Gym Angel Shirt & Energy Angel Giveawy

Enter to win!! I’m giving away tubs of Energy Angel and SHIRTS by Gym Angel 1. post a picture of an ENERGIZING healthy meal (food […] Read More

Nostalgic November- Catch Up

First off, I just uploaded a new video about “ENERGY ANGEL” To enter give away, comment on video and share video! I’m giving away 10 […] Read More

Hot Holidays Contest!! Join us!!

It’s the the first week of November and can’t believe how quickly the Holidays are coming.  Just a little over a week ago I was […] Read More

Gym Angel Give Away!!

I have big news, I am now a sponsored athlete for Gym Angel!!! I am so HONORED to be the newest sponsored athlete of […] Read More

Is it ever okay to have a pity party??

Is it ever okay to have a pity party?? “NO!” All it does is make things worse~ giving that kind of energy to the negative […] Read More

Happy Momma’s

Happy Momma’s day everyone!! Today is Day #7~ as promised I wrote up a PLAN for us and I’ll be adding some fun workout videos […] Read More

Carrie Peck rocks!!

One of my contest team training clients from is competing in her first NPC figure contest this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia!! AND she rocks!! […] Read More

Now is the time to help!

My Mission is simple- HELP WOMEN!  The way I do that best is to encourage, lead by example, teach, give love, give resources and give my […] Read More

Weekly Q! Week 3, 2009

It’s Wednesday today…so that means it’s “Weekly?” TIME!!! Our question for this 3rd week of 2009 is….Do you have pets? …or have you had any […] Read More

Sore Bod!

I have a sore bod! I think the only part of me that isn’t sore is my biceps–they hardly EVER get sore…those tiny little things […] Read More