My mental limits- Shine in 49: Day 17

The power of our mind, constantly amazes me~ I pride myself on being a person who continually strives to challenge myself…but my husband pointed out […] Read More

Sizzlin' in 6 day 12~ Buffing Begins!

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Sizzlin' in 6~ WEEK #2 (day 8): "D" is for Determined!

D is for Determined!   I am so DARN DETERMINED to get to my goal!! I love that feeling of FOCUS!!! DETERMINATION is a GREAT […] Read More

2 better days of eating

HEY!! My confession to you worked! I’ve now had 2 better days of eating…I’ve been eating my P’s and G’s …along with my 3 fats,  […] Read More

The Countdown… 13-12-11

The countdown!!! 13-12-11…to my AZ  trip is ON!! and so is buffing!!   I would really like to get a couple pounds off this body in […] Read More

Mighty Monday +POA!!

HI YA- My mighty Mothers!!!  I’ve been going strong all day and love how much I’ve accomplished- It’s truly been a Mighty Monday! my workout […] Read More

"wanting to" becomes DOING IT!

9 days till Christmas!!  and Grandma is on her way….my kids are so excited!!!  I am excited too, but have lots and lots to do […] Read More

Birthday COUNTDOWN is "ON, like donkey KONg!"

Hello my dear sexy friends, today is May 14th – One month is left until my 34th birthday and that means my Birthday COUNTDOWN is […] Read More