HI! My resolve today is to work all day on my taxes…But first I wanted to share a couple links with you about the MTHRF gene mutation that I spoke of yesterday.  Basically it causes your body to have a hard time absorbing B vitamins which are vital for many functions within your body.…protocol/2012/02/24/


Yesterday I uploaded Foundation #5 and #6 for our HT tutorials:




I got in a good hill run + 25 mins on the bike after ward. Today is legs.

See ya later!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

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My run today went well–

Good– ran 9 or 10 hills, I can’t count so I’m not sure– stopped to tie shoe and to rest a bit after 5 hills for a total if 3 non-running min. The hills don’t measure correctly with GPS so total distance was longer than the “runkeeper” thought– but here’s what it said:
And here’s my accuntablility picture for today “Trail hills happening now!! JUST DO IT!! “:

Love ya,


Interview by Monica Cotturone

Hi Michelle!

…here are few questions for you:

1-            Tell me a little bit about yourself before HT and

Well, I could really get LONG here…but I know you’ve read my story on my website and in my book.  The main message that I want to get across is that I was just an average girl/woman who needed some encouragement and a mission for my life.  I married young to a wonderful man who believed in my potential way more than I did myself.  He pushed me to strive for more in life and to go after my dreams.  It took time…but 10 years into our marriage after having 4 kids in 4 years (including twins) all the encouragement that he instilled in me combined with GOD revealing my true mission lit a fire in me that has pushed me to strive for and attain dreams I once thought impossible.  Before HT and BuffMother! I was a different person…I was weak (mentally and physically), scared, un-motivated, fickle, moody, unhappy and physically a mess.  I was like a puzzle that hadn’t been even taken out of the box yet.  And NOW I feel like I have just a handful of pieces left to put into place until my full beauty is revealed!

2-            What are your fitness and nutritional credentials?

I have always had an interest in fitness.  As a youth I was very active and enjoyed playing most anything.  I first struggled with my weight as a teenager which prompted my interest to learn about nutrition, strength training and all other aspects of fitness.  I went on to study exercise science, nutrition and coaching for 4 years in College. I am a certified personal trainer and member of the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine).

3-            How did having four children in such a short time period effect you physically, mentally and emotionally?

It basically devastated me.  My body was in a very weak and depleted state, and so was my mind.  I had NO TIME for myself.  I didn’t even know who I was anymore.  I always joke that I think I blacked out for a couple years in there~ I was SO broken down and VERY unhappy.

4-            What was the turning point in your life that made you want to start creating Hormonal Timing and the Rally Room

The turning point for me was the day I looked in the mirror when my twins were 4 months old and I looked like I had just given birth.  I was so SAD!  What others had told me about my body being lost forever looked like a reality.  I remember that making me so mad! And asking myself “WHY couldn’t I look good again?”;  “Is it a proven scientific fact that after pregnancy our body looses it’s potential to be beautiful again?”  ….After all it’s simply MUSCLE  and bone structure that gives shape to our bodies? That’s when I got very determined to SHOW the women of the world that with discipline and the right fitness program having kids doesn’t mean you have to look like “Old Mother Hubbard”!  So that’s when I started to regain my hope, I started to BELIEVE that I could attain my best body ever~ even after 4 kids in 4 short years including twins via c-section.  I set out to be the living proof that you can be BUFF and BEAUTIFUL after Babies.  That’s the moment I dove into researching training methods and diets.  I dove into the science behind how hormones affect a woman before, during and after pregnancy.  I went on to transform my body in the next 9 months into a NATIONAL level figure competitor!  AND I was on fire to share the information I found with every woman in the world!!!  During that time I started by training clients in the gym, then in Jan of 2005 I made my website so that I could reach women all over the world with my rally cry “You can be Buff and beautiful after having children, I am living Proof!!”  A few months later, started a yahoo group that quickly grew to 2000 members.   From there I became a highly successful online personal trainer and then in March of 2006 we opened the Rally Room.  The mission of the Rally Room is simply to provide the most positive atmosphere in an online support team, where every member’s goal is simply to encourage, help and love other women who want to be their best.

5-            What do you say to mom’s who think they “just don’t have the time” or they’ll never be able to reach their goals?

NO one has the time…you have to make the time.  And Excuses are abundant for everyone…YOU need to decide to stop using them!  NO EXCUSES!!

6-            What’s a typical day like for you?

This question makes me laugh for a couple of reasons:

#1- my life now is a DREAM compared to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 years ago!  #2- there is no typical day in my life…every day seems to be different.  I get in certain “patterns” for a month or 2 sometimes, but there is never a true ROUTINE in my life.  I am not a creature of habit, routine or addiction…I am a free spirit who is very hard to predict or control, lol!  A typical day in my life is very average,

I work for several hours daily doing things like: operational business duties, writing e-mails, organizing, writing blogs/articles, website maintenance, conference calls, business meetings, etc…,

I workout for about an hour 5-6 days a week..I feel at this point it is part of my JOB and it is VERY important to me to lead by example in my fitness life

I do “housewife duties”: cook, clean, laundry

I run errands, bring my kids places, go shopping, etc

I am a wife to my husband and a mother to my children

I also spend time daily in spiritual time, my relationship with Jesus Christ is very important to keeping me centered and focused on my true mission: to HELP women and to be a LIGHT in the darkness.

I enjoy down time also: lately I’ve spent that time watching movies, tv or MMA fighting

7-            What do you hope to accomplish through

It is my goal to revolutionize the women’s fitness industry.  I want women to know that they are special and need to consider their uniqueness of having a Hormonal cycle when trying to attain great health and fitness.  I know it is my God ordained mission to HELP women attain their best bodies, lives and legacies.  The women of the world need to have HOPE that they CAN be successful and Believe that their actions are important not only now but forever!  I feel that what I’ve taught my clients through my books and rally room is that WE hold the key to REVOLUTINIZING the world and I want to encourage women to USE that key to unlock their potential and the potential of those around them!!

8-         If you could tell women only one thing to help them reach their goals what would it be?

It would be to BELIEVE that you are capable of attaining your dreams.  Believe that God made you for a purpose and has given you passion to accomplish that purpose.  So go for it and NEVER give UP!! Just BELIEVE!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions for me Michelle! You are such a blessing! – Monica

Customer Service FAQ

Customer Service F.A.Q.

On Hormonal Timing:


I don’t have a period, will hormonal timing work for me?


YES, If you have ovaries you have a hormonal cycle

If you are on birth control pills or other forms of birth control hormones you will still have a cycle hormones…make sure to chart your symptoms.  The added benefit of knowing how your body responds to that particular type of birth control may come in handy at your next doctor visit.  If you take the pill, I would recommend opting to take the traditional 28 day cycle of pills which contain a week of “inactive” placebo pills to allow for monthly bleeding (your period).  Also if you have the option of being “natural” go for it, I feel it is most often the “optimal” choice.

If you have a hysterectomy and still have your ovaries, you will still have a cycle. And, if you are going through menopause or you’re post-menopausal you still have a cycle ….make sure to chart.  Just because you don’t bleed monthly does not mean you are not having cyclical hormone fluctuations.  It is crucial that you CHART your weight, bloat, mood, focus, stress, energy, pain, hunger, strength, sleep, libido and other symptoms so that you can see how your cycle still affects you.  Within a few weeks of charting you will see how your hormones still affect your body.  Once you “see” your cycle you will be able to determine your buffing and boosting phases.  During your body’s natural buffing phase you will feel more in control of you food intake, have more energy, enjoy better sleep, and see the scale as your friend.  In contrast during your natural boosting phase you may feel more hunger, less focused, more tired and struggle with water weight.

Follow these steps to determine your buffing and boosting phases when you are without a period.

Follow our HT rule “when in doubt BUFF!”.  So if you don’t know where to start, start with a 2 week buffing phase.

Start charting your hormones immediately- Since you won’t know what cycle day you are on in your month simply start by using calendar dates instead of c-days on your charting form (Appendix A of my book) or a normal calendar to chart your symptoms.  Soon from your symptoms,  you will clearly see the cycle of your hormones from low to high.

Once you identify a START of a new hormonal pattern in your body, switch to start a NEW 2 week phase of either Buffing or Boosting.

As you move along through these first couple months of charting you may have to adjust your phases just a bit more and that’s OKAY…you will soon learn your body and be able to benefit from training in SYNC with your body and feel at peace knowing you are working WITH your body vs. fighting with it!


I don’t know where I am in my cycle what should I do?


Start with a 2 week buffing phase, followed by 2 weeks of boosting…then adjust as you figure out your cycle “ When in doubt, BUFF!”


I’m confused- when am I buffing and when am I boosting?


My books will detail how to track your cycle and have a good knowledge base about how the buffing and boosting phases work, it’s time to make your plan of attack to Apply HT to your personal fitness and diet program:

I’ve created this helpful tool:

On this chart you see the Buffing days in PINK and Boosting days in PURPLE

If you have an average 28-day monthly cycle, your Buffing and Boosting phases will each be exactly 2 weeks.   The Buffing Phase runs from c-day 5 through c-day 18. The Boosing phase runs from c-day 19 through the end of your cycle, roughly c-day 28 and then continues on from c-day 1 to c-day 4.   On a chart like this or on a normal calendar, you need to note in the day of the week and date that corresponds to your personal cycle like I have shown in this example:


When in doubt BUFF (i.e. add days to your buffing phase)

  • If you Don’t have a period, start with a Buffing phase and be staunch about charting your symptoms.  You will soon see your cycle from your symptoms and then be able to your Buffing and Boosting phases to it( see page 35). Once identified stick to 2 weeks of buffing followed 2 weeks of boosting, followed by 2 weeks of buffing, etc..

On Books:

Question: I can’t wait to get your books. About how long does shipping take?


It takes up to a week for us to process orders after that shipping takes 2-3 days (within the USA).  We ship everything via USPS priority mail.

Question: How did you get your abs and stomach to look that way especially after a c-section/ Where is your c-section scar?


All my Secrets are in my ABS book; My scar is all too real and is hidden under my bikini.


Can I buy the books without the supplements? Where? How?

Yes, all items are available individually.  Please visit

and you can also get the books alone on


I just ordered your hormonal timing book today…and I noticed on today’s blog that if I order today, I will also get a copy of after baby abs…is this true? If so, thank you!




Does the hormonal timing book work in conjunction with using birth control pills?


Yes, for normal 28 day pill packs, start buffing when you start your new pill pack, then start buffing in conjunction with the first day of your 3rd week of pills (day 15 on your pill pack) and continue to boost through your week of placebo pills.

To enhance your results I would highly recommend taking the buffing and boosting pills along with your buffing and boosting phases.


What are the ingredients of the pills?


The ingredient lables are here:


Exactly what are the pills for?


The pills are made to enhance your body’s response to your Buffing and Boosting phases.  The HT Pills are made to help your body produces it’s hormones the way nature intended along with helping you through your monthly hormonal fluctuations with a few extra ingredients.  For instance the buffing pill contains extra amino acids to help you retain the muscle while you are losing weight.  And the boosting pill has an appetitie suppressant in it that will help you control your food intake during PMS.


Can I take the HT Pills while on Birth control?


Yes!  They are all natural  and will not interact negatively with your birth control pills.


Can I take the HT Pills while pregnant?


Please check with your doctor.


Is it safe for my teenage to take the HT Pills?


Yes, just be aware that every once in a while people are sensitive to certain nutrients (like vit e, niacin and chromium) found in the pills.  Since she most likely has not taken many supplements in the past keep an eye out for any possible sensitivities.


I am interested in your HT Pill. Currently I take Vitamines C, B6, Cal-Mag, Chromium, Womans Vitamin and Flax Seed each day. Would this replace all these??? If not, which ones would I have to continue taking? Thank you, Violet Balzer 86 Trussler Road Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 3W7 P – 519-741-1383


Hi Violet,

Thanks for your note.

The Hormonal Timing Pill works in conjunction with your natural hormonal cycle and with my training program’s Buffing and Boosting phases.  The HT Pills would replace your current B-6, Chromium and magnesium supplements.  PLUS they would give you additional nutrients and support what is going on in your body at that time of the month.

Please let me know if you have anymore questions,


Michelle Berger, aka BuffMother!


From: Pam

Michelle, I was looking into the HT pill and was wandering on the 60 day supply do you get both the buffing and the boosting? Also do you have a brand name of supplements that you recommend some brands have alot of fillers is liquid cal. better than pill? Sorry so many questions. thank you Pam


Hi Pam,

Thanks for your note~

For the 60 day supply of the HT Pill you get both the buffing and boosting pills.  I

As for a “brand” of supplement, I don’t have a general recommendation.  It depends greatly on what vitamins you are talking about.  For Calcium, there are so many choices…liquid is a great one since you KNOW it will be absorbed, but there are many great pills on the market also.  Personally I take a one a day calcium supplement called EZ Cal or Tums.

Hope that helps a bit,

Michelle Berger, aka BuffMother!



Your website says it’s never too late, and I believe that, but do you know of any organized group for women over 50 that are just getting started? There’s a difference in hormonal changes and menopause. I would like to find women my age battling over 50 challenges. Thank you for the articles; they have been inspiring. Rebecca


HI Rebecca,

Thanks for your sweet note.  You are right it is never to late to improve your health and quality of life!

I actually have several women your age in my Team BuffMother Rally Room AND my training system Hormonal Timing still works regardless of your age, because even though you are past menopause you still have a cycle of hormones each month!

If you are set on looking for away from for another site, I’d suggest checking out


Michelle Berger, aka BuffMother!


Hi, I recently received your book and have started reading and following it. (I’m the customer in South Korea). Your book and website mention the hormonal timing pill, and I think it would be a good thing. But I have some inquiries about it. I’m really inclined to buy the Pill, because taking 1 pill with everything I need sounds fantastic. Currently I order many variety of things for a lot of money from So not only, would ordering the Pill be convienient, it would probably allow me to cut out the other individual things I’m taking, and save me money. But the one problem I’m having, is I don’t want to buy it without know what the ingredients are. And I know that you probably don’t want to reveal it on your website and in your book, so its not easily copied. However, I have a thyroid problem, and am currently on medication for this. And would really want to know what the ingredients are in your Pill. Just so that I can cross reference with my doctor, and make sure there will be no complications. So if you could please let me know what you are putting in your Pills, it would be greatly appreciated. A customer and motivated fan, Dianna


HI Dianna!

Fun to hear you are using Hormonal Timing!!  I am actually sending out your After Baby Abs bonus book today!

I’ve placed the nutritional labels of the HT Pill supplements here:

so that you can see the ingredients.

Thanks so much for your note and excitement…

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Your friend,

Michelle Berger, aka BuffMother!


When WILL your training package be available??


The Customize Training programs will be available in April 2009, please check back at frequently for more details.  However we do offer many training options via our Video Coaching program.  More details on that are here

For the following requests please e-mail

Please stop my autoship/subscription to the HT pills.

Please change my the credit card I use for my subscription.

Please send just boosting pills and no buffing pills…I can’t handle any caffeine.

Day #1 ~ Challenge

I am very excited to be joining the countdown to Memorial Day challenge!! Today is day #1 of 70 for me…and I’m starting with LEGS!!!

here is my POA for the week~ I am boosting…shooting to do most lifts with sets of 10, 8, 6, 4 reps.

M- Legs
T- back, intervals
W-chest, intervals
Sa-back, intervals

It is also spring break here…our plan is to do a “daily” activity as a family that costs less than $15. Today is nice and sunny out so it’ll be an outside one

I’ll check in later with more~
Let’s have a GREAT day!!!
p.s. In case you missed this~
I thought that we could all benefit from a bit more motivation towards getting the results we desire and so I thought we could use the SSS 10 week journal to help us keep focus and chart our progress!! The journal is AWESOME!! it contains a ton of info: HT info, HT charts, How to Buff and How to Boost, Detailed illustrated workouts, Key Foundations for success, starting stats/measurements, weekly challenges to keep focus, and much much more!!!

Feel free to invite other friends of yours to join us, you can e-mail them the journal and encourage them follow along this 10 week journey towards SUPER STAR SUCCESS!!! Let’s help others to achieve their goals over the next couple months!!!

Planning on having an AMAZING week!

Hey Ya’ll!!!

This week is going to be AMAZING!! I am fired up and spent a little time this morning WRAPPING my brain around the week. I also bought some Audio books for my I-phone…I’d been meaning to do that for some time and hope some of the books I got will be enjoyable to listen to!

Gracie’s birthday yesterday was fun! We went to FAST Lanes-and indoor fun/amusement place– the kids played games, drove go-carts and we all bowled! It was a good day!

Now for another couple of “AsK BuffMother!” Q&A’s:


Is it possible to do hormonal timing with no period?

Michelle! Long time no see huh? I am wanting to get started with the hormonal timing again and was curious if it is possible to do the hormonal timing without a period. I am breastfeeding my daughter and I am assuming that I won’t get my period back until I quit…at least that is how it was with my son. Should I still be experiencing period like symptoms even though I am not getting it? Is what I should be paying attention to in terms of knowing when to boost and cut?

Even though you don’t really have a normal cycle a this point so….go ahead and start buffing for 2 weeks followed by boosting.
In all honesty HT will work even without aligning it with your hormones, however when you do line it up with hormones it becomes at least 3x’s as effective.
Go for it!! – Michelle

Question for Michelle: Buffing & Boosting??

I’ve seen a lot of ppl use the term ‘buffing’ and ‘boosting’ here and I would really like to know what it means? Would you be able to explain it to me if you have the time Michelle? Thank you

Buffing and Boosting are the terms I use for the 2 phases of the month when training using Hormonal Timing.
It would be very hard to describe the entire program her in a comment….
But the first thing you need to do is CHART your hormonal cycle and symptoms,
From there you break up your “month” into 2 phases: Buffing- typically cycle day 5-18; Boosting- c-day 19-18, 1-4
Then you work WITH your body to get GREAT results and a BUFF body, lol!
Buffing generally is GO time–intense workouts, more cardio, less food, less carbs
Boosting is generally maintenance time- time to focus on building muscle, fueling your body a bit more with a few more carbs and focusing on STILL getting it done, despite your hormones causing you to feel icky.
Hope that helps a bit,

Well part of my amazing week is going to include workouts~btw yesterday was c-1…so I am transitioning from boosting to buffing this week! The yay yippee guy I can’t wait to feel more focused again!!

Here is my POA for workouts:
M-cardio; lift upper body (chest mostly)
T- cardio; lift lower body
W- cardio; lift back mostly
F-morning wake up cardio
Sa-off- My Niece’s wedding!!!
Sun-lift chest/tri/ intervals

That’s more cardio than usual for me, but it’s a weird week and I won’t be able to lift like usual, so that’s why more cardio.

Let’s be AMAZING this week,

Input anyone??

Here are photos of me taken in July. I want your input…
For Ms. Bikini America (which may be the contest I am doing, not 100% sure yet??)

What if anything should I change?

I am 11 weeks out from a contest and plan to post some very current pictures here on Saturday.
Here are my stats in these pictures:
ht: 5-7

I am so pumped to have a specific focus again! It makes all the difference in the world for my intensity during my workouts. I love It!!!
GET BUFF and have a Happy Day,