SSS week 02: Coaching

SSS week 02: Coaching

You’ve had a GREAT start to the week!! fun to see many of your successful reports in the . I also love that we can take one day at a time….I plan on having a great day and a great week!!! HOW TO CHART HORMONES


EXTRA Sample workouts:

pull ups

standing military press

Bicep curls

bent over lat raises


Chest at the gym

warm up 5 min r- bike

Chest press warm up 70×15, 90×10

Bench press

Incline hammer press

Incline flys

One arm cable flys

Tricep push downs
120×5, 110×3, 100×3, 60×10



warm up 8min r-bike

front squat (just trying these out again)


Dead lifts

Leg press
set of claves
180x20x2 squeeze butt

ab knee ups on roman chair between

Smith lunges
straight leg ups on bench between


Female Fat Furnaces!!

I am building my body into a BEAUTIFUL, Symmetrical, CURVY, Lean, BUFF Female Fat FURNACE!!

Thursday was a BIG Movement LEG Day- for my BIGGEST potential Fat FURNACES…Then Yesterday my focus was my 2nd Largest muscle group…my BACK!! Did you know that your back and legs contain over 70% of your entire muscle mass? AND since MUSCLE BURNS FAT~ you need to BUILD them into the most active muscles on your body…in order to that you have to LIFT HEAVY! NO more foo, foo weights! They only work the muscle you have and are nothing more than glorified cardio. Go for the weights that CHALLENGE your muscles and you will be surprised at how much leaner you can become!

Here is my Back (back, shoulders and bi’s)workout:

Warm up r-bike (rather hard)- 10 mins ready article about mineral supplementation and weight loss—both chromium and calcium are GREAT!!

Lat pulls- works: back, sh, bi’s

Seated rows- works: back, sh, bi’s
90×12 exaggerated stretch and contraction

Behind the head (not a bar) Hammer Isolateral pull down machine- Back, sh, bi’s
70each armx6x2
45 each armx10

Isolateral hammer shoulder press
35each armx10x2
45 each arm x6

Pull ups assisted

Close grip focus on bicep also
20×6 with 5 second on the negative
30×4 with 5 seconds on the negative

Roman Chair


Knee ups on bench

25 slowx2

One arm DB lat row

Elliptical- arms off handle running motion- good posture!

3 min warm up
2 min hard at level 13, 1 min easier at 11 x 5 total
1 min cool down1 monster set of walking lunges

55# bar on back today my butt is sore

Now today…I ran again!! Good steady run of about 2.5 miles…knee good, lungs good– then I did abs and right Now I am going to pump out 40 pushups!


I am here!

Just wanted you to know that I AM here 🙂 Just been busy offline with the kids being out of school still….FYI they’ve had a total of 3 days of school this month, lol! And I’m going a bit BANANAs Don’t get me wrong I love my kids. I just don’t love the extra mess, laundry, cooking, dishes, dirt, complaning, fighting, etc…that goes with having them home so much in the middle of the winter!! I am so excited I just found out that my kids will make up a snow day this MONDAY insead of having the HOLIDAY (Pres. day)off!!! Life will finally be “normal” for about month until we have spring break.

Travis’ birthday was on Wed. and it was fun!! I bought him a hunting gun He was very happy!! And we also got him a pair of nice jeans from the Buckle.

Wednesday workout: Back, Shoulders, Biceps, run intervals- all 1 mins recovery, last 2 hard intervals 2 mins long. Total distance in 20 mins including warm up- 2.27miles

Thursday workout: Chest/Triceps
Bench paired with 45×15, 85×10, 135x8x3
Triceps dips on bench 15 repx 3sets

Incline Hammer press 90x10x3sets
paired with tricep extension machine 55#x10x3sets

Incline flys 35’sx10x3
paired with cable tricep push downs 80x10x3sets

Tricep extensions with barbell

abs during workout- 2 sets of each: knee ups on bench, knee ups on roman chair, decline sit ups with oblique twists

Today POA: outside run in about 20 mins refuel and CLEAN My HOUSE!!
Legs this late afternoon @ gym

Keep up the super awesome encouragement- I just love coming to the RR and reading how amazing you are!! thanks!!


Time for some chillaxin'

workout is DONE!! Chest, abs and intervals!!! Now time for some chillaxin’!

here’s how it went:

Warm up- tanning
95x10x3sets -abs between- reverse crunch pulsese and crunches and
115x10x2 sets- abs between knee ups and leg raises on bench and bench dips also

Incline hammer press
abs between sets- knee ups on roman chair and hanging sit ups

Fly machine-
2 sets
45×20 reps
ABS between sets- Boxing drill- side to side shoulder movement

Tricep extension machine
Abs between- hanging sit ups

11, 9

Incline flys
paired with isolation bicep curls
2 sets
and tricep extensions with BB

Run intervals- 15 mins total easy mins at 7mph hard mins at:
1x1min @8 mph
3x2mins @ 9mph

I started taking creatine again today to see if It’ll help me recover from my mma training~ OUCHIE!! I am sore in some weird places, lol!

have a TERRIFIC DAY!!!

Love ya,


Totally Terrific & In Love! w/Weekly Q!

I had a tired day today~ but I still got in a good workout and was in a good mood.

Workout w/ my DH~
warm up r-bike 5 mins
45×25 warm up
push ups 15
push ups 15
135×4+2 with assistance
135×3+3 with assistance

Incline hammer press

Flat hammer press

knee ups on roman chair
1 set to failure
tricep extension machine
9, 6

Flat bench flys
25’s x15 x1 set
Bench tricep dips
tricep push downs

Then we went home and I ran outside~ i went for a little over 2 miles HARD. then I did some more abs…It was a GOOD workout!

While I was blow drying my hair today I was flexing, crunching my abs and I noticed they are leaning up from the top down to about my belly button~ They are really starting to pop….in another 22 days I will be exactly where I want to be for our trip!!!
I love Buffing!!

I also LOVE our question of the week this week:
With Valentines day just around the corner…this week’s question is :

What’s your LOVE story??

To help you along these memory jogging questions may help you tell your STORY~
Where did you meet your DH?
Was it Love at first site?
How did he propose to you?

Where did you meet your DH?
My Love Story began back in rural MN at my Highschool….I met Travis one day when he was recruiting teens to lift at the weight room over summer vacation. He tried to “sell” me on the idea and I was NOT BUYING, lol! Then a friend of mine talked me into it and soon after I was getting up EARLY to hit the weight room, just so I could spend time with the DREAM BOAT instructor (Travis). We hit it off and despite a huge age difference. I had just turned 17 and he was 22, we’ve been together ever since (it’ll be 17 years this summer, WOW!!).

Was it Love at first sight?
I wouldn’t say that it was exactly love at very first sight, but CLOSE…we had instant chemistry! We were made for each other!! When we fist met that I had my guard up quite high. I wasn’t even thinking that he was “boyfriend” material when we first met because I was so much younger than him. Plus he was SUPER HOT!! I didn’t feel like I was even in his league!

How did he propose to you?
Travis proposed to me in a wonderful way! It was a few days after my 18th Birthday. He blind folded me and drove me about 10 mins away…When he took the blindfold off we were on my Grandfather’s farm up on a hill under a tree looking at a beautiful sunset. Then he gave me a gift~ a teddy bear with a box…a ring box!! He asked me to marry him and I said YES instantly!! It was PERFECT!

Remembering my LOVE story is SOOO fun and makes my LOVE feel more alive than ever!!

What is YOUR love story?


Before I forget…

Before I forget….I need to blog my workout for today.

I got up and actually did fasted cardio The yay yippee guy 20 mins with 6 intervals of 1 min each in there on the Upright bike.
Then I ate a bit and went to the gym for a good chest, tri, bi and abs workout.

Warm up r-bike 7 mins
20 push ups

2 sets Crunches on bench with feet on bar between

Laying down hammer press machine
90x8x2 sets

2 sets Knee ups on bench between sets

Incline Hammer press
90x10x2 sets
2 sets of Sit ups between sets


Incline flys
35’s x8

Tricep exetensions (skull crushers)

Cable flys
30x10x3 sets
pose down biceps between sets

Tricep push downs
bicep cable curls

10 min on elliptical

Then done…
Got home and posted my c-day 2 thru 6 vlogs and took my S2S pics, c-day 7 video and a bit more video….then we went to Wal-mart and bought a christmas tree– we got a pre-light one for $68 bucks~ we just finished putting it up without any decorations~ I’ll have to them out of the attic, plus buy some other ones…my decorating ability is very lacking~ so I basically let the kids do it. The snickering dog

Earlier today I got to talk to Lisa, she sounds like she’s having a blast!!!
Good to hear she finished GREAT!!

Off to bed, I am beat from all that cardio~ I am NOT used to it!!!


If you want it…GIVE IT!

do you feel you need some love?
do you feel you need some money?
do you feel you need some inspiration?
do you feel you need some energy?

What ever you feel that you need…GIVE it and you will receive it in return!  It is a spiritual law; a law of the universe– so JUST GIVE IT!!!!

Today, I gave my body some energy in the form of a rest day yesterday and some good food which allowed me to have a GREAT workout!

warm up 11 mins r-bike
I lifted chest

Bench dips
2 sets of 12

Incline hammer press
Knee ups on bench
40, 25

Incline flys
35’s x6

Cable flys
30×15×3 sets
triceps cable push downs- one arm at a time
30×10×2 sets

Then I ran for 21 mins=3miles of intervals top speed=11.5 for 30sec otherwise most intervals at 9, easy mins at 7 and 8

then  walking lunges
55#barx15 reps each leg x2 sets
AND some side lunges

That was all~
Now I am off to GIVE IT!!!

Massages ROCK!

Despite getting tickled a bit, my massage ROCKED!!  This year for my birthday I am all about BUYING myself presents- so today was my B-day massage.  Later today I am going to order at least 3 pairs of shoes online~ and look for some new curtains, bedspread and DESK for my room.  AND then on Friday I have a B-day Facial!  Saturday is my actual B-day and I plan on doing SOMETHING fun for myself on that day too!!!

If you haven’t guessed already, I value MY Birthday!!!  I’ve always LOVED it, gotten excited for it, been aggressive about celebrating it, etc….I just love the feeling of having ONE DAY that is MINE!!!  It is a worthy celebration after all ;)
Birthdays to me are kinda like New Years– a day to take stock of where I am in life and where I am going– a day to think and reflect on all the Love God has for me!  I love the fact that each and every year of my life I grow wiser and happier!! I can’t wait to see how awesome I’ll feel when I am actually old, lol!!  My childhood years were fun, teens were quite turbulent, twenties testing and my thirties have been TERRIFIC!!  I am so blessed to get to celebrate another birthday this week and on Saturday!!

Yesterday I had a good upper body workout and a short run– it got cut short due to an INSANE cramp in my foot– OUCH, I could barely drive home it was so bad!
my workout included these exercises:
Cybex lat pulls
Bicep curls
seated rows
knee ups  on roman chair
lat pulls on knees (wide high cables)
cable bicep curls
tricep dips (finished with a hip raise plank)
Incline hammer press
knee up on bench
Run 12 mins total– cramp ended it early

I will go for a run this afternoon and do lower body

Enjoy your day~ I will!!!  It is sunny and beautiful today!!!

Workin’ it even on Friday!

I’ve been workin’ it all day today~even on Friday.   Fridays during the summer around here are interesting…many businesses here have summer hours  and close offices at noon.  What an awesome invention!!!  Who ever thought of it must have had a lake cabin :) and valued FUN…
LIKE ME,  I really value FUN!  We all need to escape from time to time to kick back and have fun…I’ve been trying to remember to have fun even while I am working or cleaning.
Music seems to make things more fun- singing along with a song is fun- dancing or moving to the beat a bit is fun
talking to friends is fun– on the phone, in person lunch dates and talking to them at the gym,
e-mailing friends is fun when you get a response ;)
Working out is FUN (sometimes, lol)!
Change/Adventure is fun!
Being an Encourager is fun!!
Laughing is fun~ like when I watch Dumb and Dumber!!
Kids are fun~ they say and do the silliest things~ like my kids are now obsessed with killing flys, spiders and ants~that’s FUN!

Since I know I VALUE having fun, I’m gonna think more about what is fun to me then go after it!  Life should be fun!!

My workout today was good and FUN!!!~
I warmed up
then lifted chest

Cable flys

Incline Hammer press
paired with
Ab Wheel
15, 15

Incline flys
25’s x10

Tricep extensions

Tricep push downs

Then I ran again on the treddy~ intervals 4 hard mins @8 , 3@9, then 1 @ 10 and easy at 6– IT was a ton of FUN!!

Off to have some Friday night fun!!
p.s. the B-day challenge tally with 8 days to go is:
weight workouts 4/10 (6 planned for next: sa, mo, tue, we, th, f)
runs 3/8 ( 5 planned for next: su, mo, w, th, sa)

So…It can be done~!!  I need another really good week of workouts next week!!

5 days in a ROW!!!

5 days in a row…!!! It has been probably a couple months (at least) since I’ve worked out 5 days in a row!! AND I feel GREAT too!!

I had a busy wild day…all 4 kids home again~ thank goodness the twins have pre-school tomorrow, but honestly they are not the ones that are the most needy…it is GUNNER and GRACIE the older 2! And I still have them tomorrow all day~ I am hoping they will be a bit more mellow tomorrow. I also felt bad because they were all disappointed that we didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch today(we’ll go on Thurs instead), I got sidetracked with my book. My designer sent me a PDF file of it for me to edit yet again prior to us meeting tomorrow afternoon. So that’s my job here tonight and tomorrow morning. I am honestly very EXCITED about it!!

Tonight was Gunner’s FB game…his Team: the War Eagles won! Yippie!
Gunner played a rather boring position- GUARD. And I had SNACK duty again~
Then tonight I read books to the girls and part of a book to Gunner.

My workout~
warm up- tanning (btw…these beds don’t do anything except warm you up…I personally like the light therapy The snickering dog )

r-bike 10 mins


Incline hammer press

Butterfly machine

the following done as active rest between sets:
knee ups on bench
walking calves 2 sets
walking high knees 2 sets

Dips 9

Tricep extensions
55×8, 7, 6

Tricep push downs

ran outside- about 20 mins with about 5 shorter intervals and 1 long one of about 3 mins.

Off to edit my book!!!

DH and I are Buddies~

I am so thankful for my DH~ we are total buddies and had a blast “hanging” out together today! We’ve now been together for almost 15 years–actually it was about exactly 15 years ago when we met…he was recruiting for the HS weight room program (which he, a college JUNIOR, supervised in the summer). I guess he “sold” me because couple weeks later I joined up in the weight room and when I told him I was only 16…Travis about died!! I soon turned 17 and shortly after that we were “in love”. The next year he proposed and 2 months after that we were married! It has been an amazing 15 years together and I am so thankful GOD put us together and has KEPT us together!!!

OKAY~ enough gooshy, mushy stuff~ I know you want to hear about my powerhouse workout today!!
It was a powerhouse one for sure!!! I love lifting with DH~
warm up r-bike 12mins- while talking MMA with one of our gym buddies

Chest press warm up

135x 4!!! recent PB!! and then 1 with assistance

Incline Hammer press

t-bar row (back warm up)
One arm Hammer low rows

pull ups 12~ recent PB!!
Hanging knee ups 15
Knee ups on bench 25
dips 12

Then we came home and I went for a run
first time to run real intervals outside since forever- my knee/muscle cramp issue is almost 100%!!!
I did even minute intervals starting at min 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 soooo 8 total hard mins- 20 mins total- about 2.7 miles

Now time for a SHOWER~