Whew!! what a week!!  It flew by…I can’t belive it’s already SUNDAY and time to make another PLAN OF ATTACK. Lots of factors to juggle this week with the kids being back home and Gunner’s Birthday on Thursday, but I know if I can focus on ONE TASK at a time I can do it!!  I’ve really been trying to limit my multi-tasking…I am addictied to multitasking- which causes my ADD to go into overdrive!  The plan will be for me to do ONE TASK daily off my nasty,  procrastination filled, do not want to, “to do” list.

My Daily goal is 3 fold-

1- complete my workouts

2- complete that ONE TASK

3- stay HAPPY!!

I knew it would be very difficult to stick to last week’s plan– so I’m not too distraught over the fact I didn’t get in all of my workouts – BUT I am very happy that I did get in the ones I did–(I did lift 3 times and ran 3 times). The workouts I got in last week kept my MOJO and  it means I won’t be in “start over” mode this week!!  Onward and upward towards my August goals!! (FYI- my goal is to be able to consistently lift 6x’s a week come August!!)

the POA for this week is as follows (2nd week of Boosting):

  • Sunday- Upper body lifting (push/pull) and running- GYM workout
  • Monday- Leg workout + 20 mins on bike- HOME workout
  • Tuesday- Chest/Tricep/Abs + running – GYM workout —  Kid’s hair cuts, shopping trip to Bentonville
  • Wednesday- Back/Shoulder/Biceps lifting workout + 20 mins cardio on bike or elliptical- GYM workout
  • Thursday- just running- HOME workout—Gunner’s 13th Birthday
  • Friday- Legs- GYM workout-Gunner want’s to go play airsoft with friends for b-day
  • Saturday- Upper body push/pull and running- HOME workout
  • Sunday- off
    TOTALS- 5 lifting workouts; 4 runs; 2x 20 mins extra cardio; 3 HOME workouts; 4 GYM workouts

Let’s have an amazing productive week!! Time to show “SUMMER” that we can still accomplish a lot despite its sweet fun distractions, lol!!

Love ya,


7 days to Go!!

Just 7 days to go in our 21 day kick the habit contest!! That’s just ONE WEEK…
I know you can focus for 1 week~ WE GOT THIS!!

Today’s post:

Hit it hard!! I’m watching you, lol!!

My plan for the week.. is to lift a bit heavier this week.
The last couple I have been doing sets of 10 now this week I am going to go to sets of around 6 reps.

Here it is:
Workout at noon with dh…lift chest/tri’s and do intervals(most likely run)

Workout:back/bi’s/shoulders intervals or spin class 🙂

Workout:LEGS!! I love leg day. The goal is a sore butt and I will get one!

Run intervals outside and some sprints!!

Friday: Workout: Chest/tri’s and spin? or intervals on upright bike

Sat: PICTURES??? I never got my starting contest pictures done, I am way over due for a set of progress pics…the last ones were done in early Dec
Workout: Back/Bi/Shoulders and run outside

Sunday:Church…we will make it this week!!

I am so excited for the week!!


7 Days to Go! “Top of the HOUR” to YA!!

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Sat, 2012/02/18 – 2:46pm — BuffMother

7 Days to Go!

Just one week– you and I can focus for 1 week…we can do it!!
Today’s task is simple– I want you to ask yourself this question at the top of every hour:
“What do I need to do right now to move towards breaking my habit?”

Here are some of how I expect to answer:

6:00am- Get my young and spry body out of bed!! GET UP!!!
7:00 am- Kiss my kids goodbye for the day…make sure they know I love them
8:00 am- Eat some eggs and then Clean my Kitchen
9:00 am- do my online time
10:00 am- eat a mid morning snack of an apple
11:00 am- prepare my errands for the day- post office trip, trip to dry cleaners, etc.
Noon- eat a healhty clean lunch like: romain/spinach salad with chicken, olives, tomoatoes, nuts and some ranch dressing
1:00pm- clean the kitchen up
And so on….

Use the top of each hour as a cue to keep asking yourself “what do I need to do right now”… to progress towards my short-term and LONG TERM Goals!

Workout ideas for today-

Lift Lower body Circuit


3 sets x15 reps
Calf raises
Stationary lunges
Romainian Dead lifts
Ball Leg Curls
Laying side leg lifts

Lift Back


Pull-ups (assisted)
Upright rows
DB Bicep curls
Lat pull downs
Bent over lateral raises
Standing DB W-Military
Crunches 3×15 slow
Barbell bicep curls
Knee Ups- to front and sides

Focus, Focus, Focus and Do what you need to DO!



It’s working!! top of the hour cues!!

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Mon, 2012/02/20 – 10:52am — BuffMother

The task for today is working “Use the top of each hour as a cue to keep asking yourself “what do I need to do right now”… to progress towards my short-term and LONG TERM Goals!”…I’m staying focused, keeping my kitchen clean and getting stuff done!


Yesterday was a great day off…I worked outside clearing some brush, burning some brush and found that my tulip bulbs that I planted last fall are sprouting.  I had planted them upside down and thought they wouldn’t work, but at least some of them found their way to the surface :garden:

The twins and I also practiced some softball…they are total beginners and it’ll be fun to see how they progress this season.  Gracie did really well at her try out, but the poor girl got hit in the shin with a grounder!  She’s convinced she does NOT want to play anymore, which is really too bad!!!

I missed my second leg workout last week, so that’s on tap for me and my workout buddy, Gunner, today!  Everyone is healthy here finally and I am feeling excited for the spring.  I can feel MARCH coming.

March 1 I’m headed to Keystone for a ski trip…I’m thinking I need to prep for that a bit this week.  I need to be sure I have clothes and a body that can endure the altitude, cold and crazy muscles involved. I’m also going to go tanning and get my hair done this week….I feel the need to primp a bit!

I spent a bit of time this morning looking at my last set of progress pictures.  They were on December 5th…it was a couple weeks after I had been sick for a month.

Here’s one of them:

I think I’m looking a bit leaner since then, but I do need to take a set of pictures to compare.  I’ll plan to do that this Saturday.

We’ll the TOP of the hour is coming again– time to refocus and stay productive!!

Have a super day!!


I "heart" Creatine!

Thursday, April 21, 2011 @ 15:17pm

I “heart” Creatine!

Seriously! for any athlete that is looking to perform their best CREATINE can’t be beat!! I just started taking it again on Sunday after about 3 weeks off and WOW!! I feel and LOOK like an athlete

Last night I got in a quick upper body lifting workout:

Bench, Pull ups, Seated Rows, Lat pulls, knee ups, lower back extensions, incline flys, curl bar biceps

This morning I woke up SO SORE from Sunday’s 3 hour football practice- I sure was glad I started taking creatine when I did or else I’d really be in pain!!

I’ve been getting in a short lower body home workout, just now while cooking supper and commenting in the Rally Room:
squatting, doing bulgarians, calf raises, dumbbell raises and some other ab/hip stuff in between.

Creatine Q & A

Should Women Take Creatine?

I had avoided taking Creatine for years, thinking that it would only make me big, bloated and bulky. Boy was I wrong!

A key change I made towards getting the body I now have was choosing to supplement with Creatine. My results were phenomenal, both physically and mentally. I had never experienced such great results from my workouts. I had more energy, more muscle stamina, more intense muscle contraction, a great “pump”, better muscle recovery, increased strength gains and I was emotionally excited to do my workout. Within 3 weeks, I was 100% sold on Creatine supplementation and it will always be part of my training routine. Creatine is a proven, safe and very powerful sports supplement that should be used by anyone wanting a buff body!

Here is a simplified Q & A about Creatine:

What does it do?
In a nutshell, it helps your muscles get the nutrients they need to perform, recover and grow.

Why is this important to women?
My basic philosophy for getting buff is that “Muscle BURNS FAT!”, if you ever want to be Buff you need to strengthen the muscles on your body so that you are a fat burning machine! Creatine will help you get lean! It will make you feel stronger by increasing the blood flow to your muscles causing greater, more effective contractions during your weight lifting. Creatine will also help you recover from your lifting, and help your muscles have a continuous supply of the nutrients they need to become lean and dense!

How much should I take?
I recommend taking two to three 3g-5g doses daily in a punch form (high glycemic index juice is needed to create the transport system for the creatine go into your cells). There is no need to “LOAD” this substance as once recommended. The easiest time of day to take it is in the morning and again after your workout, the optional 3rd dose should be taken prior to your workout. You will feel the effects within a week.

What about the bloating?
The biggest side effect women have to overcome when taking Creatine is bloating. The bloating is an overall body bloat. It’s not like your typical “monthly bloat”. You will carry the water weight in your muscles, so the more muscle you have the more you will notice the water weight. When I am on Creatine I carry about 3-5 pounds of extra water weight. The good news is that once you stop taking it, you lose the water weight immediately.

How long should I take it?
If you want the best results you must follow a good weight training program and diet along with taking Creatine. I would recommend taking it for a period of 6-9 weeks and then going off for another 3-6 weeks to check your progress. Then start taking it again for periods of 2-12 weeks at a time, all depending on your goals.

It works if you work it !

Take care and GET BUFF!
xoxoxo~Michelle Berger

My pants fell down~

Well not really but close!
I had my PINK low rise terry sweat pants on today and even though I “knew” better, I went running/worked out in them anyhow…and they didn’t want to stay up!

So my at home workout looks like this:
u bike 5 mins
run around block 5 mins
2 slow sprints
Day 2 in a row of squats
*between sets cleaned the garage (where my home gym is located)
135x 8×2
full squats no weight about 15
(BTW- i did do squats last night 95×10x3sets)

Dead lifts
95×20 or more…big huge set
95×10 feeling that first set already, lol!
some standing ab work in the mirror–the great aspect of working out at home :)

 no weightx10

Then ran around the block again in 4 mins this time.

it took me forever, but it was a good small workout~ I really struggle working out at home…but I want to change that!!

I am off to get 4 kiddos to bed!

Late post

I was hoping to post this early this morning, but LIFE took over and now about 17 hours later, I am posting~
I found peace today having lunch with my friend Emily…she is so cool! I am happy to call her a friend.

My goal today was to get in a good workout, but guess what…it didn’t happen~ Oh well!

So here is my NEW POA for the week:

T- buffing begins…normally I’d take pics, but I’ll wait until later in the week so they can be my official Holiday Hottie starting pics!! I am so pumped for this contest- yehaw!!
workout- LEGS! at the gym
W-Run outside…some sprints smile
Th- Upper body home workout and punch BOB cardio!!
F-Legs somewhere, lol!
S- run again…I’d love to do some sprints again, but I really need new shoes~ so if they are here by then I’ll do them
Sun- off as usual–Mentally prep for Holiday Hottie contest

I am wearing my jeans today…and they are quite comfy for just post a bad girl boost, lol. But I am sure I’ve lost leg muscle AGAIN! So that’s my goal for the week to PUMP them UP again, lol!

Okie dokie~ off to buy me some new Nike R4 shox!!
Love ya,

Beginner upper body at home workout

I took this video today~ get out your dummbells and join me on the great workout!!

Beginner upper body at home  workout

Upper body Circuit — do the following exercises in the order listed, complete the entire list 3 times:

1. Push ups on Knees as many as you can do
2. Rows- Bent over holding DB’s — 10 repetitions
3. Chair dips- knees bent as many as you can do
4. Shoulder press- standing- 10 repetitions
5. Bicep curl- 10 repetitions
6. tricep extensions- 10 repetitions
7. abs knee ups on chair
8. lateral shoulder raises

REPEAT these 8 exercises 3 times

Aerobic exercise- 20 mins of something ….walking, marching in place, riding a bike, etc…

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