A GREAT weekend!!

It was a GREAT weekend!! Started off with a fun date Saturday night. I surprised Travis by taking him to a new restaurant. One neither of us had been to before…a little hidden gem in Sulphide Springs.The Cellar Creekside.  It’s about 15mins from our house and I took Travis on the backroads there…he had no clue where we were!! FUN!




Then yesterday, I got pampered. Slept in, had break feast in bed (thanks TIA!) and got in a leg workout….

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After the workout we headed out to eat and shopped a bit. We had a GREAT family outing!


Here’s my POA for the week:


M: fasted bike, back/shoulders, biceps (no intervals)

T: fasted bike, Chest/tris — then TRACK ATTACK at 5:30 we’ve got 100’s on tap! SPRINT!

W: easy workout day– probably just a mish mosh of stuff

Th: Track attack

F: Legs

S: Track attack



I lost a pound last week…I’m now at 133.


let’s keep rockin’ the 40days!!

I Love it!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Filthy Friday

My house was/is filthy…so I’ve been cleaning all day.  Got more to do before I have to go pick up my DD and her friend for a sleep over.  But I will get in my workout after I get them.
Been hanging out with the DH a lot this week…he’s just put up my new workstation. It’s so beautiful. I’ll upload a pic.
TGIF ladies!! -Michelle p.s. ya’ll are doing great on the EVERY DAY in MAY!! it’s so fun to hear how many of you are still 100%!! YAY!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



Whohooo~ what a long eventful week for us here in the Rally Room and for me too!!

I love being busy, but MAN…sometimes it’s just nice to relax. Can’t wait to do that with my family this weekend!!

I’ll also be sending out a new email later this afternoon to all SSS contestants, so watch for that.  Then SUNDAY another with next week’s challenge and content.  I am in awe of all the success you have been reporting already!! GREAT JOB LADIES!! I am VERY, VERY INSPIRED!!

On a personal fitness front I had my best run of the year yesterday– not best as a performance, but as an accomplishment and BURNING LUNG free!!  I am healthy again, yay!!

Today, I will be doing an upper body PUSH/PULL workout (chest=push; tricep=push; shoulders= pull and push depending on exercise; back=pull; biceps=pull) and some intervals– probably biking mixed with boxing.

I also need to hit the store for groceries.

Gotta go get errands done,

TGIF!!  Keep pushing hard, we’ve got still 3 days left of week #2~ make it count!!!

-Michelle “Ellie” Berger

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


Well, I am BEAT today– had to sleep in extra!! I say (beat) because in my movie script it says (beat) in parenthesis each time you are to PAUSE in your lines.

Yesterday I got in 2 workouts.  One prior to leaving the house CHEST/Triceps but had no time for intervals.  I figured that’d be okay since I planned to workout with my client at 2.  We did a GREAT body-weight workout that I plan to put up as a video soon. It went like this:

March in place for 3 minute warm up

Paired circuit #1:

Body Weight squats x 20 slow and controlled and deep Push ups x10 reps (you and modify these to your knees or wall if needed) Repeat 3x’s

Paired circuit #2: Stationary Lunges x10 on each leg (you can use back of chair for balance)

Chair Tricep Dips x 10

Repeat 3x’s

Paired circuit #3:

Seated arm running x1minute Standing calf raises x10 one leg at at time Repeat 3x’s

Paired circuit #4:

Standing High Knees- leaning against wall bring knee up to chest x30 reps alternating legs Knee ups on ottoman or chair x15 reps Repeat 3x’s Paired circuit #5:

Laying leg side leg lifts 10-15 reps slow and controlled Adductor V’s x 10-15 reps slow and controlled

Repeat 3x’s

Add in some stretching between circuits and sets

Then I had more errands and class. I was also supposed to have an acting lesson which I had to wait 1.5 hours for…so during that time I sat in the car and read my movie lines.

The best part about yesterday is that while I was gone, DH got some food at the store and even cooked me and kids a burger! Him cooking is an epic event, lol!

Today is all about getting done some stuff I didn’t get to yesterday PLUS CLEANING!  AND an interval Run on the Treadmill for my workout.  I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to tackle the “Contest” items I need to do

Have a GREAT HUMP Day!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

One Month!

I’ve got one month before my birthday~ so the count down is on, but honestly I am not in a “DIRE” mode to get in shape for my special day for once! It probably been about 5 or 6 years since I’ve felt this good about my fitness a month away from my Birthday! It feels GREAT!

Sorry I didn’t make the chat my internet was down


Today’s Hot Hiney post is here:

I’m heading out for a run in just a couple mins~ then I’ll be taping our next couple of HH sandwich vids- the BLT and the PBJ! YUMMY!
Have a great day!


I am so excited…I get to have a massage this morning!  AHHOOOM!!!

For now, I wanted to be sure you see today’s contest post- Just 2 weeks left:

S2S~ Day 29: Finish IT!

And don’t forget this week’s challenge is to try on your bikini daily– It’s a great eye opener, motivator and accountability check!

I’ll post more later, Have a good MONDAY!!


 The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Enter this GIVE AWAY!!

Enter this GIVE AWAY!! For a BuffMother “STARTER PACK” it ends 12/17 at 12am…so enter soon and often!!
THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER– the winner= SUSAN!! Congrats lady!!

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28 days of Christmas: Day 10

XMAS Day 10: “rest day”…

If you’ve gotten in your workouts this week, you deserve a rest day.  Resting and letting your muscles recover is key to rebuilding your body, metabolism and mind!

On my days “off”, I like to do RESEARCH for my next workout or learn some new exercises.  Here’s a long list of videos I’ve put online over the years.  If you enjoy any of them please comment (it really helps them gain traffic).

Have a great day OFF!!



New Contest!!

The NEW Team BuffMother contest will be starting on April 23rd….  The main place that the contest info will be promoted is on my blog on I’ll be sending out more info this week- I’ve decided it will be a 7 week contest– The first week will be about “getting ready” and the remaining 6 will be all about kicking tail!!

Any ideas on what to call it??

Yesterday was great…I spent the whole day with my Buddy TRAVIS!! I got dolled up– Here’s a couple pics:

and then We went shopping (for him), had a steak lunch and then come home to build a fire.

Travis started the fire with his “Flame Thrower”

I didn’t get my run in but, “C’est la vie!!”…I was happy to skip it to spend time with my love!

The kids are STOKED for EASTER tomorrow– and I am too…just have to go buy the basket stuffers today.

It’s rainy here–which is fine, cuz I have work to complete on the computer– so I’ll see you later!!

Have a Wonderful Easter EVE!



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