I am Happy! Happiness Rocks!

HI!! my Happy Friends!! I am so happy you are my friends~ I am a very lucky lady!  Well…I finally took my starting pictures and […] Read More

Happy BuffMother Day!

www.BuffMother.com Today is the last day of our LOVE Month and I’d like to take a moment to talk about my FIRST LOVE…<a href=”http://www.buffmother.com/MyTestimony.aspx”>JESUS CHRIST […] Read More

Happy 47th Birthday BUFFMOTHER Julie!!!

My dear friend and super inspirational BuffMother! leader JULIE of CA is 47 years YOUNG today!! Everyday this beautiful woman inspires me to rise up […] Read More

Happy Easter!!

First off~ Thank you JESUS for giving your life so I can be FREE Forever! He is ALIVE in my life, I feel his power […] Read More

Happy Birthday Saturday- 16 days’till Santa!

Well today is Gracie’s Birthday Party- so I am “prepping” for that experience, lol! I just got the cake from Wally World–Oh MY it was […] Read More

Happy 4th of July!! No EXCUSES!!

I have been promising you that I would have NO EXCUSES regarding my workouts this month- well, today I was tested: The second I went […] Read More

Happy Hummpy day!

Happy Hump day~ …so does that mean I need to HUMPPY TODAY? LOL… I guess I missed posting my workout from last night…well I ran […] Read More