Holy cow! I am not quite sure i am recovered from Vegas yet???  I apparently was expending a lot of energy over the weekend, lol! Which by the way I’ve been putting together a “vegas recap” blog and should have it complete today!


I spent yesterday catching up on work, cleaning, laundry and took in a bit of sun, since it was the last day of it for the week.  My workout yesterday was Legs: Squats- high set was 155 x10 hip twists Bulgarians- high set was 30# db’s–holy cow that was hard! Knee Extensions Hip lifts Standing hip ups Hip circles Butt Pops

Knee ups on roman chair

I had our booty contest on my mind during the workout– I’ll demo some of the moves during the contest for you~ The song “Sexy Bit$#” was playing on my Ipod when I too my #workoutproof pic, can you tell?

I ended up having to cut the workout short- I had to get to the post office before it closed. BY THE WAY! if you won a shirt in the S2S contest, please message me your address and what shirt you want.


Then it was off to the races– guitar lessons, wal-mart, more cooking and cleaning in time for Hubby to get home from a work trip (he was in MN yesterday)…Once he was home, I cuddled up with him to CELEBRATE his successful trip — my hubby is such a great provider for us!



Today I slept in until 9am~ crazy! I am still beat!  Anyhow, my little TIA was home sick on a day she was suppose to celebrate her benchmark success with a “walk to sonic”…since she missed I picked her up and we “drove to sonic”


After I got her back to the school I hit the gym

My workout today was Back (and shoulders and biceps and as always ABS!):


Lat pulls

75×10 90x10x3 Rows 75×10 90x10x3 Calf Raises

70x15x4 (various foot positions) Knee ups on bench

25 reps x2 sets– + finished with single leg on second set T-bar row machine (never done this one b4) 45x10x3sets One arm lat rows 40’sx10x3sets Bent over lateral raises– super focused on rear delts 10’sx10x2 12’sx10 Hammer Curls 20’sx15 25’sx10 Shoulder press machine 60×10 frontward + 60x 10 backwards 75x10x2 90×10

Lower back extensions with booty focus- 2 sets


Then cardio– working on my VO2max– Recumbent bike 23mins with about 4 more intense intervals of 1 min; 30 seconds; 1:20 and 1min

Then elliptical- forward and backward intervals for 20 mins- first half at level 5; second half at level 6


I plan to run on the treadmill after my food digests @ about 4pm-

I got some new shoes!! Actually 2 pair~ wore the white and hot pink ones today:


What is your goal for May? workout daily? quit the dessert habit? build shapely muscle? lose weight? …My goal for may is to fuel my body for my running/track workouts and forget about the SCALE– this month is all about PERFORMANCE!  Diet is always a hard item for me– partly because I can’t eat many carbs and I’m always trying to “walk the line” of getting enough, but not too many.  Anyhow it’s my focus for May
Today I’ve had 4 eggs over easy cooked in butter 1 cutie
2cups coffee with half and half
1 tater tot and 1 mozzarella stick– took Tia to lunch
3 large straw berries large chicken salad: Romain, spinach, pea pods, carrot, cashews, shredded sharp cheddar and ranch dressing
Gotta go get a bit more work caught up on and finish my Vegas recap post–
Keep up the great focus!!

16 days to go…

Hey ya…we have just 16 days to go to kick our habits!!
It’s the weekend and that means we have to be even more focused
than during the week.

Today’s workouts, support and encouragement is found here:

Tell yourself…

“I will have an amazing CHAMPION weekend–
I will not lose the ground I gained this week!!
NO backsliding, no way!!”

Here’s yesterday’s workout

Upright bike
8 min with 3 intervals
Run on treaddy
10 min with 4 intervals

Then back
warm up on lat pull machine
pull ups
med grip 10
wide grip 5
med grip 7
roman chair knee ups 40
free motion lat machine
80x4together,6 alternate, 7 alternate

40×15 behind head
50×12 infront
50×10 behind

Rows free motion

Rear delt cable

Cable row full rom with shoulder
60x10x2 middle
70x10x2 low

lateral raises
paired with upright monkey rows same weights

upright rows 17.5×10
Arnolds both arms together
one set of Hammer curls between

Bench knee ups to failure
15to each side/15 front/5 pike

Run on Treaddy
21 min total- some intervals at

I feel relaxed and good about getting it done! Can you tell I am trying to make up for pizza and cake I ate at the b-day party??

I am leaning up…I must be gaining some muscle, YIPPIE!! So, I will see. I do however have at least 2-3 pounds I have to drop before the end of the month.

Soooooo Legs are tomorrow!! I love leg day
Go Get’em Tiger!!
Your friend,


16 days to go…Persistence!

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Fri, 2012/02/10 – 7:16pm — BuffMother

Be Persistent- Never give up!  You will never fail, as long as you never give up. Focus on what you want, learn the required skills, make a plan to succeed and take action.

Your task today is to write down what you WANT!  What do you want your life to be like 1month, 1year, 5 years from now?  What changes do you have to make to attain those desires?

Be honest with yourself and you’ll find a deeper focus that will keep you persistent toward your goals!


Today’s Workouts:
Beginner– a 10 min walk (outside is best!)

Experienced– Legs


Take 1 to 2 minutes rest between sets 🙂 Up the weights as reps go down
4 sets total: set 1 of 10, set 2 of 8, set 3 of 6, set 4 of 10
Smith Lunges
4×10, 8, 6, 10
Butt Squats
3×10- for your glutes/hams
Knee Extensions
4×10, 8, 6, 10
Leg Curls
4×10, 8, 6, 10
Walking Lunges
2×10-15 -focus on front leg to hit butt
Calf Raises


Love ya, Michelle!!



EMAIL for day 6; 16 days to GO!!

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Sat, 2012/02/11 – 11:50am — BuffMother

Hey ya…we have just 16 days to go to kick our habits!!
It’s the weekend and that means we have to be even more focused
than during the week.

Today’s workouts, support and encouragement is found here:

Tell yourself…

“I will have an amazing CHAMPION weekend–
I will not lose the ground I gained this week!!
NO backsliding, no way!!”

Go Get’em Tiger!!
Your friend,

Making Things Happen!

Making things happen!! today…trying to stick to my list:


MONDAY is “To do” day:
To Do- planning
To Do household chores-  house is a mess from the weekend- goal is vacuum every room today!– *didn’t get every room, but did get living room and kitchen done!
To Do- Work- send shirts, e-mails, client catch-up-ADD TO TUESDAY!
To Do- Workout- back, shoulders, biceps, abs and hold off on cardio till tomorrow- my sciatic is a bit flared, better safe than sorry.

Tuesday is “To buy” day:
To buy backpack bag for promo pack
To buy Food- crock pot stuff
To buy Birthday presents for Gracie (Dec. 14th)- working on this~!
To buy X-mas presents
+ workout- chest, tris, abs and intervals!!

I really would love to be able to stick to my plan…rorn right now about my workout- I may get it done at home??? that way I can have more time to shop with the kids afte school, hmmm…. we’ll see how much I get done between now and then.  I took the kids with me to the gym last night at 4pm and that worked out really well:

Back Shoulders Biceps

10 min r-bike warm up

almost all sets were of 10-12 reps
Lat pulls- 3 sets
Knee ups- 40 reps x 2 sets
Assisted Pull ups- focus on negs- wide- 2 sets
high lat rows- 3 sets
seated rows- 3 sets
military press machine- 3 sets
Standing high knees- 1 set
HS Bicep curls- 3 sets
Hammer Shoulder press- 3 sets
pose down bicep curls- 3 sets
paired with wide cable lat pull downs – 3 sets higher reps
arnolds- 2 sets
Hammer curls- 2 sets
lateral and front raises- 2sets
Bench knee ups- 1 set of 30

At our BuffMother gathering we talked a lot about future events and had many great ideas!!
Julie Severance had an idea to for us to do a big women’s expo in St. Louis- ..I think it would be pushing to get this one done for this year. BUT it looks like an AWESOME idea for 2012.

previously Teresa Williams and I had talked about doing an Expo/BuffMother Event in Dallas for the Spring- here’s the link to that :

it’s in April and will give us more lead time to prepare, what do you all think about meeting up in Dallas for it?  WE’ll also plan on doing our yearly Fall gathering somewhere too!

Let’s make things happen!!

p.s. Don’t forget to FINISH STRONG~

“Finish STRONG!”-
25 days left until 2011!! Fitness equipment is a great idea for
gifts…what 1 piece of equipment do you have on your “wish list”? I
want a treadmill for the short days and cold temperatures. More
Options= fewer Excuses~ let’s choose to live a STRONG life!! Finish Strong my friend ♥

SX70- Phase 5 workout Plan!

SX70- Phase 5 workout Plan!

SX70 final PHASE~week #9 and #10!!!


Warm up w/10 min steady cardio on each workout!!!


2 intervals

+2- 30 min




Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

ADD 2 carbs…

200 cals

Friday Saturday Sunday

ADD 2 carbs…

200 cals

Week #9 Back


Run Intervals

Chest  Tris

30 min steady cardio


20 min steady cardio

LONG cardio day- 20 mins steady; 20 mins intervals; 20 mins steady

Walking lunges

3 sets of 30 with db’s- chest to knee



Run Intervals

Am fasted:

Run Steady or





Wee#10 Back


Run Intervals

Chest  Tris


30 min steady cardio


20 min steady cardio

LONG cardio day

Walking lunges

3 sets of 25 with db’s- chest to knee



Run Intervals

Am fasted:

Run Steady or






Buffing plan- It’s GO TIME!!  Buff even if you are supposed to be boosting~ we are close to the goal!! time to get HARD CORE!

3 sets of 8-10 reps unless otherwise noted I min rest between sets- do abs or stretch.  You need to do abs EVERY DAY!! Except Sunday.

Bench Press or Chest Press
4×10, 8, 6, 10
Incline flys
Cable Flys
Tricep Extensions
Bicep curls
Plate front raises
3×8-10 slow
Inverted pull ups- various hand position
Lat Pull downs
4×10, 8, 6, 10
Seated rows
Shoulder press- machine
4×10, 8, 6, 10
3×8-10 singles
Bicep Curls- concentration or pose down
Lateral with DUMP twist/ upright rows/ bent over Raises
21’s–3×7  Shoulders
Dumbell Hammer Curls- squeeze shoulder
Wide cable Lat Pull downs
2×10-12 burn out your lats
Leg day
Squats- feet 3″ wider than shoulders toes just slightly out
Walking Lunges
Knee Extensions
4x feet straight 8,6,6,4+ 2 sets toes out x10reps
Leg Curls feet flexed, straight and close
Smith Lunges (think butt on front leg)
Calf Raises toes straight- can pair these with lunges
4×10 toes out slighly GO HEAVY!!
Dead Lifts
Seated Calf raises
3×10-15 fauilure range (toes in)
Ball Crunches
Vacuumes!! 10- 10 seconds daily
Cats!! 5- 3 seconds each way daily

Long Cardio day-

40min steady and 20 mins of intervals- often times 20 min steady/20min intervals/20 mins steady works best

WALKING LUNGES!!!  Post cardio and you can add in the mini challenge of doing  100/day!


20g for P’s and C’s

150 cals for Fats

150 cals for treat

Unlimited greens

You can still have all grains except for wheat, NO dairy and lots of greens.

2+weeks out- Calorie range:1100-1300 (EVERY DAY EXCEPT THURS AND SUN)…I know this is a CUT, but we will allow you to have 2 mini break days per week where you can have 2 additional carbs= ABOUT 300 CALORIES MORE.  THURS and SUNDAY~


Keep on the basic ones (multi, calcium, HT Pills)…and keep on fish oil (6g’s/day) and NO2.

Add in Chromium daily if you have sugar cravings.

Time to get HARD CORE!!

First workout= TIRED, HUNGRY and SORE!

I had my first workout back yesterday…I tried to take it easy, but you know that’s impossible for me. It’s amazing how working out for an hour can make a person VERY tired, very HUNGRY and quite SORE! No wonder most people find an excuse not to do it, lol! The key for me to stay motivatied is the RESULTS and Trust me being buff is worth evey second I am tired, sore or hungry!

Warm up- tanning and
Chest press machine
paired with
Tri-extension machine

95x10x4 sets
2 sets bench dips between
and 1 set knee ups on roman chair

Incline flys
paired with standing overhead tricep extension
30#db x10x2sets
DB Hammer curls
25#x10 x2sets

10, 6
paired with 2 sets of about 15reps lateral raises with 10#plates

Flat Hammer Press
paired with 2 sets abs- knee ups

Skull crushers
paired with bicep curls
45x10x3sets (2 really wide hand position)

Tricep push downs
paired with knee ups (2 sets) and stretching

Ab stuff:
Ab roller
Super mans

My back was decent during this and doesn’t seem much worse from the workout today. I didn’t ice but should have! I will do that today!

my eats totals for yesterday:

4P, 6C, 5F, G, 1 T (details are as a comment in yesterday’s blog post)

Today it is cycle day 4 and I weigh 126; Abs are looking good 🙂

My workout plan is to go do legs at about 1:30– my BUTT will be my 100% focus

It feels great to be back at it! I love to buff!!


40 days to FIT~ Day 38- SORE!!!

@#$%@##~~HOLY SORENESS BATMAN ~~@#$%@##!! Legs/butt from Monday- Back/sh/bi &run yesterday…are killing me~  I have chest/tris /abs/intervals today- by tomorrow I will be in a full body cast!

My theory is that, I am so sore because I just went off creatine…I had been taking it for 6 weeks, So my body stopped making it ….Now I just need my body to start making it again on it’s own!!

My workout yesterday was GREAT~ nice a effective and only took 1 hour for all of it.

Warm up 3min elliptical

Pull ups 10,7
paired with knee ups on bench 3 sets of 25

Lat pulls
paired with shoulder press (seated backward)

Seated Rows
paired with DB Hammer curls

High Lat Pulls
paired with Bicep Curls (HS machine)

wide cable Lat Pulls on knees
paired with pose down bicep curls

Interval Run on treddy:
20 mins total Easy mins at 6mph~ Hard mins at 8,8,8,8,9,9.2,9,9.2

As I mentioned today Chest, Triceps, ABS and intervals are on tap…I plan to get that done very soon!

40 days to FIT!! Day 30~ a new CHART!!

I am so excited…I went to the local print shop and got a BIG poster of my HT cycle chart printed and laminated.  AND now that TODAY is finally cycle day 1~ I am going to start using it!  I’m going to try to video it too~ (thank GOD all the WILD thoughts from the longness of my cycle= 30 days; about being preggers are gone)

My plan for today is to get a little bit more work done and then head to the gym around 1:30 or so…Tonight is Gunner’s first FB practice, so I gotta get my workout done before that!

The plan is to do a good back/shoulders/biceps workout and intervals on the treadmill.

this is the workout I’m going to do:

Pull ups- assisted
Lat Pulls or Hammer Lat Pull
One arm DB lat rows
Rows or Hammer rows
Military Press or Dumbell Press
Upright rows
Lateral or Front Raises
Barbell Bicep Curls
Dumbell Hammer Curls

Then 20 mins of intervals on the treadmill Treadmill ~ 4 mins of warm up- 1 min  hard; 1min easy

Hope you have a good TUESDAY!!!  I hope to be back with a little video later.

Love ya,


p.s. here’s a fun at home ab exercise for you:


UNREAL it’s snowing today!! It is very, very weird for this time of year for us to see anything white coming out of the sky!

Week #1 of my 10 weeks has been a decent one…BUT I still have my mini-challenge to do! I am NOT motivated to take pics or measurements right now at all~ BUT I will do it…because I know I need to SEE the truth!

Okay….so my back was a bugger yesterday during my attempt to do some sort of leg workout, so it ended up being a VERY modified workout:

Warm up r-bike: 10 mins
laying side leg raises
20 reps x 3 sets with stretching between sets

Seated leg press- one leg at a time
45x10x2sets +2 sets of calves
55×10 + 1 set of calves

Seated calves

knee extensions

leg curls

rotary calves
170x10x 2

tried walking lunges– not good

25mins r-bike

hammer curls + bicep curls
25’sx10 +10 x2 sets

At least it was something and my back continually gets better…I am hoping that by mid next week I’ll be able to get in an even better leg workout.

We are heading out in the snow in just a bit to lift upper body….but first I have to cut Gunner’s hair. His MOHAWK is outta control, He looks like an little Indian, lol!

Let’s strive to enjoy the joys of family this weekend!!
Love ya,

Thank You Emily!!

Hey all…
I first off want to say THANK YOU to my Friend, Photographer and Book Designer Emily! Thank You for your hard work on my book…I appreciate your vision and understanding on this project! You made my book a peice of art! Thanks for that…and Thank you for getting it DONE!! Yay!! I am so proud of US!!! Thank You also for your willingness to photograph me whenever I ask, lol! And thank you for your friendship over the past 2+ years! You really are a Sweetheart!

So today:
warm up- push ups, arm circle and reach for the sky’s with TIA! What a little sweetie!

Then a mish mosh of upper body:
bowflex chest press, flys and tris
shoulder presses (standing DB)
push ups (perfect push-ups)
hammer curls
boxing drills
no weight squats and a booty exercise I invented today
and then a walk around the small block (about .5 mi)
tri-kickbacks and dips
a set of 50 crunches

I also did laundry, worked on my website, talked to Lisa S.!, moved the stair master and ab machine out of my living room into the garage, and cleaned my closet a bit smile

The plan for tomorrow is to hit the gym in the afternoon and get a GRAND leg workout! Along with work stuff! BTW- my book is potentially 1 day away from being sent off to the printers~ please pray for me about that!

Mojo is a flowin’

Well…My MOJO is a flowin’
I had a crazy morning trying to get ready for the soccer game today…I was in charge of snacks, lol! Sooo, you know what that means– CHAOS.
Gracie had a good game and Gramma was a great cheerleader!! It was fun…and a beautiful day. Since then I’ve been cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, etc…BUT tonight DH and I are going out on a date!!! :yay:

working out today seemed automatic…
warm up
10 min r-bike
Cybex lat pulls


Ab roller crunches

pull ups

Bicep curls

seated db shoulders
30×10 (Arnold’s- arms together)
paired with seated hammer curls

hanging knee ups
10 front 3 each side
knee ups on bench
10+ 15 leg ups on bench

then 17 mins of intervals on the r-bike

Off to get pretty