What happened to WED?

www.buffmother.com I am sorry…I totally missed blogging yesterday?  What happened to me yesterday???–welll WHAM! HORMONES!!!  it was c-day 18 and my hormones have started messing […] Read More

To win no one needs to LOSE~

www.BuffMother.com I Believe To WIN no one needs to LOSE~ I read that statement somewhere last week…and it STRUCK me! I am very competitive, and […] Read More

short and sweet- flu and legs :)

Wednesday I was SICK!! Stomach flu, body aches–so I spent the day in bed Thursday- Short and sweet-LEGS What a perfect little workout I did […] Read More

Sunday’s Leg workout

Yesterday was my day off of working out. I really needed it! I am still very sore today. On Friday I ran outside and 8 […] Read More

Today’s workout- 8-29-05

Oh sweet, Monday! Well my workout was split today. I ran intervals in the am outside and then lifted legs at 5:30 pm. This is […] Read More