Hot Holidays Contest!! Join us!!

It’s the the first week of November and can’t believe how quickly the Holidays are coming.  Just a little over a week ago I was […] Read More

$18 cash money homie!

Just found out today how much $$ I won my Diet bet game with Zuzka Light…I put up a bet of $30 and won $48!! […] Read More


Today’s been a great day. Perfect for this time of the month. Kinda laid back, low stress, lunch with the hubby and now off to […] Read More

What is your favorite lower body exercise?? Mine= Squats!!

Saturday was Feb 2nd and Day 2 of our Favorites February…. What is your favorite lower body exercise?? Mine= Squats!! Here’s a video tutorial on […] Read More

28 days of Christmas: Day 11

XMAS Day 11: Today is  another day off of official workouts.  Today would be a good day for a walk, easy run, a game of […] Read More

I promise, I am not being lazy

I promise, I am not being lazy….I really did need to take the past 5 days off of working out, lol! :hehe:  Honestly, It was […] Read More

May is here!!!

MAY is HERE!!! whoohoo!!! Bring IT ON!! Today was football practice. It went really well despite us practicing in the rain and 45 degree temps.  […] Read More

Hi from me!!!

Hi!! I’ve had a busy day…even busier than expected. my dentist check up turned into a filling and a day of numbness- My mouth was […] Read More

3rd Day of Tennis in a Row

I feel like I missed Monday last week~ It felt good to have a real Monday this week! The kids are at VBS this morning~ […] Read More

Love them LEGS!

Gave my legs a little LOVE today: Warm up- tan and r-bike 8mins (all while talking to my buddy LISA of NE) Squats 45×10 + […] Read More