A GREAT weekend!!

It was a GREAT weekend!! Started off with a fun date Saturday night. I surprised Travis by taking him to a new restaurant. One neither […] Read More

Filthy Friday

My house was/is filthy…so I’ve been cleaning all day.  Got more to do before I have to go pick up my DD and her friend […] Read More


TGIF!!!!!!!!! Whohooo~ what a long eventful week for us here in the Rally Room and for me too!! I love being busy, but MAN…sometimes it’s […] Read More


Well, I am BEAT today– had to sleep in extra!! I say (beat) because in my movie script it says (beat) in parenthesis each time […] Read More

One Month!

I’ve got one month before my birthday~ so the count down is on, but honestly I am not in a “DIRE” mode to get in […] Read More


I am so excited…I get to have a massage this morning!  AHHOOOM!!! For now, I wanted to be sure you see today’s contest post- Just […] Read More

Enter this GIVE AWAY!!

Enter this GIVE AWAY!! For a BuffMother “STARTER PACK” it ends 12/17 at 12am…so enter soon and often!!   THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER– the […] Read More

28 days of Christmas: Day 10

XMAS Day 10: “rest day”… If you’ve gotten in your workouts this week, you deserve a rest day.  Resting and letting your muscles recover is […] Read More

New Contest!!

The NEW Team BuffMother contest will be starting on April 23rd….  The main place that the contest info will be promoted is on my blog […] Read More

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