VEGAS!! and Join Every Day in MAY

Today is the 3 year anniversary of our VEGAS trip…I love the memories I have from that fun time!!  I’d love to get my body back to how it felt then!! I will do it!! I’ve decided to do an EVERY DAY IN MAY challenge again this year, please join me!  The goal is to workout every day in May for at least 11 mins.

Today has been a much better day than yesterday, yay!! I did end up sleeping in this morning and it made such a difference~ I seriously need more sleep than the average human!

It’s HUMP DAY and Guitar lesson day here for us…I’ll be heading to pick up my 3 sweet little ladies from school so we can get to my Gracie’s lesson.  She’s been slacking on her guitar lately, but now that track is over, I am hoping she’ll get a bit more serious about it!

I got up this morning finally at about 10:30 and decided to hit the trail for a run instead of sitting on the boring bike.  I ran intervals 6 total then a walk jog back up the hill– total time was 22 mins.  I also did a few drills after the run.  Came back home and ate.

Do you like my long socks? I have to wear them so the weeds don’t get me so much, lol!

My weight was up a lot yesterday, I think I was 140 actually, so today it felt nice to see the scale at 137 again.  Ovulation Hormone spike is almost over and i expect to see a nice low weight come Friday!!

Time for me to go clean some more…I opted to stay home from the gym today to do that instead. Seriously, I must be going loony tunes!!

El Sucko!

El workout, El Sucko! Losing my mojo means that the first workout back has the chance to SUCK big time and it did. The thing was is I WAS fired up to workout all day long but kept delaying it and by the time I tried I was tired and torn– torn by wanting to be hanging with my family vs. in my gym.


Other than my workout, my day was very good! I accomplished a lot!! We even got our VERY FIRST orders on! SOOOO EXCITING!!


I also voted, GO REPUBLICANS!!


ALSO, Things have moved forward with…look for an official announcement about our relationship soon. Isn’t my Gym Angel t-shirt cute? And my son too?


Nostalgic November… this is my true #beforepic it brings back some good memories of the fattest time of my life. When I lived in Dallas before we had kids my carb cravings were insane my stress level was through the roof and I kept on packing on the pounds.
I value that time of my life greatly…so happy I’m wiser now!



Now onto today…I have a busy HUMP DAY ahead. Need to buckle down and get in a GREAT workout! Plus, I am going to get in some good PAMPER time– a massage!! YAY!!  The only bad thing about it is that I’ll have to miss our chat.

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

A million and 1 things

How come I want to do a million and 1 things all at the same time? It is a constant struggle for me to “FOCUS” on one task at a time. I think it stems from the years of raising 4 kids + a husband who all demand my attention at the same time! Anyhow, today is cycle day 21 and I feel it– slow moving today, tired, scattered, body aches and such. HIF is on! But, I will overcome!

Today’s post helped me feel inspired to curl my hair and put some makeup on! 6 to Sexy~ day 17: Keys to Sizzle Today we had a good chat, just sad that more of you didn’t join in on the fun

Set your phone alarms NOW for the weekly WED Chats at NOON CENTRAL TIME!

Now if you are curious I’ll share a few of the million things I have going on at the moment. 1- diet bet 2- app 3- kiss a pig 4- supplements 5- track club 6- buffmother trainers 7- website upgrade 8- new “food” venture 9- book reprint 10- tv show I’ll expand more on all of these in the upcoming days/weeks. For now, I’ve got to work on my dreaded TAXES some more! If I can get those done this week, I’ll feel a load off! Have a happy HUMP DAY! -Michelle p.s. I did get in a run yesterday, but no leg workout- that’s on tap later today doing great on no bread (and no beer!) The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Met my Vince!!

I don’t have much time to blog today a MILLION and 1 things going on. But I wanted to be sure to stick to blogging for my accountability.  I am feeling almost 100% recovered from the tummy flu ~ thanks again for your prayers!


at 2 I worked out with my favorite client, Miss Emily McArthur!!
here’s what we did, circuit style with little rest–Try it:
2 sets of each pair then move to next pair:
Pair 1-
Squats 20 reps
Jumps one leg at a time 10 reps
Pair 2-
Backward lunges 20
jumps 20 each leg
Pair 3-
Push up 10
Stretch hip flexors
Pair 4-
Wide squats 10
Shoulder press 10 reps
Pair 5-
Ladder Abs 20+10 crunches
Calf raises 10
Pair 6-
Lay side raises 20 each
Adductor v’s 15

Here are some of my eats from yesterday:




Bowflex rows 3x60x15
Pigeon toe push ups 3×10

Inverted pull ups 3 sets
Lat row 40#kb

Bicep curls 45×10

Lateral raises 15’sx10 + front x5 x3sets

Bench 45×25


Then intervals on treadmill– went up to 4% grade at 9mph for my hardest interval

I felt great!

Now on to my title….Vince is the name of the character in the movie I’m in…Diedra (me) and Vince are very flirty with each other during the movie and even have a bit of a bedroom scene.  I met him yesterday.  Thankfully, we hit it off


Gotta go,

Have a fun HUMP DAY!!



p.s. here’s a pic I took last Saturday== then got too sick to post it:

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Sow into it Thursday
What can you sow into?
You can Sow into: body, beauty, mind, spirit, emotions, attitude, solutions, others, relationships, environment, speed, strength, agility, flexibility, posture, health, legacy….

What can you sow?
You can Sow: money, time, energy, emotions, thoughts, actions, gifts, faith, belief, prayer, knowledge, photos, being an example, touch, life, truth, fun, peace, love, hope, loyalty, commitment, thankfulness, appreciation, character, manners, smiles, food, nutrients, desire, environment……..

Are you Sowing into what you want to reap?

I’ve been asking this myself a lot…I’d love to get to the point in my own maturity to where each moment of my life SOWS into something for the future.

have a GREAT Hump day~ I’m off to sow into my relationship with DH!

Holy Hormone hump day!
Well girls…It was one of those days for me today~ High Hormones= tired, slow, stiff, unfocused and a bit reclusive, lol!…but I pushed through by remembering, “It’s just my hormones” and I actually had a rather good day despite!

I got a ton done and had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when Chris Bray (my web guy) got the RR up and running again.

My DREAM is to have a dream website…one that has all the bells and whistles that I desire, one that never ever goes down and one that is as wonderful as the RR and stays wonderful forever!!! I love the atmosphere here– you have created a dreamland… But I know we need it to be updated, more reliable, more user friendly and more dependable for it to house all the women in the world!!!

I’ve already gotten this week’s mini-challenge done~ I worked out LEGS with DH on MONDAY…I actually squated 135×6 for 2 sets…the first time since about FEB that I’ve squatted that heavy. And that same day I worked on some video practice doing the beginner buffing workout~ that’s hard work!

Then yesterday~ I lifted back and RAN!! I also finished with 2 sets of walking lunges~then practiced some more video taping…this time some lower body boosting and some upper body buffing– no wonder I am sore head to to today!

So… today is a much needed day off.
Eats have been decent, working on getting in my protein and greens~ My weight was at 126 on Mon, 126 on Tues and today 127. Very good for me at this time of the month~

Keep rockin’ your workouts and I’m so happy to have you back~ I missed you yesterday!!

Heavenly Thoughts

I’ve been dreaming a bit about heaven today…I can’t wait to feel what heaven is like!!!  A book I recently read “When Heaven Invades Earth” talks about how we should expect and go after the things of heaven here on earth.  For instance we should expect that we should be healthy as we will be in heaven.  In THE LORD’s prayer Jesus even said this “…Your will be done on earth as it is in HEAVEN!”  Isn’t that cool!!!   Heaven on earth is possible!!  What an awesome dream to dream and to go for!!

My workouts the past 2 days have been great!!
I did a really good leg workout with more than 100 lunges in it yesterday followed by my RUN!!  I ran on the treddy rather hard for about 11 mins….
And when I got home my new running shoes showed up!!!  now I can really feel good about running every other day this month!!!

Today, I did a back, shoulder and bicep workout followed by 11 mins of intervals on the r-bike.  It was a BONUS workout for the week as I had planned to take today off!!  I am so happy that I got it done!

I ovulated last night and I feel so much better today …I think it was Carrie who asked about  how we feel on our ovulation, this month for me was extra bad for some reason (since I’ve had twins, I have months when I double ovulate and this makes things doubly icky hormone wise for me on those months) my symptoms were: nausea the night before, bloating, extreme fatigue, zits, horrible ovary pain and some breast tenderness.

Well I gotta go and get some things done while the kids are all occupied.
Have a HEAVENLY hump day!!

Happy Hummpy day!

Happy Hump day~ …so does that mean I need to HUMPPY TODAY? LOL…

I guess I missed posting my workout from last night…well I ran for about 16 min and then did 6 FAST sprints about (15sec) each…”Do you know how I know I was fast?”
WELLLLL~~~DH was out playing catch with my DS and he said “you looked really fast, I wonder what you would run a 200 in these days”… that just made my day!!! so I guess, I’ll have to try that sometime 🙂

So today I got to the gym around 12:30…lifted chest and tri’s for a half hour, tanned, and then did the elliptical for 40 min 🙂

Have a super night, I know I will (wink! wink!)

Hi ya HUMP DAY!! workout: Back, shoulders, bi’s (sorta)

Ladies today was busy…way more busy than I expected, I think part of it was that my girls seemed really tired today and still wouldn’t take naps. That is silly! I love naps, but my kids hate them!

So here is my 3rd SPECTACULAR workout in a row…if I would have had more time at the gym I would have kept going for another hour, I felt that GREAT!!

Warm up r-bike 5 min

Assisted pull ups over hand wide grip
25# help x10,8,8
one normal set of 10

T-bar rows

Seated rows

Dorsi Flex Lat row machine

Military/shoulder press machine

One arm cable lat row
80#x4 together x 8singles
80#x4 together x 8singles + 8 together
80# x 10 singles

Smith Military

arnolds both arms at the same time
25’s x 8 followed by 5 alt hammer curls x 3 sets

Bent over lateral raises

one set rotator cuff exercises 12#x5 reps
Bench knee ups focused on sides

That was all 🙂

I skipped out on getting my biceps done…which happens all too often and is usually fine, but due to this contest I have in 10 weeks…I figure I have to pump up the pipes a bit more 🙂

So the plan is to do some biceps at home tomorrow and run intervals

I have to go spend some time with my DH…He has been outta town this week, so we miss each other something terrible, KWIM? hee, hee!