Happy Friday

This week has flown by! I can’t believe it’s Friday??  I want to congratulate so many of you on your KILLER first week in the transformation contest. You are inspiring me with your awesome reports of lifting hard and being sore!!


I have had a decent week of workouts, I’ve not been lifting as hard as I had planned but I am getting good running workouts done and am lifting some.


Tue- ran hard hill sprints

Wed- did my lower body buffing from my book

Thurs- ran outside 12 loops plus 3 1 min hills– good longer type run


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We’ve had Gracie home sick now 3 days this week. She’s had a fever and sinus/cold type symptoms…Stayed home Tues and Wed– went to school yesterday and now home again today.  Hoping she’ll get feeling better now that she’s got the whole weekend to recoup.


Today I have to run some errands into Bentonville.  Then pick up Grandma so she can come hang out with us again.   She splits time between here and my SIL’s house during the winter– in her escape from MN!


Okay, time to roll!!

Love ya’s,


Birthday Success

Gracie’s 13th bday was a fun success. Her Aunt extended an invite to do a “SURPRISE” party at her house for her with a special guest of honor all the way from MN, Grandma Mary!

It was a difficult task to get Gracie to the event due to the fact she wanted to SHOP, lol!  But I prevailed and got her there for the lunch surprise!


The day ended up feeling very long for all of us– I couldn’t believe how exhausted I was by just 5 pm!

Anyhow, It was a day off for me.

Today, the fun continues as we still have b-day shopping to do today.


POA: a basic 3 days split with for a 6 days a week workout plan. I’m going to be adding in ABS daily and try to add in extra biking (fasted) in the mornings

Monday~Chest/Tris and run

Tues~ Legs

Wed~ Back/Sh/Biceps and run

Thurs~ off

Friday~Chest Tris and run


Sun~ Back/Sh/Biceps and run


I better get rollin’!! But be sure to join our give away!!


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This will be fun and full of HOLIDAY LOVE!


Love ya,


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

It went well

Sorry to have not blogged yesterday, it was a busy one.  Had my “Insulin and Thyroid” class/seminar last night at 5:15 so it consumed my entire day!  I have not taught a class on the topic previously so there was a lot of unknowns going in and a lot of prep that I had to do to be ready.  Overall there were about 20 people in the class, the average age of the class was 60…amazing how different the clientele is at a Dr’s office than in a gym, lol!

The speech went smoothly, next time I’ll be sure to integrate a bit more interaction and change some of the emphasis of what we discussed.  I tried to leave the audience with the message “YOU NEED TO CONTROL Blood sugars and your insulin! and YOU NEED TO BE YOUR ADVOCATE FOR YOUR HEALTH!”

Thanks so much for all your support and well wishes for the event, it means the world to me that you cheer me on!!


Here’ is a PDF of the presentation-…9/InsulinThyroid.pdf

The more interesting part of last night was how awesome it was to see the growth of Dr. Tammy’s program “Project Wellness” and getting to meet some of the new people she’s brought on board to help with her business. It’s very inspiring to see all the people she’s helping.

Today’s SUPER MOM is Susan Soares….She’s overcome a ton in the past 7 years since I’ve known her. She is now a fiction writer, check out her books on Amazon or on her site


Thursday recap…Busy day/STRESSFUL DAY!

  • 20mins fasted bike
  • PREP for seminar
  • Do seminar
  • HOME- eat roast I had prepped and put in the crockpot, LOVED IT!
  • NO LIFTING, first day that I’ve not stuck to my POA this week



  • 20mins bike
  • Visit with Grandma, she leaves back to MN tomorrow morning
  • LUNCH with Gma and Hubby- subway salads, YUM!
  • Got my business assessed and got my new tabs
  • PLUS, got some other important paperwork ALMOST DONE!! such a load off!
  • Uploaded videos of Football Game and Seminar, working on getting those posted!
  • Up NEXT…Upper body workout and maybe some running?? Not sure how much energy I have.





The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

What is it you really WANT?

Just finished with some fasted biking and will lift later…didn’t get in any workout yesterday.

Life is so good! I’m very excited for September in many ways…but have this question running through my brain recently… “What is it that you really WANT?”

I’m going to work on answering that for myself this September!

Fitness wise, My goals for the next 3 months are just to be HEALTHY and very CONSISTENT in my workouts.  I’ve been researching and RE-learning much about how the thyroid and insulin hormones work to regulate our bodies for a SEMINAR I’m teaching on Sept. 11th…it’s VERY TRUE that hormones affect EVERYTHING in our body! If we operate blindly without that realization we will NOT have the best results.

Mexico was a blast, Travis and I both really needed the time to “CHILL”, we needed to just escape.

The weather was very nice, a big mish-mosh but overall NICE most of the time.  We had 1 day where the sun was full blast and we made it a “TOTAL BEACH DAY”…it was fun to get in the water with the waves. Thankfully my toe handled most all of what we did great.  It continues to improve daily.  We worked out all but 2 days of the trip, played some ping pong, danced a bit and played pool volleyball too!

The most fun times were the conversations we had– we just really enjoy spending time together!!  We met a few interesting people too… One guy was from England, named Gram…we saw him spend HOURS trying to learn to windsurf. He would not give up! It was inspirational and fun to see him get after it at the age of 46 It inspired both Travis and I to keep trying NEW things in our life.

The kids and Grandma seemed very happy to see us, it’s so fun to come home to people that love you. Last night we all went to Gunner’s first game of the season.  He played mostly linebacker but also played some blocking back on offense. He’s very strong and much bigger than most of the kids on the field. He had some very nice hits and played very aggressive. It was fun to see!

Tonight the twins are going off to sleep overs, Gunner is going to the HS football game and Gracie’s got a friend coming over. There’s always action going on with 4 kids…They are awesome!

Time for me to get rolling on my to do’s…

Love ya,


P.S. finally updated my measurements that I hurriedly took before we left on our trip. Can see the increase in bodyfat, mostly “Belly fat”.  Overall though, I am OVER IT…having the time to just CHILL in Mexico this past week really made me understand how blessed I truly am!

 The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Not just BUFF… Beautiful too!! ~Shine in 49: Day 38

I’ve got 15 days to go until my birthday~ whoohoo!!! cheerleaders Why is it that I get so fired up to be fit for my birthday EVERY YEAR???   It’s so motivating for me!! I just love feeling my best on “MY DAY”!!

This year Travis is actually going to be home on my Birthday!! He’s missed more than half of my birthdays in the past 10 years due to travel.  Anyhow~ the whole family will be here for my day and trust me we will have a PARTY! And the whole week AFTER my b-day is going to be a VACATION for me- I will be totally UNPLUGGED and KIDLESS!! They are going to MN with Grandma 🙂

Yesterday was a great “RESET” day for me with workouts– but not so much for my diet.  I had more dairy than normal, more junk than normal and ended up going to bed with a tummy ache.  The goal today is to get DIET on track and I’ll be good to go for the next 15 days until my 37th B-day!!  The goal is to not only be buff for my birthday, but BEAUTIFUL also.

I’ve been doing my best to add some extra effort on that department- I got another facial yesterday to help my face be glowing and radiant. I also bought some “manicure” supplies, a new “miracle” face cream and have an appt with my dermatologist for Friday.  I’ve also got plans to get a manicure, pedicure, hair highlight/trim and I will also be TANNED for my day!!  It takes effort to be beautiful 🙂

Today- my girls are determined to go buy some summer clothes- and my son is determined to go spend the night with his lifelong buddy.  He’s had this friend since he was 2!

I’m just loving the final push of our Shine in 49–we have just 11 days left!!  Thanks so much for all the effort, posts, encouragement and thoughts about the contest!! You ladies are “SHINING STARS”~ I love you!!

Have an amazing Wednesday!!


The Attack Begins (Again!)

Hey ya!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend…I DID! the alarm going off at 6:15 this morning was a rude awakening! We didn’t have to get up early all last week due to the storm/school closed situation, so this Monday morn was bit tougher than the norm.

My DD Layla’s class performed this morning at their “rise and shine”…so we had to get to school early and Travis and I stayed to watch. She is a performer for sure! It was really very cute! I can’t believe her and her twin Tia’s birthday is next Monday. My babies are going to be 6! that’s crazy, but GREAT!! I love the age of my kids now~ I am so happy to be out of the baby stages! I’ll have to start planning for their B-day today.

The ATTACK begins (again) for me this week~ Here is my PLAN! (POA)

M: starting my second week of BOOSTING-chest, tri, abs, intervals
T: Run– outside if possible, Date with Gracie and 2 cousins and Grandma- we are going to see hotel for Dogs
Th:Back, bi, sh, abs, run
F:Chest, tri, intervals
Sa: maybe legs and Run

I am in heaven to have the kids back in school today….I was overwhelmed last week, lol. But guess what?? they go to year round school and are OUT again for 10 straight days after this week…So I am going to have to get A LOT done this week.

Get after your goals this week!! It is time to ATTACK!!!!



First off~Thanks for all the congrats and kind words about my bodyspace member of the month interview…It has been so nice to feel the LOVE 🙂

It looks like summer is on full boar and ya’ll are really enjoying it, cuz’ it’s dead in cyberspace, lol! It was a lazy summer weekend around here too and we enjoyed all of it.

Yesterday we went for a walk up in Bella Vista around the lake a 1.8 mile trek followed by playtime at the park and McDonalds for lunch afterward. The kids had fun and so did I and GRANDMA….
Then today we spent sometime at the mall~ I returned a couple dresses and bought some RAINBOW flip flops~The kids were GREAT all day and we’ve all gotten some much needed rest.

ON tap for this week is continued “off” for me from workouts~ it feels really good to have a BREAK from the pressure to fit it in. I try to do this about twice a year- and I always come back stronger than ever! As for the kids, they’ll be busy with swimming lessons, Gramma’s last day here is tomorrow (sad)…and this is Gracie’s last week of preschool EVER!! She’ll get a week off before she starts kindergarten on the 6th- I am amazed, I thought the day would never come, lol!

~ I will join in on Booty challenge that’s going on in my RR on the 30th with that!! ! CAN’T WAIT!!

Yesterday I promised pictures…here they are! <a href=””>Some Pictures from this past b-day week</a>

Have a great week~


Cool AD!; good day ; new store :)

Cool AD!

My Oxygen magazine arrived in the mail this morning and LOW and BEHOLD~ I am in it!! on page 111…in the BODYSPACE AD!!  FUN to SEE 🙂

Good DAY~

Well with Grandma here we all enjoyed a bit of a vacation day…we relaxed in the morning, bathed and then went to lunch at On the Boarder….I ate a TON! I think I am still full, lol!

Then we watched “Love Comes Softly” then I headed to the gym leaving the kiddos with Grandma

R-bike 5 min
push ups 10

Incline hammer

Incline Flys
40’s x7

Ab Knee ups- 4 sets (between above)

tricep push downs

Ran on the treddy for 8 mins- did 2 intervals …felt icky, so I did more lifting

Old School sit ups
pull ups 8
dips 10
Old school sit ups


The BuffMother! Cafe Press store

Hi ya!! I have just opened my new Cafe Press store…

Are you a BuffMother?…Do you know someone who is? Check out some of the cool items in my new store!!

The BuffMother! Cafe Press store

And don’t forget that I have other shirts TOO!! (like the one in this picture)

Blah, Blah, blah! Leg workout

I am rather mad at myself…my jaw got a better workout at the gym today than my legs!

It was one of those days, I was pumped to workout! Mentally and physically prepared. Grandma was even watching my 3 youngest and so not worries about time constraints. But, I got to the gym and spent way too much time talking instead of working out. I still did part of my workout here it is:

bike warm up 5 min

squats 2 sets warm up w/ bar

95 warm up to failure

3×10 of 135 low, slow, focus on butt

5-6 sets of smith lunges all but the last one with 90#

4 sets of butt squats with #90,3×70#

5 sets of calves



1 set of roman chair knee ups

I really needed to do about twice as much as this, only because I am “buffing” right now and am getting in such good shape that I am not even tired from this 🙁

ONCE again I must say that I am very, very amazed at what a person is capable of when they challenge their body to its limits. Where does the height of person’s fitness level end?? I want to find it. I am in the best shape of my life at 30 after having 4 kids and only spending 1-1.5 hours a day working out!!! Imagine what I could have done as a twenty year old, if I knew then all I know now!