Fights–
So…now we are set for SATURDAY’s Big fights!!! I am very excited and my husband is like a kid waiting to go to Disneyland.

Yesterday…I had no workout and kinda just ‘lost’ the day. I was beat from my cold…

But today I did a great at home upper body workout on the bowflex and with db’s, I didn’t stop moving the entire time and this is sorta how it went:

Push ups
Bowflex Chest press

military Standing

Sit ups
150 old school

Lateral raise

Bent over lateral raises

pull ups
underhand 10
overhand wide 10
underhand 7

push ups
2 more sets to failure

Tricep kick backs

Bowflex flys
Bowflex tricep extensions

Bowflex rows

Bent over db rows

kneeups on bench
30+5 pikes

DB curls
incline curls 15#’s( i really need some 20’s and 25’s)

oh and bent over row one arm at a time

I think that is it…sorry so messy of a report, my at home workouts are weird since I only do them once in a while and my kids were interrupting me a bit.

I felt great after this workout!!

I had a little bit of a frustrating afternoon…

I had a little bit of a frustrating afternoon, my e-mail went down! EEEK!! I was really worried…and so I had to practically force myself to the gym tonight…but I was determined to get it done!!!

So here is the BEST workout I have had in about 2 weeks…
First let’s not forget my run at 2pm of 3.2 miles

Tonight at 6:30 pm:
R-Bike warm up 5 min- my hammies are so sore!
95×6 directly went to next set
125×5 (no spotter, very scared I wasn’t going to get the 5th)
I was very strong on bench tonight…my creatine is really kicking in!!

Incline flys
40’sx6x3 (a new recent high)

Cable Flys one arm at a time

Tricep extensions*
bar+20 x15
bar+30 x10x3
*paired with
Bicep curls(I threw these in cuz my biceps need some love)
bar+20x 21’s

Bench dips-one set
kick backs
15x8x2…My “pump” was unreal, I could hardly staighten out my arm!!

Tricep push downs

Romain chair knee ups
3 sets of 40
Bench knee ups
3 sets ’till failure or boredom…not sure which one?

During my workout I had a poweraid…very good 🙂

Like I said this was a super AWESOME workout day for me! I think the motivation of my upcomming contest is gonna get me many more GREAT workouts like these!!

LOVE IT!!-Michelle

I made my goal!

Hi everyone!

I made my weekly push-up goal!! 45 and I was dying! YIPPIE, I did it!

I also just finished a killer home spun chest/tri workout. I don’t ever make it to the gym on Sundays but I always have the option to workout at home so that’s what I did today.

Here is what I did. It was a circuit style workout so I did all exercises in the following order 3 times:

1-Push ups 45,28,20

2-Old School sit-ups 3×60+

3-Bowflex flys 50#,50,55 x12

4-Bowflex Tricep extensions 50,50x55x12

5-DB Incline Flys 30×10, 30x8x2

6-Tricep Kick backs 10x10x3sets

I am shaking…outta shape from being sick, but on my way to super buff this week.

Oh BTW, the Creatine is almost out of my system, I stopped taking it last week and I have lost 4 pounds already. So I am weighing in at 129, by the end of the week I will be 126 again. Yippee!!!

Have a great relaxing Sunday evening, I am off to shower, shave, tan and beautify myself for the evening 🙂