SSS week 02: Coaching

SSS week 02: Coaching You’ve had a GREAT start to the week!! fun to see many of your successful reports in the . I […] Read More

I am here!

Just wanted you to know that I AM here 🙂 Just been busy offline with the kids being out of school still….FYI they’ve had a […] Read More

Time for some chillaxin'

workout is DONE!! Chest, abs and intervals!!! Now time for some chillaxin’! here’s how it went: Warm up- tanning Bench 45×20 95x10x3sets -abs between- reverse […] Read More

Totally Terrific & In Love! w/Weekly Q!

I had a tired day today~ but I still got in a good workout and was in a good mood. Workout w/ my DH~ warm […] Read More

Before I forget…

Before I forget….I need to blog my workout for today. I got up and actually did fasted cardio 20 mins with 6 intervals of 1 […] Read More

GIVE IT!! If you want it…GIVE IT! do you feel you need some love? do you feel you need some money? do you feel you need […] Read More

Massages ROCK! Despite getting tickled a bit, my massage ROCKED!!  This year for my birthday I am all about BUYING myself presents- so today was my […] Read More

Workin’ it even on Friday! I’ve been workin’ it all day today~even on Friday.   Fridays during the summer around here are interesting…many businesses here have summer hours  and close […] Read More

5 days in a ROW!!!

5 days in a row…!!! It has been probably a couple months (at least) since I’ve worked out 5 days in a row!! AND I […] Read More

DH and I are Buddies~

I am so thankful for my DH~ we are total buddies and had a blast “hanging” out together today! We’ve now been together for almost […] Read More