Shine in 49 Runner Up – Dayle Stevens

Name:  Dayle Stevens of ID

Number of children and ages (it’s okay if you have 0):  2 girls (11 and 7)

Age:  38

What tactics did you use to stay focused and engaged for the entire 49 days?  I stayed active in the Rally Room and surrounded myself with others doing the same challenge.

How do you feel about your success?  I am extremely pleased!  I didn’t lose a million inches but I feel more solid!!!  My body feels more dense and my muscles feel like there is more content/structure.   My strength is increasing and my body is changing in shape!!!  I loved the photo prep, esp. the 2 gallon and salt manipulation…got to see how low I could go for an event.  J

What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to attain your goals?  Life!  This is the busiest time for me at work so I really had to commit to my gym time.  I was tired running all day long and really had to time my eats so focus was on food as fuel.

What would you like to tell the world about BuffMother ?  Do not give up!  It does not matter where you have been, what matters is where you are about to go and can help you on your journey!

Can I have your permission to post your entry online?  YES!


#2-Beginning/Ending STATS-

Beginning (April 28, 2012) VERSUS Ending (June 10, 2012)

CD: 14………………..27

weight: 128…………122.5 (picture day 6/9) 125# on stats day 6/10

chest: 36.5…………..37

bust: 36………………37

shoulders: 40……….39.5

biceps: 11…………..11

waist: 28.5………….27.5

hips: 35.5……………35

thigh (12″): 21.5…..21.75

thigh (7″): 19………19.25

calf: 13.5……………14


OH Man!! Was I BEAT after yesterday…Thank GOD I don’t have to go anywhere beside the gym today!!  I am enjoying the laid back quality of today.  Just me and my computer for a bit!

My day yesterday went well, but I didn’t get in my upper body workout. I did get my run done and stayed active most of my day with moving junk and MOWING!  I just wanted to get around the house a bit, but the Crazy mower was getting bogged down constantly- I had to clean it out and restart it over and over again!  I can’t wait to get a  riding one~ just have to get HUBBY to pull the trigger on it.  It’s gonna be “his” deal, not mine, lol!

Anyway, the kids are good– they have had benchmark testing all week.  So NO HOMEWORK!!! YAY!!  Silly Layla has lost her glasses AGAIN– If they don’t turn up today, I will have to get a new pair ordered ASAP.  She has really bad vision in one of her eyes– a muscle problem- so she’s supposed to “patch” her good eye in order to make the bad eye work.  Without glasses her good eye takes over even more– so…I must get her a pair.

The AC guy was supposed to come this morning—-  I guess that’s not gonna happen being that it’s past noon already.  I just hope they don’t decide to show up right at my “gym time”. -my downstairs AC isn’t working quite right– part of the time it doesn’t blow air thru the vents??

If you are still reading this, congrats, lol!! Blah, blah, blah— time to eat!

Talk to you later babes!!


Big BuffMother! Gathering- November 11-13th, 2010

Big BuffMother! Gathering- November 11-13th, 2010

Dates: November Thurs. the 11th, Fri. the 12th and Saturday the 13th- the main gathering is on the 13th @ noon.  We’d love for you to come the entire 3 days weekend, but understand if you can only come 1 or 2 days. The big main event is on the 13th at Noon.

Hotel: Marriott of Pleasanton, CA-

Room rate is $69/room for up to double occupancy, $10 more for 1 additional person per room.
Teresa Williams will be coordinating roommates and available to help you with your travel and event questions

please don’t hesitate to email her

Airport: San Francisco or Oakland both work nicely- check for best rates.

BART to Pleasanton
Shuttle to Hotel

*We’ll have shuttle use the entire stay at the hotel plus we have Julie’s car and I may rent a van- depending on how many women come. Plus if it is nice we could rent bikes for an afternoon!!  That’d be fun!

More Details:

TEAM BuffMother! Events:

We will be meeting up for morning and afternoon workout/boot camp/informational sessions on Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday.  In the evenings of the 11th, 12th and 13th we will gather for dinner and even dancing afterward!!  It will be a fun bonding time for all.

PHOTO-SHOOTS!! my photographer The GREAT Emily McArthur will be traveling with me!! Don’t miss your opportunity to have a personal professional photo-shoot done while you are in California!!!  MORE INFO HERE!!

The Main EVENT- free for all- geared toward the NON- Team BuffMother member…open to all women!!:

FREE!! Healthy Lifestyle Seminar! (For women only)

Author, Entrepreneur, Fitness Guru, Mother of 4, Michelle Berger and other TEAM BuffMother leaders,  will inspire and energize your fitness life with tons of helpful information.  Our mission is to help you be healthy and happy!!!  Come learn more about healthy diet, exercise, supplementation, your hormonal cycle and MORE….

When: Saturday November 13 @ Noon

Where: Pleasanton Marriot

How: Dressed casual eager to learn and inspired

Why: You deserve it!! And it is FREE!!!

For more info visit or

or email Teresa Williams

****Rough Draft of Agenda***

Thurs,  November 11th, 2010
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Arrival day- afternoon activity and evening dinner/dancing
Friday, November 12th, 2010
7:30 am to 9:00 am Gym Time/Breakfast
10:00 am Morning activity time

Hike or Bike or Bowling

12:30 Break for the afternoon
3:00 pm to 5:00 REST or Workout time- afternoon run, lift, swim or activity
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Meet to go to Dinner then Dancing
Saturday, November 13, 2010
7:30 am to 10 am Breakfast
8:00 am to 10:00 am Gym Time
10:00 am-11:30 Brunch
11:30 am to 12:00 pm Group Photos for Team BuffMother
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm Presentation: BIG EVENT- Seminar
1:00 pm to 1:40 pm 4 Break-Out Groups 15 mins @ each
1:40 pm to 3:00 pm General Mingling
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm BuffMother Group SPECIAL AWARDS
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm Closing BuffMother Group Dinner

More group fun ideas:

  • Bike rental
  • Video scavenger hunt
  • Group runs
  • Group training
  • Interviews
  • Photographer
  • Posing clinic
  • Booty boot camp
  • Abs
  • Model Mom
  • Chiro care
  • Testimonials
  • Gift bags- make up, lisa, suits, soap, toffee, push ups, Noah’s  naturals, samples (nrgx)
  • Dinner out
  • Dancing
  • 24hour fitness- Julie’s said OKAY @ $10 per person
  • Peir 39
  • Warf
  • Bowling
  • China town
  • Wintay Winery
  • Julie’s house

Are You Committed?

Are you committed? Do you think others see you as a committed person? LOVE is a commitment and to show loves takes commitment. I believe I am a committed person. I am committed to my husband, my family, my promises, my goals, my mission, my dreams, etc…. Being committed keeps me going when I want to quit. Or when I have feelings of fear or failure. I have those feelings all the time…
For instance today, I didn’t want to keep a workout date with my friend/photographer Emily…I tried to rationalize my way out of it. Tried to see if the weather would allow me an excuse. I even gave her 3 or 4 chances to back out on me, lol! But, I held strong and stayed COMMITTED to my promise to go workout with her today. And you know what IT was WONDERFUL!! We both had fun, WE both needed it and We both made some great business contacts in the process. Because of my commitment I showed Emily that I LOVE her and realized showing love to others often makes us feel loved in return.

So today for my workout…I visited a gym named FUEL in the neighboring town of Springdale. I got to see an old friend of mine Paige White who used to work at my regular gym. I also got to meet the manager and a couple other really nice staff members. FUEL is a REALLY cool gym! It has all the bells and whistles so to speak~ including really cool lighting, cardio equipment and of course WEIGHTS!!

Anyhow~ Emily and I basically “tested” the equipment and she will be visiting there often over the next month with her free month pass. I bet she’ll join the gym too!

In addition to my “weird” and probably ineffective 2 hour gym time, I did 11 mins of intervals (5 hard mins) on my u-bike followed by pull ups, sit ups , CATS and stretching. It was a good little NIGHT CAP of a workout.

Everyone here is semi-healthy so I am getting stuff done again and it feels good!! Also, my BIL is here and he assembled bunk beds for Tia and Layla and a bed for Gunner today~ And my MIL cleaned while he worked!! I am so Blessed to have “helpers”

I am committed to you!
Good night~