FBI Agent

Crystal’s post about preparing for the Sheriff dept fitness standards reminded me of something I looked at years ago when I was preparing our “JUST DO IT” contest.  The FBI agent fitness standards

I think I’ll do the test this week to see how I score? Should be a little “fun” diversion for me to trick me into doing a hard workout, lol!!


We have just 4 days left of our HOT HINEY contest~ make them count!!

Yesterday was my Track day– I did a good warm up and then 3 400 meter repeats with about 8-9 minutes recovery between. The first 400m repeat = 64 sec! Which made me happy~

Second 400…much was more painful 67sec

On #3 I purposly started slower so that “maybe” it wouldn’t hurt so bad, the final 400m was 69…but i negative split it!! 35;34 … I guess I should have started a tish faster   This is 800m training for masters track


And then my lifting workout Lat pulls Seated rows Leg extensions Shoulder press

Hip flexions on the multi hip lower back extensions pose down bicep curls


and for the finalle I taped this workout~

Butt Workout~ The “FRISCO”
Have a great THURSDAY~

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

booty ~ shake that thing!

HI ladies!! We’ll we’ve made it through to THURSDAY and I’ve made it through to be “BUFFING” once again!! YAY!!  I had a very successful modified boosting– it was all about maintaining my weight and uppping the volume of my cardio. It went really well the first week of boosting– then the 2nd week was more of a struggle, YET I am here starting my buffing at 128#’s.  I expect that in the next week I’ll be down at my goal of 126 for VEGAS!! YAY!!

Fyi- I am still sore from my track workout- especially in the bottoms of my feet and quads/hip flexors.

 Yesterday’s workout was a good upper body day- I did 3 rounds of 7 mins on my upright bike through out the day.

pull ups 3sets x 7 reps

Bench press 95x10x3sets

Rows with my 40# KB 3 serts of 10 Incline flys 30’sx10

Dips- 1 set on bench the other 2 sets of 7 reps  regular dips (on my dip station)

I also did one round of this- it was posted by a BuffMother member Theresa of Omaha— she’s crazy and did this in a hotel in vegas last week.  All 10 rounds with little rest!

I did one round and told her to Give me 10 days, thenI should be able to complete the 10 rounds, lol– did 1 today!! It took 4 mins

I’m getting very excited for VEGAS!! the weather for our trip looks great!!

BIG NEWS!! our next contest will be a BOOTY CONTEST!   I’ll announce it and start promoting it as soon as we return from VEGAS!

right now finishing up the S2S contest results and VEGAS is enough for me to handle–but come May my booty is where my attention will be!!

It’s going to be 3 weeks long– start day may 6th- final day may 26th

Be sure to get your friends to join us!!

Here’s my workout proof pic from yesterday– with my friend “BuffBunny”…she hangs out in my gym!


Let’s all be “BuffBunnies”–much better than the playboy bunny kind!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Beat yesterday~! day 22/70 SSS2011

I was so beat yesterday…It was one of those days where I kept waiting for some energy and it never came. Despite being exhausted I spent the day with my girls running errands and shopping. BUSY, BUSY!! Needless to say I decided to make yesterday a day off of workouts. Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough last night, I was actually in bed early and asleep by 9:30. My sleep was a not the greatest because for a Valentines “treat” …I was sleeping with 4 girls- 3 human ones and a puppy! HA!!

The plan for the remainder of today is to go for a run outside, CLEAN my house, then at about 3 go to the store with the kids to shop for my DH’s birthday. He’ll be 41 tomorrow, poor guy…he’s so old, lol!! Then after a bit of shopping I’ll get to the gym and do a leg workout! Kids classes start at 4 so that should workout perfectly so that we can get home early in the evening.

On my shopping trip yesterday I found some football pants and a helmet!! YES~! now all I need for football is a pair of cleats. I was really sore in my hip flexors and calves/back of knees yesterday from the plyos and drills we did on Sunday. It’s amazing to me how when I’m there doing the drills it’s so much fun and doesn’t feel like a workout. But the next day I can certainly feel it!!

Okay, I gotta go get my running stuff on~ It’s a warm beautiful day here!! Can’t wait to breath it in!!


Me Organized???

Well I am in ORGANIZE mode the last couple weeks and it feels so good to get caught up on stuff. I just got my inbox down to 3 messages from 200. So that is GOOD!!!

I have been soooooo HUNGRY today! Must be that I worked out yesterday for the first time in about a 5 days and my appetite has returned post 60 hour juice fast . So I’ve been eating quite well today.

My DH and I are meeting at the gym at 5:30 tonight…I love working out with him–I think we’ll do some lifting, core work and hard intervals. He is dieting right now–and since I am not “in training” I’ll be training HIM…He loves being babied by his TRAINER (me)…

In other news I started a 2 week Whole body Cleanse yesterday– I bought it at Wal-mart and wanna see what it’s like. I’ve never done a cleanse like this, so it will be interesting…so far so good.

AND Here is my
workout now–
20 min steady state on r-bike warm up–I am still doing the quick and fast high rep lifting—very challenging…my triceps, front delts and hip flexors are very sore from yestedays wo
lat pull on cybex 110x20x3sets
Isolateral Shoulder press 70x15x1, 50x25x2
Bicep curls on Hammer machine

that was it…tomorrow will be legs and pilates in the am and tennis in the evening!!

Sleep tight,
xoxoxo~ BuffMother!