Knee up Spots: “Fab Abs” Day 21

Today is Day #21,  In our “Fab Abs” challenge, just 1 week left!! Holy cow…these 3 weeks have flown by, and honestly my abs have […] Read More

What do you think about BANDS??

What do you think about BANDS?? I am doing a GIVE AWAY~ Which includes BANDS 🙂 The “starter pack” includes my training geared towards […] Read More

New Contest!!

The NEW Team BuffMother contest will be starting on April 23rd….  The main place that the contest info will be promoted is on my blog […] Read More

Treated Like a Queen~ Ahh!

Well, I was TREATED today~ Fist thing this morning I got my hair done, Miss Christy Lemke, at Salon Athena, does it so nicely and […] Read More

15 Years! 15 Years is a milestone!! I’ve been married for 15 years to the BEST man in the world!!! He ROCKS!! So…we’ve been celebrating since […] Read More

Cool article!

Last night I got this e-mail– Dear Michelle, I just found your website and absolutely LOVE it! I’m the mother of a three-year-old and pregnant […] Read More