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The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Nostalgic November- Catch Up

First off, I just uploaded a new video about “ENERGY ANGEL” To enter give away, comment on video and share video! I’m giving away 10 tubs of Energy Angel. It’s a killer supplement that will give you more power, focus, strength during your workouts and help you recover from them and accelerate your results!


It’s time for my Nostalgic November- catch up!



Travis with our tiny Cuji puppy about 4 years ago on Christmas Eve

My kids hanging with their cousins– we had a blast shopping COWBOY STYLE! in 2010

Just about 10 months ago when we awarded the winner of the 90 day Dr. Tammy transformation contest– Great job for all the “losers”


After a hard workout in VEGAS BABY!! with my BuffMother friends– it’s time for another BuffMother Gathering!!
— with Jen Bender Brummels and Suzi Velinsky.


2010 BuffMother California Gathereing, this was our group before we hit the club- DANCED the night away! AMAZING MEMORIES!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Hot Holidays Contest!! Join us!!

It’s the the first week of November and can’t believe how quickly the Holidays are coming.  Just a little over a week ago I was outside in my bikni!  It felt good in so many ways!

  • The sun on me was HOT
  • My mindset was HOT full of fire and spunk
  • My bikini on me looked HOT

I will not let THAT HOT FEELING leave me as the winter rolls in; I will strive to KEEP IT  it as we go into the holidays!

I want a HOT HOLIDAY! If you do too, join my Hot Holidays contest

The game starts 11-11…be sure to invite your friends too!!

Those that invite the most will win free PRIZES from me. I’m giving away my ebooks, printed books, DVD’s and shirts!!



START DATE is NOV. 11th!!  Weigh in begins November 9th so sign up ASAP!…
**Sign up here: ***

How it works is simple…
#1Join the game on
#2 Put up your bet of $30**
#3 You’ve got 4 weeks to lose 4% of your starting weight. To begin, everyone puts money into the pot. After four weeks, whoever hits their 4% goal is a winner and splits the pot.
**FYI- I just completed a game there for a bet of $30 I got $48 when I won!!

All contestants who place a BET on get access to free 28 day workout program by signing up for the email list located on here…others-hot-holidays/

**Sign up here: ***

Gym Angel Give Away!!

I have big news, I am now a sponsored athlete for Gym Angel!!!

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I’m excited to help promote supplements for WOMEN who strive to look like ANGELS!  I certainly want to be an Angel, don’t you??

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Gym angel

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Is it ever okay to have a pity party??

Is it ever okay to have a pity party??


All it does is make things worse~ giving that kind of energy to the negative doesn’t solve anything! It only makes the problems bigger and more complicated and more damaging etc….

RESIST the urge to fall into the pity party trap!!!! If you feel one coming on- STOP it and do a 360 degree turn around by listing all the positives you can focus on instead. Get your mojo moving in the right direction.  If you can master this one thing you will move forward towards an excellent life!

“Blessed is the WOMAN who perseveres under trial, because when she has stood the test, she will receive the crown…” ~James 1:12

Don’t think I am preaching at you- I have to remind myself of these same concepts too~

Time to get to accomplishing for the week,

see ya later babes!!


Happy Momma’s

Happy Momma’s day everyone!!

Today is Day #7~ as promised I wrote up a PLAN for us and I’ll be adding some fun workout videos as we go along in the next 2 weeks!!


2 week plan~
Mothers, if you didn’t get a gift, give yourself one! I’m giving away s3 FREE DVD’s +bands with my printed books and a 60% coupon for my E-books!!

Love ya!!

Carrie Peck rocks!!

One of my contest team training clients from is competing in her first NPC figure contest this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia!! AND she rocks!!

I’ve found that one of the most joyful things for me is helping others SUCCEED!  Success stories like Carrie’s fuel me to keep pushing hard through all the stress and maintain my passion to HELP women succeed!! Joy is truly in found in Helping other Succeed!!

Carrie is an amazing lady who has successfully overcome a severe eating disorder and being in menopause (due to a hysterectomy) to become a FIGURE COMPETIOR and a true BuffMother!  At her lowest point she weighed only 86 pounds.  Since joining Team BuffMother and our support group Carrie has physically and mentally transformed!  The biggest changes I see in  her are on the inside. Carrie has become a proud, confident, content and truly JOYFUL woman!!

Carrie wrote this 2 years+ ago when she first started her journey towards competition:

Hello to you all…My name is Carrie Peck..I am 30, almost 31, on March 10..So not that far away.  I am competing in my first competition in May..I am very excited..I am also very nervous at the same time.  I know I will do awesome with you all on my side..I have 2 boys, Gavinn Apen, whom is 3 and Tanyon Skyler, whom is 10..I have been with my husband, Michael, for 9 years..We have been married for 6..He is my soulmate and I am very lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life..I am a stay at home mom for now..I am going back to work in August due to my baby will be in preschool..Sad but true..I look forward to working with you all..I will give my word that I will give you all 200% and make all of you Buffmothers so proud on that stage..I am so glad and thankful to be here..

Unfortunately Carrie was unable to compete then due to health issues and found out later that she was in full MENOPAUSE at the young age of 31.

But you can’t keep a good woman down….Carrie will be fulfilling her dream by competing in her first figure contest on SATURDAY!!’

GO CARRIE!! you are a sweet angel of a woman and you deserve to see your Dreams COME TRUE! Thanks for not giving up!! You are an inspiration to us all!!!



Now is the time to help!

My Mission is simple- HELP WOMEN!  The way I do that best is to encourage, lead by example, teach, give love, give resources and give my time.  I LOVE helping women attain their best body, life and legacy possible.  I truly believe that when I keep my mission to HELP others as a top priority in my life everything else is golden!!  Now is the time for me to HELP Women!!!

One thing I think will be a fun way for us here in the rally room to help more women is by giving a 2 week TOUR of the rally room:


I expect that within the next 2 weeks, I’ll have the “tour” complete…


Weekly Q! Week 3, 2009

It’s Wednesday today…so that means it’s “Weekly?” TIME!!!
Our question for this 3rd week of 2009 is….Do you have pets? …or have you had any in the past?(Week #3-2009)
I was amazed last week when EVERY news station in the world was covering WHAT kind of DOG the new president should get?? It is amazing how much value is placed on pets in our society! Pets are fun, they bring joy, laughter and love into our lives…plus they also help teach responsibility and often times provide helpful services in the lives of owners (security, assistance)
So…with that said. Please tell me about all about your pets!
Currently the Berger household has NO pets! We have 4 small children and I look at adding pets to our home as seriously as adding more children~ I have too much on my plate already without adding more. However, I do expect that we will have have pets in the future. We’ll probably start with a Dog, then depending on how that goes…add other animals to our life from there.
I have had pets in the past. When I was 5 my parents got us a dog- SMOKIE was his name~ he was fun, but CRAZY. We ended up giving him up for adoption about a year later and I didn’t have a pet until I was in college. We got a ferret names SQUIRT and then a few months later a cat, who got sick and passed away, then another ferret name BRUTUS. The ferrets were fun for that “season” in our lives, but they were a mess and in the end we moved and gave them away.

Do you have any pets? or have you had any pets in the past? Do you have any funny, heartfelt stories to share about pets?
let’s have fun by sharing~

Sore Bod!

I have a sore bod! I think the only part of me that isn’t sore is my biceps–they hardly EVER get sore…those tiny little things are so durable, LMAO!

Thus, not being able to visit the gym due to my DD being sick has been a blessing in disguise. WHO, by the way, she is doing much better…I think she will go to school tomorrow! Thanks for your prayers!

I am giving some of April’s TOFFEE to a few people…that is if she can get it to me in time with her on vacation this week and all….I think it will be a great gift for some teachers and some co-workers — it is YUMMERS!!… if you are curious.

Okay, so my workouts and POA have been a bit modified due to my soreness and no gym the past 2 days. I did manage to keep my momentum though by doing “something”

Last night I did:
40 sit ups
10 pull ups
35 sit ups
*missed my lunges…I feel bad about that, but my BUTT was and is still very sore!*

Then tonight I did
120 lunges YAY! I think I’ll be able to do some with weight again tomorrow!!
5 sets of 7-8 bicep curls- 60’s on curl bar
Bent over rows with the same bar- 4 sets

That’s it!

In other news I spent all day Sunday updating and imputing addresses into my outlook contacts, now if I could just figure out how to merge those addys into labels I would be so HAPPY!!…I tried today to mail merge- NOT!
I can’t believe how hard that is! I am clueless!!! how frustrating~~

BUT, I think I will try again tomorrow!

Well, I am off to finish some Christmas Cards for my TEAM BuffMother! friends….
Love ya,