i sick :(

I fought the good fight FOR DAYS, but last night my body gave in and got the cold that’s been going through our household.

I’m here sitting inside SICK! BUT the sunny side is that Tons of GREAT THINGS are on TV today– the AFC, the NFC and the UFC!  Getting ready to watch them now.

I ran a killer workout yesterday AFTER cleaning the coop and starting a fire….

15 hills– 5 steep, 5 fast low grade–walking down recovery, 5x 30 sec with 30 sec walk/30 jog recovery.  It feels really good to be progressing with my running again. After the lifting I did some upper body lifting.


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Proper Practice Prep

Once again I’m prepping to go to football practice.  Right now I’m washing my pants- they got some nice grass stains on them from Wednesday, however preparation for practice goes way beyond having clean practice clothes:

  1. Proper nutrition- What you eat the entire day prior to practice will affect your performance and mental ability to focus.  The most important meals are pre-workout (1.5 to 2 hours prior) and post workout within 1 hour after your workout.  Overall nutrition that supports your muscles and body’s health will help you recover, stay strong and healthy.  Vitamins and Sports supplements work, don’t be afraid to use them.
  2. Proper hydration- Once again what you drink the 24 hour period prior to practice will affect your performance.  Also keep in mind if you don’t have proper electrolytes (Salt, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium) your performance will suffer also.  Most practices are short enough in duration for water to be sufficient during practice.  However if you have a long practice (over 2 hours) or one in extreme heat, you may want to supplement your water with a sports drink like Gatorade.
  3. Proper rest- Don’t go into practice tired and run down.  Don’t stay up all night and expect to have a good practice the next day.  Don’t sacrifice your practice performance by doing other draining workouts prior to practice.  Professional Athletes don’t do much else than eat, sleep and train.
  4. Proper warm up- Be sure to take time prior to practice to warm up your body.  A light 10 min jog or routine will help limber up tight joints, prepare  muscles to give maximal effort and prevent injury.  Stretch muscles when they are “warm”.
  5. Proper Clothes- Clothes that fit, won’t restrict athletic performance and are climate appropriate are vital to a successful practice.  Don’t use “new”, untested, clothes for practice.  You never know how they will actually fit.  Be sure to have shorts or pants on that aren’t too big,  nothing is worse than having your pants fall down during a workout.  Shirts can be tricky, too. T-shirts that are too large tend to twist and get in the way. Shirts that are too short or too tight can cause problems who wants their belly or back fat hanging out.  For women a good sports bra is a must.  If you have large breasts wearing 2 bras may be necessary to prevent bouncing. Be aware of the tightness though, you don’t want to restrict you lung’s ability to expand.  Once again- TEST your bra prior to committing to it for a practice. 
  6. Proper Gear- Equipment like braces, tape, padding, watches, heart rate monitors, mace, music player, chap stick, hair bands, mouth guards, shin pads, etc… all should be kept in a practice bag ready for quick easy access.
  7. Proper Shoes.  Your shoes need to be in good shape.  Don’t scrimp by wearing old shoes, improper footwear ( i.e. tennis shoes for soccer) or shoes that are too big or too small.  Having your feet supported, protected and stable is vital to your performance and injury prevention.
  8. Proper mindset- Mentally running through your practice prior to practice is vital.  Imagine yourself doing the drills, exercises and conditioning elements successfully.  Work through proper form in your mind, study the plays and review them prior to practice. At practice ASK Questions.  Be respectful of the coaches by listening carefully to input, techniques and instructions. Be mentally engaged by paying attention to other’s performance of the drills, learn from their demonstration. 
  9. Proper attitude-  Go into practice EXCITED and expecting to have fun and excel.  Be sure to take feedback in a positive light, and don’t expect to be perfect at something without putting in practice.  Practice is called PRACTICE for a reason. It exists as a time to gain skill, endurance and ability. Be a team player by helping others succeed. Cheer each others on!!

Prepare yourself for success!!
 I am off to be properly prepared!!
Your friend, Michelle

Sissys Rock!

Sissys Rock

Yep you heard it right- Sissys ROCK!! I have a little sister named Jeanette and she just understands me, lol–that is so cool! I spent an hour on the phone with her today. We talked about everything and are planning a trip together to go ride ROLLER COASTERS!!

AND I also have hundreds of BuffMother Sissys that just UNDERSTAND me too!! I am so lucky~

Today was TRACK day–I only had a half an hour and had to share the track with a boys PE class…but It was still GREAT!

800m warm up
some drills and stretching
400-65 seconds
about 5 min recovery of walk/jog
400m- 66 seconds– i had a ton of lactic acid after this one
about 10 min recovery
200m-30 seconds
about 3 min recovery
200m- 31 seconds

Then got the girls from pre school and had a cool down manually washing my van, lol!

Hope your workout rocked too!!

IT is Working!!

Good evening my Darlings,
I am please to announce “IT is working!”
It being my track training~ I had a super successful track workout this afternoon and it made my bad mood turn GREAT!

the Lowdown:
Warm up 800m jog  and stretch
all done with full recovery–varied from 4-8 mins between
sprint 200= 29sec
400=67! and I was not dead~ 2 weeks ago 2 400’s at a much slower pace almost killed me~ I am very HAPPY!!

The track experience (with 4 kids in tow) was not without entertainment:
First when we got there a Father with 3 young boys (ages 5-7) was timing them running 50 meter dashes and 400m runs.  As I finished my first 200 I realized it was a friend of my husbands– THE cage fighting friend we saw fight in Tulsa last November (Brent Smith)– in which he had broke his nose…I had not seen the man since then and had only ran into him once before in Wal-Mart while shopping.  Anyhow, I said “Brent??” and he stood up and I introduced myself as Michelle Berger– Travis Berger’s wife…and then the chat was on–we chatted about his nose, where he was now training, our kids, and then TIA my little observant one–pointed out that he had purple toe nails (they were quite nicely painted Purple, lol!)

…and then got interrupted by 2 little twins needs to go potty–So we grabbed some Kleenex and headed to the bathroom which was conveniently locked– so they had a good laugh peeing on the ground outside of the locked public potty.

Then on 400 #2- Layla almost got plowed– as I was “coming home” she decided to run right in front of me– I screamed “MOVE”! –poor thing, she was so excited to see me but didn’t understand I was going so fast!

Then as I was ending my cool down I saw Gunner throw something- and then TIA start screaming holding her head–well he “accidentally” hit her in the head with a rock–
So, he had to sit in the van while the rest of us played in the park for a bit before we went home.

In other happenings, I got my make up done today, bought a couple more shoes, got my other package of stuff from VS–so I am closer to READY for NYC!!

Well since it is Friday Night, I need to go relax a bit now~

I am Back to the TRACK!!

My first day at the track since May of 1996—so over 10 years away from a LOVE of mine.

Track was a Love of mine until it all ended with a knee injury that took 10 years of my life to REHAB, lol! Not only did my knee need rehab, my mind needed it also. The confidence I once had when I stepped on the track had been shattered by constant pain, doctors saying I would never really run much again and surgery. Many of my hopes and dreams were gone, and part of me was totally lost.

BUT today October 31st, 2006 I recaptured a part of my soul!!

I stepped on the track and ran a GREAT workout and an now WHOLE!

What a victory! Thank you Jesus for allowing me to live my dreams

Here is the low down on my Track experience:

I arrived at the track at 12:30 and was 100% done at 12:30 , it was cloudy, breezy and cold around 40 degrees. I had eaten half of an Atkins bar at 8 am and a banana at 11 am.

10- 200meters with a 200 m walk/jog in between of 1:30 to 2:30
1. 36
2. 35
3. 36
4. 35
5. 34
6. 34
7. 33
8. 34
9. 32
10. 30!!!

A successful first one under my belt—on to improve those numbers!

Loving Life,